zodiac signs

You're lucky if...
  • You see an Aries being down
  • You see a Taurus admitting they're wrong
  • You stay in a Gemini's life for long
  • You see that Cancer's strong and protective side
  • You see a Leo admitting their insecurities
  • A Virgo lets you in their disorganized head
  • You see a Libra not being nice just because they feel like they should be
  • A Scorpio tells you a secret
  • You settle a Sagittarius down
  • You see Capricorn's lazy side
  • You see Aquarius' emotional side
  • A Pisces lets you know their dreams
  • (these are signs they trust you or like you a lot)
Zodiac Witch Boxes
  • Aries:A carved wooden wand, balls of sheep wool, a dagger, a vial of burned ashes, a ram's horn, cinnamon incense.
  • Taurus:Pressed flowers, a satchel of dried lavender, a roll of meadow grass, a vial of honey, a 4-leaf clover.
  • Gemini:Tiny bottles of fairy dust, tarot cards, a sparkling geode, dead butterflies, vanilla incense.
  • Cancer:A crystal ball, a string of pearls, moon charts, crab shells, a vial of tears, a dream catcher.
  • Leo:A jeweled goblet, tapered candles, myrrh, balls of shed animal fur, sunflower seeds, a miniature sun dial.
  • Virgo:Rolls of parchment with wax seals, a quill, a vial of fertile earth, musk, a miniature cauldron, tree roots.
  • Libra:Feathers, speckled egg shells, loose tea leaves, two tealight candles, dandelion seeds, a guide to angels.
  • Scorpio:Amber insects, mushrooms, small animal skulls, handsewn spiderwebs, a vial of thorns, a silver pentagram.
  • Sagittarius:Tree bark, an antler, pine cones, a jar of dried berries, moss, pressed dead leaves, acorns.
  • Capricorn:A satchel of wooden runes, fossils, a pocket watch, a vial of tree sap, conkers, a tiny cactus.
  • Aquarius:Crystal prisms, vials of rainwater, a wooden flute, river-cleansed stones, an antique hand mirror.
  • Pisces:Driftwood, seashells, fish bones, pieces of coral, a vial of beach sand, dried starfish, a pet marimo.
The Signs On Their Birthday
  • Aries:Jumps out of bed and demands presents
  • Taurus:Has a separate birthday cake for themselves, because they are not sharing the deliciousness with anyone
  • Gemini:Announces it's their birthday every day for a week leading up to their actual birthday, when they go buck wild
  • Cancer:Wakes up early, because they're excited; waits for birthday texts and calls so they can feel loved
  • Leo:Wakes up July 23rd, announces it's their birth season and keeps the party going until August 23rd; their actual birthday is celebrated with a party so turnt up that it's aired on MTV
  • Virgo:Gets so drunk they wake up in the hospital the next morning (underage Virgos get drunk off of Kool-Aid ;))
  • Libra:Gets a birthday kiss from each of their hoes at the same time (how, nobody can figure out, but everyone is jealous)
  • Scorpio:Demands the spotlight for one day in their life; they wanna be taken care of like they do for everyone else
  • Sagittarius:Their phone is constantly going off all day with happy birthday texts, calls, tweets, emails, Tumblr posts, etc. etc.
  • Capricorn:Boosts their age up until they hit twenty five; after that they stop officially celebrating their birthdays and yell at anyone who reminds them of their age
  • Aquarius:Has a birthday party on the moon
  • Pisces:Cries during "Happy Birthday" and makes a super sentimental wish
  • *thank you to the anons for the suggestion :) send suggestions to @cancercornastrology*
Haikus for the Rising Signs


impatient feet tap,

the clock moves at its same rate—

it’s too hard to wait


seasons wont faze you

snow and blossoms wont alter

what you look after


a voltage too great

electrifies your insides

and revives your mind


home away from home

a warmth within the coldness

a kindness well known


mirror shards for skin

reflecting what you have seen—

your broken stories


hold back rising tides

with your unspoken worries

and all will be fine


you are lost without

a hand to hold, but just smile

away loneliness  


whispers in a crowd

everybody’s staring now

your secrets are found


crossroads and crossfires

your spark will never expire—

laughter with last breaths


polishing dishes

scrubbing away all the grime;

like them, you will shine


kaleidoscope eyes;

it doesn’t surprise you that

they all call you wise


penny for your thoughts—

your mind’s contents keeps stirring

curious intents

the signs & kisses

aries: passionate kisses. ‘i need you now’ kisses. kisses with waist grabbing and hair holding and tongue pressing.

taurus: kisses that make you come back for more. kisses that are balanced with heat and romance and compassion. kisses that are addictive.

