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The signs during an argument
  • Aries:*punches you*
  • Taurus:*lets you win for the sake of the friendship/relationship no matter how hard it is for them*
  • Gemini:*wins, quit trying*
  • Cancer:*starts crying, you'll feel bad and stop arguing*
  • Virgo:The facts are (blah blah blah) and that's why you're wrong, bye
  • Libra:I don't wanna fight, why are you talking like that? What have I done? omg, don't hate me
  • Scorpio:*is the most calm or tries to murder you there is no in between*
  • Sagittarius:lol you just made like a really really hilarious grammar mistake *laughs and the fight's over, whether you like it or not*
  • Capricorn:You don't know shit!
  • Aquarius:*adjusts glasses* *clears throat* (36 hour long speech)
  • Pisces:I'm so sad right now, I want to write a poem about this...
Gemini | Let’s Be Honest

A Gemini tongue and attitude can be a little too harsh for anyone to handle sometimes, but their kindness towards the hatred or hostility they can receive from one is even worst, honestly speaking. Crossing a Gemini will be like crossing a grill after the charcoal has been heated. We’ll give you a slap on the wrist at first, maybe, but when you continue to constantly follow that negative trend, the flames will rise, and will gradually make its way toward and through you, burning and torturing you. You can try to, but please do so with caution.

Pisces Traits:
You are far from a pushover as others seem to think you are. You have patience and will often hold on to these anger and resentment until the right time. You want to give people chances and ofer them a next time. However, when the feelings finally tumble out, it’s usually in a devastatingly shaky explosion, like you’ve been unplugged and it’s all pouring out of you.

My opinion on the signs (from a Leo's perspective)
  • Aries:I want to be you, honestly. You are so extroverted, funny, talented, loud, intelligent, you don't care what other people think. Always talking. I love your confidence. You say true shit other people don't want to hear. Truly a role-model.
  • Taurus:I swear I will love you till the end of time. You are the most sweet, caring and cuddly teddy bear. I just wish I could hug you forever. The nicest to people. We are constantly fighting and disagreeing, but deep down I really care for you. You're always there for people, your loyalty is incredible. I wish you knew your true value, you're so much more than you think. You know how to cheer your friends up. You can mark people's lifes because you're special. Never change. (btw, glam all over you DAYUM)
  • Gemini:Your laughter could fill up a room. You're the most hilarious of them all. I love to see you talking so excitedly about something. You're so strong. You are opinionated and argumentative. You have a GREAT mind. You always have something to talk about. You love to observe people. You're such a party animal, so sociable, I love it. Although, you're not as tough as you look. You get unmotivated. I'll always be here to say encouraging things.
  • Cancer:You are so protective. You'll do anything ANYTHING, I repeat, to make sure your loved ones are safe, comfortable and happy. You feel things deeply, and therefore, you spend hours and hours overthinking. All you want is to love and be loved in return. So selfless. Anyone that says Cancers are weak crybabies, shut up, they're so fucking strong.
  • Leo:(this is the most difficult one tbh) I love how fab you are. You walk with a purpose and you show it. Always with a smile on your face. Sassy af (goals!) cause you don't take shit from anyone. Personality on point. Probably the most loyal. So strong, so confident, but I know you're insecure, deep down. You don't deserve the world, you deserve the whole universe, I hope you know that. Do the hair flip more often, remember you're not bossy, you're the boss.
  • Virgo:I love how you always have smart things to say. You don't talk a lot, but when you do, it's so worth it. I just wish you could say anything that comes to your mind, no matter how dumb it may sound, it would be perfect. I love the bookworm you are and also the fact that I can always tell you stories. I love when we make stupid faces at each other and stare at each other for 5 minutes without breaking, but when we do, we laugh till it hurts. So open-minded, understanding, with strong, visionary opinions on subjects, great intellectual conversations. Dark humor oh god, sadistic mind ahahha.
  • Libra:Random. Weirdest humor, but will make you laugh everytime. Knows everything. Social butterfly. I love that I can say the dumbest shit around you. Always talking about sex. Always flirting. Always laughing. Very physical with people. I love that you don't care how stupid you look in public, you'll just sing out loud, so carefree ahhah really loves talking for hours. Always cheered up. You're the weirdest, I love it.
  • Scorpio:I wish I knew more of you, Scorpios. You're often quiet, but you have the power of a hurricane inside you. No one ever knows what you think. You're not afraid of telling the truth, you say it as it is. You're so complex and fascinating, you intrigue me, I think I could study you for hours and not get bored and even after I finished, there would always be something else to know about you, it's like you never end, you're really deep.
  • Sagittarius:I love how SMILEY you are, you make me cry from laughing so hard. I wish I could talk to you for hours and just say random things. You're always a good company. Great but weird fashion sense, somehow I always love it. I love how we laugh non-stop at 3am and we're not even drunk. I love your adventurous ideas. I love how original you are. Really carefree.
  • Capricorn:You are so cute. You're so shy, talk to me, I'm sure you would have so many interesting things to say. Sarcastic af. You're not as stressed as people think, you always seem so chill. Strong personality. I love how you fight so hard to get what you want, you never give up. You're the ultimate go getter. But you have that soft side only a few people get to know. You wouldn't show people how amazing you are if they didn't earned it, right?
  • Aquarius:I love how we get each other perfectly. We're like the ying and yang. We understand each other instinctively. I love how you hide your emotions from other people but you open up to me. You have like, the BEST sense of humor. I would never think I would love you this much. I will always be here, I think I could never forget you, you're one of a kind, so different from everyone else. So talented, you should invest in it. People love you. So independent, I loooove it. REALLY intelligent.
  • Pisces:Too precious for this world. People don't always get you because you're just so dreamy. I love to see the look on your face when you're talking about something you're passionate about, your eyes shine brighter. You're so innocent and naive, I can't help but think nothing bad has ever happened to you. You don't lose faith easily. You always see the good in people. Don't let anyone ruin your good nature.

