novmbr30th  asked:

How do I get a Leo guy? :o

Leos are one of my favorite zodiac signs and make great partners! Getting the attention of one is relatively easy, but keeping it can be a different story.

Leos are all about their ego and how others perceive them. They tend to be a bit showy and possibly arrogant at times (the males doubly so.) They only want the best for themselves and work hard to achieve whatever it is they desire. So if it happens to be you that they’re going after, get ready to be swept off your feet. :)

A Leo that likes you will mostly likely show you in many ways. Their healthy self image makes it easy for them to flirt with those they find attractive. They may first observe you for a while to make sure you meet their high expectations, but they will make up their mind quickly and this should not last long.

On the other hand their sensitive ego and pride might prevent them from approaching you, especially if he’s a shy Leo. Eventually however they should approach you once they’ve gained enough confidence and know you won’t hurt them.

So overall here what to look for:

  • He friggen tells you that he likes you (easiest way lol)

  • He constantly wants to be around you (walks you places, tries to hangout, etc.)

  • He’s very playful with you and teases you to get your attention

  • When he tells jokes (such a jokester) he makes sure you’re laughing

  • He buys you gifts and little presents or makes you something

  • He defends you from others

  • He shows you off to others

He basically shows the desire of your attention. This is big. Leos can be huge attention seekers especially with their loved ones. He’s going to want your attention focused on him a lot and will try and get it anyway he can.