zoe is loud

‘If I Could Tell Her’ is such a romantic song but in context, you’d think Zoe would be completely freaked out? Evan makes it sound like Connor had a crush on her (obviously, because he himself does and it’s probably hard to position yourself as a crushes sibling) and Zoe just believes him so completely.

I guess she just wanted to believe there was a nice side to her brother that truly cared for her (we know he did with the letter and all, but she doesn’t) and I just think that’s pretty sad? She was so desperate for a 'good’ side of Connor she believed Evan.

A Little Announcement || Joe Sugg Imagine

“What you smiling at?” My best friend, Zoe, teases. My eyes flash down to the text from Joe and back up to her.

“Your brother,” I whisper softly, “He’s, um.”

“That’s cute,” She says snatching my phone out of my hands. Her eyes rake over the message. “I bet you look beautiful,” She reads aloud, “Awe, what the charmer.”

“Shut up Zo,” I say attempting to take my phone back off her, but she moves it before I have the chance.

“Uh uh uh,” She says typing something quickly onto my phone.

“Zoe,” I draw out, “Please can I have my phone back.”

After a few more taps on the screen and a satisfied looking Zoe, she hands me back my phone.

“What have you done?” I ask skeptically eyes moving over the message.

Hi its Zoe, This is cute, treat her right little bro.

I laugh out loud, “Zoe we’ve been dating for three years, We live together, were engaged. I think he treats me right.”

“Engaged?” She asks eyes shining with excitement.

I bite my lips softly and nod my head, “Yeah, engaged.” I lift my hand up to show her the simple silver band.

“Oh my god,” She squeals, “I have to be your Maid of Honour.”

I laugh and nod my head, “I wouldn’t have anyone else.”

After leaving Zoe’s and heading back home, I’m greeted with flowers on the doorstep. I pick up the bouquet and open the note attached to it.

I missed you x J

I smile goofily and open the door, “Baby, I’m home.” The smell of spaghetti reaches my nose making my mouth water.

“Babe,” Joe’s voice says excitedly, he bounces his way around the counter and to me. His arms wrap around my waist. I tuck my face into his neck breathing in his scent.

“Zoe was so excited today,” I say softly, I feel him grin.

“We’re getting married,” He says pressing his lips to my forehead.

“Yeah,” I say softly, “I thought we should wait before telling her that I’m pregnant, I didn’t want her to die of excitement.”

“You do know I didn’t propose because you’re pregnant right?” He asks pulling his eyes to meet mine.

“You proposed before you knew,” I say softly.

The Secret (3)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;part eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

No matter how hard you tried, you just couldn’t get to sleep. It was nearly 3am and you still hadn’t fallen asleep, resigning yourself to just rolling around while you tried to shut your brain off for the night. And you had tried everything: doodling in your sketchbook, reading one of your mystery crime books, watching late night crap reruns. In the end, you were left lying on your back, staring up at the ceiling blankly.

Rolling onto our side, you reached for your phone to check the time just as the screen lit up with a text. A text from Baekhyun.

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Protective Connor Murphy x reader

A/n: This was a challenge to write. I wanted him to seem protective and not possessive and that line is so thin. ugh Connor is just so dreamy. 

word count: 1.6k-ish

warning: swearing

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Connor was your befriends big brother. However, the thin line between “Big brother” and “husband of 50 years” was a thin one. So thin, Connor didn’t realized he crossed it constantly with you.

Once when Zoe’s had a sleep over with you, Jared,and Evan. Connor insisted that you sleep in his room. Just to make sure you were safe of course. He slept outside the door for maximum security measure. Connor always knew he needed to protect you. He thought Zoe was more then capable of defending herself,but you. You were a totally different story. He would go threw hell and back for you in a heart beat.

“Connor, I’m going to the party Friday. Did you wanna go?” Zoe asked from the  backseat she was sitting at. Connor was behind the wheel, and you were sitting next to Zoe.

Connor groaned. “why do I wanna go to a party with dumb jocks?” he said trying not to let road rage over take him. The traffic after school was always the worst. Connor behind the wheel was even worst.

“Fine suite yourself. But anyways (y/n)” Zoe said turning to get a better view of you. “What are you gonna wear?” she asked seaming a bit too excited.

“well-” you started but got cut off by Connor.

“you’re wearing some pajamas, and a hoodie. I can provide one for you if you don’t have one because you don’t need to dress fancy to stay home with me” he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

“But Zoe gets to go! Why cant I!” you say.

“Zoe’s going with Evan. Its uh- like a date.” he said

you groaned now. “So if I found a date I can go?”  

the boy stayed quiet.

Zoe laughed at the frustration building on your face. “Connor! Who said I couldn’t go?” you said as your face burnt up.

“I did! You didn’t even ask!” he said with a cocky grin.

“Well Connor, can I go?” you ask in a sweet sing song voice.

“No” he said his tone soft and sweet.

Zoe laughed out loud now. Your hands were now in the air.

“we’ll see about that!” you said getting out the car.

Connor looked at Zoe in disbelief.

The next morning Connor had already promised to take Jared and Evan to school along with you of course. First was your house. Connor would never let you wait on him. Zoe and you usually sat in the back together. Connor didn’t mind because you sat behind him and he would peak at you threw the rear view mirror to make sure you were ok.

He pulled up to the Hansen household. He got in fidgeting as always. Next was Jared house.

it beckons upon Connor as he pulled into Jared drive way.

Jared opened the door. “nope. (y/n) get up here. Jared get in the back.” Connor said as Jared gasped dramatically. “but Connor you said nobody can sit in the passenger seat”

you said. Connor just looked at you pleading. “If he sits next to me, ill get a headache and then nobody is going to school.” you nodded and climbed into the front.

From that day forward it was now you official  seat.

The way to school was agonizing long for Connors likening. There the car was, stuck at a red light. Connor wanted to curse. He wanted to scream. It was taking everything in him not to. The concerned look on your face stopped him. He placed a hand on your knee. You didn’t question it one bit. Instead you smiled and placed a hand on top of his. A Blush coated his cheeks. He faced his palm up now, and interlocked your fingers together.

He calmed down instantly. His whole attitude changed. He was so relaxed. Everyone could tell you two were totally holding hands but decided to not say anything about it.

Zoe smiled wide from the backseat. She was so ready for the party. All week she had been talking about it. And to be quite frank you were getting tired of it.

“So Connor what will you and (y/n) be doing?” Zoe asked.

“ABC Family is having one of those Harry Potter Marathons. ” he said turning into your drive way.  Zoe couldn’t help but gush at the idea.

“Connor that’s so cute I’m sure they’ll love it.” she said. Connor smiled wide and goofly. The grin was enough to place one on your face when you jumped in next to him. You didn’t ask about the reason for his smile.

You held his hand as usual. His hands were always so cold at first. “Ok Connor I know you said I couldn’t go, but I got this new shirt and it’s really nice and the party is a one time thing and-” you said talking as fast as you could.

“No.” he said not even looking at you.

“Come one please~” you said squeezing his hand softly.

Connor let go of your hand. Your heart sank to the pit of your stomach. You turned softly to face the window.

“why cant I ever do anything!” you ask nearly yelling.

Connor slammed on the breaks. “listen if you have an issue, then we don’t need to talk.”

when you all got to school you were the first to get out. You would usually let Connor walk you to class but the anger was way too much for you. You were confused. You wanted nothing to do with Mr. Murphy for awhile. You had no idea why he had to be like this. He was always this way. So stubborn.

All day you avoided him. You didn’t sit with him at lunch. In class you didn’t speak a word to him. Connor was slowly breaking at the seams. He couldn’t take it anymore.

You were at your locker. Connors locker was across the hallway from yours. Usually he would be stsnding by yours as you both waited on Zoe. Connor kept his distance. He knew not to step foot near you while you were mad.

Down the hall some random jock was walking your way. Without Connor next to you, nobody was scared to approach you. He walked down with confidence.

“hey (y/n).” he said as he begin to flirt with you. He was shameless. Your eyes darted across the hall to see Connor already balling his fist. His knuckles slowly going white. He was hearing every single word this guy was saying to you. He couldn’t stand it.

The jock  blocked you from walking away when you tried to. You weren’t having any of is words.

“so cutie, you need a ride home?” he said smirking.

Just as you were gonna answer, a pissed off Murphy stepped in front of you and him. “No asshole. They don’t.” he said said pushing you back slightly.

“what did you call me?” the jock said in near disbelief that anyone talked to him that way.

“I called you an ‘asshole'” Connor said looking the boy up and down. They stood at eye level with each other. The jock was only slightly more built but that never intimidated  Connor. The jock took a step forward, inching closer to Connor. He wanted to explode.

“want me to teach you a lesson Murphy?” the jock said as he shoved Connor. Connor took a few steps back before his fist came flying at the jocks face. His fist hit him strait in the nose. Blood pouring down the jocks hand as he felt to see if his nose still existed.

Connor gripped your hand. “Come on (y/n)” Connor said as he spat on the floor next to the bleeding boy.

Anger still was built into the boy as you both made your way to the car. You didn’t speak. You didn’t want to make him anymore upset then what he already was.

The car was silent.

“I done want you to go because I want to protect you. From assholes like that jock. I want to make sure you’re ok” he said clutching the steering wheel.

“you’re the only person I’ve ever gave a shit about, and I don’t want you taken away from me” a tear rolled down his cheek. He avoided eye contact.

