The Signs as Unexplained Feelings
  • Aries: Rubatosis- The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat.
  • Taurus: Altschmerz- The weariness from the same old issue you've always had.
  • Gemini: Adronitis- The frustration with how long it takes to get to know someone.
  • Cancer: Kuebiko- The state of exhaustion inspired by senseless acts of violence.
  • Leo: Kenopsia- An eerie, forlorn atmosphere of a place that is usually bustling with people but now is abandoned and quiet.
  • Virgo: Ellipism- The sadness from never knowing your destiny.
  • Libra: Occhiolism- The awareness of the smallness of your perspective.
  • Scorpio: Exluanis- The tendency to give up talking about an experience because others are unable to relate to it.
  • Sagittarius: Onism- The frustration of being stuck in one body that inhabits only one place at a time.
  • Capricorn: Lacheism- The desire to be struck by disaster.
  • Aquarius: Nodus Tollens- The realization that the plot of your life doesn't make sense to you anymore.
  • Pisces: Mauerbauertraurigkeit- The inexplicable urge to push people away, even close friends and family.
Best Match for every Sun/Moon Combination
  • Aries sun, Aries moon: Sagittarius
  • Aries sun, Taurus moon: Libra
  • Aries sun, Gemini moon: Aries
  • Aries sun, Cancer moon: Scorpio
  • Aries sun, Leo moon: Aquarius
  • Aries sun, Virgo moon: Capricorn
  • Aries sun, Libra moon: Virgo
  • Aries sun, Scorpio moon: Pisces
  • Aries sun, Sagittarius moon: Taurus
  • Aries sun, Capricorn moon: Leo
  • Aries sun, Aquarius moon: Gemini
  • Aries sun, Pisces moon: Cancer
  • Taurus sun, Aries moon: Aquarius
  • Taurus sun, Taurus moon: Capricorn
  • Taurus sun, Gemini moon: Sagittarius
  • Taurus sun, Cancer moon: Scorpio
  • Taurus sun, Leo moon: Pisces
  • Taurus sun, Virgo moon: Taurus
  • Taurus sun, Libra moon: Aries
  • Taurus sun, Scorpio moon: Cancer
  • Taurus sun, Sagittarius moon: Leo
  • Taurus sun, Capricorn moon: Virgo
  • Taurus sun, Aquarius moon: Gemini
  • Taurus sun, Pisces moon: Libra
  • Gemini sun, Aries moon: Libra
  • Gemini sun, Taurus moon: Taurus
  • Gemini sun, Gemini moon: Leo
  • Gemini sun, Cancer moon: Capricorn
  • Gemini sun, Leo moon: Aries
  • Gemini sun, Virgo moon: Virgo
  • Gemini sun, Libra moon: Gemini
  • Gemini sun, Scorpio moon: Pisces
  • Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon: Aquarius
  • Gemini sun, Capricorn moon: Cancer
  • Gemini sun, Aquarius moon: Sagittarius
  • Gemini sun, Pisces moon: Scorpio
  • Cancer sun, Aries moon: Gemini
  • Cancer sun, Taurus moon: Capricorn
  • Cancer sun, Gemini moon: Aquarius
  • Cancer sun, Cancer moon: Pisces
  • Cancer sun, Leo moon: Libra
  • Cancer sun, Virgo moon: Taurus
  • Cancer sun, Libra moon: Aries
  • Cancer sun, Scorpio moon: Scorpio
  • Cancer sun, Sagittarius moon: Leo
  • Cancer sun, Capricorn moon: Virgo
  • Cancer sun, Aquarius moon: Sagittarius
  • Cancer sun, Pisces moon: Cancer
  • Leo sun, Aries moon: Leo
  • Leo sun, Taurus moon: Cancer
  • Leo sun, Gemini moon: Aries
  • Leo sun, Cancer moon: Pisces
  • Leo sun, Leo moon: Sagittarius
  • Leo sun, Virgo moon: Taurus
  • Leo sun, Libra moon: Aquarius
  • Leo sun, Scorpio moon: Virgo
  • Leo sun, Sagittarius moon: Capricorn
  • Leo sun, Capricorn moon: Scorpio
  • Leo sun, Aquarius moon: Libra
  • Leo sun, Pisces moon: Gemini
  • Virgo sun, Aries moon: Sagittarius
