zoe i know you are reading this


hanji is smart but now they gotta run…very fast
please forgive me for this thing fff.
also you can read the book’s horny text 👀

based on this and that japanese gifset I don’t have rn skdjkf you know the one lol

snk comics o vo

Some things I need to talk about @ the first three chapters of The Ship of the Dead

 First of all can I say iT’S ALL SO PERFECT??? OMG??? LIKE

- Percy and Magnus’s lowkey like rivalry (kind of)??? Their interactions are just so G O L D E N you know?? Like Percy getting annoyed w/ Magnus and vice versa ahh I love it already <3 aLSO CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT PERCY IN GENERAL


- Percy trying to be serious when teaching Magnus how to like dive

- wait magnus got chomped by a shark

- ….poor mango baby already needs a break smh

- aLEX FREAKING FIERRO THO. SUPPORTING MAGNUS. AND THEY’RE TOTALLY BROS LIKE?? Omg I’m going to be honest,, even though I shipped fierrochase I wasn’t like freaking out about it becoming canon (even though I knew that would be super cute) bUT NOW GUYS,, OMGGG THEY NEED TO HAVE MORE MOMENTS KJDFNDJSKFBSDJFBSDFKLJSIL also Alex’s Latino //sobs// #LatinoPride yES BUT WHY ARE WE JUST NOW FIGURING THIS OUT RICK LIKE ALEX CAN SPEAK SPANISH jhsdbjhsdbfjsdbhjVHGJ THANK YOU JESUS


- also I was SHOOKETH SM WHENEVER THEY BROUGHT UP PERCY’S SISTER I WAS LIKE JKBDJHBSDJFS OMG REALLY???? AHHHH (idk if it was mentioned in toa,, if so,, i wouldnt have know because i haven’t read it ;-;)

- I still believe in the Bianca-got-reincarnated-as-Percy’s-sister headcanon wholeheartedly like i need more Estelle ish in future Riordan books (but pls Rick don’t frick up her life too)

- Annabeth calling Magnus “cuz” saved my life tbh



- guess jacktide is canon now lmao gods why this became kind of canon but not blitzstone yet,, smh you’re letting me down ricky boi no blitzstone is basically cnaon fight me

- Alex called Percy Seaweed Brain. Hell yes, I need more

- Magnus freaking thinking about Annabeth’s future with Percy and knowing he’d be guilty for it ending due to Ragnarok is FREAKING BEAUTIFUL AND SAD OMG??

- so many unexpected feels from these small chapters, my gods


- jack you can’t flirt just stop


- Alex is happy,, repeat, , Alex seems so happy and chill <3 we are blessed

- speaking of which my poor sunshine child mango is like angsty af

- Percy mentioned Magnus should train w/ his team in order to prepare for all the hell they’re about to go to and we see no team bonding exercises like,, how much does a girl have to pay to see the Empty Cup Fam together learning about fighting/teamwork ish with Percy our lord and savior??? i just want to see Voltron level team bonding ok

- “want to come with me to a creepy mansion and look through a dead guy’s stuff?”

“i thought you’d never ask”

guys fierrochase is canon and you can fight me,, also nice pickup line mango you’re worse than Jack

- “fabulously unique” yOU SLAY ALEX!!!! (also Alex’s outfit in this was just yEAS)

- I’m scared to se Randolph tbh,, if he even shows up (which ik he will screw Helheim)

- aw alex and magnus being such adorable book nerds i CANT

- dsjhdfshsdhsdfbuhsdfuhsdhsdhuBHJSDFBJHSDFBJHSDFBHSDFFDF WHY WOLVES????????? smfh brUHH

- also what WAS with that rune/dead wolf in the beginning?? im shook,, hearth save ur son get your rune magic ish in this 

- where the hell are blitz and hearth because they weren’t even in the preview tf rick they better be somewhere peaceful away from all this shit

If I Could Tell Him (lyrics)

I think

There’s nothing like his smile

Sort of subtle and perfect and real

And I think

I never know how wonderful

That smile could make someone feel

I know

Whenever he gets bored

He scribbles trees on his Spanish worksheets

And I noticed

That he sends advice to columns

That they put in those teen magazines

But i keep it all inside my head

What I see I leave unsaid

And though i want to

I couldn’t talk to him

I couldn’t find the way


But you would always say


If I could tell him

Tell him everything I see

If I could tell him

How he’s everything to me

But we’re a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start

If I could tell him

If I could tell him

Zoe: (spoken)

What else do you think about?

Connor: (spoken)

What else do you wanna know?

(Waits a beat)

Never mind, I don’t really need to talk

Zoe: (spoken)

No, no, no, come talk to me, please?

Connor: (spoken)

I thought

He looked really pretty, er-

It looked pretty cool when he drew indigo streaks on his cast

Zoe: (spoken)

You did?!


And I wonder how he learned to read

Like all the rest of the world isn’t there

But I keep it all inside my head

What I see, I leave unsaid
If I could tell him

Tell him everything I see

If I could tell him

How he’s everything to me


But we’re a million worlds apart


You’re not a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start if I could tell him
If I could tell him

But what do you do

When there’s this great divide


He just seems so far away


And what do you do

When the distance is too wide


Just speak from your heart, Connor


And how do you say I love you,

I love you,
I love you,
I love you

But we’re a million worlds apart

And I don’t know how I would even start

If I could tell him

If I could

Raise your hand if you have read the manga, but are still crying your eyes out when a character has an emotional moment.