You reached around and started to unzip his hoodie. He gritted his teeth a bit. “what the hell are you doing?” he said pulling into the drive way.

“you said you would provide a hoodie for me, right?” you said looking up. His face a short distance from yours. A blush kept on his face as he nodded.

You slipped the hoodie off of him and placed it on, zipping it up in accomplishment.  “I’m not going anywhere Con” you said as he turned to hold you. Arms snaked around you so lovingly. He breathed into you.

“So are we going to sit here or what? I think Harry Potter is on.” you said. He looked down at your smiling face. He melted inside. You smiling in his hoodie. He couldn’t help himself. This sight was too much.  He reached down and cupped your face. He inhaled deeply as kissed you deeply.

You faded into a kiss that seamed like it lasted forever. He nibbled at the bottom of your lip before his phone stared to ring.

You gasped and pulled away.

“Connor. We forgot Zoe”


Warm - part 1

Warm - part 1/3 | Joe Sugg | imagine
Word count: 3094
Request: The reader meet Joe randomly in the street and then they start to date and are really in love but they are both worried about the difference age because Joe is 25 and the reader is 17-18
A/N: Thank you again for the sweet anon who requested it! I would love to know if you liked it! At first it would be only a small imagine, but I was carried away so… See you soon, sweeties! [Y/F/B/N is for “your friend’s boyfriend’s name”]
You can find more Buttercream Squad content here | Requests are open

There were grey clouds in the sky that afternoon. You had never liked them, but the weather never was up to you and never would be, so you were dealing with it buying yourself a cappuccino after a long period in school.

It was your last year and fools were the ones who thought teachers were being nicer just because you were almost done with it. No, they were only making the process more difficult. Thanks God you could go away soon.

Brighton was a good place to live, you were sure of it. You had really happy times in there, but all you knew was Brighton, this was the only city you ever lived in and now was the time to change things, turning into a new you (or some bullshit like that, you just couldn’t handle living in there).

“Let’s go, Y/N!” Y/F/N called, squeezing her boyfriend’s hand, poor Y/F/B/N. She was impatient because this was your second time getting coffee that week and, in the first, you almost got late for the first class.

“It is not my fault, Y/F/N.” you answered, a little annoyed. “You can go first. I’ll catch you guys later.”

This was all that Y/F/N wanted to hear.

“Fine.” she said, leading Y/F/B/N to the exit even before she finished saying that one word.

You rolled your eyes, toking your phone out of your pocket and checking your notifications. How nice was being abandoned by your friends and having only an electronic device as companion.

Your goal was going to London after graduating, you knew you would struggle, but you didn’t care. You wanted to feel independent and the only way to do that was abandoning your comfort zone for real. You would cry a lot probably with all the effort you would need to put through so you could support yourself, but it would all be fine.

“Y/N.” The coffee lady said.

There were two cups in front of you, but you didn’t saw the other one, grabbing the first that you saw. You needed to hurry if you really wanted to be abble to go with your friends, so you started walking as fast as you could without dropping the drink in your clothes.

Your right hand was already in the door when someone touched your shoulder.


You turned back, looking at the screen of  your phone to try to send Y/F/N a message saying to her hold up a little.

“I guess this is my coffee you are with.” the voice said.

You looked up and you could feel your eyes widening a little.


You always thought that people on Youtube was only known if you were part of the Youtube community and even like that, there were a lot of people you couldn’t know about. Joe Sugg? Joe Sugg wasn’t one of those.

He laughed at your reaction and took the cup of your hand, you didn’t protested. Instead, of doing that, you blinked your eyes, trying to make sentences and then laughed of yourself.

“I’m sorry.”

“That’s fine.”

“No, really, I didn’t see it was your coffee.”

Joe smiled.

“Yeah, you don’t seem to be a coffee’s thief.” he joked, holding another cup to give to you. “Here, this is yours.”

“Thank you.” you said. “And saying I don’t seem a thief it’s quite nice of you.” you commented and turned your cup to see if that was really your name in it.

“Hey, as long as I know, you can be a house’s thief.” I could be a heart’s thief “I just said you don’t steal other people’s coffee…” he tried to see the name that was written in your cup as you raise it. “Y/N.”

You took a sip of your drink.

“Yeah, hi. Nice to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Joe.”

“I will pretend I didn’t know that so we can talk normally, is that ok?” you tried to make fun, you clearly knew who he was.

Joe laughed. “That’s ok, yeah.”.

Your phone started ringing “Sorry.” You looked at Joe with apologizing eyes. “Hello.”

“Y/N, where are you? We have a test in the first class of the afternoon in case you forgot.” Y/F/N didn’t even bothered of saying hello back. “We’re in school already, come fast.” she hung up before you could say something.

“Oh, fuck.” you cursed.

“Everything is ok?” Joe asked.

You forgot he was there.

“I gotta go, actually.”

Joe seemed a little disappointed, or this was what you liked to believe that time.

“Oh, ok. Cool.”

You smiled at him.

“It was really nice to met you, Joe.”

“Until a next time, Y/N.”

“Bye.” You nodded your head as you were waving a goodbye.

“Wait, I was wondering if…” you could give me your number, but you were gone.


“Y/N?” Y/F/N asked seeing you approaching your desk. “What happened? You are red.”

You laughed.

“You won’t believe what just happened.”


“I just met Joseph Sugg.” you told. “And I’m pretty sure he almost asked my number.


“Joe, honestly, your preference for coffee just can’t be that strong.”

“Shut up, Zo.”

“We drove all across the city for this damn coffee!” She complained, stopping by Joe’s side at the row.

“I know it.” he told, not really paying attention to his sister.

Zoe sighed. “Ok, spit it out.”


“The girl’s name.”

“What?!” he gave a nervous laugh.

“C’mon, Joe, I know it’s a girl.”

“Fine, fine…” Joe rolled his eyes. “Her name is Y/N.”

“Oh, that’s a good name!”

“I know.”

“Parking the car took me ages!” Alfie complained, catching up with the siblings. “So you guys already ordered?”

Zoe grinned. “Actually, Joe…”

“Zoe!” Joe complained. “You just need to tell everyone in the world, don’t you?” he asked.

Alfie laughed. “To Joe get this affected, we’re talking about girls, aren’t we?” It was always fun when the two of them started chattering about Joe’s crushes, he seemed like a little kid. If they were talking about Joe’s hook ups, thought, he didn’t seem nothing like a kid.

“Yeah!” Zoe agreed, bursting into laughs as her boyfriend.

Joe made a frown at the couple, they were really making fun of this?

“Oh, Joe! Buddy!” Alfie hugged his brother in law. “That’s ok, everybody can have a crush on someone.”

“Yeah, well, you crush my bloody sister!” Joe pointed out.

The trio were laughing when the door opened again and in the cafe entered one really special girl, being follow by her friend.

“Third time!” Y/F/N exclaimed. “Third fucking time this week, Y/N! For God’s sake, the week has only 5 days, how can you need that much coffee in your life?”

“Shut up, Y/F/N.” you ordered, looking around to see if you recognized the one you were looking for. From where he was, you couldn’t see him. “Come, let’s order our drinks.” you said, a little disappointed.

When Joe saw you, his face lit up. Yes! His completely stupid plain of trying to see you again worked out! He was a smart lad, wasn’t he? He smiled and walked to you.

“Hey, Y/N!” He greeted, playing cool. Zoe almost laughed out loud seeing her brother’s moves. He was trying to look chill and she knew he was putting all his effort in it because they literally just came across the city to that place.

You grinned, looking refreshed. “Joe!”

Y/F/N almost wanted to give you a slap, calm down, Y/N, damn! Don’t fangirl now, please. She looked at you with that warning look and you coughed a little, taking a deep breath afterwards.

“This is, Y/F/N.” You presented and your friend smiled politely to Joe.

“Hi, I’m Joe.” he said and Zoe thought it was about time to approach you guys. “And this is my sister, Zoe, and her boyfriend, Alfie.”

Oh, fuck. Joe were kidding with you, right? You weren’t such a youtuber fan, but really? You couldn’t handle that much.

You smiled at them and your friend did the same, trying your best to not freak out completely.

“Hi. I’m Y/N.”

“Hello!” Zoe said, she just wanted to jump around and make fun of Joe because he seemed a teenager again. “Nice to meet you!” You nodded.

“Hi!” Alfie shook your hand and Zoe followed his steps.

“Next!” The cafe’s lady shouted.

“Oh, this is us.” Y/F/N said, taking you by the hand and pulling you.

“Excuse me.” you asked, being sorry for such an abrupt reaction of Y/F/N. “Calm down, Y/F/N, please.” you whispered.

“Are you kidding me? The freakin Zoella is behind us! I just know her because of you and I am freaking out, how aren’t you?”

“I am, moron!” you whispered back. “But for what you love the most, don’t ruin it! This is like insane and stuff.”

“So what you girls are going to order?” The employee asked and you two smiled at her, remembering that you needed to actually have something to drink.


Y/F/N was gone to find you a table, you were so anxious about being in at the cafe that you actually got in there really early, so now there was no need to rush to school anymore. She leaved you behind because you were waiting your order.

“So, you are not from here, are you?” you asked Joe, Zoe and Alfie were ordering still.

“Oh, no, I’m from a small village on country side.” He answered and then gave a little smile. “I live in London now.”

“And why would you waste London to come to Brighton?” you looked through the window. “I mean, the weather is not beach vibes or anything…” you sighed, you wish that was. You loved sunny days.