Cancer Traits:
You have a strong intuitive understanding of the vibes around you. You don’t scatter away but instead face it head on and your entirety. You build walls so that you can still experience life without the need to check out completely from realities. Your courage and strength is understated because they do not know how it is like to be as sensitive as you but still deal with it.

Aquarius Traits:
You are hardly ever envious. You dance to your own rhythm and you listen to the song in your heart. You do not let others interfere with how you live your life. There are times where you feel alone or different without a group to call home, especially because others will try to convince you to be like them but you will stay your ground. You rarely quarrel with those who have different lifestyles and let them live their lives their own way.

The signs as book genres
  • Aries:Adventure, Action, Epic
  • Taurus:Cooking and Recipes, Romance
  • Gemini:Books criticizing society, Satirical, Comics
  • Cancer:Romance, Drama, Biography
  • Leo:Drama, Novel, Classics
  • Virgo:Crime, Contemporary
  • Libra:Chick-lit, Art, Mythology
  • Scorpio:Mystery, Crime, Paranormal, Thriller
  • Sagittarius:Adventure, Spiritual, Travel
  • Capricorn:Historical, Economics, Politics (opinion books)
  • Aquarius:Science Fiction, Dystopian, Futuristic
  • Pisces:Historical Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry

Cancer Traits:
You have an intrinsic instinctive manner that makes you non-rational. Because your emotions are based on abstract and non-rational thoughts, you will prefer to immerse yourself in creative activities. You bring art into anything you do so that anything you do is from the heart. There is nothing fake about you, and this is something people can rely about you. The world sees your emotions as something raw and never polished.

Lying Styles and Fibs Each Zodiac Sign is Notoriously Known For

Nobody is perfect and we can all agree that everyone has their weak spots. While some of us have a great poker face like the natural storyteller Gemini or the straight forward Aries, who prefers to be honest, it’s best to acquaint ourselves with our flaws. If you are a tad irritated by a loved one and their style of fibbing, keep reading to confirm your speculations. 

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