The signs as movie quotes...

Aries: “I wanted to destroy something beautiful.” - Fight Club

Taurus: “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus, does anyone?” - Stand By Me

Gemini: “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.” - The Usual Suspects

Cancer: “ I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.” - Say Anything

Leo: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” - The Shawshank Redemption

Virgo: “Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.” - 10 Things I Hate About You

Libra: “At least you’ll never be a vegetable - even artichokes have hearts.” - Amélie

Scorpio: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” - Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Sagittarius: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” - Dead Poets Society

Capricorn: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” - A Streetcar Named Desire

Aquarius: “Now you’re looking for the secret, but you won’t find it, because of course you’re not really looking. You don’t really want to know. You want to be fooled.“  - The Prestige

Pisces: “Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it, or learn from it.” - The Lion King

the signs as typical teen movie things™
  • aries: "i dont really party..." "girl you are coming NOW"
  • taurus: *gets braces off, straightens hair, and gets contacts* now instantly lusted after
  • gemini: the little brother that is always in the girl's business
  • cancer: i'm not like other girls™
  • leo: "my daddy says this credit card is only for emergencies.... and this is an emergency!!" *proceeds to go shopping*
  • virgo: "him and i could talk about super deep things" *literally is talking about Hamlet*
  • libra: *popular girl chooses someone "nerdy" to makeover like some project*
  • scorpio: "you've changed. how could you become who we hated??"
  • sagittarius: *guy climbs a tree to get beside the girl's window*
  • capricorn: *girl approaches guy in her prom dress* "wow...... u are bEAutiFul"
  • aquarius: the single white gay best friend
  • pisces: the girl falls in love with her best friend after he helped her through her breakup with Chad
Signs from my experience

Aries: Extremely passionate and hardworking. Confident, but not in a snobby way. Gets loud if they get excited about something. Loves music more than anything. Don’t mess with them, they won’t hesitate to start a fight.

Taurus: Quiet around people they don’t like but loud around those they love. Their way or no way. Earthy, loves nature. Artistic. Will get heated over things they care about easily. Hates change.

Gemini: Loves to laugh. Weird, but in a nice way. Tries to act tough but is really soft. Just wants to have a good time. Loves their friends more than anyone. Constantly jokingly flirty. Really nice eyes. Very creative. Penny pinchers.

Cancer: Sarcastic but lovingly. Likes to go on romantic dates. Cute laugh. Great fashion sense, looks good without even trying. Actually does cry easily. Loves to binge watch Netflix. Can get mean.

Leo: Likes rock music and bands. All over the place. Messy to others but to themselves they’re organized. Likes to make people laugh. Good ideas but messy executions. Not afraid to tell it like it is. Nostalgic.

Virgo: So kind and loving. Likes to help people. LOVES school. Responsible and organized. Gives the best hugs and always smells great. Very family oriented. Plans out their entire future.

Libra: Balanced and prefers company rather than alone time. Don’t waste time on arguments. Happiest when surrounded by a large crowd, loves to be center of attention. Romantic.

Scorpio: Very hard getting them to open up to you. Wont admit how they really feel about someone to you unless you’re extremely close. Smart and serious. A little bit annoying at first but they grow on you.

Sagittarius: The embodiment of the feeling you get when you go to an breakfast diner. Very old soul. Laughs at silly things. Will forever take care of you. They’re trying their best and they’re getting by.

Capricorn: Great listeners, go to them if you want to rant or want advice. Always looks on the positive side of the situation. When they love you, they really love you. Very sensitive.

Aquarius: Will go from screaming at you to telling you they love you in less than five minutes. Craziest people, and when given a challenge, they’ll take it. Extremely unpredictable. They’re out there, but have hearts of gold.

Pisces: The funniest people ever, make the best jokes that will leave you laughing forever. Can be adorably awkward. Really beautiful eyes. The feeling you get when you eat chips and soda with friends. Loves horror movies. 

Zodiac Signs as Movie Quotes:

Aries: “I tried my hardest. I don’t know what else to do.”
The Darjeeling Limited (2007) dir. Wes Anderson

Taurus: “I want us to be together for as long as we’ve got, and if that’s not very long, well, then that’s just how it is.”
The Theory of Everything (2014) Dir. James Marsh

Gemini: “I’m a connoisseur of roads. I’ve been tasting roads my whole life. This road will never end. It probably goes all around the world.”
My Own Private Idaho (1991), Gus Van Sant

Cancer: “I’m worried about you. I mean, how can you live like that? Anyway, would you call me back? Let’s get together again. I love you.”
Enemy (2013) dir. Dennis Villeneuve

Leo: “I learnt long ago to hate my enemies, but I’ve never loved one before.”
Peaky Blinders (2013– ) Created by Steven Knight

Virgo: “They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops, and that’s true. What they don’t tell you is that when it starts again, it moves extra fast to catch up.”
Big Fish (2003) dir. Tim Burton

Libra: “You think beauty’s in some classroom or some textbook, and it’s not. That’s not what it’s about. This right here. This is beautiful. All of this. That’s all you need.”
The spectacular now (2013) dir. James Ponsoldt

Scorpio: “Everyone’s a whore. We just sell different parts of ourselves.”
Peaky Blinders (2013– ) Created by Steven Knight

Sagittarius: “Sometimes you need to do something bad to stop you from doing something worse.”
Stoker (2013) dir. Chan-wook Park

Capricorn: “Life goes on. It always does, until it doesn’t.”
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) dir. Stanley Kubrick