🙌 I know its coming… But I can’t help but sob ;-;

anonymous asked:

Tony will never admit it, but Peter helps when he has panic attacks by distracting him and giving him something else to focus on. Unbeknownst to Tony, Peter knows this, and tries to do everything he can to help Tony through them without tipping him off that he's doing it intentionally.

one day tony comes over to peter and may’s apartment, to drop of the spider suit after he made repairs to it. peter knows that something is off, because as fond as tony is of peter he would have just sent happy to deliver the suit if something wasn’t wrong.

may had just settled into the couch with her plate of takeaway thai when tony knocked on the door, peter answered it with a mouth full of rice and meat.

“hey, man, wassup!” peter says, nearly spitting some half chewed food onto tony who would wrinkle his nose.

“may, can’t you teach your kid how to chew?”

“you telling me how to raise my kid?” may asks coldly, raising an eyebrow.

tony coughs. “no, not at – anyway, i came to drop this off,” he clears his throat before shoving the packaged suit into peters arms. that’s the second sign that something is off – tony almost never gives up an opportunity to sass aunt may.

peter looks at tony more carefully, really looks, and he sees how stiff he’s standing. his eyes look heavier than usual, his skin is pale and grey, and his fingertips look like they’re buzzing from how much they seem to be shaking. he’s on the verge of an anxiety attack.

“hey…” peter says softly and carefully, walking away from tony to set the suit next to aunt may. he knows that trailing off and walking away from the door will indicate that tony should come inside, but just incase. “you hungry? want some thai? we over ordered, because Somebody always buys thai with their stomach instead of their head.”

may snorts. “oh please, like you don’t love eating the leftovers when you get home from patrol. i see the empty thai boxes peter, i know the truth – ”

peter plops down next to may on the couch and nudges her with his elbow. she looks confused for a moment before looking to tony, still standing like a statue at the door, and then realization dawns on her.

“tony?” may calls over her shoulder. “can you make me a plate of papaya salad? it’s in the kitchen, on the counter?”

tony nods jerkily and walks to the kitchen, quietly spooning a hearty amount of salad onto the plate. while he does so, peter puts on a movie and makes sure that the seat next to him is empty. when tony walks into the room, he gently sets the plate down next to may.

tony sighs shakily. “well, i should really be – ”

“oh man,” may sighs. “they put shrimp in this salad, you know i’m allergic to shrimp, peter”

“darn,” peter says, rolling his eyes because may loves shrimp. “hey, mr. stark? you like shrimp, right?”

tony shuffles nervously, then rolls his eyes at himself. he’s embarrassed with how much his anxiety is impacting him, and peter can tell. so he pats the seat next to him. “c'mon mr. stark, i know pepper is out on business this week so you got no place to be but here!! help us eat all this food. we just put star trek on, i know you love chris pine.”

tony glares at peter, but quietly goes to sit next to him. may passes the plate of salad to peter, who in turn passes it to tony. tony takes a big bite before asking, “how did you know i like chris pine?”

“everybody likes chris pine, he’s hot as fuck,” peter says, kicking his feet up on the coffee table in front of them. he has a hole in one of his socks and his big toe is out.

“zoe saldana is hotter,” may says, and tony and peter nod enthusiastically

they all settle into a comfortable silence as they immerse themselves in the film, they pig out on thai food and guzzle down soda, and tony stops shaking

Dear Evan Hansen Characters as Teachers

Evan would teach Biology.

Connor would teach Art.

Jared would teach Language Arts.

Zoe would teach Music or How To Not Be An Idiot (Common Sense).

Alana would teach math.

Heidi would teach Law or Health.

Larry would be the gym teacher, and baseball coach.

Cynthia would teach Home Economics(aka how to actually survive in this world)

Connor Murphy x Reader: Boy next door

{Very basic but hey. Connor’s phone number is supposedly the Easter bunny’s number. Anybody wanna call & see if that’s true? Feel free to request one shots or headcanons! That would be awesome.

This was it. You were finally finished moving into your new house in a new city with new everythings. Nothing was familiar. Your dad had gotten a major promotion in his job, which would require a move. A move specifically 3 states away from home.

You were happy for your dad, really. You were just a little less happy for you. Being a teenage girl, starting over completely at a brand new highschool in a new city with no friends was going to be a challenge. You weren’t going to lie; you were terrified. Tomorrow marked the beginning of the new school year.

In the meantime, however, you found yourself getting ready for a dinner with your neighbors; the Murphy family. Your parents were thrilled when they received the invitation, and despite all your desperate protests you were being forced into going. You were less than thrilled, to say at the least.

“(Y/N), are you ready?” Your mom called from outside your room. You finished brushing your hair, took one more look to observe your finished look for the night, and yelled back.

“Yeah, I’m coming!”

You muttered to yourself. “Let’s get this over with.”

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The Secret (5)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part sevenpart eight; part nine; part ten; part eleven; part twelve; part thirteen; epilogue.

The stage lights dimmed into darkness and the concert was done.

“THAT WAS THE BEST!” Zoe screamed, flopping back into her seat with her legs still swinging excitedly off the edge. She had been dancing and jumping around for three hours. It was only thanks to sugar that she was still awake. “Did you see Kai, Mummy? He looked right at my face!” she exclaimed loudly, slapping her hands against her rosy cheeks.