Joe giggled, you seemed so disappointed about the season that he found really cute.

“My sister lives in here, I came to a meeting and now I’m crashing her place this week.” He told you.

“Oh, that’s nice.” You commented, pretending you didn’t know that Zoella lived in your city. Well, Adele did too… But Adele wasn’t buying coffee next to you, was she? Also, you didn’t know who was Adele’s brother, but you were pretty sure he wasn’t that gorgeous as Joe.

Your coffee was delivered, but you stood there and chatted more with Joe, he was really nice and his order wasn’t ready yet, so you could enjoy his company a little more before going in separate ways.

The place had heater and your coffee was really hot as well, so your body started sweating and you took off your coat, revealing your tattoo by your tank top.

“Oh, that’s cool.” Joe said, seeing the black ink on your shoulder.

You looked the way he was looking, sometimes you forgot you had a tattoo. It was there only, you weren’t reminded of it.

“Thanks.” You smiled.

What you didn’t know was that Joe was kind of relieved. The way you talked and the way you moved weren’t the same way as a student would do and, althought you were beautiful, you seemed a little younger than the girls Joe usually found attractive, seeing that you had a tattoo meant you were over 18 and everything was fine.

Well, except by the fact you weren’t 18 yet.


“So there I was, right? I’ve got no friends, no one to talk, my phone was in the bedroom and this huge man, like, he literally was 250 pounds, I swear. And he come and just started shouting things at me, saying I was rude and that kind of stuff.” You told, laughing already. “When actually, she” you pointed to Y/F/N “was the one who came to his wife and asked if she was pregnant.”

“Oh, no” Alfie commented, Joe closed his eyes.

“Guess what?” You continued. “She wasn’t.” All of them started to laugh. “The woman pointed at Y/F/N, but my friend here was gone by the time the man stood up for his wife. It was horrible, I swear.”

“She looked like she was pregnant! It wasn’t my fault!” Y/F/N told, trying to defend herself but failing because she was laughing so hard.

The cafe lady called Zoe’s name.

“Oh, that must be our order.” She said, receiving a look from Joe.

“Let me help you.” Alfie said, standing up and going to get their food.

“Could you help us too, Y/F/N?”

“Okay!” Y/F/N said, a little more excited than she should for just grabbing food, she could see what Zoe was doing there and was pretty happy in not standing in her way or yours.

Suddenly, was only you and Joe at the table. You tried to seem as you weren’t freaking out, so you took a sip from your coffee.

“So…” Joe started. “I guess you were about to tell me your number before ran away yesterday.”

You frowned. “I was? Are you sure?”  You joked.

Joe laughed. “Yes, you were.” You raised your shoulders. “Where you went anyway? I mean, you was in a rush for getting in there.”

“I am a really busy girl, Joe.” you said ironically, not wanting to give him up yet by telling you were heading to school.

“And does a busy girl like you go on dates?” Joe asked.

You smiled. “I could see in my schedule if I have time for that, yeah.” Joe smiled at you too, not knowing what he was going to.


“Y/N/N, we gotta go.” Y/F/N said, you didn’t notice that she, Zoe and Alfie got the food and were in another table, you were talking to Joe and lost the track of the world.

“Again?” Joe asked, he seemed a little upset and you couldn’t avoid liking it.

“I’m sorry.” you told, with a smile on your face. “But you do have my phone now, so I’m a few buttons away.” you winked  at him, something that no one saw coming. Fuck, you were flirting with Joe Sugg!

Joe laughed, he liked your move. “You are.”

You all said your goodbyes and you starting walking out from the cafe.

“Smooth.” Y/F/N approved.

“Shut up.”

“You’re so into him.” she laughed. “I can believe it. You actually have his number. He is not your celeb crush number 247 or something?”

“He might be on the top 10 at the moment.” you admitted and Y/F/N just couldn’t take you serious. You were a lucky girl, weren’t you. “I’m not stupid, though, I know it won’t take me anywhere.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Because I’m 8 years younger than him, maybe?” you suggested, being ironic again.

“I’m not saying to you to date him, I’m saying you can have some fun with an older guy just for a change.” she argued. “You don’t like boys at our school and it’s nice having someone to feed your ego.”

“You are with Y/F/B/N just to ‘feed your ego’ then?” you joked, making her laugh. Her idea wasn’t bad at all, you had to admit. Maybe you would do that.


Your phone rang, you received a message. Your eyes opened wide.

“No cells during class.” Your teacher told, looking at you quite angry.

“Sorry” you gave him a weak smile before searching the device in your backpack so you could leave it in silent mode. As you did it, you saw it was Joe sending you a message, something unusual of him, it was so early in the morning.

A couple weeks passed by since the exchange of numbers. You didn’t know how to react, but you were really enjoying your late chats and stuff like that, it would happen every day now and although you couldn’t admit it even to yourself, you started falling for him, something really really dangerous.

Good morning! was the content of his message. It immediately settled a smile on your face. You looked at your teacher to see if he was paying attention on what you were doing, he wasn’t anymore.

Why are you awake this early? you asked.

You turned your head to the board, seeing Math turn into the most boring thing in your whole existence. You missed the time school was easy and you could just forget about it some hours at the day.

Missing you is messing with my head. Joe sent and it made you roll your eyes, he loved to tease you like that.

Right. Now tell me the real reason. You could hear Joe’s laugh because of your answer.

Are you doubting it? you rolled your eyes again.

Yes was all you wrote.

Fine, fine… I have a meeting today. You kind of wished what he told about missing you was truth, but you were determined of being really grounded about this. Ask me where my meeting is, Y/N. he required.

Where your meet is, Joseph?

Brighton. he informed and your heart jumped and you needed to regain control. Fuck, Joe couldn’t just said that with you unprepared. Hum… Y/N? he asked when he realized you saw the message and didn’t answer it.

Well, this is a good excuse for you to don’t miss me that much, isn’t it? you joked, you started sweating waiting for his response.

We can meet and catch up to resolve this problem of mine, can’t we?

Are you asking me on a date? You joked. Be careful, Joseph, you won’t be able to keep up with me if you are…

You are the one who won’t be keeping up, Y/N. You couldn’t believe in it. It is a yes, then?

You took a deep breath, your panic starting showing up.

“Are you ok, Y/N?” Y/F/N asked.

You nodded your head. “No.”

“What happened?” she seemed worried, you just slid your phone to her desk. “Oh my God.” she commented as she read the messages. “You are going, right?” she confirmed, passing your cell back to you.

“I don’t know.”

“Oh, c’mon, Y/N! You can’t miss this opportunity.”

You agreed with that, but it wasn’t fair to Joe. He didn’t even knew that you were at school while he was texting you.

You took a deep breath again. It was about time he discover your age. You were letting go now.

Part 02

Little Sister

Idk here’s another fic guys lol bc 301 followers!!! I have the same amount of followers as the default number of views on YouTube!!!! Wowie.

Zoe sees Connor high and wonders if it helps him, and could help her.
Or Zoe get high with Connor

Warnings: swearing, drug use, verbal abuse, shitty writing about being high and blunts in general bc I’m a goody goody™


“I’ll fucking end your fucking life, Zoe, don’t you fucking test me!” Connor yelled through his door, which he had slammed just seconds before. His sister, the victim of his verbal attacks, slammed her door as well, sitting on her bed to practice her guitar for the jazz band concert next week. Connor ran his fingers through his messy, dark curls, deciding he couldn’t deal with this bullshit anymore. He flopped to the ground, looking through the bottom drawer of his bedside table, retrieving the small tin box he was looking for. He pulled it out, feeling better already.

He wanted to quit, but whenever his family treated him like shit or he got angry he had to calm down, and this was the only way he found that worked. He recalls the other methods he’s tried and how they all ended up with law enforcement bringing him back to their front door at ungodly hours as he unlocks the box and grabs a lighter and already rolled blunt. Needless to say, he sticks to getting high in his bedroom, or sometimes climbing out the window to the roof. Pinching the unlit end of the blunt, he brought it to his pale lips, feeling his anger and stress float away with the smoke he exhaled. He sighed happily, already feeling much better and forgetting about what it was that Zoe had done to piss him off this time.
He’d already finished one entire blunt and was as high as a kite. Not being able to control his thoughts, and not knowing it was nearing one in the morning, he opened the window. He swore as he struggled to climb out the window.

“Connor? It’s like 1 A.M., what the fuck are you doing?” He heard Zoe ask from her now opened window, her voice croaking from having just been woken up by the sound of her lanky brother stumbling on the roof.

“Nothing. Just needed to get out of the fucking house,” Connor replied, his words mixing together slightly, and would’ve sounded much more rude if he wasn’t giggling so much.

Zoe sat up and turned her bedside light on, wincing as her eyes adjusted to the light, “Are you high right now?”

“No I’m Connor,” he giggled back. Zoe sighed, getting up to find a hoodie and shoes, throwing on a pair of flip flops.

“I’m coming out there, you need a babysitter when you’re high, there’s no telling what trouble you’ll get into.” Zoe said as she put the hoodie on and pulled her hair up into a high, loose ponytail.

“I don’t need a babysitter I’ll be fucking fine!” Connor said, a little too loud. Zoe winced at his volume slightly.

“Shhh, what if mom and dad hear you?” Zoe tried shushing Connor.

