zodiac watch

signs as kdrama scenes

aries: orange marmalade

taurus: monstar

gemini: page turner

cancer: page turner

leo: boys over flowers

virgo: boys over flowers

libra: moorim school

scorpio: page turner

sagittarius: trot lovers

capricorn: high school: love on

aquarius: who are you: school 2015

pisces: who are you: school 2015

The Signs as Jake Gyllenhaal Movies

Aries: Southpaw

Taurus: Zodiac

Gemini: Nightcrawler

Cancer: Brokeback Mountain

Leo: End of Watch

Virgo: Source Code

Libra: October Sky

Scorpio: Donnie Darko

Sagittarius: Love & Other Drugs

Capricorn: Prisoners

Aquarius: The Good Girl

Pisces: Enemy

Ophiuchus: Bubble Boy

Get to know me
  • 1. Middle name?
  • 2. Weird phobias?
  • 3. Favorite movie?
  • 4. Favorite song?
  • 5. Favorite color?
  • 6. Favorite TV show?
  • 7. Do you speak more than 1 language?
  • 8. Hobbies?
  • 9. Dog or cat?
  • 10. Chocolate or vanilla?
  • 11. Winter or summer?
  • 12. Where would your ideal vacation be and with who?
  • 13. Anywhere in the world you wish to visit (for the first time)?
  • 14. Anywhere in the world you wish you could go back to?
  • 15. What did you want to be when you grew up as a little kid?
  • 16. Favorite subject?
  • 17. What do you want to study/are studying in college?
  • 18. Have you met any celebrities?
  • 19. If you could host any awards ceremony, which one would you choose?
  • 20. Favorite sport to play?
  • 21. Favorite sport to watch?
  • 22. Zodiac sign
  • 23. Do you have/want any pets?
  • 24. Do you have/want any tattoos?
  • 25. Do you have/want any piercings?
  • 26. Would you like to study abroad? Where?
  • 27. Favorite food?
  • 28. Tell a personal funny story.
  • 29. If you could choose any place in the world, where would you like to live?
  • 30. Language that you wish to learn.
  • 31. Do you like to cook?
  • 32. Favorite book?
  • 33. What are you usually doing on a friday night?
  • 34. Favorite drink?
  • 35. Do you think you could be married soon?
  • 36. Do you want to have kids?
The Signs As Gossip Girl Characters

Aries: Serena van der Woodsen

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Taurus: Chuck Bass

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Gemini: Jenny Humphrey

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Cancer: Nate Archibald

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Leo: Eric van der Woodsen

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Virgo: Dorota

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Libra: Dan Humphrey

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Scorpio: Georgina Sparks

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Sagittarius: Blair Waldorf

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Capricorn: Carter Baizen

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Aquarius: Charlie Rhodes

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Pisces: Vanessa Abrams

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The signs as "Heathers" quotes
  • Aries: The extreme always seems to make an impression.
  • Taurus: I say we just grow up, be adults, and die.
  • Gemini: I can't believe you did it. I was teasing. I loved you! Of course, I was coming up here to kill you..
  • Cancer: Dear Diary. My teen angst bullshit has a body count.
  • Leo: Chaos is great! Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
  • Virgo: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human. You'd be a game show host.
  • Libra: I shop, therefore I am.
  • Scorpio: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?
  • Sagittarius: Our love is God. Lets go get a slushie.
  • Capricorn: Are we going to prom or to hell?
  • Aquarius: Whether to kill yourself or not is one of the most important decisions a teenager can make.
  • Pisces: This isn't just a spoke in my menstrual cycle.
Cancer & Scorpio
  • Cancer, calls Scorpio 3 AM, nervous:
  • Scorpio, answers: Hello-
  • Cancer, screams:
  • Scorpio, moves ear away from phone till she is done scream: What the fuck Cancer
  • Cancer, giggling @ her annoyance: Just felt like bothering you. Good night.
  • Cancer, hangs up:
  • Scorpio:
  • Scorpio, mumbles as she gets ready to go back to sleep : She is fucking lucky that she is adorable or I wold rip her throat out of her neck
Signs as Gayle quotes
  • Aries: We're not gonna continue this conversation until you put some makeup on so I don't think I'm talking to Howard Stern.
  • Taurus: Today you look like a storyteller and I can't stand it.
  • Gemini: If you promise me you will take the photo with the scraps of my body, then I promise you my ghost will not haunt you from the afterlife.
  • Cancer: Every second you spend smiling like that, the value of this house is depreciating.
  • Leo: Cool, Ira, I hear what you're saying, but try not to talk, you sound like a lizard.
  • Virgo: You're Greek and I want you out of here.
  • Libra: If you mention my coupon stockade again in broad daylight, I'mma roast you like a pepper. I mean that. I mean every word of that.
  • Scorpio: So you're telling me that you leave your shoes, your muddy shoes on in this house and you leave the Swiffer wet cloths open? So what you're telling me when you're doing this is: why don't we just have a pig in the house?
  • Sagittarius: You've got a face of a Peeping Tom! You've got no lips. You have skin that turns into a mouth. You've got curious nose.
  • Capricorn: One day I saw a racoon so big, it looked like it had opinions.
  • Aquarius: It's time for me to assassinate Bonnie with my legs.
  • Pisces: In birthing classes they don't tell you that one day your progeny may develop sexual feelings for a lizard.
Gift ideas for space and moon witches

-A telescope

-moon necklace 

-HUGE jars to be used for making moon water

-ceiling stars for their room

-Handmake a drawing of their favorite constellation

-Triple moon symbol altar cloth

-sun and moon tarot

-moon decal for their room

-anything galaxy

-Moon spells book

-Take them on a camping trip to lay under the full moon and look at the stars

-solar system model

-crescent moon dream catcher

-constellation mug

-solar system sugar cookies

-nasa shirt

-!!!!!!!!!!!!!! name a star after them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-space wall calendar

-moon phase watch

-zodiac sign necklace 

-solar system bracelet

-astronomy book

-galaxy bath bomb

-anything with their zodiac sign

most of these items can be found with a simple google search, enjoy :)


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from “Kuzu no Honkai”

Libra Rising

Akane is notably known to have a very sweet and charming image. She is considered to be very attractive and often attracts many people due to her seemingly kind nature. Her voice has a soft, polite tone, even when she chooses to be devious and hurtful. Akane often wears pastel colors and outfits that are flattering, but also considerate of the environment she’s in.