gemini: hot kisses. kisses that are so crafted and exotic. kisses with so many ingredients and positions and endless touches.

cancer: slow kisses. kisses to last hours and hours until you open your eyes holding onto that person and wondering where you are.

leo: loving kisses. kisses that begin delicate but become so magnetic that the passion is unbearable. kisses that show the true feelings of someone.

virgo: soft kisses. kisses that begin at the edge of your lips. kisses that feel as if no one else in the room is there.

libra: kisses you see in the movies. kisses in the rain. kisses at the airport before you say goodbye.

scorpio: kisses that mean so much more than words. kisses that show anger and love and sorrow that they all compress into lips touching.

sagittarius: kisses that start too quickly. kisses that are nervous but they find their pace. kisses that are meaningful and abrupt and wonderfully dynamic.

capricorn: not enough kisses. kisses where there is so much more to say that isn’t said. kisses that you miss the most.

aquarius: kisses that will make you fall in love and break your heart. kisses that are mysterious and exciting. kisses that make you feel young again.

pisces: little kisses. kisses on the nose and cheek and collar bone. kisses that brighten your morning and welcome you home at night.

Cusp Zodiac Sign Facts & Advice

If your birthday falls at the beginning or end of each month, you were born on a cusp. For this reason, you find it difficult to relate solely to one sign. Below, we have broken down characteristics, facts and advice for anybody who falls within a cusp.

Aries-Taurus Cusp - April 19 to April 24
Taurus-Gemini Cusp - May 19 to May 24
Gemini-Cancer Cusp - June 19 to June 23
Cancer-Leo Cusp - July 19 to July 24
Leo-Virgo Cusp - August 19 to August 24
Virgo-Libra Cusp - September 19 to September 24
Libra-Scorpio Cusp - October 19 to October 24
Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp - November 19 to November 24
Sagittarius-Capricorn Cusp - December 19 to December 24
Capricorn-Aquarius Cusp - January 15 to January 22
Aquarius-Pisces Cusp - February 18 to February 22
Pisces-Aries Cusp - March 19 to March 26

Keep reading to find out the facts of each cusp. 

Keep reading

the signs camping
  • aries:collecting firewood bc they want to show the group a 'good old-fashioned' camp fire
  • taurus:abandoning camp to climb a mountain or something
  • gemini:screaming bc a spider touched them
  • cancer:attempting to help start the fire up when aries returns
  • leo:they just want wifi omfg
  • virgo:telling stories
  • libra:making cups of tea for everyone and trying to convince pisces to give up some blankets
  • scorpio:abandoning camp with taurus bc they wanna explore
  • sagittarius:competing with virgo to tell better stories
  • capricorn:whipping out a ouija board or weed or something
  • aquarius:telling capricorn off for being immature
  • pisces:wrapped in 6000 fluffy blankets
  • (check sun/moon/rising signs)
What the signs are excited for

Aries: Fallout 4
Taurus: Fallout 4
Gemini: Fallout 4
Cancer: Fallout 4
Leo: Fallout 4
Virgo: Fallout 4
Libra: Fallout 4
Scorpio: Fallout 4
Sagittarius: Fallout 4
Capricorn: Fallout 4
Aquarius: Fallout 4
Pisces: Fallout 4

The signs as bands

Taurus- Arctic Monkeys
Gemini- My Chemical Romance
Cancer- Twenty One Pilots
Leo- Panic! At The Disco
Virgo- One Republic
Libra- Fall Out Boy
Scorpio- Bring Me The Horizon
Sagittarius- Blink-182
Capricorn- Bowling For Soup
Aquarius- The 1975
Pisces- The Neighbourhood

