Fictional Leo Couples
  • Leo x Aries: Leia x Han (Star Wars)
  • Leo x Taurus: Flynn Ryder x Rapunzel (Tangled)
  • Leo x Gemini: Harry x Draco (HP)
  • Leo x Cancer: Shrek x Donkey
  • Leo x Leo: Harry x Ginny (HP)
  • Leo x Virgo: Percy & Annabeth (Percy Jackson)
  • Leo x Libra: River Song x 11 (Doctor Who)
  • Leo x Scorpio: Obama x Biden
  • Leo x Sagittarius: Winnie the Pooh x Piglet (WtP)
  • Leo x Capricorn: John x Sherlock (Sherlock)
  • Leo x Aquarius: Bobby Singer x Ellen (Supernatural)
  • Leo x Pisces: Neville x Luna (HP)
The Signs as Colors and Why

Capricorn would be green because green represents growth, harmony, and stability. Capricorns are always seeking to grow in their lifetime. They are usually stable in stressful situations which makes them the harmony of a problem because they’ll always know the answer or at least try to help out. 

Aquarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, childishness, unstable, and can be disturbing if there’s too much of them. Aquarians always try to stay happy whether they need to or not. They’re also very childish with their friends and sometimes with strangers which makes them disturbing if they become too childish as they can become a little bit weird. Their emotions are also unstable and unpredictable.

Pisces would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and purity. Pisces are always trying to go for the goodness in life and not the bad which can play in their innocence because sometimes, they ignore the world around them if it’s not their ideal image of happiness. They’re also pure as they are loyal and will never think of doing a fault.

Aries would be red because red represents emotions, visibility, quick decisions, passion, and energy. Aries can be very emotional but they usually try to hide it unless they’re angry, otherwise, they’ll give you all of their wrath seeing all of their passion with their anger. They always try to make themselves visible to others as they need to feel wanted all the time. They always find themselves in having to make quick decisions because most Aries are procrastinators or maybe they just always get in trouble. Some Aries may have lots of energy all the time; always ready to do something.

Taurus would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and faith. Taurus are very trustworthy people to have in your life which makes them also very loyal in a relationship. They are very wise as they use common sense in almost everything they do instead of just how they feel, etc. That is why they are so intelligent because they use brains instead of feelings. They are very confident and usually don’t care what others think of them or what they do which correlates to why their faith is so strong.

Gemini would be orange because orange represents happiness, creativity, determination, success, and encouragement. Gemini are always happy or try to be happy in every situation even if one side of them is telling them not the be. They are very creative which just comes naturally to them in everything from coloring to graphic design. Success is forever on their mind as they are determined to accomplish their dreams and life goals. They don’t just encourage themselves, they encourage others, too! They believe anyone can do anything they want to do in life, keeping that positive mindset.

Cancer would be white because white represents goodness, innocence, and safety. Cancers try to make everybody’s life good even if theirs is not which can be a good or bad thing because sometimes they are so focused on others lives that it seems they don’t care about their own. They can be very innocent to others feelings in situations that they’ve never been in or don’t understand very well. Cancers need to be explained why people feel the way they do in certain problems. They also like to keep loved ones or any for that matter safe. They’d risk their own lives just to save someone they love.

Leo would be red because red represents quick decisions, passion, and energy. Leos always feel the need to make quick decisions whether if it’s necessary or not. They usually don’t take time to think things through and just decide right away. Leos are also very passionate in the way they feel emotionally and about others. If they like someone, they’ll go all force to try to make them theirs. They spend a lot of the time being very active which means they have a lot of energy to spare throughout the whole day.

Virgo would be blue because blue represents trust, loyalty, intelligence, and faith. Virgos are very trustworthy. They keep secrets all the time that sometimes they can’t even keep track of them! They are also very loyal and would never spread rumors about a friend or cheat on a boy/girlfriend. They are very intelligent as they are always seeking for knowledge about anything and everything, even if it’s unnecessary for the outside world. Their faith is a big part of their lives as they rarely change their mind about what they believe in and never change it just to fit someone’s standard.