  • Virgo sun, Taurus moon: Pisces
  • Virgo sun, Gemini moon: Aquarius
  • Virgo sun, Cancer moon: Capricorn
  • Virgo sun, Leo moon: Libra
  • Virgo sun, Virgo moon: Virgo
  • Virgo sun, Libra moon: Leo
  • Virgo sun, Scorpio moon: Cancer
  • Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon: Aries
  • Virgo sun, Capricorn moon: Taurus
  • Virgo sun, Aquarius moon: Gemini
  • Virgo sun, Pisces moon: Scorpio
  • Libra sun, Aries moon: Leo
  • Libra sun, Taurus moon: Aquarius
  • Libra sun, Gemini moon: Libra
  • Libra sun, Cancer moon: Scorpio
  • Libra sun, Leo moon: Sagittarius
  • Libra sun, Virgo moon: Capricorn
  • Libra sun, Libra moon: Gemini
  • Libra sun, Scorpio moon: Cancer
  • Libra sun, Sagittarius moon: Aries
  • Libra sun, Capricorn moon: Taurus
  • Libra sun, Aquarius moon: Pisces
  • Libra sun, Pisces moon: Virgo
  • Scorpio sun, Aries moon: Leo
  • Scorpio sun, Taurus moon: Cancer
  • Scorpio sun, Gemini moon: Aquarius
  • Scorpio sun, Cancer moon: Taurus
  • Scorpio sun, Leo moon: Aries
  • Scorpio sun, Virgo moon: Capricorn
  • Scorpio sun, Libra moon: Gemini
  • Scorpio sun, Scorpio moon: Scorpio
  • Scorpio sun, Sagittarius moon: Sagittarius
  • Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon: Virgo
  • Scorpio sun, Aquarius moon: Libra
  • Scorpio sun, Pisces moon: Pisces
  • Sagittarius sun, Aries moon: Leo
  • Sagittarius sun, Taurus moon: Virgo
  • Sagittarius sun, Gemini moon: Aquarius
  • Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon: Scorpio
  • Sagittarius sun, Leo moon: Aries
  • Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon: Cancer
  • Sagittarius sun, Libra moon: Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius sun, Scorpio moon: Pisces
  • Sagittarius sun, Sagittarius moon: Libra
  • Sagittarius sun, Capricorn moon: Taurus
  • Sagittarius sun, Aquarius moon: Gemini
  • Sagittarius sun, Pisces moon: Capricorn
  • Capricorn sun, Aries moon: Scorpio
  • Capricorn sun, Taurus moon: Virgo
  • Capricorn sun, Gemini moon: Aries
  • Capricorn sun, Cancer moon: Taurus
  • Capricorn sun, Leo moon: Libra
  • Capricorn sun, Virgo moon: Capricorn
  • Capricorn sun, Libra moon: Leo
  • Capricorn sun, Scorpio moon: Gemini
  • Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon: Aquarius
  • Capricorn sun, Capricorn moon: Cancer
  • Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon: Sagittarius
  • Capricorn sun, Pisces moon: Pisces
  • Aquarius sun, Aries moon: Gemini
  • Aquarius sun, Taurus moon: Capricorn
  • Aquarius sun, Gemini moon: Aries
  • Aquarius sun, Cancer moon: Pisces
  • Aquarius sun, Leo moon: Libra
  • Aquarius sun, Virgo moon: Cancer
  • Aquarius sun, Libra moon: Aquarius
  • Aquarius sun, Scorpio moon: Taurus
  • Aquarius sun, Sagittarius moon: Scorpio
  • Aquarius sun, Capricorn moon: Leo
  • Aquarius sun, Aquarius moon: Virgo
  • Aquarius sun, Pisces moon: Sagittarius
  • Pisces sun, Aries moon: Gemini
  • Pisces sun, Taurus moon: Cancer
  • Pisces sun, Gemini moon: Leo
  • Pisces sun, Cancer moon: Taurus
  • Pisces sun, Leo moon: Sagittarius
  • Pisces sun, Virgo moon: Capricorn
  • Pisces sun, Libra moon: Aquarius
  • Pisces sun, Scorpio moon: Pisces
  • Pisces sun, Sagittarius moon: Aries
  • Pisces sun, Capricorn moon: Scorpio
  • Pisces sun, Aquarius moon: Virgo
  • Pisces sun, Pisces moon: Libra
Los signos como gifs del grinch


