zodiac poem

ARIES: I heard that somebody with icicles in their chest once told you that spring was only for people that know how to be wanted but they were lying. Hardly anybody takes care of honesty the way that you do and somehow that’s still a surprise. Take the weight of your insecurities and lay them to rest underneath a gravestone. When wildflowers grow from what you buried don’t bother to pick them. They’ll always be there. Don’t you know what it’s like to come back to things? 

TAURUS: The peach pit on your dresser has been sitting there for years and it’s okay that you can’t throw it out yet. Okay that you can’t put it back into the fruit and unbite all of the soft and the sweet and the “maybe this time it’ll be different” that leaked out onto your fingers on the nights that your teeth feel too used to be desired. Wash your sheets and dry them outside. Lay underneath the clothes line and listen. Unclench your fists. Rewrite the grocery list.

GEMINI: It isn’t your fault that not everyone can swallow the parts of you that have sharp edges. You’ve been spending too much time forcing yourself down the linen aisle when you should be finding the nearest comic book store. There’s a reason superman is nicknamed “man of steel” and you deserve all of the iron-throated hearts that you can find. Invest in a metal detector. Don’t be ashamed of what you find.

CANCER: The way you bare your chest to the world is terribly brave and I don’t want you to continue feeling responsible for the people you’ve kissed that have taken advantage of that. Skin-deep damage does not make you unlovable, it gives you new perspectives. Don’t apologize for the ways you have tried to survive this. You’re better than the fires you’ve walked through and the storms you’ve caused. Suck on a peppermint until it loses its flavor. Name the taste after your last heartbreak. Now spit it out.

LEO: Your chest caves in whenever you think about the past and nobody’s ever told you that everything is temporary. Well, honey, I have some news for you. Start checking the mailbox again before the neighbors start to worry. People still want to stain paper with your name and martyring yourself over words is something you’ve become too talented at. Take a break, now and again. Burn the television set if that’s what it takes. Air out the smoke and look into a mirror, admire how powerful you seem as you step out of the haze of what’s gone.

VIRGO: Oh, baby, you’ve made mistakes and you’ve drained the bottles but you’re not the only one who’s felt like this. I know that it’s hard to let yourself feel these things but you have to try, you have to let the light in. It’s so dark in the room you’ve been using to store your regrets and your pallor has become a reflection of the ghosts you’ve been taking orders from. You were made for the sun. Let it kiss you without repercussion. Allow yourself to kiss it back.

LIBRA: So maybe you dropped too many pennies down the wishing well and now your wallet is nothing more than negative space. So maybe you forgot who gave you that good advice that one time and you’re still beating yourself up over it. Go ahead, admit to your faults. Set a place for them at the table and scold them for being late. Eat their portion and kick them out. Being familiar with every side to your geometric personality is not something to be ashamed of. Remember the angles, and keep moving. People like you are not meant to stand still.

SCORPIO: I think that your ears were made for listening to things that break. The shattering of a vase. The cracking of a heart. Does it ever get exhausting to be so awfully aware of how things sound when they forget to function? Nobody expects you to take every smashed hope and piece it together on your own. You are not a bottle of glue no matter how much you feel disaster sticks to you. I promise. You don’t have to carry that toolbox around, anymore. It looks heavy. Set it down.

SAGITTARIUS: You have your father’s mouth and consequently have dreams where you’re ripping it from your face. Somebody told you once that you were inadequate and now there’s a bruise on your ego and you can’t seem to stop touching it. Why are you so obsessed with how long it takes to heal? Why are you so afraid of letting people see you cry? Take off your armor and let your skin breathe. There’s still time to be okay with the idea of loss. You’re not too late. You’re not too late.

CAPRICORN: Stop using the word pathetic whenever anybody asks you to describe yourself. The people that hold you accountable for the abuse you’ve endured are the ones that turn away whenever they see it. You don’t need them, you never did. Can you feel that prickling sensation running up your arms? It’s tomorrow knocking and it wants to show you something beautiful. Let it. You’ve handled tragedy, surely you can handle tenderness.

