Yellow Cluster Anemone (Parazoanthus axinellae)

…a species of zoanthid coral that occurs off the coasts of southern Atlantic Europe and in the Mediterranean Sea. Unlike true anemones zoanthids like P.axinellae differ in their internal anatomy and colony formation. Like most cnidarians yellow cluster anemones are ‘carnivores’ and will feed on passing food items that are dispatched via nematocysts.


Animalia-Cnidaria-Anthozoa-Zoantharia-Zoanthidea-Parazoanthidae-Parazoanthus-P. axinellae

Images: Yoruno and Alfiero Brisotto

“Cape Zoanthid” (Isozoanthus capensis)

…a speices of zoanthid (Order: Zoanthidea) which is distributed and possibly may be endemic to the area around the Cape Peninsula to Port St. Johns along the South African coast. Isozoanthus capensis is a shallow water species, and like most cnidarians feeds mainly on various plankton


Animalia-Cnidaria-Anthozoa-Hexacorallia-Zoanthidea-Parazoanthidae-Isozoanthus-I. capensis

Image: Seascapeza