“They’re fast asleep, and too bitchy to hear me anyway,” Connor grumbled, giggling a bit slightly. Zoe had seen Connor high on a few occasions, the first time being the weirdest for her. She’d never seen Connor so giggly . Sure, she’d seen him giggle and laugh before, when they were kids of course. Usually he never showed a positive emotion, and he definitely never giggled.

Zoe pulled the latch on her window and unlocked it and, as quietly as she could, climbed up onto the roof. It was chilly and windy tonight, and she could hear the faint sound of Nirvana being played too loud in the earbuds that hung out the neck of Connors shirt. Connor was a pretty big Nirvana fan, but high Connor was the biggest Nirvana fan. She settled a fair distance away from him slowly, seeing that he was wearing black sweatpants and a grey T-Shirt. Connor turned his head, seeing Zoe get comfortable on the hard rooftop, noticing how she still kept her distance away from him.

“Heyyyyy, Zoooooooo, nice of you to join meeee,” Connor giggled out. Zoe held back a giggle, trying to not encourage Connor.

“Hey, Connor.”

“Hey, Zoe,” Connor said, mocking Evan by putting on a grumpy expression, “Why’re you so fucking serious, Zo, just chill out.” He giggled again, laying back and resting his arms under his head.

Zoe rolled her eyes but smirked a bit, looking back at her brother. She reached into his window and grabbed the water bottle on Connors bedside table under it, “Here, sober up.”

“Nah, fuck that, I’d rather stay fucking lit,” Connor swatted the bottle away from Zoe’s hands, managing to get it to fly right back into his room and bounce on the floor, “besides, I’m like totally ninety percent sure that that water bottle is just straight vodka,” Connor giggled again. Zoe sighed, giving up and deciding she better just sit and watch to make sure Connor didn’t hurt himself. She sat on the roof, a little closer to Connor now, but neither noticed it, cross legged, deciding Connor was too high to bother listening to her no matter how hard she tried to get him to sober up. She stared thoughtfully at her brother, as he attempted to put his hair into a messy bun, and wondered what he felt like high. She knew that he obviously had less control of his thoughts and actions, but she was curious as to how freeing and calming it really felt. Did it really help Connor deal with his anger problems and facing their family?


It had been an hour and Connor was still wide awake, and decided he wasn’t as high as he was. He got off the roof and climbed back in his window to roll another blunt, Zoe following him in and watching him carefully as he did so.

<I> Maybe it does help him feel better, </I> Zoe thought as she fiddled with the hem of her hoodie, before speaking up.

“Does it actually help? Like does it really calm you down?” Zoe pointed hesitantly at the blunt. Connor looked up, seeming slightly nervous now. He had never really talked about why he smoked, and how it calmed him down and how he thought it actually helped.

“Yeah, I think so,” He answered, seeming serious for the first time all night. Zoe nodded in reply.

“How?“ Zoe asked

“Well, I smoke it, and the bad shit goes away,” Connor said sarcastically, and went back to grab the tin box and set it on his bed, taking out the weed and things he needed to make the blunt, Zoe watching each step quizzically.
“Do you wanna try to smoke it?” Connor asked hesitantly, not really sure how he felt about his little sister smoking, but noticing how she stared at his motions.
"Sure, why not,” Zoe shrugged, fiddling with the hem of her hoodie again as she thought again about how it might feel.

“Okay, do this,” Connor showed Zoe how to light the blunt, Zoe following his directions, “Now put it to your lips and inhale slowly, and exhale.” Zoe did so, exhaling and feeling stress and anxiety she didn’t know she held being lifted away. She sighed as she exhaled, feeling surprisingly calm. She He liked it, not enough that he would do this often, but enough that she thought about enjoying getting high when she needed it. They both felt calm and happy without having to worry about anything.

Connor looked at his sister as she took another hit, Zoe not noticing that Connor didn’t light and wasn’t smoking his own blunt. He had sobered up slightly and was watching his little sister carefully. Connor didn’t want to risk him getting high and Zoe hurting herself while high because Connor couldn’t protect her.

After a while the blunt was gone, the room was considerably more smoky, and Zoe’s eyes were very red and bloodshot. Connor watched his sisters movements, taking note of how he fiddled with the string of his hoodie, but not in a nervous way. She fiddled with them happily and playfully as she hummed along to the song playing, Connor chuckling because he knew for a fact Zoe had no idea what song it was. Connor laid back on the bed, after he put the tin back in his drawer, and thought about how Zoe probably had her own issues too. He felt protective of her in the moment, as he thought about how this feeling of absolute calmness might be new to her. She was probably the calmest person while high that Connor had ever seen. Zoe wasn’t as giggly or funny as Connor was when he was high, although Connor noticed she was definitely more sleepy. Zoe was more quiet and thoughtful it seemed. Connor froze as she yawned and laid down on the bed, curling up next to him. He looked at his sister, seeing how frail and small she looked right now. He smiled, kissing her messy hair protectively and mumbling an ‘I love you, Zo’ before turning to shut the light off.

I Always Will (Zoe Murphy X Reader)

WC: 2489

Warnings: SMUT, language, gay fluff

Summary: Zoe and Y/N go to Pride together. Smut ensues

Tagged: @lildipstick @bellasabb @ahhhhamilton

A/N: I’m posting ahead of schedule! Yes!! Hope y'all enjoy.

“Good evening, my love. The absolute light of me life.” I said, slinging my arm around Zoe’s shoulder pressing a kiss to the top of her head.

“What do you want, babe?” Zoe said, looking at me quizzically.

“Well, since you asked so kindly.” Zoe chuckled at my comment, rolling her eyes slightly.

“There’s a pride parade this weekend, and I know you’re not a big fan of parades because they’re loud and kinda gross, but I really wanna go with you.” I said, and Zoe sighed slightly.

“Y/N, you know how much I hate parades. Ever since I saw the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, I’ve been scarred for all future parades.” Zoe said and I pouted at her, a sad look on my face.

“Just because that homeless guy tried to rob you once, doesn’t mean it’ll happen again.” I said and Zoe chuckled slightly, letting out a sigh.

“You do raise a fair point, but still.” Zoe said, crossing her arms over her chest.

“But we can be gay together and get cute outfits and it’ll be beautiful.” I pleaded, situating myself on Zoe’s lap, wrapping my arms around her neck.

“Ok, but only because I love you so much.” Zoe said, pressing her lips against mine.

I kissed her back softly, the taste of her raspberry lip balm filling my mouth. She bit down on my lower lip gently, pulling me closer to her chest as she did.

“Do you two have to be gay in the living room? At least make out somewhere with a door.” We split apart to see Connor standing there, a disgusted look on his face.

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Parties Can Hurt Sometimes Part5 (Dan Howell)

This chapter hits me in the domestic feels between Dan and (y/n)! 

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“You kissed him!?” Exclaimed Zoe a bit too loud for my liking

“Shh Zoe” I said pulling her away from a group of girls near us so they couldn’t hear “Please don’t be so loud what if someone hears you?”

“I’m sorry but I’m just shocked” She said as we kept looking around the shop “You guys kissed and you’re telling me this just now. I mean why didn’t you told us on Sunday?” She asked referring to herself and Tanya

“Because I knew you would both freak out and start asking not only me but Joe as well for the details and I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable.” I said shrugging as I took hold of a cute flowery bowl “It’s bad enough I pretty much rejected him, I didn’t want him to also feel uncomfortable with you guys asking him about it. Do you like this one?” I asked Zoe still holding the bowl

“It’s adorable and you’re right. He doesn’t need that not after you rejected him” Zoe said chuckling

“Zoe it’s not funny” I whined letting out a small chuckle myself “I feel really bad about it but still I couldn’t just lie and tell him I felt the same besides he knew it would have been a lie”

“I know, don’t worry too much about it. But you sure you guys didn’t do anything more than kiss?” She teased

“Oh my.. I shouldn’t have told you anything I knew this would happen” I said as we both laughed, looked around a little more and then went to pay for the things we got

It had been exactly a week since the Gleam party and I was currently staying at the Zalfie house hold. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to tell Zoe about my kiss with Joe but I had been so busy and focused on other things that I kind of forgot to tell her. It was good to talk about this with Zoe because apart from her I really didn’t know who to talk about it with. Phil was off the list by a long run because if he knew that meant eventually Dan would too and I wasn’t sure I wanted Dan to find out at least not right now. Not to mention that Phil would go crazy on me because of it, asking if it had anything to with me trying to forget about Dan and much more in the lines of that which really wasn’t. Kissing Joe felt great, I don’t regret kissing him for a second but I did feel bad about rejecting him after all he is a really good guy and an amazing friend. Things would be much easier with me liking Joe instead of Dan and I wouldn’t be stuck in all this mess and would have lost one of my best friends because of it.

