Others see you as a dynamic, authoritative and tenacious person. You are strong and confident in your objectives and are persevering and intense in everything you propose to do.

You express your opinions very honestly and sometimes your direct statements tend to irritate others. You are not one to hide your feelings and are selective with whom you associate. You give yourself completely to those you like and require sincerity and genuineness of them. You are faithful and stable in your affections and don’t tolerate or forgive lies or deceits.

Your powerful intuition will allow you to discover all that is hidden from you. You are strongly attracted to occult sciences and mysteries in general and are likely to develop a strong potential for extrasensory perception. Because of your personal magnetism, you tend to attract everyone’s attention without any effort on your part.

8'27'11 ♡ Scope + Affirmation

Cancer Affirmation for this week of WHOLENESS -
I ask Spirit to manifest the personal growth and success I desire. As I develop greater wholeness within myself, I naturally move more effectively in the world.

SATURDAY: If you experience disappointment this morning, you can turn it around with some physical activity or a change of scenery. To make peace with the way things are, keep your attention on the present moment. Your dreams will carry important messages under tonight’s Leo Moon, so keep pen and pad handy to write them down for later interpretation.

☽ Full Moon in Aquarius [8/13]

The Full Moon is an opposition between the Sun and Moon.

It’s normally a difficult transit for people. Obviously bringing lessons along with the challenges.

But for Cancers, the Moon is their ruling planet (<3).
For me, I LOVE Full Moons. Seeing my planet in all its glory puts me in a magical mood.

I’m interested in how other Cancers feel when the moon is full?

Scorpio Scope 4/11/11

Scorpio - Monday, April 11 2011 Scorpio (October 24 - November 22)

Affirmation for this week of SENSES - I expand my life by awakening all my senses. In this way, I allow Spirit to channel the purest energy and information through me.

MONDAY: Though it may seem harsh, you’ll have to be as honest as possible with a friend so they have all the information they need to make an important decision. If you receive a letter or phone call that reverses a decision you’ve recently made, trust that the Universe is simply keeping you from moving in the wrong direction. Your tarot card, Strength, will call for a recommitment to the actions, practices and disciplines that nurture your spiritual well-being.

leafies7  asked:

Can you teach me the basics of how to read the birth chart? Thanks I really appreciate it :)

Let me tell you, that’s a loaded question! Lol. 

If you know your birth time (must be accurate) and city, there’s many websites that can calculate birth charts. Some also do interpretations of the chart. I found this really random site that has a ton of reports for charts. They’re long and FREE! :) 

Another excellent site for charts is Astrodienst. (http://www.astro.com/horoscope)
Once you save your birth info, I suggest going under ‘Free Horoscopes’ to Interactive Horoscopes. 
It loads a graphic of your birth chart (jibberish to beginners) and allows you to click parts of the chart and describes it piece by piece. 

If you’re interested in learning how it all comes together, I suggest googling (and take notes if you want, haha, it makes it easier):

  • All twelve signs. Pay attention to the elements (water, fire, earth, air) and their ruling planet and house. Learn the basic vibration of each sign. Oh, also try to learn the glyphs for the signs.
  • The planets. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! To me, it’s all about the planets! They represent the basic urges of humanity, and have  broad influences. Learn the glyphs for each planet and its keywords, which sign it rules, etc.
  • The twelve houses. These are 'imaginary’ divides in the sky, one for each sign. Houses are basically different energies, and if a planet falls into a house, it has that house’s vibration.

It takes time to learn astrology. I’ve been studying it for about two and a half years now in my free time (I’m obsessed, haha!) and am starting to get pretty deep with it. 
I hiiiighhhllyyy suggest learning more about astrology, just have patience!
Good luck :)