AQUARIUS: You’ve been fucked over so many times it’s hard not to see yourself as a hotel room on the outskirts of town. Dark red bedsheets and rusty doorknobs and a lampshade that hasn’t been touched in a decade or two, this is where you lie and try to erase the memories from your naked body. You don’t want to belong to anybody almost as much as you don’t want people to believe they’ve changed you. They haven’t, you know that right? No matter how many people hike up mount everest it’s still a mountain. It’s still bigger than what’s stepping on it. It still keeps its name.

PISCES: You’ve become so good at sacrificing yourself for the possibility of something worthwhile that your body looks more like an altar than an assortment of bones. If this is your church I hope that your god looks like your nine year old face whenever somebody asked what you wanted to be when you grew up. I hope your prayer sounds like an exhale and that your choir sings in harmony and that every donation tastes like honey. Don’t forget to bow your head every once in a while. Remind yourself of your feet. Of how fast you’re able to run.

—  APRIL HOROSCOPES, 2/30, Caitlin Conlon

i am sorry for your
angry fists,
but just keep them in your pockets,
just keep the hurricane in your pockets this time.

you were made to hurt
as you were made to fly,
you were made to love him
as you were made to love others.

kiss your body electric,
kiss your starry knees and your bright
paint brush fingertips,
kiss your pain goodbye.

you were beautiful before
you were told so,
just like you are loved
even when you cannot feel it.

i know that her eyes are
so bright,
but so is our soul and
your soul is your home.

your apologies trapped in your skull
like fluttering birds,
but i promise you
that you are still yours.

being split open is only
one step closer to being filled,
even sutures and stitches

do not let this destroy you,
this is not a disease,
do not let this destroy you,
we do not want to find your body.

i know that it hurts but
that is the way of growing pains,
you are growing you are growing,
this can only make you more beautiful.

i want to tell you about
all the ways that it gets better,
though it seems that soon
you’ll see for yourself.

the emptiness is ringing but
you deserve to be with someone
who does not see your love
as an annoyance.

wipe away your tears,
this is not your end,
you are above this,
it is only your beginning.

—  for the signs: moving on; l.m.

-,’ types of people ,’-

spring: bright smiles, poetry, festivals, keeping a journal, gentle touches, taking polaroid pictures, smiling at strangers

summer: loud music, roadtrips, making friends, sun-kissed skin, trying to make everyone happy, sunrises, one night stands

autumn: moonlight, pale skin, messy hair, rosy cheeks, piercing gaze, ocean waves, rainy days, oversized shirts

winter: making promises, drinking black coffee, midnight conversations, dark hair, writing, sleepy eyes, collecting notebooks, stargazing

Aries:Fighting isn’t always the solution. There is nothing wrong with deciding you need to turn around and run. There is nothing wrong with deciding to hide from this war. It doesn’t feel right but sometimes the right choices we have to make feel like shit. But it’s better than the alternative.

Taurus: Forgive yourself. Let what you use to do and who you use to be part of your past. I know the memories haunt you in scars on your skin, but you are more than your tragic backstory or the people who tried to wreck you.

Gemini: Put down the knives, the fists, the guns. Put down your weapons. You have been fighting for so long you can’t even see who the real targets are anymore, can you? Give yourself a break to straighten it all out.

Cancer: It’s okay to slip up. It’s okay to be sick sometimes. You do not always have to be this perfect person. You are allowed to have flaws and to be damaged. If they don’t like it then fuck them and move on.

Leo: You’re taking the hits meant for them. If no one else is saying thank you, I am. You are being a bigger person then the one throwing punches or the cowards hiding in the corner. You’re putting a target on your own back to keep others safe. Thank you.

Virgo: If the people in your life can’t handle you when the storms come, then they don’t belong there. If they can’t pick you up at 4 AM off the floor even though you’ve told them a thousand times they might have to, then they are not brave enough to belong with you.

Libra: No matter how much you love them, you can’t bring them back. You can’t make them be part of your life just because you are so in love and miss them so much. I wish it worked that way, I’m sorry.

Scorpio: There are better days and more sunsets ahead. You just have to hold on for them. I know it’s scary and overwhelming. But there are so much more on the horizon and it is coming, just please hang on.

Sagittarius: It’s okay that the sadness comes back some nights. That it gets bad some days. But the way you got the scars the first time was being very quiet and letting yourself get hurt over and over again. If the monsters come back please don’t be silent this time.