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Dad! Connor Murphy x Mom! Reader Headcanon

Hi! So in this the baby is a newborn, but I think I’m going to start a headcanon series like this with different ages. Also thank you so much to @mars-gold for requesting this! Enjoy!

·         When you bring the baby home he yells at all the other cars in the road

·         “My fucking baby is the car! Be more careful!”

·         Connor carries the baby all over the house like a football

·         He helps you shower after you give birth

·         He is just so worried about the fact that you are in some pain

·         “I pushed a human out of my vagina Connor! It’s normal to have pain”

·         “Yeah but you pushed OUR human out of your vagina so I get to be worried”

·         You all lay in bed together and sing lullabies to your baby

·         When people hold the baby he glares at them and makes sure they are holding him/her correctly

·         He is so protective over both of you

·         Like you are the love of his life and mother of his child so he will protect you with his life

·         He reads parenting books before he goes to sleep

·         You scrapbook pictures of the baby and he wants to help

·         But he is horrible at it so he just watches

·         He is so excited when Zoe buys the baby a shirt that says “I have the best Dad ever!”

·         Like he loves it so much that he runs out of space on his phone because he took so many photos

·         You know he just takes so many photos in general

·         “Should we start his/her retirement fund yet? I read somewhere that we should make them do that by the time they turn 20”

·         “Connor our baby isn’t even a month old yet”

·         This baby is already his world along with you

Another random theory about Hanji Zoe because I can

GO AWAY IF YOU DIDN’T READ THE SHIGANSHINA ARC OR WHATEVER unless you wanna get some tragic and colorful spoilers of course in which case i totally feel ya.

Let’s go back to 2013, to the 1st season. More specifically, I want to focus on the 2nd opening. I guess we all remember this: 

This scene is a reference, as we all know, to the loss of an eye that Hanji suffered in the battle of Shiganshina. However, when it’s first mentioned that Hanji might have been within the range of the explosion (the one causing the injury), it’s in chapter 79: 

The levihan tho

And guess what.

Chapter 79 was released in march. March 2016. And Attack on Titan’s first season ended in 2013.

Let’s take another example: Armin. As we all know, after being transformed into a mindless titan and eating Bertholdt, he becomes the Colossal Titan. However, before that transition he was about to die. And this reminds me of this other opening’s scene:

I think anime creators like to put one spoiler and then another and another. I could make a whole post about opening’s spoilers. But just to reaffirm this, watch second season’s ending and tell me if it isn’t full of spoilers for anime watchers. 

Now we’re getting closer to the point of this shitty post.

If we consider the fact that perhaps each scene of each opening and ending is a spoiler itself (and we don’t understand them because the manga is still in process), then I would like to focus on a couple of scenes in particular.

First, this one:

Her mouth is covered with blood  —but whose? I really doubt that Hanji could hurt one of her comrades, but at the same time, mindless titans’ blood evaporates after a few seconds. It leaves steam when it disappears. And there’s steam, but I can say that it goes from somewhere in front of Hanji and lower than her. 

If we can rule out that the blood is of a human or a mindless titan, then whose?

A shifter, maybe? There’s always steam when someone transforms into a titan.

Look closer. She had his hand close to her mouth before pulling it away. She doesn’t move it around like she wants to clean herself. It would be weird to say she’s eating something or someone, but yeah, I’m going in that direction.

I mean

Isn’t it similar? The fist? No? I wasn’t close to end this anyway.

The scene that follows is basically Levi coming down from the sky and brandishing his swords the way he does when he’s going to kill a titan or cut off the nape of a shifter to get to whoever owns the titan. But even before that you can see a black horse and an empty horse saddle. Since Levi’s horse is black and he’s using the 3dmg, it’s fair to assume that it is, in fact, his horse. 

And yet, there is another detail. Since this scene doesn’t make much sense, we could assume that it is about something that has not happened yet, not even in the manga. If this were true, then in that scenario Hanji would be the commander of the Survey Corps, right? That means Levi, who would be second in command, would go to her right. 

This whole scene is seen from the same point of view: from somewhere to the left of Levi’s horse.

I couldn’t find specific images, but I’m leaving the 2nd opening’s link below. 

So yeah, I think it’s quite possible that Hanji will inherit any of the nine original powers. Not only for all this, but I will leave the rest for another occasion especially since it is not a possibility that excites me too much.

Do me a favor: watch the opening again, and tell me what do you think.

Also, you can read another theory about this same thing here.

Thanks for reading :)

TITLE: I Think I Loaf You 
PAIRING: Connor Murphy/Evan Hansen (with some side Alana Beck/Zoe Murphy)
SUMMARY: Connor tags along to his sister’s wedding cake tasting and happens upon the most awkward, adorable baker in existence.
NOTES: I just really love The Great British Baking Show, and this is what happened. Also, a pretty soft Connor/a little ooc, but he’s also gone through some positive change, so yay? Sorry about the title. You can also read this on Ao3 here.

Connor wasn’t at all sure how he got roped into this shit, but there he was, being dragged along by his sister for a wedding cake tasting. He knew that if this was six years ago she could have held a gun to his head and he still wouldn’t have agreed to come along, but, well, they’d come a long way. Such a long way that he was apparently willing to suffer through all this pre-wedding decision making, and that she actually asked him to in the first place.

Whatever. At least he’d get to eat.

