zodiac nails

OPI Nail Polish

Aries -  Red Hot Rio

Taurus - Worth a Pretty Penne

Gemini - Hot And Spicy

Cancer - Show Us Your Tips

Leo - My Address Is Hollywood

Virgo - Just Lanai-ing Around

Libra - Not So Bora-Boraing Pink

Scorpio - Thank Glogg Its Friday

Sagittarius - Purple With A Purpose

Capricorn - Nomads Dream

Aquarius - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue

Pisces - Jade Is The New Black

Nail art for the signs
  • Aries: glitter tips
  • Taurus: zebra or cheetah print
  • Gemini: tie-dye
  • Cancer: lace and roses
  • Leo: holographic
  • Virgo: french tip
  • Libra: dots or stripes with bows
  • Scorpio: solid color with jewels and charms
  • Sagittarius: galaxy
  • Capricorn: solid glitter
  • Aquarius: multi-colored ombré
  • Pisces: water-marbled