Capricorn: You are worth more then the bullshit they tell you to keep you around. I hope you open your eyes and see what their doing isnt just selfish it’s almost fucking abusive. Wake up, and run. Run as far and as fast as you can.

Aquarius: Put the bottles down. They won’t help you. Hiding behind a vice isn’t going to do any good it’s just going to mask the problems with the marijuana smoke. Time to come out of the shadows and see what we really need to fix.

Pisces: Never be scared to tell the truth. As scary as the attacks that may come for you, but it’s better than staying silent and waiting for the next person to get hurt. You know better.

—  This weeks horoscope

The heat inside you is within your head, a brain like a wildfire and a touch to match. Don’t let your thoughts burn you alive, don’t let people tell you you’re too lively. After all, fire is alive. Unleash it, don’t cage it; it will destroy you.
And I know you own a touch of self destruction, but your fire is not to be dimmed. Don’t let the fire run over your skin and burn you alive, burns will fade but scars will stay. You’re lovable.

The earthy complexion of you is in your throat, your words are calm and your voice makes others find solace within. You easily lull others to sleep, a voice for the screens. Words may tumble off your lips so effortlessly, and earth is oh so rational but look out; earthquakes don’t come with a time ticket.

The air gushes within your arms. Light feather swift movements, an arm around a friends shoulders. You may balance your plates so well, but watch out for obstacles, you don’t want to drop it all. A hug from you may feel like a breeze, you bring solace with a shoulder brush.

Water runs through your hands, a pencil that you know a bit too well. Pen on paper for another soul wrenching piece, maybe your fingers stray the strings of a guitar. You are the rivers, but also the sea; you’re unpredictable and that’s what makes you so dangerously beautiful.

Your fire lies in your heart, conflagration. You burn and sow through forests of minds, don’t let anyone eliminate your spark. You’re a leader with twinkling eyes and vodka felt veins. A complexion of ancient treasure, don’t be so hard on yourself. You feel so much, don’t let the fire take you over, but don’t let anyone make it die.

You have earth in your stomach, hands that make dishes to fall in love with. You love food, your gut always tells you what you have to do. Listen, if your gut tells you that something is wrong then please, listen.

Air runs through your kidneys, salt and something to let go of. A harmonious cycle with other organs. You create harmony, you let things go. Don’t drink too much water, don’t let people influence you in what to do, salty tears will spill too much. Don’t make yourself stop crying, you will ache too much; let it go.

Water churns through the pelvis, a heated lover. A compassionate person, someone who needs affection and is intrigued with the dark underlaying nature of humans and human existence. Know you are never to be replaced, for it’s you who will kiss the eyelids of your lover. You trace outlines of constellations on freckles, and it may be imperfect but find someone who looks at you in a way that makes you think perfection isn’t needed, someone who looks at you like are enough. You are enough.

Fire swirls through your thighs, you have a wandering spirit with a mind that investigates every nook and cranny within your own world map. Your thighs are made to run, so travel, fall in love, and be heartbroken. Experience life, you’re worth the adventure. See it as a mission, and see yourself as goal. Find yourself, it’ll be your biggest travel of all.

Earthquakes churning through legs made to walk and hike mountains, you may not love sports but you are made to climb. Climb the obstacles and mountains of your life, you have to overcome it. Work hard. You’re enough.

Air swirls inside your ankles, your made to stand up. Stand up for yourself, for crowds, for others. Stand in front of people, tell your ideas. Stand up. You have a voice, don’t let it falter.

Your feet run on waters, a waterfront of imagination. Don’t run away from your problems love, yes your feet will carry you but you are not God. You need others, you can’t run forever, don’t get lost in your dreams to escape reality. Make reality so good you don’t want to sleep anymore. Live.