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Silent Treatment // Joe Sugg

Word Count- 723


Hiii. I wanted to request an imagine about you giving Joe the silent treatment? Like, he forgets something important to me and I give him the silentbl treatment? Can you do it? Please? Thank you ❤❤❤


Joe knew he had messed up, but he also thought you were overreacting. He had forgotten your mother’s birthday dinner. But what really iced the cake was that he had yet to meet your parents. He was supposed to meet them that night yet when you called him asking where he was, all you got was his voicemail.

So when you were stood in the middle of the living room waiting for him to come home, Joe wasn’t surprised.

“Where were you?” you had asked, hands on hips.

“Babe, I’m so-” he had begun saying.

“Where the hell were you?” you interrupted.

“I went out with the boys,” he sighed, plopping onto the couch.

You chuckled, “Nice. You stood me up and went out with the boys. How lovely.”

“I said I was sorry!” he stood up.

“And???” you shouted. “That doesn’t change anything Joe! My parents waited all night to meet the man I speak so highly of. An apology doesn’t mean shit right now.”

“Stop overreacting” he said as he walked past you to your shared bedroom.

“Where are you going?” you asked.

“To bed! Its half past two in the morning,” he replied, not turning around.

“Whose fault is that?” you mumble under your breath as you sat on the couch.

“Excuse me?” he questioned, reappearing in the doorway.

“Nothing,” you sigh.

“No, tell me!” he demanded, walking further into the room.

“I just find it funny that you went out all night and are complaining about it being two in the bloody morning. If you choose to go out, you shouldn’t complain about the consequences, that’s all.” You shrugged, opening your laptop.

“God you’re so fucking annoying sometimes!” he shouted. “You know that right? Sometimes you just really know how to annoy the shit out of me!”

“Then don’t be around me,” you said simply, getting more annoyed by the second.

“Just, please don’t talk to me.” He sighed once again before turning around and going to your room.

“If that’s the game you wanna play, then fine.” You whispered to yourself.


It had been 2 days since your and Joes argument, and things were tense. At first he hadn’t noticed what you were doing, he just assumed you weren’t in the mood. It wasn’t until he had asked you if you wanted to try the new dish he had made that he realized you were giving him the silent treatment.

At first he laughed it off. But when you continued to ignore him on even the smallest of things, Joe began to panic.

On the outside you were completely blank, but on the inside you were having the time of your life. Seeing Joe panic normally wouldn’t make you laugh, but he deserved it.

You had just closed the book that you had been reading for the past week. You were now headed to the bathroom to shower. But something stopped you right before you walked into your room.

“I don’t know what to do, Zoe.” He whispered into the phone.

A few moments passed then you heard, “I tried, but she’s not budging.”

You leaned against the wall, eager to see what Joe had to say about the situation.

“Of course I regret it! But I can’t change the past,” he sighed. “Yes… no… yes. Zo, you don’t understand. She won’t even acknowledge me. I don’t know how to apologize.”

Guilt started to rise in you, but then you remember why you were doing this. He embarrassed you and your parents. He chose partying over you; you had a right to be upset.

“No!” he said loudly. “Please don’t say anything. I need to fix it myself. Yeah, okay. Thanks Zoe… alright, bye. Love you too.”

After he hung up, the door opened faster than you could walk away.

“Oh, hi.” He said with a small smile. “Look, Y/n-”


“What?” he asked, taken aback by your voice.

“You know what you did wrong and that’s all that matters,” you smiled.

“So, you’re not mad?”

“Oh no, I’m furious.”

“Oh,” he sighed.

“But I have a few ideas on how you can apologize,” you wrapped your hands around his neck.

“And what would those be?” he smiled, pulling your body flush against his.

“Let me show you,” you whispered, pulling his head down to meet yours.

Levihan theory

The reasons why I think that the Levihan ship is the one which has the most chance to be canon, and why I think that both Levi and Hanji are going to die.

/!\ SPOILER /!\ To read this text, you have to know the events of SnK until the chapter 90.

(English is not my native language, please forgive all my grammar)

To begin this theory, let’s focus on Levi, on his character development over his life.

In last august month, the french Facebook pages L’Attaque des Titans France published on Youtube a long theory about the way the manga would end for each main characters, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, Reiner, Levi and Hanji. (If you understand French, you can check the videos : here for the Shinganshina Trio , here for Jean and Reiner and here for Levi and Hanji ). I am mentionning their work because I am going to sum up and enrich their theory about Levi and Hanji.

In their opinion, Isayama destines one of the sadest end to Levi : the humanity strongest soldier is not only destined to die but also to suffer a long descent into hell. All his life was and will be only the spectacle of his relatives dying and it will be more and more dreadful for Levi.

It begins with his mother, Kuchel Ackerman. 

Remember the chapter 69. We have a flashback of Kenny Ackerman, finding his dead sister and his nephew. Levi is only a child but does not cry. Obviously he suffers, but he seems to demonstrate a high self-control, or maybe a high weariness. Maybe he would let himself starve, without Kenny.

So from his childhood, his life is marked by mourning. But he also seems to be strong and to bear the pain, to face it.

The next deaths he assists are the Isabel’s and Farlan’s ones.

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Joe Sugg Imagine - Got Lucky.

“No, Alan! Stop biting my cushions!” Joe ran after the little pug around his living room, making Zoe and Alfie burst out laughing. Zoe ended up picking her up and placing her on her lap to calm her down.

