zoe hoy

I never thought that I’d grow up to have these idiots that I see through a screen completely take over my life. I guess I’m fine with it though. ;)

so i just saw a post talking about a youtuber’s “real name” and...

please don’t do this! i know for a fact that there are youtubers out there that don’t use the name assigned to them at birth but it’s not any of your business to share that information! keep it to yourself unless they’ve said it somewhere. if they’re not telling people, there’s probably a reason. it’s not cool, it’s invasive, and you shouldn’t need to know more about anyone than what they’re telling you. Their name online is their name online. 

Suddenly, Youtube started feeling like family. <3

it’s my edit, so keep your fingers away from it! or.. you know.. just don’t repost it. <3


Hi! My name is Diamond Murillo and right now I am currently working on my Psychology Final - it being a powerpoint on homosexuality in America. I know this is a REALLY big long shot but I would love it if I could interview tyleroakley for my presentation. 

tyleroakley, if you see this, all you would need to do is answer some questions I have written up for you concerning homosexuality in America. I would absolutely love it if I could get the chance to interview you and I believe your opinion would make this presentation amazing!! 

Everyone else reading this, please please please re-blog and spread the shit out of this so Tyler can see it and he can let me interview him. This would be such an amazing opportunity for me, please!

Tyler if you see this, all you would really need to do is message me on tumblr. We don’t have to exchange Facebook messages or anything, it can all be done on here or whatever form of communication you want it to be. 

tyleroakley please respond with your decision, it would mean the world to me.