—  Elements in the zodiac
milk and honey for the signs


if you were born

with the weakness to fall

you were born

with the strength to rise


my favorite thing about you is your smell

you smell like




a little more

human than the rest of us


you were so afraid

of my voice

i decided to be

afraid of it too 


when my mother was pregnant

with her second child i was four

i pointed at her swollen belly confused at how

my mother had gotten so big in such little time

my father scooped me in his tree trunk arms and

said the closest thing to god on this earth

is a woman’s body it’s where life comes from

and to have a grown man tell me something

so powerful at such a young age

changed me to see the entire universe

rested at my mother’s feet


if you are not enough for yourself

you will never be enough

for someone else


you look at me and cry

everything hurts

i hold you and whisper

but everything can heal


you might not have been my first love

but you were the love that made

all the other loves



you have to stop

searching for why at some point

you have to leave it alone


you deserve to be

completely found

in your surroundings

not lost within them


you were a dragon long before

he came around and said

you could fly

you will remain a dragon

long after he’s left


every revolution

starts and ends

with his lips


to be



to be



Words do little justice
for one as grand as you
you’re the secret compass
the most intense of all our brews.
Assertive, brave, and stubborn
a better leader never was
but by God you set some standards
and sometimes they give pause.
As a captain you’re distrusting
and can be jealous with your crew
just remember in deep waters
your best friends are tried and true.
You might be overwhelming
but nobody could complain
because what bad is there in drowning
in the passion of one’s reign?
So come now, my bold Scorpio
let your barriers breach
embrace that violent solo,
and leave the world without it’s speech.


Aries: You can’t hide in trauma forever. I know, it’s tempting. Calling your name out to you. Begging you to use it as an excuse to go back to every hold habit you tried so hard to kick. Eventually you have to stop hiding under covers and face what your world looks like now.

Taurus: You’re not invisible I promise. People are watching. Ever vigilant should the dark thoughts come back. All you have to do is ask for us, and we will come. We will come even if you don’t ask, but we see the smoke of everything burning. It’s okay. You have not been forgotten.

Gemini: Take a breath. You’re not at war anymore. There is no more battles to wage. You have won them all. Smile and sit back. Enjoy the victory. You have earned it. No one cares what you did to win. We just care that you came back home.

Cancer: Stop letting their words dictate your future. You’re worth more then that. More then what those small fools can see. I know you don’t know if you can believe me. But I promise you, you are meant for bigger and better things. You just have to be willing to want it.

Leo: Stop running. Whatever was chasing you lost your scent long ago. I know you think it’s the only thing you can do anymore, but stop. Learn to let the world stand still without being scared. It’s okay now.

Virgo :Don’t let the darkness back in. It comes around for you this time of year like clockwork. Do not let it come back in. Do not use this time as an excuse. You are so much better than this bullshit that surrounds you.

Libra: You can’t ever go back, as much as you want to. Don’t loose out on what’s happening now just because you’re mourning and missing what could of been. Lift up your gaze and try and smile. You’ll only get a moment like this once.

Scorpio:Stop using their words as an excuse to hate what you see in the mirror. They don’t know you. Stop trying to destroy yourself when it’s so much easier to make repairs. I know it’s scary, but you are worth saving.

Sagittarius: It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to begin again. I know it’s terrifying. But you will never get anywhere if you just stay standing perfectly still. The first steps always the hardest.

Capricorn: Don’t forget who you were, or you’ll forget the lessons it taught you. Don’t try and erase your past. Show your scars off, you earned those fuckers. You’re still standing. That’s something to be proud of.

Aquarius: I know it hurts more then you think you can manage. But here’s the shocker, you are managing.  You are getting up every day despite all of it. Don’t focus on tomorrow. Just focus on getting through the next 5 minutes. Because that’s really all you need.

Pisces: Not doing something because you’re scared of ruining it is a sorry excuse, and you know it. Nothing is as fragile as you give it credit for. You are not some bull in a china shop. You are safe here. Don’t be scared.

—  This weeks horoscope 

Aries, some ghosts are here to teach you instead of haunt you.

Taurus, your mother is not disappointed in the person you’ve become or the people you have been.

Gemini, it is difficult for an artist to love another artist; you both desperately want the other to hold still.

Cancer, avoiding important conversations because they’re difficult does not make anything easier.

Leo, you are still adequate even when you are not receiving constant validation.

Virgo, the life you deserve is fulfilling and filled to the brim with glittering magnificence.

Libra, everyone misses you even when you don’t think you’ve gone anywhere.

Scorpio, healing doesn’t have to mean yanking the memory down like the string of a ceiling fan.

Sagittarius, the careful balance of chaos and beauty in your life is inspiring to those around you.