“Nala, baby, stop” she said sweetly, still laughing at Joe’s reaction “Be nice to Uncle Joe’s furniture” she said and immediately after she chuckled loudly, knowing how uncomfortable it made both men in front of her feel. Indeed, they were already making faces “Come on boys, it’s just a joke”

Joe ran a hand through his now ridiculously long hair, and sat down next to her sister, whose dog ran towards his lap not long afterwards. He stroked her behind her ears and turned to Zoe “How would it make you feel if I called you Auntie Zoe, huh?” He asked, immediately regretting he did because he already knew the answer.

And he wasn’t wrong with his guess “More than delighted” she smiled.

“Too bad it won’t happen for a long, long, long time” he said, relaxing on the sofa as Alfie sat down next to him with a glass of apple juice on his hand “Well, you never know” he said, sipping from his drink.

“I’m not even seeing anyone at the moment” Joe said as he felt his phone vibrate on the back pocket of his jeans.

“What about that girl you told me about…what was her name…was it Leigh?” Zoe asked.

“Jeez, that was ages ago” he said as he took his phone out and read the text he just got.

“Honestly” Alfie said “Don’t get me wrong, Joe, but do you even have feelings?” He said, mid-laughing. He had known him for years now, and he didn’t know of a single girl he had sincere and pure feelings for.

But Joe wasn’t listening “Guys, Y/N can’t come tonight. She promised Finn she’d go to his party, so” he said, putting his phone back on his pocket.

“Aw, that’s a real shame” Zoe said “I really wanted to see her. I really liked the video she uploaded today, that Q&A with her dad. Well, maybe tomorrow”

“How come you weren’t invited?” Alfie asked Joe.

“Finn and I aren’t exactly close to each other” the boy explained “Then again, neither is he close to Y/N. But he wants to get into her pants, so” Joe’s voice let out a slightly jealous tone. Zoe and Alfie looked at each other.

“Does she fancy him as well?” She asked her brother, giving her boyfriend a knowing look.

“Y/N? I don’t think so, but I’ve never asked” Joe said “I mean, it’s not like I care at all. It’s just that if he has to leave me out of that party in orden to try to flirt with her, it says a lot about him” He said without really thinking.

“Are you saying he wouldn’t flirt with her if you were around?” Zoe asked again.

“Well, me or Jim for that matter” Joe stated, matter-o-factly “I don’t get how she doesn’t see it”

“Maybe she doesn’t mind it” Alfie said, trying to push Joe’s buttons. He’d understood it all with Zoe’s glare; Joe was, if not totally, partially into you, and he wanted him to confess. You and him have been best friends for a ridiculously long time now, and it was obvious there was more than friendship between you. But neither were good with feelings at all, and it drove your friends insane.

However, Joe closed his eyes and hugged Nala tightly, as if missing someone’s touch. As if he needed so badly a hug, and said “Maybe”

When Alfie and Zoe closed their bedroom’s door, he let himself fall into the sofa. It was already 1 am, and he was wide awake. Joe opened Instagram and saw that Finn had uploaded a new picture. Before he saw it, he already knew you were on it. Essentially.

Not long after, he got a text from Jim asking if he was at that party with you. ‘Luckily not’.

 As the clock went round and round, like the wheels on the bus, he started thinking about the new collab he had to upload that same night. At first, you had agreed that Joe would upload his collab with you first, and then the one with Connor and Caspar that he had filmed the other day. However, the due date for the video finished in like, two hours, and Joe didn’t feel like pressing 'upload’ to said video.

So he did exactly the opposite of what you had talked about, and immediately after went to bed.


Your POV.

The music was so loud I couldn’t even hear myself think. However, I easily felt the unmistakeable buzz my phone made when I got a YouTube notification. They were turned on only for a small amount of people, so almost as an involuntary move, I got it out of my purse.

ThatcherJoe has just uploaded a video 'WTF is this video | ft. Conor Maynard and Caspar Lee’

I immediately checked out my YouTube calendar on my phone and essentially, Joe’s video for today had to be our collab in order for me to upload our video later. Thinking it was probably just a silly mistake, I texted him. Then I realised it was 2 am and that he was likely to be sleeping.

I scanned the room for Finn, hoping I could find him easily and leave for home. I wasn’t exactly tired, but I had the slightest feeling that Joe’s move wasn’t an accident and I just wasn’t in the mood for techno music and expensive cocktails anymore.

After almost five solid minutes of looking for Finn, I finally found him at the balcony, laughing at who-knows-what with two other boys. As soon as they saw me, they left, leaving the two of us alone.

“Hey, Finn” I said “Thanks for inviting me, I had the best time” I smiled.

“I’m glad you did, love” he sipped on his brown drink. Love? Since when did Finn call people that? It reminded me so much of Joe, it made my stomach turn as I recalled the current video situation I was in.

I decided to ignore it “Sadly I need to go, gotta stay fresh to film tomorrow” I wasn’t exactly lying, but I definitely wasn’t planning on filming the next day.

“Bummer” he said, licking his lips. He caught me looking at them “But that’s fine. Maybe we could film a video together some time”

“Yeah, would be fun” I said. It wasn’t on my plans, but I really wanted to leave as quickly as I could. And saying no to that would only delay my plans.

“Alright, see you soon beautiful” he said, and before I could do something about it, his lips locked with mine in a quick, o-so-drunk peck which I didn’t respond to. I muted a confused bye and left as quickly as I broke our kiss.