Libra would be purple because purple represents dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and femininity. Libras have a dignity that they would like to keep their entire lives and they would never like to ruin it or they’d be devastated. They are also a very independent sign who doesn’t like taking help from others even if they really need it. They are very creative but where that creativity comes from is a mystery. It could be from a number of things: maybe they were born with it; maybe they had a life trama  experience; whatever the reason, they’re very creative. They are also very feminine even if they want to admit it or not.

Scorpio would be black because black represents power, evil, and mystery. Scorpians always search for power, minor or major, in any situation. Whether they’re the leader of a project or just the one to take a shower first, they are thirsty for power. Make a Scorpio mad/sad, they become evil. They’ll bring up all of your mistakes in the past or reasons why they don’t even like you in the first place. Even so, they are a work of mystery. You never know why they do the things they do or say the things they say. They might not even know the answers themselves.

Sagittarius would be yellow because yellow represents happiness, intellect, childish, and disturbing if too much of it. Sagittarius are very optimistic people that try to see the good in everyday situations. They are very intelligent but usually hide it so they don’t seem like a know-it-all or they just don’t need to blurt out the information at the moment. Sagittarius are very childish and sometimes don’t realize what they’re saying or doing is childish, just one way to have fun in the world. Although, if you hangout with them for too long, they may become disturbing. They can reveal information that was unnecessary to know or they tell you dark things.

Date ideas for the signs

Aries: Star Wars movie marathon, playing board games or Truth or Dare, going to see a hockey/football,… game

Taurus: brunch date, karaoke, ZOO, napping together, going rollerblading, going to thrift shop

Gemini: watching stars, going to some sort of an old shop, crafting, going to a party, watching cartoons in you pyjamas

Cancer: some sort of carneval or festival, baking, going for a walk in the evening (and buying hot chocolate)

Leo: walking dog(s) together, going to a concert, flying kites, going to a beach for walk

Virgo: reading books together, playing horror games or watching horror movies, writing stories together, going to a botanic garden

Libra: coffee date in a small shop, Disney movie marathon, going to a theatre or a cinema

Scorpio: shopping together, cooking, go ice-skating, Netflix 24/7, sleepover, going to a fancy restaurant

Sagittarius: dancing in the rain, listening to really loud music, taking pictures in the photobooth, doing some sort of sport togehter, walking outside at 3am

Capricorn: going hiking and taking pictures, staying home and listening to both’s favourite music, amusement park

Aquarius: going on trip somewhere you’ve never been before, playing video games, museum, laser games

Pisces: watching sunrise/sunset together, going for a walk around the town (and holding hands obviously !), cuddling

Historical Figures Horoscopes

Aries – Leonardo da Vinci. April 15, 1452. Well, this guy was into everything. Not a mere Jack of all trades, he was great at pretty much anything he did. The quintessential Renaissance man that the typical Aries strives to be. He is mostly known for his art, but he was also a man of science and technology. It is all artistry.

Taurus – Malcolm X. May 19, 1925. I had to read The Autobiography of Malcolm X in my sophomore English class in high school. There’s no doubt this man was quite passionate and stubborn like a typical Taurus, although his perspective did change. No matter what he didn’t do or feel things half-assed. He always stood for something even if this trajectory towards something great wasn’t always so clear.

Gemini – Che Guevara. June 14, 1928. He was an iconic figure of the 20thcentury, who aided Cuba in a revolution. The US helped Bolivia capture him, and he was executed. He was born in Argentina and traveled the world, going where the wind would take him, where he felt like he was needed. Like a true Gemini, he lived as if there was always a great change that needed to occur.

Cancer – Alan Turing. June 23, 1912. The man freaking invented the computer to break codes and help his country win World War II, and what does his country do in return? Chemically castrate him for being gay, and soon after he committed suicide. I wrote something a while ago about Cancer men and mentioned how most of the Cancer males I know are either gay or I thought they were when I met them. You should read up on him. After all, you wouldn’t be reading this if it weren’t for him.

Leo – Napoleon Bonaparte. August 15, 1769. Napoleonic Complex is named after him referring to short dudes having issues due to their height and lashing out…in a nutshell…a tiny nutshell. Except Napoleon wasn’t actually short. He just really liked taking shit over. Fucking Leos and their need to be the ruler of all the things.