Signs as Mermaids

Aries: A merperson with a fiery tail, red and orange scales finishing with fins like flames of a fire, branching out. When they swim, it will look like a fire waving in the wind. Their hair is slightly spiky, and very textured, often in reddish/yellowish colors. It would be hard to see them, as they would be gone if you blinked, the most rapid and quick of all the signs.
Taurus: A merperson with a serene tail, green scales like of a meadow. Their tail is embroidered with pale flowers, and their skin inked in several nature scenes. Their hair is also combed with flowers. Their hair is considered the silkiest of all the signs, looking less and less like hair, and more like a smooth brook. Although slightly slow as they seem to almost be growing from the ground, they can make any living thing/plant flourish and grow quickly.
Gemini: A merperson with a yellow tail. Their tail glimmers in the sunlight, and the ends finish off the tail in two perfectly symmetrical fins. Their skin always seems to be tinted with a rush of blood, and their hair moves around their head as if it were alive itself. In fact, every part of them seems to be alive. If you were ever to look at them from afar, it would be as if they seemed to be dancing, but once you get closer, you see they are still. Their talk could enchant you, they are the most eccentric of all, and could entice you with their ideas. Their eyes are as deep as the sea itself, and they seem to be alive with thoughts.
Cancer: A merperson with a deep purple tail. Their tail is also highlighted with flecks of silver, gold, and dark green. Like Gemini, a Cancer’s skin is always flushed with a tint of red blush, and their hair seems to be an array of colors. It envelopes them in long waves. You can always tell what a Cancer merperson is feeling, when they’re upset their feelings are made known to everyone in the room. All the other signs look to the Cancer as their guardian, and will lean on them.
Leo: A merperson with an opal tail, no one color can be picked out, however, streaks of purples, blues, and golds are quite visible. A Leo’s skin is tinted with gold, when the blush, their cheeks are infused with a sunny color, and gold blood is in their stream. Their hair arranges in a lion’s mane, and when they are angry or surprised, it stands on end. Leo’s are adored in the kingdom, and are often sent tokens of others’ affection, and adorned in luxurious jewels. Pearls will run through their reddish/yellowish hair to show importance.
Virgo: A merperson with a bluish purplish tail. Their hair falls flat except when their emotions are at extremes, in which it gets wavy and curly. Their scales are precise and seem as if they were intricately carved one by one. A Virgo is known for their healing powers, both of the mind, body, and spirit. Most will have a Virgo close to them, either as a friend, or a romantic partner. A Virgo’s home is always tidy, but also bathed in several crystal balls, books, and crystals.
Libra: A merperson with a lilac tail. A libra may have lavender flowers inked on their skin. Their hair is always twisting around in the water as if a harsh wind were rustling through their hair. Many libras will put their hair in intricate styles to keep it from moving it around. Libras are considered the beauty of the sea. You will never see a Libra merperson bump into something or trip while swimming. They gracefully flounder in the ocean, and are brought gifts from other merpeople often.
Scorpio: A merperson with a deep red tail. Their hair is often deep red to match and embroidered with chrysanthemums. Their eyes are always decorated in gems to amplify their scorching gaze. They move slowly and if they look at you, they won’t drop their gaze until their message is put through. They can read you very easily, and like Virgo have several crystal balls, herbs, and crystals.
Sagittarius: A merperson with a light blue tail, streaked with orange flames. The Sagittarius merperson is always the one to go out adventuring, and is quite like the typical Disney mermaid, Ariel. A Sagittarius merperson is always bouncing around, finding new things, going up to the surface to get a taste of the outside world. Their hunger for new things is grand, but useful. Their smile brightens everyone’s day, and their hair seems to go out in every direction, dyed every color of the rainbow.
Capricorn: A merperson with a deep earthy toned tail. The scales are blues, browns, and purples, but they all come together to form a beauty. Their hair is straight, however it seems to tell a story to you. You will not be able to tell how a Capricorn is feeling, because of the set way they swim and look. The way they swim seems urgent, like they have places to be all the time. Anyone who looks a a Capricorn will see a merperson who is a mural of emotions all kept in a cage. Capricorns in the kingdom are typically of royal like the Leos, but prefer less flashy gifts, and the truth is very important when it comes to ruling over the other merfolk.
Aquarius: A merperson with a turquoise tail that almost looks as if it were dip dyed. Aquarius is more subtle than Gemini, not always darting around, yet still full of thoughts and ideas, Their hair is usually an array of colors, typically in the blues and pinks. It seems to float about calmly. An Aquarius is usually dressed in shells and other unusual objects they may come upon. They are not one for conventional beauty, and like to ignore whatever rules are set upon them in the kingdom.
Pisces: A merperson with a pale tail. The color may be pale pink, blue, purple, but is never deep. They have smaller fins attached to their waist, and their scales seem to shimmer in the sunlight. Their hair is either extremely short or extremely long. It typically falls in corkscrew curls or loose waves, also in the pale colors of their tails. You will always be able to tell how a Pisces feels because of the aura they put out. They enjoy the idea of being deep and emotional, and often write poetry or simply sit on the shore and gaze at the moon.