“We’ve never been to this place before” I said as we sat down on a table near one of the windows

“I know, Mark and I came here the other day and he said you would probably love the place” She said as we opened up our menus

“Of course he did. Speaking of I’m yet to buy the last few presents of him for Christmas” I said looking through the menu and seeing what sounded like a really good meal

“Have you finished buying everyone their presents or is it just Mark?” Zoe asked laughing a bit

“I have the main presents for most people but I’m yet to buy other presents. I mean how am I supposed to know what to buy Alfie?” I asked her shaking my head

“I know, I still find it hard to get him something for Christmas every year” She said to which we both laughed, putting down our menus our waiter made his way to us taking our orders and going to get us our drinks “You’ll know what to get him, he even likes silly gifts”

“Good to know” I said as our waiter came with our drinks

“So who else is left then?” She asked taking a sip of her drink

“Well there’s Phil, Anna.. Umm Dodie, oh and Dan..” I said looking at my drink

“Have you talked to at all?” She asked looking at me with a half smile “I mean you guys were going to spend Christmas together weren’t you?” She questioned

“We were supposed to, it was the plan but things change, plans change. I mean I could always go to Dodie’s, she’d invited me before” I said remembering the small party Dodie and a few of our friends did at her place

“It’s not the same (y/n), this was a big deal. I mean you were going to spend Christmas with his family” She said with a bit of a frown

“We were but it wasn’t a big deal Zo, really. We were friends and that’s all we ever were. I mean I have known him for nearly three years now if he had feelings for me he would have told me” I said shrugging

“Yeah just like you told him how you love him” She said with a raised eyebrow making me squint my eyes

“Touché but things are different now. He has a girlfriend that I believe he really really likes, we are no longer friends and to tell you the truth I don’t think we’ll ever be friends again” I said dabbing the inner corners of my eyes to stop the tears from falling

“Don’t say that. You just have to give him some time to calm down” She suggested

“I have given him time. Two weeks to be precise and he’s yet to talk to me. Zoe I think it’s time we just accept the the truth and know that Dan and I are no longer friends and probably never will be again” Sitting straight I cleared my throat and looked at her “Now could we please just talk about something else?” I asked hoping she would stop asking about Dan

Thankfully she changed the subject and we talked about everything and anything. She mentioned there was a video idea she wanted us to do later today if not tomorrow to which I said yes and loved the idea. Soon after our food arrived and Mark was right I did ended up loving the place and wanting to come back whenever I had the chance.

************ ************************

Three months later

Three months, I still couldn’t believe it’s been three months since we’ve stopped being friends. It definitely felt weird to say the least, I tried so hard not to be in a place were I knew he would be. Phil and I had come with a system when it came for me to being at their apartment, he knew I wouldn’t want to be there when Dan was so I would only be there on times he would be out or at Samantha’s apartment. Throughout the months I had to slightly interact with Dan about 5 times just normal things like when I was about to leave and he got home earlier than expected but nothing more than that. That was until today, I was currently on my way to their house trying my hardest to get there as fast as possible. Getting woken up at 2 am with a phone call is always annoying but hearing Phil’s worried voice I was more than awake and ready for anything he had to say. The fans knew about Dan’s existential crisis but never to what extend they would go, there were times like this one were it was too much to handle for him. It wouldn’t be a funny ‘oh you’re having another existential crisis’ it would turn into him curled up in a corner crying his eyes out over everything that went through his head. It would usually take Phil hours to finally calm Dan out, a few months after we’d become friends Dan had one of his crisis and I was so worried I tried to help in anyway possible, at the end I’d managed to calm him down. Kneeling in front of him and making him look me in the eyes would calm him down a bit after that I would hug him on the floor as he made our limbs intertwine in every way possible so I was as close as humanly possible to him. That I learned was the only way I could calm him down and I would do it for as long as needed because I hated seen him like that. So naturally when Phil called me about half an hour ago asking if I could come help because Dan was having an existential crisis I didn’t hesitate as I got out of bed and got sort of ready, by that putting on a onesie and getting into my car. I didn’t care that we had stopped being friends, I still loved him and cared deeply for him no matter what.

After a few minutes of  finding somewhere to park and a few more of going up the stairs I finally made it to their front door taking deep breaths as I knocked on the door. Soon after Phil opened the door letting me in as he guided me to where Dan was, getting inside Dan’s room I saw him in the right corner near his bed letting out sobs as he hugged his legs making my heart break seen him that way. Phil smiled and nodded at me as he left to probably the kitchen to get some water for Dan. Slowly I made my way over and knelled down making him acknowledge my presence.

“Are you okay?” I asked with a sad look on my face

“No..” He breathed out as I noticed how much he was shaking

“You’ll be okay. I’m here now and you’ll be okay love” I said putting my hands on either side of his face so he could look me in the eyes “I’m here now, okay?”

Looking me in the eyes for a bit he then slowly nodded as he opened up his arms and got himself into a sitting position so I would sit on his lap. Getting closer I straddled him and hugged his neck as he hugged my waist as tight as possible but not to the were I couldn’t breath.

“Do-Don’t leave ple-please” He stuttered out between a sob making me pull away slightly so I could look at him

“I’m not going anywhere Dan” I said caressing his cheek “I promise okay?”

“Okay..” He said pulling me closer again so my head was next to his

“Please stop crying, you I hate to see you cry” I said hugging him a bit tighter

We stayed like that for probably two hours, as I was starting to fall asleep I heard Phil talking to someone making me straighten up and pull away from Dan who was confused as someway along the time he had fallen asleep. Getting off of him just as Samantha came into view making me frown as to why she was here at this time of night.

“Hey Danny” She said walking toward where we were sat as I got up I saw Phil near the doorway “Hi (Y/N)” She said smiling at me then looking back at Dan

“Hi.. I don’t mean to sound rude or anything but what are you doing here? I would’ve thought you’d be asleep at this time of night” I said getting up and starting to walk over to Phil

“Oh I know but Phil had called me but I didn’t get the missed call until later” She sitting down on the bed as Dan got up

“You called her?” Dan and I said in unison

“I was desperate. Dan was bad again and I didn’t know what to do” He said shrugging

“Well now that you’re here there’s no need for me to stay. Besides you’re better now, right?” I asked Dan as he just looked at me

“I am better but you don’t have to go” He said as he walk over to where I was completely ignoring Sam

“I really should go.” I told him once he got in front of me “Besides remember what you said? To you, we’re no longer friends..” I said looking down at the floor then back at him “I’m glad you’re better now. Goodnight” I said to him and Sam as well

I got out of the room with Phil behind me as we walked towards the door. Saying our good nights I started walking down the stairs and headed back home as I could still smell Dan’s cologne on my onesie. If I missed Dan before I definitely would miss him even more after spending the last few hours cuddled up to him. Once home and in bed I couldn’t stop thinking about a few things one of them being the thought of what would happen for Christmas after all. What would I do now that I wasn’t going to Dan’s parents? Would I spend it alone getting drunk and being sad of myself or would I go to Dodie’s and have a fun evening? Had Dan told his parents Samantha would be going instead of me? I felt bad because I loved Dan’s parents and was really looking forward to spending Christmas with them but now I couldn’t no matter how much I tried.

Main Bio

Name: Zoe Rúna Edith Nightfall

Hometown: Gniewkowo/Toruń

Age: 19

Sex: Female

Height: 0,28m

Species: Indian flying fox (Pteropus giganteus)

Appearance: Zoe is a little smaller than most of her kind. Apart from this, she looks pretty much like other Indian flying foxes. Sometimes she temporarily dyes the fur around her neck to an electric blue/turquoise color. Her eyes have a dark magenta color. Zoe never leave house without her glasses and her three red earrings.

Living place: Zootopia (The Rainforest District)

Occupation: Student/Reptile&Spider Breeder

Family: Agnieszka and Aleksander Nightfall (parents), little sister Michaela and big brother (actually cousin) Robert. All of them live in Poland.

Hobby: This “little” bat is a big bookworm. She reads everything she can get her wings on, but she prefers fantasy over other genres. Zoe also loves all types of mythology, as she kinda studies it, with Norse mythology in the first place. When she doesn’t read anything in her free time, she watches a lot of movies and listens to music. Very often, Zoe loses herself in the music and plays it so loud that angry neighbors come knock on her door. She feels very embarrassed and kindly apologizes. She not only listens to music, she also sings. In her past, she was attending music school. Unfortunately, because of a panic attack in front of the big crowd on stage, she must give up her dreams of becoming a musical actress. Even after this, Zoe still practices singing and playing the violin, but never performs for anyone. Since her childhood, this bat has an enormous interest in reptiles and spiders. When she was 10, her cousin convinced Zoe’s parents to let her have her first snake, a little corn snake that she named Tom. When it comes to stuff she loves, Zoe becomes biggest fangirl of all time. Remember this thing about listening music so loud that is annoys others? Yeah it is not only one times when this bat is loud. Zoe is huge gamer girl and plays every kind of games. Computer games, card games, board games? She is really crazy about that stuff. Also this girl plays a lot of RPG session where she loves to be a Dungeon Master. One more thing she adores is flying high above the ground. Everything seems so small then and she doesn’t feel so small herself.

Personality: When alone or surrounded only by strangers, she is really shy and silent, usually walking with her headphones on, cut off from the world. However, if she is with her friends, Zoe automatically changes by 180°. She becomes more confident, happy and easy-going. Most of her relationships with friends are love-hate rivalries when they exchange sarcastic comments, trying to beat each other in arguments or small competitions. She is very open for new acquaintanceship, but only if the other side makes a move first. Don’t misunderstand though! Even if Zoe is very shy around strangers, that doesn’t mean she can’t stand up for herself. She hates injustice and seeing how stronger bully weaker. This bat will not stand by when something bad (in her opinion) happens. Usually, she tries to solve problems peacefully but… Yeah, an even bigger problem is her short fuse. And when she snaps? Oh boy… “Did you ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?” If not, then now is your chance. Imagine a furious ball of claws, fangs, fur and wings. This lady doesn’t care then if she should or shouldn’t fight. She just attacks with all her fury, even if the enemy is a lot bigger than her. Because of her fear of performance, she has a lot of self-doubt. She also never shows that she feels bad and very often lies about little things. However, in the end, Zoe is very caring for what is close to her and she quickly creates a strong bond. If that bond is broken, she falls into a depressed state for a long time. Last problem with her is that Zoe is very ambitious and very often tries to do more than she is actually capable off. Plus, she is very messy person and that always makes things harder for her.


