what the rising signs are attracted to

aries: independence, pretty eyes, jawline, athleticism, flirtatiousness, someone who will chase them/someone they can chase, conventional attractiveness tbh

taurus: deep/pretty voice, humbleness, touchiness, people with money, people who are secure mentally and irl

cancer: softness (body and demeanor), nurturing, dimples, great cuddlers, good with kids

gemini: nice hands, good sense of humor, very smart, tall people, dirty/flirty talk, good conversationalists, artistic people

leo: popularity, self-sufficiency, good ass hair, ambition, good with kids, athleticism

virgo: attentiveness, hippie outlook on life, good cooks, again people who are secure mentally and irl, people who will follow their rules/people who will give them rules

libra: great smile, wealthy, dark hair, fun and popular, also tall people, classic rom-com acts of love, teasing

scorpio: someone willing to divulge their whole life to them, honesty, unique or roman noses, some dangerousness oo, little bit of drama or conflict, “forbidden love”

sagittarius: nice thighs/legs/ass, spontaneity, big dick energy (lol jk), a cosmopolitan, people who will experiment, not big into commitment, people who love travel or are from a different country or place

capricorn: authority, determination, responsibility, dominance or submissiveness, people who can command a room, good bone structure, natural beauty, good brows

aquarius: intelligence, playfulness, little bit of mystery, open mindedness, people who will try anything once, cultured people

pisces: meaningful intimacy, absolute commitment bordering on obsession, “bad” boys/girls, someone they can “help”

* if you can’t relate, maybe take a gander at your venus/mars/7th house sign to see if that’s a better fit *

How I know the signs

Aries: The most energetic person in the room, you warm my heart when I see you and you always know just the way to put a smile on my face, you forgive easily and are the kindest person to strangers, you are so charismatic I always wonder how you do it.

Taurus: You have the wisest insights, and the most thoughtful replies! But you also come up with the best jokes and are the calmest one in the room, you never get worked up and I am always so amazed at how calmly you look at the world.

Gemini: You are incredibly sassy, but also very smart and witty, you have a quick reply to everything and deep down have a very caring heart, you are a lover but you only show it to the few you care about the most, you are very secretive and you’ve always intrigued me. 

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Tenes mi corazón,

nunca seremos mundos separados,

quizás en las revistas,

pero tú aún serás mi estrella.”

Aries para Leo

Tauro para cancer

Virgo para Capricornio

Piscis para libra

Sagitario para Acuario

Umbrella de Rihanna

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• sensitivity



They get really excited when they find someone who shares their interests. Aries form strong bonds with people who share something with them, whether it is interests, morals, beliefs or just that they are different like them and are ready to do anything to keep that harmonious bond with the people. They can be impulsive when they are not pleased. They will not let anyone toy with their emotions. Sometimes they can have such an aggressive approach and are not very careful with their words and actions. Do not underestimate their capability of pouring their anger onto you, or anyone close by if you’ve lied, manipulated or played them. All they really want are those bonds, they treasure them so much so when they get disappointed their emotions get very rough. Very honest feelings and expression of the same.


Cancers show great compassion towards their friends, family, partner, closed ones in general. They will always understand you and will try to give you the best advice. But, they are also known for their mood swings which can sometimes damage their bonds with people. Sometimes they take things way too personally. If it comes to that, you just need to let them know how much you care and love them. Sometimes insecurity and doubt gets the better of them being the reason for their mood swings, in those moments they just need re-assurance of your support and love.


Virgos do not express emotions like everyone else. They succeed in keeping a poker face even if they are boiling on the inside. They are really self-critical and can get very emotional if things do not go according to plan. They worry about details and that can sometimes lead them to great sadness. Virgos try so much around the people they care about and when it comes to a breakdown of a bond, they are broken in million pieces. They refuse to ask for help, because often-times they know what is the best for them. That is why after something like this they need their time alone, to figure out things and do some soul-searching.


There is not someone more passionate than Scorpios. They never repress their emotions, regardless of them being negative or positive. If a Scorpio is sad, you will notice by their behavior, they might get a bit more aggressive than usual. They are pretty good at concealing emotions, but are honest in front of themselves and someone close. In those situations, they are not very careful of their actions or words. In those cases, it is best for you to leave them alone and let them get close to you again on their own. They know exactly how to battle their battles and be re-born like a Phoenix, all they need is your hand in the journey, just the support, no words, or advice. You can talk it out after it is done.


Someone who is somewhat egotistical, yes, but they have a bigger heart than most people. Extremely generous, helpful, your rock in the hardest time. They might as well want to be spoiled as they spoil their loved ones, but it is only fair they do receive it. Their warmth is contagious and it keeps their loved ones always warm, always. In your battles they are the Sun. But once they lose a battle on their own, they get very disappointed, depressed, the Sun is setting for a bit. All they need is a hug and support in those moments. Also hear them out, they are not as dramatic then as they are when they are happy. They really need a strong support system to get them on their feet. Because in their case their heart but also their ego gets wounded. Complex, but filled with only love and light.


Pisces have such strong intuition and they always know what to say. They really try keeping the harmonious bonds with people and expect the same in return. It’s a pity, because they are so trusting from the beginning they get hurt often. When they understand someone does not deserve their attention, they start doubting their own character. But, they almost never repress their feelings. If they are hurt, they will let you know they are sad, they will try to explain it so you would understand how sad you’ve made them. Only with the help of an honest and open conversation you will get the trust of a Pisces again.

signs as despacito puns
  • aries: you're under arrestpacito
  • taurus: in distresspacito
  • gemini: a hot messpacito
  • cancer: i wanna diespacito
  • leo: the wild westpacito
  • virgo: be my guestpacito
  • libra: yespacito, daddy
  • scorpio: MCR is deadspacito
  • sagitttarius: can i get uhh medium frys
  • capricorn: just trying my bestpacito
  • aquarius: there is only dospacito or do-notspacito. there is no tryspacito
  • pisces: #blessedpacito

✨ daily horoscope for 092018 ✨

Today, the Sun is closely conjunct to Mercury at a 0 degree orb. With Mercury so closely conjunct with the Sun, it can be difficult to separate what you think from what you identify with. However, your thoughts will help show an accurate view of who you are.

The Moon in Aquarius is square to Venus in Scorpio. It’s a good time to see if your emotional needs and if your standards for relationships are being met. Are your relationships authentic and deep enough? Do you feel accomplished and distinct in your relations?

Today’s tarot card is the Eight of Coins. As we’re working hard to make ends meet, one thing we must remember is the glue that keeps our work together and worth doing: you. There’s no point to celebrating the fruits of your labor if you’re too unhappy to enjoy it.

♉Taurus was the first sign of the zodiac established among the ancient Mesopotamians – who knew it as the Bull of Heaven – because it was the constellation through which the sun rose on the vernal equinox at that time. Due to the precession of the equinox, it has since passed through the constellation Aries and into the constellation Pisces (hence our current era being known as the Age of Pisces).

Signs stuck on a desert island together

Aries: gets into a fist fight with Gemini, they both end up with bloody noses, then work together to hunt food

Taurus: gathers materials and ends up building a hut complete with a bed and kitchen

Gemini: makes a bow and arrow to hunt animals to feed the group, “accidentally” shoots an arrow past Pisces’ head

Cancer: crawls into the remains of their wrecked ship and starts tallying down the days they’ve been castaway in the wood

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