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All I want for Christmas is...:

ARIES: presents, many, many presents! 

TAURUS: watching Christmas movies. 

GEMINI: an apocalypse. 

CANCER: a dinner with my family. 


VIRGO: silence. 

LIBRA: sweets! 

SCORPIO: money. thanks.  

SAGITTARIUS: Victoria’s Secret Products 

CAPRICORN: A husband. Kids. A house. A normal life. I’m not asking too much, am I? 

AQUARIUS: beautiful street decorations 

PISCES: this year to finally end

Zodiac Advent Calendar Day 4: Classical Christmas Music for the Signs
  • Aries: Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
  • the arrival of something long awaited, speechlessness caused by indescribable beauty, the warmth of a fireplace, a light in the dark, relief
  • Taurus: Hector Berlioz - L'Adieu des bergers
  • greetings and farewell, feeling whole, being held in someone's arms, the first snow, strolling through the night, the noise of your own thoughts
  • Gemini: Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy
  • the allure of the unknown, peeking through the door crack, bright eyes, magical secrets, fairytales, porcelain ballerinas, mischief
  • Cancer: Gustav Holst - In The Bleak Midwinter
  • sad but liberating, beautiful melancholy, silent solitude, the sudden and overwhelming feeling of love, tears of joy, soft smiles
  • Leo: W.A Mozart - German Dance, K 605, No 3, 'Sleigh Ride'
  • rampant excitement, rosy cheeks, joyous laughter, smiling to strangers, a cheerful rush on the streets, solemn atmosphere
  • Virgo: Arnold Schoenberg - Weihnachtsmusik for 2 Violins
  • good-night kisses, the comfort of your loved ones, flickering candles, hiding under blankets, holding hands, affectionate glances, lonely winter walks
  • Libra: Pjotr Iljitsch Tchaikovsky - Waltz of the Flowers
  • big ball gowns, dancing while holding each other tightly, kissing under the street lights, perfect happiness, playing hide and seek, lovestruck looks
  • Scorpio: J.S Bach - Christmas Oratorio
  • bursting joy, forceful elegance, rising passion, intense emotions, a pounding/aching heart, the unsettling drive to break free
  • Sagittarius: Victor Hely-Hutchinson - Carol Symphony
  • looking at shop windows, restlessness, hightened excitement, colorful and various Christmas decorations, big coats, catching snowflakes with your tongue, secrecy
  • Capricorn: Anonymous - Coventry Carol
  • cold winter wind, being at ease, lighting a match, stroking someone's hair, whispering kind words, the warmth of genuine hugs, quiet love, warm breath
  • Aquarius: Benjamin Britten - A Ceremony of Carols
  • dreaming of a better place, starry nights, snow falling quietly, the steady breath of a sleeping child, peace, mutual understanding, forehead kisses, inner chaos
  • Pisces: W.A Mozart - Ave Verum Corpus
  • finding yourself, words of affection, staring at the love of your life, lying down, comforting a friend, the beauty of silence, fingertips touching your cheeks
  • -Eres un bobo.- dijo Aries mientras se reía.
  • -Y tú una enana.- murmuró Escorpio abrazando a la chica por la espalda.
  • -Sí, pero el problema es que te mueres por esta enana.- susurró Aries besando su mejilla.
  • -Y tú por este bobo.- dijo el chico apretandola contra su cuerpo.

Aries Sun
Scorpio Moon
Sagittarius Rising

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Star Sign Moodboard: Libra

Libra’s love quirky hair colours, vanilla scented candles, and lounging around in bed on Sundays.

What the signs fall in love with
  • Aries: passion, caring, sharing things, darkness, stability, mutual feelings
  • Taurus: honesty, common interests, passionate and meaningful conversations
  • Gemini: deep talks, stargazing, feeling special, make out sessions
  • Cancer: honesty, emotional trust, pretty eyes, loyalty, sweetness
  • Leo: confidence, uniqueness, cute laughs, night drives,
  • Virgo: communication, intellect, sensitivity, quality time, aesthetical prettiness
  • Libra: playfulness, closeness, caring words, keeping promises, adoration
  • Scorpio: mysteries, passionate kisses, inside jokes, intense staring, good humor
  • Sagittarius: freedom, late nights, good smells, cute smiles, small talk
  • Capricorn: faithfulness, happiness, dancing, passion, hard working people
  • Aquarius: breaking rules, laughs, mind connections, softness
  • Pisces: affection, coziness, observant minds, inside jokes, organization
How the signs say "I love you"
  • Aries: "You're such an idiot"
  • Taurus: "You're hilarious"
  • Gemini: "I actually like you"
  • Cancer: "You mean so much to me"
  • Leo: "I like being with you"
  • Virgo: "You're such a weirdo"
  • Libra: "You're my favorite kind of person"
  • Scorpio: "I hate you"
  • Sagittarius: "Gosh I could kiss you"
  • Capricorn: "I guess you're ok"
  • Aquarius: "Damn you're almost as crazy as I am"
  • Pisces: "I love you"
Why the signs are problematic

Aries : oblivious to the obvious

Taurus : too hard on themselves

Gemini : quickly switch from cheerful irritable

Cancer: extremely stubborn

Leo : will fight you

Virgo: P R O C R A S T I N A T O R

Libra : do not handle criticism well

Scorpio : can be not considerate of others

Sagittarius : overly blunt

Capricorn : can’t admit to being wrong

Aquarius: can’t express feeling properly

Pisces : very shy