Event: Newcomer Training! On Scene Report

On 8/22 (Tue) 15:00, the schedule event [Newcomer Training! On Scene Report] will begin.

8/22 (Tue) 15:00 ~ Event End

Photo Introduction:
The photos this time all have STAR PT BONUS!
The photo’s attributes are “DANCE”, which are useful to this upcoming event.

SR MooNs Sekimura Mikado [Glasses Mystery] STAR PT BONUS
SR KiLLER KiNG Fudou Akane [Shading Effort] STAR PT BONUS
SR KiLLER KiNG Teramitsu Yuduki [Desired Dango] STAR PT BONUS
SSR Kitakore Kitakado Tomohisa [White Lion] STAR PT BONUS

These are points that you obtain in the Event Map during the event.
It’s a system for this event where you can obtain limited time photos and items depending on the ranking you obtain from the total amount of Star Pt.

If you STAR PT BONUS photo into your unit, you’ll obtain more Star Pt when you play Event Map Lives.

When you increase the Idol Rank of STAR PT BONUS photos, you can increase the bonus rate.

For this event, when you add Dance photos to your unit, even if they don’t have STAR PT BONUS , you’ll receive bonus points.
You’ll receive a different amount of points depending on the rarity of the Dance photo.

Cutesy Chest Weekend!

Are you prepared for the cutest event of all? This weekend, earn a Cutesy Avatar Chest roll for completing 3 First Wins of the Day, each day!

That means you can earn up to 3 Cutesy Chest rolls from Friday to Sunday!

This event will begin on Friday, August 25 at 5:00 am EDT and run until Monday, August 28 at 5:00 am EDT.


Most likely to be swayed to the dark side

Pick an OC (or more than one if you’re feeling creative) that you feel best fits the categories above and make an edit for that OC. Don’t forget to tag us and to use the hashtag #twocybmeme so that we can reblog the post to the blog for everyone else to see and enjoy.

the first ever event for themaraudersdefencenet is a netflix show au!

this event will run from the 21st-27th of august and is open for members only seeing as this is our first event

for this event you can collaborate with another member or go solo and can either make a netflix edit for a marauders show or a piece of writing about a marauders show!

to participate please:

  • reblog this post (optional)
  • tag us in your creation with the caption @themaraudersdefencenet event: netflix show au
Members not in the Discord

We are planning another au wide event! This time we want the characters to switch powers. The way it will work is that the mods will assign numbers to each character who wants to participate then randomly generate the numbers to find out who gets what powers. Then we will make a post letting everyone know what powers they got.

For this to work, we want those who wish to participate to let us know so that we know which characters to put into the number generator. So send us an ask letting us know if you want to join in! 

This is a chance to interact with members you may have never interacted with before! We do have some members with similar powers so if they get paired we will roll again. This isn’t a required event and you can choose to stay out of it if you don’t have time, or are busy with other things such as your own events, m!as, etc. The event won’t start for a while since we have to compile who is participating and assign numbers etc. Just let us know if you’re participating asap.

-Mod West

1,500 Follower Special!!

Thank you all for the love and patience! Please request only 4 numbers and 2 characters at a time. This will last 24 hours! Queued to be rebloged in the morning.

  1. Does this character have siblings or family members in their age group? Which one are they closest with?
  2. What is/was this character’s relationship with their mother like?
  3. What is/was this character’s relationship with their father like?
  4. Has this character ever witnessed something that fundamentally changed them? If so, does anyone else know?
  5. On an average day, what can be found in this character’s pockets?
  6. Does this character have recurring themes in their dreams?
  7. Does this character have recurring themes in their nightmares?
  8. Has this character ever fired a gun? If so, what was their first target?
  9. Is this character’s current socioeconomic status different than it was when they were growing up?
  10. Does this character feel more comfortable with more clothing, or with less clothing?
  11. In what situation was this character the most afraid they’ve ever been?
  12. In what situation was this character the most calm they’ve ever been?
  13. Is this character bothered by the sight of blood? If so, in what way?
  14. Does this character remember names or faces easier?
  15. Is this character preoccupied with money or material possession? Why or why not?
  16. Which does this character idealize most: happiness or success?
  17. What was this character’s favorite toy as a child?
  18. Is this character more likely to admire wisdom, or ambition in others?
  19. What is this character’s biggest relationship flaw? Has this flaw destroyed relationships for them before?
  20. In what ways does this character compare themselves to others? Do they do this for the sake of self-validation, or self-criticism?
  21. If something tragic or negative happens to this character, do they believe they may have caused or deserved it, or are they quick to blame others?
  22. What does this character like in other people?
  23. What does this character dislike in other people?
  24. How quick is this character to trust someone else?
  25. How quick is this character to suspect someone else? Does this change if they are close with that person?
  26. How does this character behave around children?
  27. How does this character normally deal with confrontation?
  28. How quick or slow is this character to resort to physical violence in a confrontation?
  29. What did this character dream of being or doing as a child? Did that dream come true?
  30. What does this character find repulsive or disgusting?
  31. Describe a scenario in which this character feels most comfortable.
  32. Describe a scenario in which this character feels most uncomfortable.
  33. In the face of criticism, is this character defensive, self-deprecating, or willing to improve?
  34. Is this character more likely to keep trying a solution/method that didn’t work the first time, or immediately move on to a different solution/method?
  35. How does this character behave around people they like?
  36. How does this character behave around people they dislike?
  37. Is your character more concerned with defending their honor, or protecting their status?
  38. Is this character more likely to remove a problem/threat, or remove themselves from a problem/threat?
  39. Has this character ever been bitten by an animal? How were they affected (or unaffected)?
  40. How does this character treat people in service jobs?
  41. Does this character feel that they deserve to have what they want, whether it be material or abstract, or do they feel they must earn it first?
  42. Has this character ever had a parental figure who was not related to them?
  43. Has this character ever had a dependent figure who was not related to them?
  44. How easy or difficult is it for this character to say “I love you?” Can they say it without meaning it?
  45. What does this character believe will happen to them after they die? Does this belief scare them?