Aquarius Sun

Akane is known to be a very intelligent individual. Not only is she a music teacher, she also worked as a tutor for various students, including Mugi, one of the main protagonists in the anime. Akane is very popular with many characters of the story, but she often secretly feels like a misunderstood outsider.

Leo Moon

One thing that Akane really strives for is attention and validation. She’s very specific on the kind of attention she wants. She likes to get male attention so that she can sleep with them and hurt other women who like the men to show a disturbing sense of superiority over them. When Akane isn’t receiving such validations, she often feels empty and alone.

Aquarius Mercury

Akane not only thinks very quickly, but intelligently - even when the majority of her thinking is used for her malicious plans. Coldly rational in her thinking, she often logically calculates the feelings of others skillfully and uses them for her own personal gain. She is baffled by actions she considers to be illogical, especially if they are loving.

Aquarius Venus

With an Aquarius Venus, Akane often likes to be free when it comes to romantic relationships. Akane is firm on keeping her relationships emotionless, for she likes to leave her relationships with no strings attached, even if the lovers she slept with start to have romantic feelings for her. She often expresses romance in a rational manner, and isn’t willing to make irrational sacrifices in the name of love.

Virgo Mars

Akane often likes to calculate her moves very carefully. She often plans certain encounters, certain expressions, and certain looks to get what she wants. Akane can be very frustrated if she doesn’t get her way, but this frustration is often hidden with collected poise and gracefulness unless she’s drunk. When she wants to get the upper hand, Akane can often be very undermining, knowing the exact words to hurt someone deeply.

the signs as Kekkai Sensen characters
  • Aries: Femt
  • Taurus: Chain Sumeragi
  • Gemini: Aligura
  • Cancer: Leonardo Watch
  • Leo: Zapp Renfro
  • Virgo: Steven A. Starphase
  • Libra: K.K.
  • Scorpio: William MacBeth/King of Despair
  • Sagittarius: Brody&Hummer
  • Capricorn: Klaus Von Reinherz
  • Aquarius: "Lucky" Abrams
  • Pisces: Mary Macbeth

shonasof  What do you think happened to Pink Pearl?

My personal guess is that Our Pearl was Pink Pearl. I also think that Pearl is actually the one who shattered Pink Diamond and Rose took the blame to prevent all Pearls from being killed in retaliation… But that’s a bit off topic!

One reason why I really don’t want it to be that way is that even leaving aside the question of whether it’s plausible for a Pearl to single-handedly kill a Diamond, I am kind of hoping that one of the eventual messages the show gives us is that sometimes it’s not possible to get all the answers that would make sense of what has happened to you, or what went on before you got here but has shaped the world you now live in.  I think that’s significant for Steven and also for Jasper and to some extent Amethyst.  

When you come to the point where it’s not possible to get any more answers, because the people who could have told you are gone or the evidence has not survived, because there are various people who were there but each saw only part of what happened or they all remember it differently and there’s no way to determine whose memory is most accurate, when you just have to face the fact that you can’t get the resolution or closure you want from certain knowledge, you have to stop chasing that Holy Grail of an answer that will make sense of things and focus on how you can make peace with the situation and go on with life with what you know, what you have and what you are - how those things can be sufficient.

Cancer & Libra
  • Cancer, watching Pisces and Sagittarius argue/bicker w/ Libra, takes a bite of their burger:
  • Pisces, pointing a finger in Sagittarius's face: That's why your still fucking single- you don't know how to listen to other people!
  • Sagittarius, scoffs: Oh yeah?! At least I'm in reality instead of trying to escape to the land of rainbow monkeys who don't even exist!
  • Pisces, gasps: You take that back, you son of a whore!
  • Libra, takes a sip of Cancer's drink: I bet when they reconnect around their 30's, they're gonna get married.


Momiji comes off as an innocent flower who needs protecting, but the truth is that out of the entire Zodiac, Momiji is the most mentally independent of them all. His selflessness is his strength, but so is his awareness. He can read people and situations, he just hides his observations.

Even earlier in this volume, Momiji tested Kyou by saying “Really? That’s great!” when he found out that Kyou wouldn’t be going back to Akito. As soon as he said it, he followed up with, “If I said that…would you be mad?” This is one of the first insights into the deeper complexities that make up Momiji Sohma.

The panel above is extremely important because *Momiji is standing up to god.* This is a huge deal. His arms are out stretched and he is both physically and mentally defying Akito by being an obstacle in her path. The other Zodiac members are watching from above and, even though they want to help, it’s still difficult for them to move against god.

Not for Momiji, though. His first instinct isn’t to please god, it’s to protect Tooru. He does this by trying to empathize with Akito and appeal to her childlike nature because, maybe more than anyone, Momiji can understand that Akito is a scared child.

Momiji is the real MVP.