Once I was outside, I intended to call an Uber when I found out that the Uber App had collapsed and that I didn’t have the slightest idea of where I was. I looked it up on Google Maps, but I still didn’t have a clue. I looked around. The streets were empty and dark. It wasn’t exactly cold, but I was definitely shivering. I only had two options.

The first one was to call Jim so he could pick me up. And so I did. About eleven tones later, I finally got to the idea that he wasn’t going to respond. It was already 2.30 am on a Friday, I didn’t blame him. Jim and I have been best friends for years, as we had grown up together, our houses in front of one another. Thinking about it, it was better if he didn’t pick up the phone. Being so protective of me, if he found out I was alone this late at night, he’d flip his shit. He was something between my father and my brother, and even though he could be annoying as hell sometimes, I wasn’t complaining.

However, that only left me with my second and last option: calling Joe. It was the last thing I wanted to do at the moment, but it was still better than standing in the middle of nowhere at night, all by myself.

Five tones afterwards, I heard his tired voice on the other line “I’m so sorry I woke you up” I said, knowing that he had been sleeping.

“What do you want?” He said, and my heart sank a bit. I ignored the poorly way he was making me feel “I need a huge favor. I just got out of Finn’s party and my Uber App has collapsed and I don’t know where I am, and Jim-”

“I get it, where are you?” He said, and I couldn’t help but feel relieved.

“Google Maps says Campden Hill Road” I told him.

He stayed silent a few seconds, probably mentally planning the ride “Right, give me 15”

“Thank you so much, Joe” I said “I owe you big”

“No need to” he answered, and then he hung up.

Twelve minutes later, Joe’s car stopped in front of me. I opened the door and awkwardly sat next to him “Thanks again” I said, looking at him. But he didn’t look back at me. He was wearing a Sugg Life hoodie and grey sweatpants. His messy hair was pushed back, and his glasses sat perfectly on his tired blue eyes. I couldn’t deny he was quite the charming guy “I’m sorry I woke you up” I said again.

“It’s fine” he said as we stopped on a red light “I wasn’t sleeping well anyway, and I wasn’t going to leave you wandering around London at night” Then he finally looked at me, and I felt small.

His blue eyes fixed on mine until I couldn’t take it anymore and I lowered my glance, quickly looking ahead on the road to hide the fact that I was blushing. But I still could feel his eyes on me.

“How was the party?” He asked, and I couldn’t help but stare at his hands as he drove.

“Not as good as I was hoping for” I sincerely said “I barely knew anyone, and the ones I knew were far too drunk to recognise me anyway”

Joe let out a laugh, and I visibly relaxed. We stayed in silence for a few minutes before he broke it again “Hey, Y/N, about the video I uploaded today” he said, rubbing his neck. I smiled at how cute he looked when he was nervous “I’m so sorry about it, I knew I had to upload our video but I…”

He stopped at another red light. Three overly drunk guys were passing by in front of the car, one of them still holding a bottle on his hand. A guy with a tuxedo on turned his head, locking his eyes with mine. He started to cheer, and suddenly his two friends joined in, shouting things to me that I wouldn’t even bother to repeat.

With the red light still on, Joe slowly started the car again, as if he were to run over them. The three guys jumped and, scared, put their hands in the air as if they were surrendering. The light changed and Joe hit full speed, not even bothering to see if they were on his way.

I couldn’t help but laugh “That was aggressive” I commented.

He had a smirk on his lips “Couldn’t care less if I ran over them, to be honest” he said.

“About the video” I said, wanting to get it over with.

“Yeah, I’m sorry” he said for like, the hundredth time “I thought you were coming to mine’s last night and I got a bit upset. I feel like a 5-year-old now”

I laughed “A really cute one, tho” I said, and I immediately regretted it, not really looking for another awkwardness stage. Luckily, he laughed.

“I will upload our collab as soon as I can, I promise” he said, turning to the street where I lived.

“Okay” I nodded “Hey, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you think Finn likes me?” I blurted out. His hand tensed on the wheel, and his smile disappeared, forming a straight line. I didn’t know where I was going with this.

“Why’d you ask?” He asked instead of answering my question.

“He kissed me tonight” He abruptly stopped the car, only to find out that we were already in front of my apartment block “Like, he was drunk and it was just a short goodbye peck, but I’m so confused”

Joe had always told me about his love life, that is, when I got it out of him after hours of insisting. He’s not the extrovert kind. So I thought I would do just the same.

“I don’t know if he likes you, but just think about his past relationships” he said, running his hands through his hair “They haven’t been exactly long, and that must be for a reason”

I looked down at my intertwined fingers, as I could feel his eyes on me. They sent heat down my body. He then put an arm around my shoulders and pulled me closer, kissing the top of my head. People always said Joe wasn’t good with emotions, but I couldn’t believe them completely.

“Don’t worry about that now” he whispered, still holding me tight. I could’ve fallen asleep right there “It’s time you go to bed now. My sister and Alfie are staying at my house today and they wanted to see you in the morning”

“Cool” I said “I’ll text you when I wake up, okay?”

“Okay, love” he said, and his 'love’ was far more comforting than Finn’s.

“Do you ever get heartbroken?” I asked out of nowhere. I wasn’t exactly heartbroken because of Finn, but I wanted to know.

“The only thing that could break my heart right now is you crying over stupid guys who don’t deserve you” he said, leaving me blank. “Now go to bed” he kissed my head again before removing his arm from my frame. I immediately felt cold.

“Stop being so sweet" 

“No, it’s true” he said, his hand going through his hair once more. He then looked at me, and that’s when I realized I had been staring.