Virgo – Mother Teresa. August 26, 1910. Virgo rules the 6th House, which is the House of Health and Service. If you had to put a face with each House, Mother Teresa would for sure be the poster child of the 6th House. She spent her life putting others before her and was hard working, caring, and giving. That’s so Virgo.

Libra – Mohandas Gandhi. October 2, 1869. He was a pacifist leader, and like a true Libra he tried to achieve balance by over-swinging that pendulum, except it worked for him, and he did what he set out to do the way he wanted to do it. He created balance knowing not to fight fire with fire but with earth, resulting in the least amount of harm. Granted shit still went down, but shit happens.

Scorpio – Marie Curie. November 7, 1867. This incredible woman made many contributions to science and is the only person to win Nobel Prizes in different fields. She most likely died due to her life’s work being exposed to radiation. Dying for your art? How Scorpio of her. Vita brevis. Ars longa.

Sagittarius – Jimi Hendrix. November 27, 1942. It almost seems like Sagittarius is the sign of legendary artists, and Hendrix is one of the most legendary. He died near the end of his golden year. He left his mark in such a short amount of time, something Sags are just good at. This Fire sign doesn’t have to be as loud as the other two to command attention and draw others to them. They’re still loud. Not necessarily to get attention. They just are.

Capricorn – Jesus Christ. December 25, 0. Haha. Just kidding. Jesus wasn’t a Capricorn. Christmas isn’t his birthday. Anyway. Edgar Allan Poe. January 19, 1809. Others aren’t always aware of how dark this sign is. We usually associate death and such with Scorpio, but Capricorn ranks up there being almost if not more fatalistic and demented. Poe’s writing magnificently illustrated the inner demons of a true Capricorn.

Aquarius – Galileo Galilei. February 15, 1564. Aquarius is said to be the sign of Astrology, and Astrology was the original study of the stars. Galileo was the ultimate stargazer and forward-thinker. Contrary to popular belief he wasn’t the one who came up with the whole world not being flat. It was generally becoming accepted, but you know, religious politics. Even though stargazing is really a Sagittarius thing (the whole centaur thing), we’ll pretend like it’s appropriate for Aquarius, and this guy made a lot of contributions for stargazers.

Pisces – Albert Einstein. March 14, 1879. Born on Pi day! How appropriate is that? Actually it isn’t other than the mathematical relationship, but Einstein isn’t really known for circles and shit. This scientist performed thought experiments. THOUGHT experiments. As in he pretty much just fantasized some of his experiments. Oh, Alby. Such a Pisces thing to do. Also, the crazy hair and sock thing? And the whole imagination being more important that knowledge. Whatever the exact quote is.


The Signs as Dogs

* Requested

Aries : 

 A German Shepherd Because They Are Associated With The Police, /Good/ Police Are Associated With Protection. Aries Are Good Protectors. 

Taurus :  

A Pug, Just Because I Felt Like It.

Gemini : 

 A Chihuahua  Because For Some Odd Reason Chihuahuas Receive A Lot Of Hate For Absolutely Nothing, And Y’all Be Yapping Non-Stop.

Cancer :

  A Golden Retriever Because They Are The Typical Or Ideal Family Dog. You Guys Can Be Very Family Orientated And Homebodies;

Leo : 

A Pomeranian Because In Movies Pomeranian’s Are Usually Associated With Those Rich Girls , And You Guys Usually Love The Pampered, Luxurious Life.

Virgo : 

 A Beagle Because I // Personally//  Associate Beagles With The Elderly, And Some Of You Guys Can Have Such An Old Soul, Or Are Very Mature.

Libra :  

A Poodle  Because Poodles Are Associated With France, France Is “The City Of Love“ Libra Is Ruled By Venus, The Planet of Love. /Most/  Libras Love The Idea Of Love.

Scorpio : 

A Rottweiler Because You Guys Can Seem Really Intimidating Or Unfriendly But, Once You Actually Get Past That Part They Are Sweet.

Sagittarius : 

 A Dalmatian Because They Are Very Friendly And Energetic Dogs, Like /Most/ Sagittarius People. Plus, They Always Seem Fun.