Capricorn, some things are just meant to be a conversation; not everything is meant to be a poem.

Aquarius, the person that once made a city out of your heart is still looking for your tongue in the mouths of strangers.

Pisces, good intentions are not good excuses.
—  FEBRUARY HOROSCOPES, by Blythe Baird (2017)

Aries: you’re faking happiness, again. With that big smile that I don’t believe in, even when you smile you want to cry. Don’t lie to me, I can hear it in your voice when you’re sad. You may fake your happiness but you’re unhappy in general because you keep trying to please everyone even when you say you don’t care what anyone thinks anymore.

Taurus: you’re forgetting to take care of yourself, you’re forgetting to stop and smell the flowers. You’re forgetting yourself because there are millions of other people who need help, but hey. Save the world: start with yourself.

Gemini: stop trying to please everyone and then go along with their plans like someone blinded you. You have your own opinions, plans. Use your voice, live. Communicate with everyone and show them what you’re good at because love, you’re burning out.

Cancer: the stars shine for you again, you’re in such a contradict with yourself and your mind. You’re stuck in a spiderweb, speaking words of dust and cobwebs. I’m afraid I can’t save you, the spider’s dead. Save yourself because last time I looked in your eyes and I lost everything, I lost everything.

Leo: call that friend you’ve been forgetting, they’re missing you. People need you more than you realize. People miss you when you don’t talk to them just like you miss them. Don’t put yourself down love.

Virgo: I always forget the coldness of your hands but I swear that when I touch you my fingers split open with pain. Something so painful is yet so beautiful. And I always dreamed of fairtytales until I saw your face and was reminded that they’re not real. They’re not real; but you’re pretty damn close.

Libra: the jewelry around your neck doesn’t make me wander me from your fake smile and glossy eyes. You’re strong, but you’ve been over this path of glass one too many times and the shards always make you bleed. I know familiarity is important for you but why don’t you try the path with warm sand instead? You keep making yourself bleed.

Scorpio: you won’t find yourself or your confidence when you keep hiding your face under the lid of your hoodie darling. You’re beautiful, dare to be brave, open. Shock them all with your contagious smile. They don’t need to understand, happiness is not understandable. It’s beautiful, like you. Be your unpredictable self.

Sagittarius: the moon slips ink down your throat and you keep choking on the lies you tell to keep yourself save. I have an adventure for you and it starts at the top of your personality and ends and your lifeline: seek your heartbeat, find your faith.

Capricorn: for the last time, you’re more important than you think you are. You’re worth more than they’ll ever know. There’s not much to say, the seas are spotted red and your eyes always end up getting lost in it at the end of the night. It’s alright because for the thousandth time, there’s someone by your side.

Aquarius: the unfamiliarity of the sunset that lights fires in your heart may be a welcome surprise but your hands are still cold and winter is about to make things a whole lot more chilly. Find a home, you’re save when you’re there.

Pisces: you’re making mistakes I don’t understand but I am not the one to judge for I don’t know the things in your head. And I will try my best and say I do the best that I can but I can’t defend your actions, you’re too special to go down for this. You’re trying, I know you are. You always are.

“you have this hole in your heart that you’re attempting to fill with another person but the thing you fail to realize is that you go for men who treat you the way you treat yourself and that’s why you end up so hurt. you abuse yourself and see yourself as less than. so naturally, you go for guys who treat you the same way as you treat yourself because that’s what you think you deserve. broken people attract more brokenness. that’s why when you see yourself as nothing, the creeps and bad guys are so attracted to you. because they’re bullies and insecure themselves and project it onto you because they know you’re vulnerable and hurting so that you’ll take it. and because youre a ‘martyr’ you accept this and you convince yourself that they need saving and worshiping and loving when really they deserve nothing to do with you. it’s not to say that you’re better than them, it’s simply just facts. you, and your heart, deserve better than scum. so remove them. that’s why when good people love you, you can’t accept it. because you don’t think you deserve it. all of these parts in you are fighting to take control. rage. sadness. grief. they’re all consuming you, and filling you so much that they kicked you out. you are not ‘self’. self is wholesomeness, love, kindness, and acceptance to yourself and your life. but all your pain and parts have removed it. and that’s why i’m here. im here to temporarily be your ‘self’ until you gain back control of it. and your problem is that you try and compensate for losing your ‘self’ by having a guy, a douchebag guy, become your ‘self’ and that’s why you hurt. only you can run yourself and be your ‘self’ and douche bag guys who convince you that you can make them whole don’t deserve you.”

