scott mccall and isaac lahey  Δ  LIBRA + CANCER

though this pairing may progress more slowly than some others - both fearing they have little else in common than their need for companionship - libra and cancer can blend their energies harmoniously if they choose to work together. the sometimes impulsively emotional cancer can benefit from libra’s way of putting a situation into perspective. just as a cancerian can help cure libra’s notorious indecision. at times, these signs may find it difficult to understand one another. conflicts can arise if they don’t learn that they simply view the world in different ways. but more than any other two signs together, this pair brings warmth and a sense of stability to those around them.


scott mccall and allison argent  Δ  LIBRA + PISCES

as they both value truth and harmony in their relationship and the world around them, this common desire will make for a sympathetic bond. they will be intrigued by the differences in their personalities and will eventually benefit from each other’s company. with its inclination for balance, libra can keep pisces on track while pisces can help show libra the beauty in love. libra has a tendency to shy away from any conflict and pisces possesses immense empathy and understanding, which will enable them to resolve any arguments quickly. by using both their emotions and intellect when forming decisions, these two can overcome any problems in their way. 


buffy summers and spike  Δ  CAPRICORN + SCORPIO

these two may be wary of sharing themselves with one another at initial impact. despite this, these signs will eventually discover that they have quite a profound connection - one based on deep loyalty and understanding. the stubbornness in both individuals can lead to potential conflict. scorpio falls hard, becoming emotionally involved to the point of no return, in stark contrast to the at times distant capricorn. but the capricorn will learn from its partner, the value of looking below the surface and the deep sensation that comes from deeply knowing another person. they can open doors to each other’s souls and reveal new ways of perceiving and feeling. though the overall picture of this union may not always be a compatible one, their foundation is solid and will always hold strong for a good landing ground when they need one. scorpio and capricorn both look forward to the future in hopes of bettering themselves and their lives. this is where their energy lies and perhaps the underlying reason as to why their feuds are often resolved.