“Joe” I meant to say out loud, but it came out as a weak whisper. I didn’t know what to say next. His name just sounded nice when it left my lips.

“Yes, love?” he asked me sweetly, his hand cupping my cheek as he pressed his lips against it. I felt the urge to feel his lips on mine.

“It’s nothing” I finally said. I turned around to open the door and leave, embarrassed. But he didn’t let go of me. Instead, he pulled me closer until his eyes were staring deeply into mine, and suddenly my body went numb.

He let out a small chuckle “I don’t mean to make this awkward or anything” he said, staring away from me. My lips were almost pressed on his jawline “But I really want to kiss you right now”

My whole body froze, and my palms started sweatingt. I looked at him, searching for his eyes, as he eventually gazed back at me. I smiled as I got closer, pressing a small kiss on his jaw. He chuckled again, and kissed the top of my head “I shouldn’t have said that” he said.

Just when he was about to release me from his embrace, I grabbed the collar of his hoodie and pressed our lips together. Fuck it. If he wasn’t going to do it, I sure was. His lips moved slowly, as I opened my mouth slightly for his tongue to slip in. He cupped my face with one hand, so big compared to it. I held his hand while we kissed, feeling its warmth.

When we pulled away, our foreheads pressed together, I couldn’t help but smile “I would really love to go upstairs with you” he whispered, making me blush. Every time I thought about Joe touching me, holding me, I got goosebumps “But I’ve got my sister and Alfie alone at my place. And a dog” he said, making me laugh.

“Oh, come on” I pouted “It’s not like they like you anyway” I joked.

He laughed, as he pressed a small kiss on my lips again “You know what?” he said, as he released himself from my touch to grab the car keys “You’re right. They’ll be fine without me” he said, kissing me again. I could get used to it “Let’s go. I need some cuddles”

I laughed as I followed him out of the car. When we met each other at the entrance, I pressed our lips together again, and as we walked inside of my apartment, me already on his arms, legs around his torso, I wondered how I could’ve gotten so damn lucky, 

Zalfie Meddles

a/n: any and all feedback is greatly appreciated and requests are open! (also, i know this is a pain in the ass to scroll through. i put it under a read more and it doesn’t seem to be working on mobile :-/ sorry! i’m trying to figure it out.)

word count: 2.6k+

summary: thanks to zoe and alfie, you and joe talk about taking the next step in your relationship.

“Oh, hi! Come in, come in!” Zoe greets the two of you, beckoning you into her home. “I wasn’t expecting you until later! It’s only eight in the morning.” She gives Joe a hug and does the same to you, laughing, “Look at me! I’m still in my pajamas.”

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hc for connor’s 10 favorite books

so the line at the end where evan talks about reading through an old list he found in a yearbook of connor’s ten favorite books? i decided to make that list. also i’m taking the liberty of maybe adding some books that aren’t exactly at an 8th grade level but that i personally associate with connor

1. the little prince

this one is canon. in an interview mike faist revealed that in an earlier draft of the script one of the books on the list was the little prince, which makes so much sense. also this will forever make me think of @nellos12 <3

2. the bell jar

this book is obviously one of the most famous books about mental illness, but specifically the characters descent into madness. i can absolutely see connor finding comfort in a lot of the things articulated in this book

3. harry potter and the order of the phoenix

so i headcanon connor as a closet harry potter fan, and he reads the books over and over whenever he needs an escape from reality. i can see this being his favorite because it’s the one where (i feel) harry’s social isolation is most severe and of course connor can relate

4. the catcher in the rye

privileged male experiences unnecessary angst! (holden not connor) but even though i think connor would (rightfully so) kinda detest holden i can also see him being self-aware enough to see himself in holden. also his mind was blown the first time he read it when he got to the part where the meaning of the title is revealed

5. east of eden

so i’m not sure how many of you will have read it so i’m not gonna get into why i think connor would like it except for one quote: “and now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good”

6. the moviegoer

personally this is one of my favorite books because it depicts mental illness in a way that really only seems to be accessible to mentally ill people. every neurotypical i know who has read this didn’t like it and most mentally ill people really appreciate it. one character, kate, is mentally ill, but not in a normal, socially acceptable way. her symptoms are weird, she says upsetting things, her family is always talking about her. i love her so much and i really think connor would too

7. it’s kind of a funny story

i feel like connor wouldn’t like this book at first, because although he would relate to craig in some ways i can also see him resenting craig for getting help when he himself wasn’t getting help even though his symptoms are much more severe and obvious. but i think he would keep reading it and end up coming back to it a few times

8. percy jackson

okay so i can totally picture little middle school connor reading this and imagining that maybe he’s a demigod and maybe hades is his parent and maybe that could explain why he’s like this. and he sees nico and relates to him so much and he secretly dreams that maybe one day he and zoe could get along as well as bianca and nico do

9. siddhartha

i think he would read this and just think it made sense. just a simple explanation of the world and how we are to live in it.

