Moon In The Houses

Moon In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: caring, sociable, expressive
  • Negative Traits: intense mood swings, defensive, sometimes illogical
  • Celebrities: Audrey Hepburn, Charlie Chaplin, Madonna, George Harrison

Moon In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: appreciative of art & nature, mature, financially stable
  • Negative Traits: clingy, remorseful when you spend money on aesthetically-pleasing objects instead of functional things, insecure
  • Celebrities: Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Pharrell Williams, Ryan Reynolds

Moon In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: inquisitive, absorb other people’s personalities and mannerisms, encouraging
  • Negative Traits: can’t seem to find a balance between head and heart, unclear sense of your own individuality, unable to focus for a long period of time
  • Celebrities: Eminem, Heath Ledger, Sharon Tate, Winona Ryder

Moon In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: traditional, wise, organized
  • Negative Traits: hung up on the past, reverts to old habits, does not want circumstances to change
  • Celebrities: Marlon Brando, Shakira, Halle Berry, Will Smith

Moon In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: imaginative, original, ardent
  • Negative Traits: restless, critical of others, tendency to overindulge
  • Celebrities: Lady Gaga, Freddie Mercury, Kristen Stewart, Bob Dylan

Moon In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: charitable, rarely get into arguments, multi-talented
  • Negative Traits: self-pitying, you may find yourself attempting to help people when they did not necessarily need assistance, bossy
  • Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Liv Tyler, Jeff Buckley, Shia LaBeouf

Moon In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: amiable, romantic, independent (when developed properly)
  • Negative Traits: you don’t spend enough time adhering to what you actually desire, expectations of others are incredibly high, self-conscious
  • Celebrities: Marilyn Monroe, Jared Leto, Mariah Carey, Joaquin Phoenix

Moon In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: “all or nothing,” intuitive, seeking enlightenment
  • Negative Traits: too pushy, envious, not particularly cautious
  • Celebrities: Paris Hilton, Cristiano Ronaldo, Nicki Minaj, Orlando Bloom

Moon In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: philosophical, rational, adventurous
  • Negative Traits: bored very quickly, unable to stay in one place, you avoid your problems
  • Celebrities: Selena Gomez, Robert De Niro, Sandra Bullock, Andy Warhol

Moon In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: charismatic, structured, perseverant
  • Negative Traits: worrisome, controlling, the busy schedule you create for yourself interferes with socializing
  • Celebrities: Gisele Bündchen, Meryl Streep, Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham

Moon In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: adaptable, objective, forward-thinking
  • Negative Traits: everything is a debate to you, easily frustrated, too hard on yourself
  • Celebrities: George Clooney, John Lennon, Natalie Portman, Oprah Winfrey

Moon In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: eager to listen to other people share their thoughts and emotions, perceptive, empathetic
  • Negative Traits: immature, melodramatic, you may build a low self-esteem
  • Celebrities: Harry Styles, Bob Marley, Charlize Theron, Björk

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How do the signs deal with a fight with their partner?


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spooky films the signs should watch during October
  • Aries:the fall of the house of usher (1928), child's play (1988), the grudge (2004), insidious (2010)
  • Taurus:psycho (1960), stephen king's it (1990), hide and seek (2005), the rite (2011)
  • Gemini:the exorcist (1973), misery (1990), the amityville horror (2005), the woman in black (2012)
  • Cancer:the texas chainsaw massacre (1974), scream (1996), the descent (2005), sinister (2012)
  • Leo:the omen (1976), the blair witch project (1999), the hills have eyes (2006), the conjuring (2013)
  • Virgo:carrie (1976), the cat with hands (2001), vacancy (2007), the babadook (2014)
  • Libra:piranha (1978), jeepers creepers (2001), 1408 (2007), the taking of deborah logan (2014)
  • Scorpio:halloween (1978), the others (2001), the strangers (2008), the witch (2015)
  • Sagittarius:friday the 13th (1980), the ring (2002), quarantine (2008), the visit (2015)
  • Capricorn:the shining (1980), wrong turn (2003), the haunting in connecticut (2009), devil's due (2014)
  • Aquarius:children of the corn (1984), freddy versus jason (2003), orphan (2009), the possession (2012)
  • Pisces:a nightmare on elm street (1984), saw (2004), devil (2010), mama (2013)
Alguna vez en su vida lo dijeron, pero ellos no se acuerdan...
  • Aries:“Está bien. Tú ganas.”
  • Tauro:“Hoy no me siento con ganas de estar en la cama todo el día.”
  • Géminis:“Entiendo claramente lo que siento ahora mismo.”
  • Cáncer:“Realmente no me importa que no me ames.”
  • Leo:“Eres la persona más hermosa que existe en todo el universo.”
  • Virgo:“No todo puede ser perfecto. Dejémoslo así.”
  • Libra:“Me da igual mi vestimenta, que me quieran por lo que soy.”
  • Escorpio:“Los quiero muchísimo, no quiero matarlos a todos.”
  • Sagitario:“Rezo todas las noches, soy un buen creyente y nunca ando diciendo pendejadas.”
  • Capricornio:“Me da igual lo que vaya a pasar conmigo en el futuro.”
  • Acuario:“Te amo y quiero que estemos juntos hasta que la muerte nos separe.”
  • Piscis:“Afronto la realidad para estar al tanto de lo que pasa a mi alrededor.”
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The Signs as Types of Fairies pt. 4 (Water)

Cancer - Dryad
Dryads are female nature fairies who live in forests and trees, preferably oak trees. They are very shy and afraid of getting too far away from their inhabited tree. Every tree is connected to the Dryad’s spirit  which is why some trees appear creepy while others look peaceful. When the tree dies, the fairy will die with it. Dryads are very playful and non-violent which is why you will never see them hurting animals or humans.

Scorpio - Adhene (Manx Fairy, Cloanny Moyrn Fairy)
In many folklore or legends, Adhenes are fallen angels, banned from heaven but too good for hell. They are very shy, usually female fairies who love to play in waterfalls or dance on mountain tops. They look beautiful, even angelic but behave very mischievous when it comes to humans, stealing women and children when they wish. But they could never truly hurt someone because it is believed that their truest intentions are purely good.

Pisces - Asrai
Asrais are aquatic fairies that can either look like beautiful young maidens or children. In fact, they are hundreds of years old but only few humans will ever see them because they are very shy and constantly afraid of being captured. If an Asrai is caught or touches the sunlight, it will die, melting off into a pool of water. It seldom happens that people cross paths with this creatures but if they are touched by Asrais, they will forever have a body part colder than the rest of their bodies.