Aquarius: “I have all these things that I want to say to her, like… Like how I can tell she’s a lonely person, even if other people can’t. Cause I know what it feels like to be lost and lonely and invisible.”
The double (2013) dir. Richard Ayoade

Pisces: “You know it’s kind of weird, isn’t it, when you’re in the middle of something, how these things can be so, oh, confusing?”
Broken (2012) dir. Rufus Norris

Zodiac Signs as Gifs

Aries Woman:

Aries Male:

Taurus Woman:

Taurus Man:

Gemini Woman:

Gemini Man:

Cancer Woman:

Cancer Man:

Leo Woman:

Leo Man:

Virgo Woman:

Virgo Man:

Libra Woman:

Libra Man:

Scorpio Woman:

Scorpio Man:

Sagittarius Woman:

Sagittarius Man:

Capricorn Woman:

Capricorn Man:

Aquarius Woman:

Aquarius Man:

Pisces Woman:

Pisces Man:

The Signs as Quotes from the Movie "Heathers"
  • Aries: It's not very subtle, but neither's blowing up a whole school, now is it?
  • Taurus: "You look like hell." "Yeah? I just got back."
  • Gemini: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
  • Cancer: Our love is God. Let's go get a slushie.
  • Leo: Dear Diary, my teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be human; you'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I love my dead gay son.
  • Scorpio: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
  • Sagittarius: Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?
  • Capricorn: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Aquarius: Why are you pulling my dick?
  • Pisces: Chaos is great. Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
The Signs as Movies
  • Aries: Good Will Hunting
  • Taurus: Pulp Fiction
  • Gemini: Insidious
  • Cancer: The Matrix
  • Leo: Forrest Gump
  • Virgo: The Sixth Sense
  • Libra: Inception
  • Scorpio: The Da Vinci Code
  • Sagittarius: Girl, Interrupted
  • Capricorn: King Kong
  • Aquarius: Titanic
  • Pisces: Avatar
The Signs as 2004 Films
  • Aries: Shrek 2
  • Taurus: A Cinderella Story
  • Gemini: Spider-Man 2
  • Cancer: Shark Tale
  • Leo: 13 Going on 30
  • Virgo: The Incredibles
  • Libra: Ella Enchanted
  • Scorpio: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Sagittarius: Anchorman
  • Capricorn: The Notebook
  • Aquarius: Saw
  • Pisces: Mean Girls
The Zodiac Signs as Harry Potter Characters

Aries: Oliver Wood

Taurus: Lavender Brown

Gemini: Fred Weasley

Cancer: Molly Weasley

Leo: Lee Jordan

Virgo: Hermione Granger

Libra: Cedric Diggory

Scorpio: Draco Malfoy

Sagittarius: Sirius Black

Capricorn: Lucius Malfoy

Aquarius: Albus Dumbledore

Pisces: Luna Lovegood

the signs as animated movies

Aries: “Princess Mononoke”- passion, courage, risky, hard-hitting, exploration 

Taurus: “Ratatouille”- tasteful, dependability, ambition, down-to-earth, persistence   

Gemini: “Inside Out”- witty, enthusiastic, multi-dimensional, versatility, unpredictability 

Cancer: “Lilo & Stitch”- family, protectiveness, creativity, spontaneous, emotional

Leo: “The Lion King”- honor, pride, loyalty, friendship, warmth

Virgo: “Atlantis: The Lost Empire”- intelligence, selflessness, detailed, hard-working, moral

Libra: “Beauty and the Beast”- freedom, kindness, acceptance, sacrifice, innocence

Scorpio: “Coraline”- mystery, bravery, intuition, determination, secretive

Sagittarius: “Up”- adventure, fearless, big-hearted, devotion, acceptance 

Capricorn: “Ghost in the Shell”- caution, wisdom, mathematical, disciplined, contemplative

Aquarius: “Spirited Away”- unique, curiosity, honesty, justness, independence

Pisces: “Howl’s Moving Castle”- escapism, kindness, imagination, loving, compassion

Signs as Disney Characters

I could do a second version anyone?

Aries: Sergeant Calhoun (Wreck-it Ralph, 2012)- Daring and courageous, willing to protect those around them from harm and stand up for what’s right.

Taurus: Vanellope Von Schweetz (Wreck-it Ralph, 2012)- Opinionated and fixed on a goal you have been dying to achieve, doesn’t really matter what others think about you as long as you believe in yourself.

Gemini: Mushu (Mulan, 1998)- Expressive and witty, knows how to have fun and enjoy life while also thoughtful and focused.

Cancer: Anna (Frozen, 2013)- Sentimental and cares deeply about those who are close to you. 

Leo: Prince Naveen (The Princess and the Frog, 2009)- Warm and driven by desire, often has an air of royalty about them and loves the limelight.

Virgo: Belle (Beauty and the Beast)- Often a perfectionist, calm and reserved, seeks improvement.

Libra: Moana (Moana, 2016)- Loves beauty, passionate dreamers with a positive outlook on life.

Scorpio: Jay (Descendants, 2015)- Intensely loyal, strong and passionate, they do love a good fight sometimes, but can be very understanding at times.

Sagittarius: Judy Hopps (Zootopia, 2016)- Curious and energetic, you are an enthusiastic extrovert who makes new friends and has an optimistic look on life.

Capricorn: Hiro (Big Hero 6, 2015)- Organised, focused on whatever goals you set out to achieve, sure of yourself, but not to the point of being overconfident.

Aquarius: Merida (Brave, 2012)- Sure about your goals and aspirations, frank personality and good imagination.

Pisces: Alice (Alice in Wonderland)- Intuitive, wide imagination and sense of creativity, often a dreamer.