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Classpect: The Zodiac Trolls [Part 1]

Recently, artist shtuts created a series of fantrolls based off the Chinese Zodiac, complete with their classpects. Naturally, as soon as I saw it, my brain kicked into gear and I had to write something down to honor this amazing piece of fanart.

So, with the artist’s permission: Classpect Analysis!

Mouse - Maid of Heart

A Maid of Heart is one who creates and maintains the aspect of emotion and inner identity. Basically, its up to a Maid of Heart to create within themselves an acceptance of who they are as well as an understanding of their seemingly endless well of emotions. Once they accomplish that, they can act as a sort of caretaker for others who struggle with their internal problems.

With Mouse, I can see her already on her way to becoming accomplished. Her relaxed demeanor, complete with hands in her pockets and smug grin, suggests an outward acceptance of who she is. Making that sense of comfort into a reality will be her main point of development, as it could still all be an act. Nevertheless, if she accomplishes it, Mouse could be the tiny ball of emotion and passion that causes others to let go a little and feel great about themselves.

Ox - Prince of Life

A Prince of Life is one who destroys the aspect of selfish desire and impulse in order to make it better. While they seemingly hate their aspect, the truth is a Prince holds their aspect most important and simply wish for it to be better by eliminating the lesser parts of it. So a Prince of Life is one who takes what is overly selfish or moronically impulsive and destroys it in the name of the selfish and impulsive.

The best way I could explain this would be in Ox’s possible workout routine, as he definitely does not look like one who skimps out on the weights. Ox would destroy his impulses to eat too much and slack off in favor of bettering himself, thus destroying detrimental selfishness for a more productive selfishness. He would also always be adding on more and more weight to struggle with, taking to his workout with the enthusiasm of a professional body-builder. 

Now, his Prince of Life tendencies wouldn’t just manifest in his routine. Ox’s main problem would be constantly bringing up his sense of self-importance while simultaneously bringing it down to acceptable levels. This means most likely he’d start off very veryfull of himself before having to take it down to a more humble level.

Tiger - Seer of Time

A Seer of Time is one who understands the aspect of endings, death, and inevitability, and uses that understanding to passively guide others. In essence, they must accept that everything has an end, figure out when everything will, and then use that knowledge to guide others into being prepared for it.

With Tiger, I could totally see her being plagued by visions of her friends’ deaths over and over again, causing her to become as depressed as she looks in the picture above. Her journey, then, is to come to peace with the fact that everything will die some time but also guide the others into avoiding any deaths that are unnecessary. If she develops fast enough, she could even be responsible for stopping the creation of doomed timelines before they even exist!