Inspired by this post:

The Signs Finally Moving Out And Picking Their New Roommate

Aries: “Sagittarius, just bc we da Fire Signs, fuck Leo” IM SO SORRY LEO ILY MA BABIES

Taurus: “Libra bc I want their clothes…..that’s kinda it😁”

Gemini: “Aquaaaaa bc they don’t care what I doooooo”

Cancer: “Pisces, I’m gonna serenade you. *clears throat* I love you bitch *guitar strum* You gonna be my new roommate….bitchhhhh”

Leo: “Scorpio bc they fierce aF”

Virgo: “Cappie bc that bitch is basically me but WORST”

Libra: “Taurus bc the financial stability is 💯💯💯 and they chill af”

Scorpio: “Leo bc they can help me murder that bitch Jennifer that stepped on my foot the other day. FUCK YOU JENNIFER”

Sagittarius: “I’m prob gonna burn our house down, so I’m gonna pick Aries since, ya know, we’re the Fire Signs, and WE HOT”

Capricorn: “Virgo bc I love that bitch, keepin the house smellin’ all good and shit”

Aquarius: “Gemmy, bc they’re funny, I’m funny……whoever said we weren’t funny is dead and they don’t exist anymore bc I accidentally killed themmmmm aHAHA”


*Capricorn + Virgo and Pisces + Cancer’s are the only ones still alive bc everyone else died and Sag and Aries……you’ll never believe it…..BURNED THEIR HOUSE DOWN! WAT OMG*

What the signs are scared of...
  • Aries :losing control
  • Taurus :being used
  • Gemini :ruining a friendship/moving in the wrong direction/being broken up with
  • Cancer :death
  • Leo :never changing or growing
  • Virgo :not being right/being seen as unintelligent/being mistaken for disloyal
  • Libra :rejection/making the wrong decision
  • Scorpio :dying alone/hurting someone's feelings
  • Sagittarius :commitment/staying still for too long
  • Capricorn :never achieving anything/being belittled
  • Aquarius :being boring/unoriginal
  • Pisces :oblivion/the universe
Signs As Things I'm A Fan Of

Aries: 5sos
Taurus: The 1975
Gemini: Drake
Cancer: One Direction
Leo: Nicki Minaj
Virgo: Justin Bieber
Libra: Lana Del Rey
Scorpio: The Weeknd
Sagittarius: The Janoskians
Capricorn: The Neighbourhood
Aquarius: Childish Gambino
Pisces: Halsey

Who The Signs Hate
  • Aries:Clingy people
  • Taurus:Flaky people
  • Gemini:People who don't like them
  • Cancer:Untrustworthy people
  • Leo:Boring people
  • virgo:Loud people
  • Libra:Attention seeking people
  • Scorpio:Everyone
  • Sagittarius:Sad people
  • Capricorn:Nonchalant people
  • Aquarius:Stupid people
  • Pisces:Mean people
What they think about before bed

Aries: “Should I go to the party on Saturday?”

Taurus: “I’m so hungry!! No one will hear me…let me go get a snack…”

Gemini: “Why am I still awake!?!”

Cancer: “I have to get invited, don’t stress! Saturday is in a few days, I’ll get invited”

Leo: “who else should I invite on Saturday?”

Virgo: “Should I wear my black pants or my jeans tomorrow?”


Scorpio: *singing lyrics*

Sagittarius: “what homework didn’t I finish?”

Capricorn: “I have to get up in x amount of hours”

Aquarius: “If I think sweet dreams, they will eventually happen”

Pisces: “Does he like me? He has to…he’ll definitely text back.”

Why The Signs Are Still Single

Aries- they are very self-assured, so they can become annoying. they need to turn down his or her ego and the “me first” attitude, and if they don’t, that can compromise the relationship

Taurus- they can become very stubborn after awhile, and they tend to hold grudges and allow resentment to grow after they keep on having the same fight

Gemini- they can be confusing, and they can reinvent his or her personality, which means they can change their minds and can send someone running for the hills

Cancer- they can mention marriage, and having kids too early on in the relationship, and can come off as clingy, causing their partner to feel smothered and want to back off

Leo- they tend to argue a lot, which can make someone feel like they’re always picking battles and become tiring, and leo’s think winning personal battles are more important

Virgo- they tend to be quite shy, and think that you’re not interested, which makes them give up on the idea of calling or going on a second date

Libra- libras tend to pick to go out with people who are bad for them, meaning that they tend to date people who are “broken” and need to be “fixed”

Scorpio- scorpios can be sarcastic, which can turn into nagging in a relationship. They can also become very controlling, which causes their date to run.

Sagittarius- they tend to have very high standards, and they refuse to think that anyone is good enough for them which can  be un-attractive

Capricorn- capricorns can get jealous until their confidence has been won, which takes a long time and can make the person that they’re going out with bored or frustrated

Aquarius- they can be quite opinionated, and have a quirky nature, but as the relationship goes on, their opinions can get in the way and it soon can become destructive from having constant conflicts.

Pisces- pisces have a self-sacrificing nature, and can lead to resentment, and they tend to choose people who use them, and revisit the single life over and over again.