~General Story~

Zoe was born in Poland, but a lot of her family lives in India from where the Indian flying fox comes. Her parents were also both born in Poland, so Zoe views herself as a polish girl and has a strong connection with her country. Yet, her great-great-grandmother Rúna passed down some of Indian things and thanks to that,  Zoe could almost fluently speak Hindi for some time. When Rúna passed away because of cancer, Zoe was so sad that she tried to get rid of her grief by forgetting completely about her great-great-grandmother. Since then, her Hindi has become a little rusty and she can’t speak it anymore, but she can kinda understand it. It all happened before Zoe turned 7 years old. And for these 7 years, you could tell that this little bat was… a rather energetic child. Her mother worked at kindergarten and she taught Zoe’s class. Zoe never was too much of a social kid. She learned writing and reading rather fast, because she just liked it, but that made some other children look at her weirdly. That was a cause of some bad behavior by Zoe. Here’s one example. She once came back from kindergarten with a big black dot stick to her shirt for bad behavior and when her parents asked Zoe why she got this, she calmly and with full satisfaction said: “I spit Andrzej in the face.” Even with such behavior, she has her group of friends and she was pretty happy. Eventually, when she started her school, she became a little outcast and yet, she became a lot more calm. Classes bored her, because she mostly learned basic stuff so fast that she didn’t have much to do during lessons. Usually, she’d start reading then and teachers didn’t like that very much. Her love for book, studying and her rather short height were most of the reasons for bullying her at school. Sometimes, she just couldn’t take it anymore and just snaps. One time, some male weasel from her class didn’t want to stop bothering her during breaks. He always followed her and said: “You are not allowed to read.”. Zoe couldn’t take it anymore, so she just hit him with book she was holding in her wings that moment. That was “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” and that thing is huge, so it hurt a lot. That was just one situation and there were plenty more. Once, she almost got in lot of trouble when she was defending her friend. At the canteen, she stabbed a wolf with a fork when he was aggressive towards her friend. Things in 6th grade were so bad that her mental state started to show in her physical appearance too when she lost some of her fur because of the stress. Fortunately, Zoe graduated school with the highest marks possible, even with her mental breakdown in 6th grade.The music school that Zoe attended was a big help for her mental state, as she could do what she loved and nobody judged her for that. She also had a very nice instrument teacher that helped Zoe raise her confidence a little higher. Middle school was rather normal and a pretty happy time for the female bat. Because she lived in little town, moving from one school to another wasn’t that hard, as the same mammals that were with her in her old school, were in that school as well. The good news for her was that most of her not so nice classmates were in sport class, so she didn’t need to have any contact with them. Months were passing and everything was good except for one thing… After years of friendship, Zoe started to remark that her best friend wasn’t as much of a friend as she thought. The relationship that she had with that mammal was toxic, abusive and totally messed up. The ginger bat, with help of her other, real friends, found the strength to end this friendship with the toxic mammal. She sometimes still feel guilty for it, even if it wasn’t her fault. After graduating from middle school with great grades, she start her math-IT-class in one of the best high school in Toruń. That was also around the time when she stopped attending music school. After lot of hard work and surprise, she managed to graduate school with decent and someone could even say good grades. After that, she chose to study outside the country and move from Poland to the USA, even if she felt a little homesick immediately after leaving her family house. She bought a little apartment from the money she had earned from her business and after that, she started her main study.

~Additional yet important story~

When Zoe was 10, she got her first snake. A corn snake which she named “Tom”. That’s how her breeding hobby/business started. Years pass and Zoe learned more and more about reptiles, not just snakes. She also started to breed spiders. When she was 18, she opened her little reptile shop and started to sell some of reptiles that she had bred. However, she was always very careful about to whom she sold her little friends. Before any transaction is made, Zoe must be 100% sure that her little scaly babies go to a good home. When she moved to the USA, she have enough money to move her little business with her.


*Zoe can, like any other bats, fly and she loves doing that.

*Her second and third name are named after her great-great-grandmothers from both sides.

*She is crazy about bubble tea, especially with tapioca.

*Unlike others of her kind she likes to eat citrus fruits, but it sometimes makes her sick if she eat too much.

*She’s had her 3 earnings since she was 8 years old.

*Knows 5 languages on different levels, but is mostly capable of understanding them. Now she’s trying to learn her 6th language.

*Zoe is short-sighted, but she could live without her glasses. She only wears them to not worsen the state of her eyes.

*Hates bat stereotypes and hisses furiously when she hears one.

*Her favourite pet is 21ft long reticulated python that she named “Sunrise”.

*Hates to be in charge of the group.

*Loves to stay up late at night and then she looks like death during her study.

*Her relation with her younger sister is rather rough and these two just can’t understand each other.

*Hates most types of sports, but there are few exceptions. When she wanted to have good grades for P.E. at her old schools, Zoe tried some sports and found them very fun. For quite a time, the bat did gymnastics, dancing and ice skating. However, it was never professional and she did it just for building confidence just like when she was taking lessons at the music school. From time to time, Zoe likes to do little parkour around town. She also dances quite often, usually when she sings.

*Her favourite kind of games are platform games and J-RPGs.

*When she takes part in RPG-sessions, she usually is a Dungeon Master. When she isn’t, she plays as a Rogue, Ranger or Bard.

Ginger Lizards - Reptiles Shop

Zoe runs her own little business: A reptile shop named “Ginger Lizards”. It is located not so far from the middle of Savannah Central. Zoe found a very good place for a decent price, even if she had been waiting for a great location for a long time. Only two mammals work at the shop - Zoe herself and one of her best friends: A jaguar named Altair. He is huge help, especially when it comes to bigger snakes. When you enter the shop, it is your typical reptile shop: some shelves with food, terrariums and other things for reptile keepers. Some terrariums are put in the holes in the walls. In them, you can watch different kinds of snakes, geckos and other lizards. The whole room is set up as a rainforest and monsoon forest biome. In the back of the store are two counters, one for small and medium sized mammals and one for big ones. Both sellers help all kinds of customers, but they feel more comfortable with their own counter. Behind the counters, there is a door that leads to a back room, where all bred reptiles are kept. When customers have decided to buy a pet (after a lot of questions from Zoe, like if they are aware what responsibility it demands and if they have a good living space for keeping such a pet), they could walk along and see all scaly creatures. With help of the two reptile breeders, customers choose a pet and get all additional info that is needed to take care of it. The shop doesn’t have many different species yet, but it is still expanding. For now, you could buy the following species:

Red bamboo rat snake

Diamond Python

Boa constrictor constrictor/Boa constrictor imperator

Corn Snake

Ball Python

Leopard gecko

Crested gecko

Glad we met (Dan Howell imagine) Part 1

Here is the new series of writing on this blog! So just like Psycho Dan, there will be more parts for this, so if this ends on a cliffhanger don’t worry!

Y/l/n= Your last name      



“Aren’t you excited?” Louise squealed, as me, Zoe and Carrie bundled into the lift. Today was Vidcon 2017 and to answer Louise’s question, I was so excited, I generally felt like the excitement was going to ooze out of me like syrup on a pancake. This was my second Vidcon so I knew how things worked and what was happening throughout the day. 

Zoe laughed “Quiet chummy, there’s other people in this hotel you know!” we all burst out laughing while Louise went red. “Sorry, I’m just so excited!” 

“Don’t worry, we all are!” Carrie joined in. “I mean imagine how I feel, it’s only my first!” I put my hand on her shoulder. “You have nothing to worry about, I remember my first and it turned out to be the best experience of my life!”

Before Carrie could respond, the ding of the lift interrupted us, sliding the doors open at the same time. We all rushed out into the lobby where Alfie, Caspar, Jack, Dean, Jim, Marcus, Tanya, Naomi and Joe were waiting for us. 

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The Devil You Know Part 22

The Devil You Know Part 22

Warning: Cussing. Violence. 

Chapter 37

It’s too bright. Melinda said, covering her eyes. “Baby, close the blinds for mommy please.” The light kept on shinning throw. “Zoe, please close the blinds baby.” The light got brighter and brighter. “Zoe-Jane Kari Northman.”

A loud banging noise was heard, making Melinda jumped up in her bed.

“Good morning my love.” Melinda looked over to see her husband, working on something on near by table. “Did you sleep well?”

“This is a dream.” Melinda said, closing her eyes and shaking her head. “It’s just a dream.

“I sure you it’s not Melinda.” He said, as he kept working. “If your still tired go back to sleep my love. It will be awhile before I’m done with plans for your next lesson”

“What?” Melinda said opening her eyes and looking around the room. “Where’s Zoe?” She looked over at him. “What have you done with her?”

“Zoe?” He said, looking up at her. “Who are you talking about my love?

“What do you mean, who I’m talking about?” Melinda said, looking at him with a confuse look. “I’m talking about our daughter. Where is she?”

“Our daughter?” He said, rising an eyebrow. “We don’t have a daughter my love.” He started to smile at her. “If your dreaming about having kids, it’s your body telling you it’s time to start having them. We can start tonight if you want.” He started going back to his work. “I wouldn’t mind having a little you and me running around here.”

