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random [class 1a] hcs #2
  • Aoyama Yuuga’s family used to be poor. His obsession with luxury items stems from his days in poverty. He became insecure about his family’s financial situation and vowed to never live like that again.
  • Ashido Mina spends hours following daily twitter drama before bed every night. 
  • Asui Tsuyu loves learning random things. She loves watching documentaries and used to collect Snapple caps.
  • Iida Tenya cries at every ASPCA Sarah McLachlan commercial.
  • Uraraka Ochako has a thing for “forbidden love” tropes, and has fantasized about falling in love with a villain. 
  • Ojiro Mashirao is the person who makes plans with someone and then fakes on them consistently.
  • Kaminari Denki’s instagram game is strong as fuck. He is a really trendy dude and takes beautiful scenery pics, gaining him a lot of followers.
  • Kirishima Eijiro wears socks and sandals. The epitome of a fashion disaster. 
  • Kouda Kouji follows zodiac horoscopes.
  • Satou Rikidou considers to Bakugou to be his culinary rival.
  • Shouji Mezou loves watching/listening to asmr videos on youtube.
  • Jirou Kyoka claims to hate musicals but knows all the words to every song from Hamilton.
  • Sero Hanta is that guy who posts blurry as fuck snapchats that are all 10 seconds long.
  • Tokoyami Fumikage def has a tumblr and follows aesthetic blogs. Is also that person who says, “I was born in the wrong generation.”
  • Todoroki Shouto is the original sassmaster-3000™ and is oddly content 24/7.
  • Hagakure Tooru can make herself visible. She is actually extremely shy, but feels more confident when she is invisible so she remains that way.
  • Bakugou Katsuki is a nerd. He loves talking about conspiracy theories and regularly posts on /r/conspiracy. Actually writes thought-provoking responses.
  • Midoriya Izuku collects Air Jordan shoes, but hardly ever wears them cause he doesn’t want to ruin them.
  • Mineta Minoru sells bootleg DVDs at street corners.
  • Yaoyorozu Momo always gets talked into buying things from kiosks at the mall.
The signs and haircuts:
  • Aries: can't decide whether they want short or long hair
  • Taurus: never has time for one they're too busy buying food
  • Gemini: gets one like every month they enjoy it so much
  • Cancer: hates getting their haircut and regrets it after
  • Leo: switches between long and short hair quite a lot
  • Virgo: they like their hair curly and quite long
  • Libra: likes mid-length hair
  • Scorpio: one word: fringe.
  • Sagittarius: too busy dying their hair to get it cut
  • Capricorn: won't ever let go of their long hair
  • Aquarius: will stick with one style for ages then mix it up all of a sudden
  • Pisces: hardly ever gets one but when they do its dramatic
The signs as excellent horror films

Aries: Alien (1979)

Taurus: The Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Gemini: The Shining (1980)

Cancer: It Follows (2015)

Leo: Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Virgo: The Exorcist (1974)

Libra: Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh) (2014)

Scorpio: The Babadook (2014)

Sagittarius: Black Swan (2010)

Capricorn: Les Diaboliques (1955)

Aquarius: The Blair Witch Project (1999)

Pisces: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Things the signs say a lot:
  • Aries: *in a empathetic voice,
  • "You tried"
  • Taurus: *like the seagulls off finding nemo,
  • "MINE"
  • Gemini: *chillin like a villain voice,
  • "Casual casual"
  • Cancer: *walking off or wiping away tears,
  • Leo: *looking for the deits,
  • "sooo... any gossip?"
  • Virgo: "you uncultured (insert uninsulting word here)"
  • Libra: "bruh" or "y'all"
  • Scorpio: *in a panicky/angry voice,
  • Sagittarius: *in a 'are u serious' kinda voice
  • "Guys"
  • Capricorn: *in strange/strained voice
  • "oh nooooo"
  • Aquarius: *in a 'I'm better than you voice',
  • "I know"
  • Pisces: *in a voice that makes you think they're lying, "i don't mind"
Signs as things my boyfriend has said to me

Aries- “you know how they have daddy kinks, we should make an uncle kink.”

Taurus- “it sure is pretty hot out here, sweating a storm”(it was 10 degrees)

Gemini- “I wish my neck was as long as a giraffes, maybe then people would get out of my way”

Cancer- “you kind of look like a dead corpse today”

Leo- “pet me like you wanna give me a bath”

Virgo- “whether I die or not this will be fun”

Libra- “I bet you’re only wearing that eyeshadow to hide your eye bags”

Scorpio- “I’m literally smiling through the pain”(talking about how his mac and cheese wouldn’t cool right)

Sagittarius-“ if you don’t want a stupid answer then don’t ask a stupid question”

Capricorn- “I’m tired of eating carrots to make my eye sight better when alcohol can make my vision double anytime”

Aquarius- “im a dolphin…bark”

Pisces- “don’t underestimate the power of orangutans. ”

some zodiac superlatives
  • most competitive: SAGITTARIUS, ARIES, libra, cancer, taurus, scorpio
  • most aggressive: aries, taurus, scorpio, leo
  • most extra: ARIES, leo, gemini, cancer
  • most #thirsty: gemini, sagittarius, leo, scorpio
  • most aloof: pisces, gemini, sagittarius, aquarius, capricorn
  • most tenacious: TAURUS, pisces, aquarius, scorpio, virgo, leo, capricorn
  • most venturesome: sagittarius, leo, virgo, aquarius, gemini, aries
  • most hedonistic: taurus, scorpio, leo, libra, gemini, sagittarius, virgo, capricorn
  • most "hipster": CAPRICORN, PISCES, CANCER, scorpio, gemini, sagittarius
  • most comforting: cancer, pisces, libra, leo, virgo
  • most confident: leo, sagittarius, aries, gemini, capricorn, scorpio
  • most chill: sagittarius, taurus, libra, capricorn
  • most secretive: scorpio, taurus, cancer, capricorn, aquarius
The signs at the beach
  • Aries: but like... do we have to go? I don't think I can handle going out twice in one day
  • Taurus: as long as we bring a picnic or something I'm keen
  • Gemini: *swims... fuckkk it's cold... imma tough it out tho... yeah nah it's too cold.
  • Cancer: *pretends they know how to swim well but gets in over their head... literally, haha
  • Leo: guyssss be careful k? You're all so dumb honestly
  • Virgo: I'll save you!! *jumping in the water and showing off their amazing skills
  • Libra: cmon guys you're so slow, come enjoy the water
  • Scorpio: *stripping down to their bikini immediately... so... where are the boys?
  • Sagittarius: are you telling me I can't wear my sneakers in the sand? Watch me...
  • Capricorn: where are the paddle boards at tho?
  • Aquarius: *being extra in the water
  • Pisces: GUYS COME IN THE WATER!! *doesn't leave the water for like 2 hours straight
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Stop giving Bernie credit for minimally doing his job 2k4ever

A pisces will love you with all their heart, but there will always be a part of them that belongs to no one.
—  Pisces Forever
The signs going back to school:
  • Aries: Is gonna have to get ready to abandon their netflix and get back into studying hardcore
  • Taurus: Can't wait till interval and lunch
  • Gemini: Just wants to see all their friends everyday again
  • Cancer: Wait... school started?
  • Leo: Is glad to have something to do again
  • Virgo: Just wants to sleeeeeeeep
  • Libra: No.
  • Scorpio: Yayyy boys
  • Sagittarius: *mentally preparing to be busy all the time
  • Capricorn: *screaming
  • Aquarius: pshhh school... piece of cake
  • Pisces: Gets way too excited buying new school stationary