Capricorn : 

A Husky Because Husky’s Are Associated With The Cold, Or Alaska, And You Guys Can Have One Of The Coldest Hearts.

Aquarius : 

 A Great Dane Because You Guys Literally Have To Do Nothing To Stand Out And Grab Others Attention.

Pisces : 

A Labrador Because They Are Associated With Being Guide Dogs Who Help People.  /Most/ Pisces Like To Be Kind And Help.

How are the signs doing in school right now?

Aries: scrapping by with thoses B’s

Taurus: struggling to get as much extra credit as possible to up their grade even though it is futile

Gemini: somehow didn’t even study at all and has straight A’s

Cancer: *gross sobbing*

Leo: “everything is fine” *narrator: in fact, nothing was fine*

Virgo: C’s get degrees….

Libra: almost done. just. Gotta. FINISH THIS.

Scorpio: wtf the first day of school was like a month ago…. right?

Sagittarius: the days have slowly morphed into one, days pass and they hardly notice. theres no longer a sense of time, but a sense of waiting for an end, the end, an endgame, the final day of school

Capricorn: mix of A’s and B’s so pretty good


Pisces: selling their soul for a 4.0 GPA

the signs holiday shopping

spends all her money on everyone else because she wants to get her loved ones the best gifts ever: libra, aquarius, cancer, capricorn

buys everyone else cheapy gifts so she can spend money on herself: leo, sagittarius, scorpio, pisces

what holiday shopping?: virgo, taurus, gemini, aries

The Signs if Shrek showed up in their bedroom
  • Aries: I officially hate my life
  • Taurus: tf
  • Gemini: yeah I didn't like that movie bye
  • Cancer: woah woah. woah. I am not having sex with you.
  • Leo: so I'm seeing things now?
  • Virgo: ok so this is happening
  • Libra: AHHHHHHH
  • Scorpio: I worship you and I've always worshipped you. I want me to make me yours. Plz take me to your swamp dad
  • Sagittarius: TAKE ME DADDY
  • Capricorn: *serves sandwich*
  • Aquarius: Shrek is in my room? cool!
  • Pisces: I luv you plz be my dad

(Check Venus Too!!)

Aries And Libra :

Aries Brings Daily Excitement For Libra, And Always Makes Libra Feel Special. Libra Brings Internal Peace For Aries Restless Soul, Libra Knows How To Calm Down Aries. They Are The Beauty♎ And The Beast♈

Taurus And Cancer : 

Taurus Brings Comfort  And Trust For The Hidden Cancer, Taurus Can Show Cancer That Even Sadness Is Beauty. Cancer Makes Taurus Feel At Home Whenever And Wherever, Cancer Brings Creativity To Taurus. They Are The Artist ♉And The Muse♋

Gemini And Leo: 

Gemini Brings Attentive Communication And Adventures To Leo. Leo Brings Independence And Freedom to Gemini. This Gives Leo The Attention They Need And Gemini The Freedom Without The Fear Of Being Forgotten. They Are The Play Writer♊ And The Actor♌

Virgo And Capricorn: 

Virgo Brings Criticism To Capricorn, The Good Kind. Virgo Critiques How Perfect Capricorn Is To Virgo.Virgo Tells Capricorn That They Are Good Enough. Capricorn Brings Information To The Knowledge Seeking Virgo And Depth To The Relationship.They Are The Student♍ And The Teacher♑

Scorpio And Pisces :

Scorpio Brings Stability To The Lost Wanderer, Scorpio Is Always Giving Pisces A New Puzzle To Solve. Scorpio Provides Protection. Pisces Brings Hope And Light To The Scorpios Dark World. Pisces Brings Understanding And Trust That Wont Be Broken. They Are The Sun♓ And The Moon♏.

Sagittarius And Aquarius: 

Sagittarius Brings Life Into The Heartless Aquarius. Sagittarius Lets Aquarius Forget Every Thought In Their Head. Aquarius Brings Logic And Reason To The Madness Going On In The Sagittarius Mind. Aquarius Brings A Different Perspective.They Are The Popular♐ And The Nerd♒

(My Opinion)