“We..don’t have a daughter?” Melinda said as her heart just drop. “No, it’s not true. We have a little girl. She looks just like me. She’s real. Zoe is real.”

“I think those electric shock treatments are getting to you my love.” He said, looking up at her. “Maybe we should lower the voltage next time.” He looked back at his work. “Go back to sleep my love. You obviously need the rest.”

“No.” Melinda said, in a harsh tone. “This is just a dream. It’s just a dream. I’m not really here. I”m at the Sanctuary with Zoe, with Negan.”

“Negan?” He said, as he kept doing his work. “Is he your knight and shinning armor? Are you hoping he’ll come and rescue you from me my love?

“He’s going to kill you.” Melinda said and he stop what he was doing.

“What was that my love?” He said, walking over to her. “I didn’t quite hear you.”

“He’s going to kill you.” Melinda said, standing up and getting in his face. “He’s going to..”

He slapped across her face, knocking her down onto the bed. 

“Does that hurt my love?” He said as Melinda grabbed a hold of her face. “Told you, this wasn’t a dream.” He smiled down at her. “The mind is a dangerous place my love. You must have made up a dream world that you escape from me. But you forget.” He climbed onto of her and pinned her arms above her head with one hand. “I”m deep inside of you here.” He use his other hand to touch her stomach, where the tracker was at. “And here.” He grind up against her. “There is no getting rid of me my love. No matter how hard you try. I’ll always be inside of you, inside your head.”

He grabbed her face as he kiss her roughly. Melinda kept struggle to break free of him, but his grip only tighten on her. Then he moved his hand to her throat, gripping it tight.

Negan…”Melinda said, in a small voice.

“Call for him all you want.” He said pressing his forehead against hers. “He won’t come, because he isn’t real my love. He isn’t real.”

“No…no.” Melinda said, still struggling to break free. “He’s real… Zoe is…real. This..this is..a dream.”

“If it is love, then stop me.” He said, smiling at her as he tighten his grip more on her neck. She started to see spots. “Told you, this isn’t a dream my love.”

He let go over her throat and she gasp for air. He started walking over to the door as she sat up. She tried to run for the door, but he slammed it in her face. 

Melinda fell onto the floor as tears begin to form in her eyes. She sat up and watch him through the glass wall he place to keep an eye on her. She watch him walk over to a chair and sat down, watching her.

“Your so beautiful my love.” He said, smiling. “Your like an art piece on display in my own private gallery.” Melinda got up and went over to the glass as he stood up and looked down at her. “Pray to your Gods all you want my love, but no one is going to come and save you.”

“Your not real.” Melinda said, shaking her head. “Your not real. Your not real.”

“O my love, but I am.” He said, giving her that smile that she always hated. “I am real and this, all this is real.” Melinda started backing away as she grabbed at her hair. “This is real Melinda! Accept it! You’ll never be able to get rid of me! I’m deep inside of you!”

“Wake up!” Melinda yelled a she started pulling her hair. “Wake up! Wake up!”

“You’ll never wake up because there is nothing to wake up from!” He yelled as he slam his hand on the glass. “Your knight in shinning armor isn’t coming for you my love! Because he isn’t real!”

“Negan!” Melinda yelled as she pounding on the glass. “Negan help me!”

…”Doll….Can you hear me?”

“Negan?” Melinda said looking around. “Negan I’m here. Please help me.

He just laugh at her as he shook his head. “O Dear me,.” He said, smiling at her. “I think you’ve gone mad my love.”

...”Doll…Just listen to fucken my voice… Just listen to my voice.”..

“He’s real” Melinda said, in a harsh tone. “And he will kill you.”

…”Listen to my voice doll. I’m right here. I’m right fucken here Melinda.”…

“I like to see him try.” He said, falling back done in his seat. 

“Negan?” Melinda said, as a dark figure formed down the hallway that was behind her husband “Is that you?”

…”I’m right here doll. I’m right here”…

She kept hearing her husband laugh as she kept looking at the figure. The figure behind her husband started walking towards them. She could hear footsteps, echoing down the hallway. Melinda took a deep breath, smell of leather and wood filled her nose.

“Negan. You are here.” Melinda said, smiling. “You are real.”

“That’s right doll… I’m here…. I’m here.”… 

Negan slowing stepped out of the shadows. Melinda could see the lights shinning off of something that he was holding. She narrow her eyes and she saw it, Lucille. He tighten his grip on her as he walked up behind her husband.

Her husband turned around as Negan pulled Lucille back. Soon as her husband stood up, Negan swung at him, connecting with his jaw. He sent him falling back against the glass wall. He slide down the glass, leaving a blood trail. Soon as he fell to the floor, he faded away.

…”Don’t fucken worry doll….I got you..I got you”….

Melinda back away from the glass as Negan took his stance. With all his might, Negan swung at the glass, shattering it. Melinda cover her eyes as she fell back onto the floor.

Melinda uncover her eyes and she was blinded for a moment by the sunlight. Once her eyes adjusted, she saw she was back at the Sanctuary. Negan was standing above her, smiling down at her.

 “Come on doll.” Negan said, offering his hand to her. “Let’s go.”

Soon as she reach out and took his hand, another light blinded her. She close her eyes tight and when she opened them, she saw him standing there, still holding her hand. 

“Morning asshole.” Negan said, smiling. “Want to get some fucken breakfast?”

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“Yeah, I do jerk off.” Melinda said getting out of bed. Melinda and Zoe got dress real quick. Zoe grabbed her scooter and started heading towards the mess hall. Melinda looked over at Negan, smiling. “Ready?”

“Just one fucken thing” Negan said taking her hand in his. “Now I’m ready.”

“God, I hope you wash your hands.” Melinda said, looking up at him.

“Asshole.” Negan said, smiling as he looked away from her.“Come on, let’s go.”

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All that was heard was their laughter and perverted jokes as they walked down the hallway, hand in hand.

“But seriously, did you wash your hands?”…

The Devil You Know Part 23 

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Do you Harvey Specter...


Do you Harvey Specter…

Mike stood watching the man he loves-has loved since the first time he met him, looking over swatches and patterns. He recalls how he was instantly charmed by the man with the gorgeous brown eyes and devils’ smile. Soon Mike discovered that Harvey was more than just a pretty face. With a quick wit and the ability to jump from lighthearted banter to dominating power house in record speeds, Mike found himself dizzy trying to keep up. At least that is what he told himself. The truth was more like, being in the presence of one Harvey Specter made Mike feel dizzy and out of time, like either he moving too fast or too slow while his vision was clouded by words like need, and want.

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Hot Tourguide (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello lolve, I love your imagines!! Can you please make one where y/n is daily vlogger (like fun for louis or Ben Brown) and she’s on a trip without joe and he gets jealous because the tour guide is really hot?


It was the second day of your trip to Spain with some of your other youtube friends. A few of you had been invited to Spain to work for a bit and basically just hang out. Zoe, Niomi and Tanya were the only one you knew, so you four girls just hung out. Today a tourguide was gonna pick you up at your hotel and give you a guided tour around the city, which you were all very excited about. It was very hot outside and you were all sat in the shadow by the hotel, waiting for your tourguide to come. A tall guy with tanned skin, brown eyes and dark hair appeared in front of you with a huge smile which showed off a perfect set of white teeth. He looked very handsome and even though you were all in a relationship, you looked at each other with a cheeky grin across your faces.  

“Hello ladies, my name is Sanchez and I am going to be your guide for this tour,” the handsome tourguide said in a Spanish accent, and you all smiled at him before you introduced yourselves.

The tour was going perfect and Sanchez was a very polite (and handsome) guy.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a handsome guide,” Zoe suddenly whispered to me as we were walking along the sidewalk, all following Sanchez footsteps.

“I know right!” you said before you took out your vlogging camera. You were vlogging the whole trip and posting it on your youtube channel every day for your viewers to watch, and also for your boyfriend Joe to watch, so he could see what you were up to whilst you were away.  

“Hey guys. Right now we are on a very long trip to…” you said to your camera before looking over on Zoe for answers.

“I have no idea,” Zoe said which made both of you laugh.

“Well, anyways… We have a very sweet tourguide. Say hello Sanchez,” you said before turning the camera on Sanchez who laughed and waved at your camera.

“If you’re ever in Spain, Sanchez is the guy to show you around,” you said with a smile which made Sanchez smile even bigger.

“And if you’re a tourguide these ladies are the perfect group to show around,” he then said into your camera in a flirty tone, which made all of you laugh before you continued your walk in the hot Spanish weather.

When you all finally arrived back at the hotel after a long day, you all just chilled in yours and Zoe’s room. Your daily vlog was uploaded and you and the girls were chatting about how good looking Sanchez was.

“It’s sad we’re all taken, huh?” Niomi joked which made all of you laugh. Zoe’s phone buzzed and you all looked at her. She suddenly bursted into laughter which made all of you look very confused at her.

“This is too funny… Joe just texted me,” Zoe said before looking over at you.

“Let me read it: Hey sis, I just watched Y/N’s vlog and not to sound like the jealous boyfriend but would you mind keeping an eye on your tourguide. He doesn’t look like someone you can trust. Especially not around such a beautiful girl as Y/N,” Zoe read out loud and you couldn’t help but smile.

“Awww, that’s so cute. Joe is overprotective,” Tanya exclaimed and all the girls looked at you which made you blush.

