Gemini: Points

Reasons to love a Gemini

  • Will keep you entertained endlessly
  • Very mindful, helpful and can give good advice
  • Will say what you need to hear and not what you want
  • Down to earth

How to attract a Gemini

  • Talk, talk, talk and talk some more
  • Show them that you’re knowledgeable
  • Don’t be shy
  • Speak your mind
  • Encourage debate of any sort

Reasons to not mess with a Gemini

  • Will take all of your friends, because they can
  • Everyone loves them
  • Not afraid to speak their mind
  • Always one step ahead of you

Geminis are typically known for

  • Always having something to say
  • Being a social chameleon
  • Being overly intelligent
  • Having no filter at times

Gemini: Reasons to love yourself

  • You’re smarter then you think, and your intelligence isn’t up for debate
  • You know how to communicate effectively 
  • You’re actually super sweet and friendly
  • You know how to have a good time
  • You know how to make people laugh
chinese idioms

aries // 百折不挠 (bǎi zhé bù náo) - keeps fighting in spite of all setbacks

taurus // 脚踏实地 (jiǎo tà shí dì) - to step on solid ground

gemini // 自相矛盾 (zì xiāng máo dùn) - to contradict oneself

cancer // 随遇而安 (suí yù ér ān) - make the best of things as they come

leo // 脱颖而出 (tuō yǐng ér chū) - to fully expose one’s talent

virgo // 精益求精 (jīng yì qiú jīng) - to improve something that is already outstanding

libra // 爱不释手 (ài bù shì shǒu) - to love and not let go

scorpio // 塞翁失马 (sài wēng shī mǎ) - a setback may turn out to be a blessing in disguise

sagittarius // 心血来潮 (xīn xuè lái cháo) - at the spur of a moment

capricorn // 一丝不苟 (yī sī bù gǒu) - to be meticulous

aquarius // 前车之鉴 (qián chē zhī jiàn) - lessons drawn from others mistakes

pisces // 梦一梁黄 (mèng yī liáng huáng) - to awaken from a dream

Signs when they want something

*guilt trips someone*: Cancer, Leo, Libra, Pisces

*makes promises they probably won’t keep*: Virgo, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius

*straight up steals it*: Aries, Aquarius, Capricorn, Taurus


Aries: Storm/Weather - Magick that is worked by combining one’s energy with the energy of the weather, and most commonly rain. Weather witches will do things like collect rain/snow water, absorb the energy of a lightning storm, “whistle up” or manipulate wind, predict the weather, etc. 

Taurus: Garden - While having a garden and/or working in any type of garden; magick that is mostly (if not all) herbal and botanical-related! Garden witches take pride and find it calming or invigorating to work the earth, harvest that which they have planted, and are closely related to Green type.

Gemini: Tech - Magick that is skillfully worked through technology! A tech witch will most likely have at least a few magickal apps on their phone, digital sigils, or an online/digital BoS and/or Grimoire.

Cancer:  Sea - A type of magick derived from materials and abstract ideas involving the ocean and oceanic world. Sea/Ocean magick can be worked using seashells and bones, sea weed, beach sand, driftwood, ocean water, etc. and a sea witch might draw their energy from that of the sea! 

Leo: Animal - Magick that is strongly tied to the animal kingdom, which includes a deep appreciation for all animals, and most often: usage of animal materials in spellwork. An animal witch will most likely be one who loves animals, a person who animals are immediately “drawn” to, and those who appreciate the natural world.

Virgo: Kitchen - Magick that is worked specifically through “kitchen craft” such as herbal mixtures, brewing, baking, and cooking, and honors many aspects of the natural world: including herbs, crystals, fey, and the elements.

Libra: Pop Culture - Uses pop culture as a main focus or inspiration for the craft. Using lyrics or movie lines in spells, worshipping and honoring pop culture icons or idols, use of fandom, and more. It is a very wide practice. Examples may include drawing from Harry Potter spells or using invented sigils from shows like Supernatural. 

Scorpio: Poison - Working with plants, herbs, other items that may be poisonous, deadly, cause hallucinogenic effects, or affect the mind or body in some way (sometimes aphrodisiacs are included.)

Sagittarius: Crystal - Magick that is worked commonly with stones and crystals, such as during spellwork or for crystal healing techniques. This may also include chakra balance, crystal meditation… anything that uses crystals, really! A crystal witch may also have an extensive knowledge of stones, including how to identify them and using their properties.

Capricorn:  Spirit Working - A practice in which the person will perform spellwork in conjunction with or with the help of any manner of spirit. This includes Ouija, (sometimes) demon spirits, spiritual contact, etc.

Aquarius: Astronomy/Space - Those who practice magick and correlate their beliefs in conjunction with the planets and stars! These witches may focus their magick with the properties of each planet, regularly read a horoscope or study astrology, and have a love of the stars and the night.

Pisces:  Hedge - Also known as an astral title, a type of magick that is oriented around more spiritual work; astral travel/projection, lucid dreaming, spirit-work, healing, and out-of-body experiences are all practices included in this magick.

All descriptions taken from this post by @rainy-day-witchcraft​

  • Aries:Get the Party Started // P!nk
  • Taurus:Hollaback Girl // Gwen Stefani
  • Gemini:Boom Boom Pow // Black Eyed Peas
  • Cancer:Kiss Me Thru the Phone // Soulja Boy
  • Leo:Sk8er Boi // Avril Lavigne
  • Virgo:Too Little Too Late // JoJo
  • Libra:Bleeding Love // Leona Lewis
  • Scorpio:She Wolf // Shakira
  • Sagittarius:Promiscuous // Nelly Furtado
  • Capricorn:You Belong with Me // Taylor Swift
  • Aquarius:Poker Face // Lady GaGa
  • Pisces:Disturbia // Rihanna
The signs as Leonardo DiCaprio gifs


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The zodiac signs whose favorite activities are simple things like staying at home and watching movies while cuddling are Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio and  Pisces.

Read more facts here!

The Signs As Game of Thrones Houses

Aries: Targaryen; “Fire and Blood”:

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Taurus: Mormont; “Here We Stand

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Gemini: Lannister; “Hear Me Roar

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Cancer: Tully; “Family, Duty, Honor

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Leo: Martell; “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken

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Virgo: Arryn; “As High As Honor

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Libra: Baelish; he doesn’t have a motto, I just couldn’t find a house for you

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Scorpio: Bolton; “Our Blades Are Sharp

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Sagittarius: Baratheon; “Ours Is The Fury

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Capricorn: Stark; “Winter Is Coming

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Aquarius: Greyjoy; “We Do Not Sow

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Pisces: Tyrell; “Growing Strong

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