10. okay so

i’m going to leave this open ended pls add onto this with what book (or books) you think connor would like and why if u want to! i really really enjoyed writing this and picturing evan reading through them trying to get to know connor


Joe Sugg x Reader #3

Warnings: none that i can think of 

Word Count: 2.3k 

Requested: nope just realized that i’ve never written about a wedding before, and i’ve been in 2 and i love them 

Note: i don’t know how i’m gonna write vows for my own wedding after writing these tbh ~K

[ masterlist ]

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Everything in the past 5 years in your relationship, had led up to today. All the planning, stress, and tiny little details that came with 6 months worth of wedding planning accumulated to today and you could not wait. Today you were getting married to your best friend, as absolutely cheesy as it is to say that. Leading up to today you had not been nervous at all, but as you were surrounded by your mom, the getting ready team, and your bridesmaids, sipping on the mimosa that had been placed in your hand as you got up that morning, nerves were running through your entire system.

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Mobuhan & Tsukikana

For those who read Tokyo ghoul:re

The tragic death of characters who saved their loved ones (Moblit and Karren).

Now the similarities …

Moblit & Hanji

Karren & Shuu

I’ll save you no matter what!!!

Look at the facial expression Hanji


and Shuu


Moblit’s death

Karren’s death

No comments…

Hanji Zoe thinking about Moblit

And this incredible speech:

No matter who you meet, some day you’re going to have to tell them goodbye. I don’t want to accept that. I can barely cling to my own sanity knowing that. It hurts… it hurts. I know that. But even so, we need to move forward

Also this content - (Official Material Au Smartpass)

And this (Bessatsu Shonen Magazine -  Isayama Hajime)

“Buzzing”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: n/a

Word count: 782

Requested: no

 Summary: Alfie accidentally outs you and Joe.


“Joe wake up,” you said shaking your boyfriend with a panic in your voice. His eyes opened suddenly and he immediately sat up. “What’s wrong?” He said widening his eyes to wake himself more. “They found out,” you said. Joe sat up completely knowing instantly what you were talking about. He grabbed his phone scrolling through all his notifications. 

He ran his hand through his hair. You sat down next to him scrolling through your Twitter reading all of the hateful comments. “How did they find out?” Your voice said cracking.  "I don’t know but stop reading those, “ he said pulling your head up and kissing your lips. You kissed back. You and Joe had been dating for a while now but had made it very specific that you didn’t want your relationship to be public. He pulled you close before Joe received a FaceTime call from Zoe. He sighed and answered. "Hey Zo,” he said.

 "Joe I’m so sorry,“ Zoe said. "Did you..” he asked but drifted off. “Joe and Y/n I’m so sorry. I didn’t even notice it in my video until the comments started rushing in and I rechecked the video if you want me to take it down I will,” Alfie said coming into the frame. You looked away from Joe’s phone, looking at the new notifications. “What video was it?” Joe asked. “My most recent vlog around 5 minutes in,” Alfie said right before Joe hung up the call. He grabbed his laptop and quickly pulled up Alfie’s video. Skipping to five minutes late like Alfie said, we quickly found the part of the video that had everyone buzzing

You and Joe stayed at Alfie’s two nights ago and you had to leave early before Joe to go meet your family that lives in Brighton. In the video, you could see clearly that Joe walked you to the door holding your hand. He cupped your face and kissed you before you gave him a smile and walked out.  You grabbed his laptop and scrolled down through the comments to skim through them. “Y/n,” he said pulling it away. “I just want to see,” you said quietly. 

“Will you film a video with me?” He asked. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea,” you said with a frown. “You don’t have to say anything just be there with me,” he said quietly. You thought about it for a second before nodding. He stood up and pulled on clothes quickly. He held out his hand for you to grab so you did. He helped you up and pulled you close, kissing your temple sweetly.  

You smiled lightly and he led you into his filming room. He already had everything set up he just had to turn his lights on, turn on his camera and check the mic. You sat down straightening out your romper not worrying about the messy bun that sat on the top of your head. He sat next to you and grabbed your hand before clearing his throat. 

“Hey, everyone. I know that it’s not Sunday but this needed to be uploaded now. Before we start this video, you can obviously see that I have a very special guest with me today. This is my girlfriend Y/n. Many of you may have already seen Alfie Deyes’ new vlog where he outed me and Y/n. We are not mad or upset with Alfie in any way, however, I am very disappointed in you guys. In one of Caspar’s recent videos when he interviewed me, I shared that if I were to have a girlfriend, I wouldn’t make my relationship public and this is exactly why. It appalls me some of the hate comments that she has received. She’s not a whore, she’s not a slag, in fact, you guys don’t know her at all. I love her and if you love me, what matters is that I’m happy with her. So please leave Y/n alone and thank you to those you are supportive of my relationship. That’s all I really have to say and I know this is kind of weird coming from me, but it definitely needed to be talked about. I’ll see you guys Sunday,” he said getting up and turning off his camera.

 That night, he edited his video to be able to upload it. You laid your head on his shoulder drifting off as he made his final touches. He uploaded it and set it aside before kissing your forehead. “I love you Y/n and I want you to know that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. I love you,” he said kissing your lips lightly letting you fall asleep.

New in Town Pt. 3 (Connor Murphy x Reader)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 4

WC: 2,501 (under a read more cuz it’s long-ish)

A/N: Do people actually like this series? ALSO, JODIE WHITTAKER IS THE 13TH DOCTOR 

You looked at Alana with a quirked brow, “Where are we going? We passed your turn.” She didn’t say anything as she navigated her way to Zoe’s house. You could see her little-satisfied smirk as she drove. You huffed in annoyance and crossed your arms over your chest, “You’re rude.”

“You’ll thank me later.”, she declared as you pulled into the driveway of someone’s house. You didn’t recognize this house, but you were only friends with Alana so you didn’t expect to.

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