“He’s such a dork,” you laughed as your belly tickled. It felt kinda nice to know Joe was jealous, but he had nothing to worry about.

“Don’t worry. He has nothing to worry about. He can’t get rid of me anytime soon,” you said with a laugh which made the other girls laugh as well. Hearing that Joe was jealous from Zoe made you miss Joe even more and you couldn’t wait to come home and be in his arms again.


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* 2211 words

Caspar and I had just finished our pizzas and decided to go for a walk to get rid of the greasy fat which we had just consumed. 

“Thank you so much Floppy” Caspar announced while we were walking through the park that was across the road from the Jaspar flat.

“You’re extremely welcome Casp, I’ve missed spending time with you.” I looked over to him seeing that he was looking at me with a small smile on his face.

“Well it is pretty difficult for us to spend time with each other when we live on opposite sides of the world” Caspar laughed out from beside me while he weaved his arm around my waist pulling me into his side. I laughed with him as we continued our walk through the park, we spent the time catching up on what has been going on in our lives and how YouTube was going for Caspar. His face lit up like a Christmas tree as he spoke about everything that YouTube has led him to achieve.

After about an hour at the park we then decided to make our way back to the flat so that I was able to start unpacking and set everything up for me to be able to have a place to sleep for the night.

We walked up to the white door that led into the Jaspar flat and heard quiet mumbles from the other side, I wonder what Joe and Zoe are talking about? Caspar opens the door and lets me walking in first, I spotted Joe and Zoe on the couch in the living area. Joe sees me and hits Zoe slightly to get her attention because she is still mumbling unheard words to Joe, she looks behind her and spots me looking in her direction and smiles sweetly at me. Were they talking about me? I let my question go as both Joe and Zoe stand up and walked towards Caspar and myself. 

“How was your pizza?” Zoe questions.

“It was absolutely wonderful Zoe!” Caspar shouts out loud as we all laugh at his childish ways. I look at Joe and still see that his eyes are still slightly red and puffy, poor Joe I hope he’s OK.

“Oh crap is that the time?” Zoe exclaims with panic. “I need to get back home now, otherwise Alfie won’t be very happy with me” Zoe says rolling her eyes as she walks to her bag on the kitchen counter and pulls her phone out. "Look he’s already texted me asking where I am” she states shaking her head slightly and begging to tap away at her phone.

“Zoe? Can I have your car keys so I can grab my luggage from the back of your car? Casp and I will meet you at your car once you’ve had the chance to text Alfie back and do whatever else you need to do.“ I say looking at Zoe the whole time. She looks up at me and nods while digging through her bag and grabbing her keys then tossing them to me. I lean in to catch them and end up face planting the ground. 

Laughter strikes up in everyone including myself as I roll over into my back, I look up and see Joe with a grin on his face and his hand held out for me to hold. I reach out with a grin on my own face and take a hold on his hand, he pulls me up with a bit too much force and I end up flying into his body almost knocking us both down but he wraps his arms around my waist and makes sure that we both have a steady balance so that we don’t end up falling on the floor together. I pull back from him slightly looking up at him, I find that he is looking down at me and has a massive grin on his face and I can feel the sides of my mouth pull up into a grin that replicates his own.

I pull back completely and turn around to find Zoe and Caspar still laughing at me, I look around to see if I can find out where the keys have gone but I can’t see them anywhere.

"That is why I call you Floppy” Caspar says while trying to catch his breath, once he has found his breath again and has settled down he holds the keys up in his hand “I caught them for you, come on let’s go grab your stuff” I smile and make my way to the door with a glance behind me a see Joe staring at me, and I turn back around with another big grin on my face.

20 minutes later

Caspar and I have got the last of my luggage from Zoe’s car and are now waiting for Zoe and Joe to walk out of the apartment complex.

They finally emerge and Zoe runs over to me wrapping her arms around me in a big hug as I do the same to her, we squeeze each other until we can’t breathe anymore. After a while we then release each other as Zoe says “You need to come see us again so we can all hang out for a day while you are still here and so is Tyler, I miss you both so much.”

“I know Zoe I miss you all as well, text me a day that you’re free and I will make sure I can make it” I answered with a smile. Zoe then turns to Caspar and tells him that he needs to make sure we will go to Brighton together, Caspar responds with a nod and a hug goodbye. Zoe then walks over to Joe and give him a big hug and a kiss to his cheek, she then whispers something in his ear to which he just smiles and nods and then giving her a kiss to her cheek and opening the car door for her to get in. Joe tells his sister to be safe and gives her another goodbye while closing the door. We all stand back and wave goodbye to Zoe as she drives off.

Caspar, Joe and I all grab some of my luggage and cart it up to the Jaspar flat, once we get inside we all drop it in the floor and try to catch our breath. Caspar then says that I can put all my luggage in his room and that I can use his bathroom to ‘freshen up’ while he and Joe set up the blow-up mattress upstairs for me to sleep on.

Half an hour later

I make my way up the stairs in my pj’s and feeling clean after my relaxing bath, I find my nose to be greeted by the delicious smell of spaghetti. I get to the top of the stairs and look around to find a blow up mattress were the coffee table usually is and Caspar laying down on the mattress with his phone in his hands. I giggle at him and he turns his head towards me, because of my giggle I grab the attention of Joe who is in the kitchen standing at the stove obviously making the spaghetti that I can smell.

“Caspar you do realize there is a couch and that blow up mattress is for me right?” I question. Caspar frowns at me and flips me the finger as Joe just stands there and laughs.

I walk to Joe and lean over to see what he was up to, I found that he had drained out the pasta and was about to pour it in with the sauce he had made. I quickly grabbed a piece of spaghetti and put it in my mouth to eat, but just as I was about to put it it in my mouth Joe finds out what I have done and hits the hand that has the pasta in it making the pasta fall to the ground and myself to give Joe the most annoyed look I have ever given anybody.

Joe tries to hide a grin and so do I as we stare at each other. Finally I break and burst out laughing and Joe does the same.

“What are you two doing?” Caspar asks in a curious tone. We both stop laughing and turn to look at Caspar, he’s sitting up on the blow up mattress and is looking at the both of us with his phone on his lap. I bend down and picked up the piece of spaghetti that Joe made me drop, I then put it in the bin and look up to find Joe and Caspar talking about why Joe and I had started laughing.

Caspar and I decided to play with the filters on snapchat while Joe finished making spaghetti for all three of us, Caspar and I were in fits of laughter while playing around with the face swap filter and I swear I almost peed my pants.

“Dinners ready you two” Joe called out. Both Caspar and I jumped up and grabbed a plate each.

After we had dinner we decided to watch a movie on Netflix and since I was the guest, I was allowed to pick what we got to watch.

We ended up watching 3 movies and then decided to call it a night, since I was extremely jet lagged I wasn’t all that tired but Caspar looked as if he would pass out any second. I got up off the couch and gave Caspar a big hug and a kiss on his cheek bidding him a goodnight, I then turned to Joe and did the same. Joe and Caspar made their way downstairs to their rooms while I laid down on the blow up mattress.

For about an hour and a half I was tossing and turning trying to force myself to sleep, I grabbed my phone and started to scroll through my social media. About half an hour later I heard footsteps coming from downstairs and they were making their way upstairs, I sat up slightly and found Joe walking over to the kitchen.

“What are you still doing up?” He questioned with a raspy voice.

“I could ask you the same question” I answered back. He just chuckled slightly and shook his head as he grabbed a glass from a cabinet and proceeded to fill it up with water.

“I couldn’t sleep so decided to wander and grab a drink”

“Same but without the need to wander and grab a drink” I replied, to which I then received another chuckle.  

“Would you mind if I sat with you for a bit?” Joe asked shyly.

“No of course not join me.” I answered with a bit more enthusiasm than I expected. Joe walked towards the blow up mattress and sat down on it next to me.

“Y/N? How would you feel if an ex that cheated on you and was a complete bitch found you after almost 2 years and wanted to get back together with you again?” Joe asked out of nowhere.

“Umm, I wouldn’t know but I would make sure they would leave me alone and never see me again.” I answered unsure.

“That’s what I did, but she somehow she found me and won’t take no for an answer. I’m seriously thinking of getting back together with her just so she will stop.” Joe stated with a sad tone. I pulled him closer to me in a hug and let him cry on my shoulder, I decided not to say anything thinking that he needed time to let it all out with the comfort of a friend holding him. After about 10 minutes he pulled back and stared at me with sad eyes. 

“Joe I think what you need to do at the moment is just let her go and wait until she stops, all girls fight for attention until they no longer have it and find some other way of getting it. You need to stop giving her attention and wait for her to stop.” I answered truthfully. Joe nodded sadly and laid down on the mattress pulling the blanket over his body.

“Y/N? Can I lay here with you for a bit?” Joe asked softly. “I need the company”

“Of course Joe.” I answered and laid down next to him with my back facing him. I found a comfy spot and then felt an arm wrap around my waist and pull me towards a muscular body.

“Can I cuddle you? Or is that not ok?” Joe asked softly in my ear, I felt a shiver run down my spine and I nodded my head saying that yes I was fine with a cuddle. Joe pulled me as close as I could get to his body.

Suddenly I felt a wave of exhaustion fill me and I felt Joe whisper “thank you Y/N”.

"You’re welcome Joe”. I felt him breathe a heavy breath and then settle behind me with his head tucked into the crook of my neck. Butterflies were going crazy in my stomach and I found myself closing my eyes while sleep took over me.