My work for @eorzean-art-exchange V-day art exchange event and you won’t guess who did I get as my partner  (/◕ヮ◕)/

I am really bad with holiday themed ‘inspiration’ but as I always loved the little story you created for how Ilwe got Selene and she is actually his familiar who helped him survive the aether weighted birthplace. 

I really wanted to illustrate the moment when he first creating her. 

So my work goes for @nightmazing the moment when they bond. Hope you enjoy it hun ! :>

(yes I was allowed to upload on my main blog like with the xmas event!)

anonymous asked:

[for Valentine event] papyrus, I get the feeling you're about to be under a whole lot of pressure. Remember that your feelings on this whole shindig are what matter most- including if u lack an attraction to you know who. If you feel the attraction, fine, but please don't think you gotta go through with something if you don't feel what all these others want you to feel, alright? Hopefully that made sense. Take care of yourself.

“…And the Napstaton Brand of cigarettes are pretty damn good.”