— advice from my therapist that I cant stop thinking about


You’re admired for your mind,
a paradox of dreams
but for that reason, oftentimes,
you make calm people scream.
Be not offended, dear Aquarius
what else can you expect-
A thought-provoking thunderstorm
who must always be correct?
You’re eccentric in extremes,
and wired like your lightning
with energy that comes in strikes
and results that can be frightening.
You blow through like a hurricane,
when it matters most
when called upon you’re always there,
none have a faster riposte.
Like wind you often fuel the fire,
uncompromisingly aggressive
you’ll change the world with heat like that,
combined with a mind progressive.
While wind is better fuel than most,
it cannot always blow-
don’t let the flames consume you,
be okay with letting go.


Love yourself

ARIES: love the way your head makes decisions before you can think about things, love the passion that drives through your blood, love the way your body looks

TAURUS: love the atmosphere in your soul, love your adorable curves, love your calming voice that helps others get through their day

GEMINI: love your happy smile, love the way your personality shines through no matter what people say, love the way you talk

CANCER: love the way you always help people and care about people, love your empathy, love the way you let a little, beautiful tear come out

LEO: love your pride when you’re feeling down, love your self-confidence, love the warm, fuzzy feeling when craving for someone or something

VIRGO: love the way you overthink things for the best, love the way you solve problems, love your crave for any knowledge

LIBRA: love the way you handle social situations, love your indecisiveness because it might help you at times, love the impression you leave

SCORPIO: love your intensity, love your craving for more love and attention, love the way your heart beats when thinking of something that makes you happy

SAGITTARIUS: love your imperfections for they are beautiful, love your sense of humor, love the way you are always down for new things

CAPRICORN: love the way your eyes widen when you hear something you’re interested in, love that people look up to you, love your looks

AQUARIUS: love your uniqueness, love the way you feel safe when being around your favorite people, love the excitement you feel when you create something

PISCES: love the way your mind drifts away sometimes, love your old soul, love your advice because people need to hear it

Aries: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Let places and people disappear from your memory. Let people walk away from you, as much as it feels like their ripping part of you out with them. You don’t need them to function. You don’t need them to make the sun rise and set. You don’t need them to see that the stars still shine in the night sky. You only need yourself and a pair of eyes. 

Taurus: You aren’t stuck forever. I know it feels that way. But you are not trapped in this hell. You will get out. Even if you have to claw yourself out with bloody fingernails and bruised skin. But you WILL get out. You will pull through to things much bigger then this. Every new step is terrifying, but you will get there. You will make something of yourself.

Gemini: Stop opening the door for ghosts that you aren’t even sure you want in your life. You can’t revive them just to force them back into a tomb. Make up your mind if you want to be friends with the past, or bury it forever. Either way is totally fine, but every time you half dig up skeleton, you just leave everyone with old wounds. Open up all the old scars and leave fresh blood on the floor. There’s no right or wrong choice, but there is a choice you have to make.

Cancer: It won’t be this hard forever. You won’t need that vice for all of eternity. It’s okay to need a crutch every once in awhile. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to be fucking desperate sometimes. You do not have to always be the strong one. Always be the brave one. Always be the fucking okay one. You can let yourself collapse under the weight of this world every once in awhile.

Leo:  Do not let them use you to bury their pain. You are not their whipping post. You are not their cemetery.  They can not use you when it is convenient for them to hide secrets and agony. You don’t owe them shit. They can not hold you down and force feed you every painful moment they can’t handle.  You are much better then everything their putting you through. 

Virgo : The future is never quite certain. It’s always a little bit terrifying. Always a little bit anxiety causing. You’re making the right steps. Stop doubting your footing. You’ve gotten through the worst of the storm. Time to celebrate, and move forward. Always keep moving forward. Always keep going on even when it feels like terror is around every corner.

Libra:  Set backs are temporary. Pain is temporary. Even baby steps are huge accomplishments. I know it feels like shit right now. Know it feels like the world is ending. But sweetie, you’ve survived the apocalypse before. You can do it again. And again. And then again. As many times as it takes. You are going to get through this rough patch too. Just like all the other times.

