Signs as Disney Princesses

Aries: Esmeralda
Taurus: Mulan
Gemini: Megara
Cancer: Snow White
Leo: Rapunzel
Virgo: Belle
Libra: Anna
Scorpio: Jasmine
Sagittarius: Merida
Capricorn: Tiana
Aquarius: Cinderella
Pisces: Ariel

They are the fireworks you feel in your chest,
They are the warmth in your heart,
They are passionate fire you feel in you’re soul,
They are the galactic bruises on your knuckles

They are the lips you feel on your icy neck,
They are the warm liquid honey that pool in your brown eyes,
They are the skipping stones that you throw across the pond,
They are the soft skin you crave to caress at 4:08 am

They are the beautiful chime in your laughter,
They are polish on your nails made of roses,
They are the smell of lavender and sunflower on your skin,
They are the butterflies coming out of their cocoon in your stomach

They are the salty tears that are dried against your cheeks,
They are the gentle smile that rests on your lips,
They are the snow white scars dusted across your body like snowflakes,

They are you’re glowing warm suntan in the summer,
They are the gems that glisten in your eyes,
They are the unconditional love you feel brewing inside you,
They are the soft kiss planted across your cheek

They are the eyelashes feathering against your neck as your hugging someone,
They are you’re scribbled handwriting when you’re writing poetry,
They are the crystal clear vodka the trickles smoothly down your throat when you’re feeling alone

They are the soft flowers braided in your hair,
They are the snowflakes the melt on your lips,
They are the oil paint that dries on your gentle hands,
They are the reflection of how beautiful you are,

They are your demons lurking in the corners of your mind,
They the quiet stars that are sprinkled in your eyes,
They are your first bubble of laughter after crying,
They are the feeling of victory rising inside of you,

They are the wind of freedom blowing through your veins,
They are your fingers dancing on top of the piano keys,
They are your firm and comforting embrace,
They are the fire burning behind your soul

They the rain that your angel weeps when you’ve been hurt,
They are the fingertips stroking along your skin,
They are hardness of steal, but soft as satin that is burried inside you 
They are the definition of your inner strength

They are the alien from your past life,
They are the tattoo inked across your defined back,
They are the raw, real, and human part of you,
They are also the cold, distant, non human part of you

They are the koi fish that swim in the pit of your stomach to stir emotion inside of you,
They are the watercolor paint you cry
They are the beautiful art that you are
They are your gentle sleepy kisses at 3 in the morning.

—  The signs as beautiful things about you
  • Aries:Exploring abandoned buildings
  • Taurus:Hugging trees and cacti
  • Gemini:Catfishing people online
  • Cancer:Picking petals off a flower
  • Leo:Showing up to their meet and greet
  • Virgo:Painting random shit
  • Libra:Hiking up a mountain
  • Scorpio:Shooting up a school
  • Sagittarius:Going clubbing and doing acid
  • Capricorn:Getting their shit done
  • Aquarius:Thinking of new trends
  • Pisces:Getting their shit together
Quick list of Pros and Cons regarding a Gemini/Capricorn relationship

Here lies that delightful aspects of their relationship:

  • Both parties will find each other interesting.
  • If Capricorn can win over the heart of the Gemini, they’re in it for the long haul.
  • Gemini and Capricorn can provide insight to to places where they both lack it.
  • Gemini will tell Capricorn everything about themselves and everyone else, which is something Capricorn considers a sign of trust (Though, generally Gemini has Diarrhea of the mouth and will say anything that is on their mind to pretty much anyone).
  • Capricorn will stroke Gemini’s ego, which will make insecure Gemini feel really good about himself. In turn, Gemini will treat Capricorn with the same kindness.
  • Gemini’s creativity and participation in the refined arts (dancing, acting, music, etc.) will win over the heart of Capricorn.
  • These two can really make each other laugh, which is appreciated by Capricorn. Gemini normally has a case of the giggles.
  • When these two combine their social influence, they are unstoppable.
  • These two will always share an intellectual understanding.

The more insufferable aspects of their relationship include:

  • Gemini has an explosive temper. Outbursts will be met with even more, likely bottled-up, anger from Capricorn. This will be followed by a grudge from Capricorn. This could easily end their relationship.
  • Gemini is inconsistent in their thoughts, actions, and emotions. This will drive Capricorn insane.
  • Gemini likes to play mind games for fun or sometimes to manipulate the other party. This will also piss off Capricorn.
  • Both are very moody people. 
  • Gemini is melodramatic. This will drive Capricorn flippin’ nuts.
  • Capricorn will push Gemini away when they are upset. Gemini will be extremely offended about this.
  • Gemini will tell everyone about various aspects of the relationship that Capricorn will more-than-likely will want to keep personal. (Hey! Libra, Sagittarius, and Scorpio! I just had kinky sex with Capricorn! Yeah dude, it was awesome! Hey, Capricorn, why are you mad? Cheer up! Liven up a litt– Oh shit, I’m so sorry. I forgot you actually HAVE secrets.“)
  • Still on the subject of secrets, Gemini will feel personally offended that Capricorn doesn’t volunteer all information to them by default. ("Gemini, I don’t want to talk about it right now.” “It’s because you don’t trust me, isn’t it?” “Dammit, how many times must I say that I just like to keep some things personal? I’m not like you!”)
  • Both tend to get very jealous of each others friends (who they suspect may be more than friends).

Here is the compatibility of Capricorn with all twelve signs, starting with the best and ending at the worst:

  1. Taurus

  2. Virgo

  3. Cancer

  4. Capricorn

  5. Scorpio

  6. Pieces

  7. Gemini

  8. Leo

  9. Aquarius

  10. Libra

  11. Aries

  12. Sagittarius

The relationship between these two varies from couple-to-couple. Some will be short lived, some are meant to last. Really, it depends on the first impression Gemini receives of Capricorn and what personality Capricorn interacts with. Let it be said that this relationship is not the best in the Zodiac, but it is definitely not the worst. These two will likely meet while at a party, during extra-curricular activities, or because they share a mutual friend. Both Capricorn and Gemini are huge flirts and know how to have a Hell of a conversation. Gemini is unique to Capricorn, which will captivate the goat’s imagination. Gemini will be amazed with the wealth of knowledge that Capricorn is in possession of. These two will likely be attracted to each other on a physical basis before they are connected emotionally. This will drive the basis of their friendship if they are moving toward a romantic relationship. These two have the potential to truly love each other, and when they do, the world better watch out. However, their love life could also turn into a battle zone way too quickly. That scary part is that this is all determined on how Gemini feels, which constantly changes. When managed, this relationship can be an extremely rewarding one, but the downside is that it is difficult to manage. The key to keeping this relationship afloat is compromise, communication, and empathy from both parties. Otherwise, this attempt at love will end with plates being thrown, flowerpots being broken, and a charge for disturbing the peace.

TLDR; Capricorn and Gemini are a lot like a seeing-eye dog and a blind person. They both need each other and respect each other, but there are mistakes and there are hard times. Still, in the end, they both benefit from each other. This is a good match the two are willing to work together to resolve problems. Otherwise, it will flame-out spectacularly.

signs if sign

arie- piscine
taurnes- taurnes
germane- leee
canter- Virginia
leee - canter
Virginia - sagacity
library - arie
scopio - germane
sagacity - canter
capencon- aqurers
aquerers- capencon
piscine -library

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