Scorpio:  Self hatred and self destruction will never get you where you need to go. You can’t run on spite forever. Eventually the candle of self anguish will burn itself out. You have to start healing. Have to start saying all of the hardest things in life, even though it hurts. Even though it makes you cry. Even if sometimes it feels like you’re going to die. Recovery is hard but dying is harder.

Sagittarius: If they don’t need you, you are so much better then them. The way they see you is not how you are. It is not your fault if they can’t figure out your worth. You don’t need them to thrive. Even if no one sees your beauty, you are still gorgeous. Still shining as bright as the stars. You don’t need anyone to recognize that. You don’t need them admit you shine to be brighter then all of them. 

Capricorn: Your past doesn’t define you, but it did make you who you are. You don’t have to live in it, but at least fucking acknowledge what happened. What brought you here. What gave you those scars, and what gave you those laugh lines. You can acknowledge your past and who you use to be, without becoming that person all over again. You are better then that now.

Aquarius: Coming home is not a defeat. You did something most people only dream of. Sometimes all you can do is grab on to plan B and make it work. Doesn’t mean that you are a failure because plan A failed. You tried your absolute hardest. You still won. So come back. Enjoy the sanctuary while we have it.

Pisces: If you’re going to cut people out, you can’t just be uncommitted. You can’t decide one minute you’re done only to open up the door the next. Make up your mind and stick to it. Bar the doors. Throw out the vodka. Turn off your phone. Wait this out. Take however long you need to break their spell over you.

—  This Weeks Horoscope

Poetic description of the signs.

Aries:The fire inside you burns with intensity fuelled by passion & creativity.Embrace this heat for it keeps you alive. From the burnt out ashes let the Phoenix rise.

Taurus: The walking contradiction; Modern lady with that vintage love, and innocence veiling the amorous soul. But never mess with this Gaea, for, she’s stubborn.

Gemini: You are the air that I take, the vortex that suffocate. Her wild heart possess passion and destruction and I can’t help but to crave your chaos.

Cancer: Sweet moon child, mending her calloused heart. Swaying with lilies and Dreaming under willows, phantom wakes her up.

Leo: Conqueror of hearts, queen of sass. Her confidence scares weak mass.You my Hemera, constantly illuminating the glooms away!

Virgo: Galaxies in her eyes;Libraries in her mind. A maiden tamed by logic, tracing symmetries between pristine and sin.

Libra: Oh! The balanced one, A light, warm zephyr but a hurricane when provoked. The classy Venusian flirting with her sins.

Scorpio: The fallen angel with hypnotic gaze filled with treasured fantasies, but who knows the keys? A matte black soul with hints of gold.

Sagittarius: The restless voyager trying to shoot arrows across the sky mesh,Living life to the fullest is their only wish.

Capricorn: Her soul’s a cemetery filled with demons buried by her bravery.

Aquarius: Eccentric bolts midst of hurricanes.A paradox of extreme, it’s okay to condense and vent it down for me.

Pisces: Gills filtering out the truth, she believes and she dreams;Poor soul doesn’t know that she’s deceived.

By a Pisces:)

Aries: “And here you are, living despite it all.”

Taurus: “The world gives you so much pain, and here you are; making gold out of it. There is nothing purer than that.”

Gemini: “If you were born with the weakness to fall, you were born with the strength to rise.”

Cancer: “I didn’t leave because I stopped loving you, I left ‘cause the longer I stayed the less I loved myself.”

Leo: “Love is not cruel, we are cruel. Love is not a game, we have made a game out of love.”

Virgo: “You are waiting for someone who is not coming back. Meaning, you are not living your life hoping someone will realize they can’t live theirs without you. But realizations don’t work like that.”

Libra: “I was music but you had your ears cut off.”

Scorpio: “You look at me and cry, “Everything hurts.” I hold you and whisper ‘But everything can heal.‘”

Capricorn: “The day you have everything I hope you remember when you had nothing.”

Aquarius: “Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself.”

Pisces: “She is water. Soft enough to offer life, tough enough to wash it away.”

—  the signs as quotes from @rupikaurpoems