Carmen left me in the dust today, but I still made it back first. 😜 #cycleaddicts #cycling #roadbike #authentic_dude #liveauthentic #ssg #smallstudiogroup #lifeunscripted #enjoylife #liveyourdream #enjoytheride #gearlife #gearlifeglobal #teamgearlife #duttyridas #zmotion #adoptabike

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Web banner for the Kids in Distress bike event. To emphasize the beautiful beach route of the race, I used the brand’s colors as well as a beach photo. I also concepted and designed the 10th Anniversary tag to the existing Kids logo. Don’t forget, click this graphic or any others to view at actual size!

Nomsters Joined on the Livestrong Dine Walk at Gulfstream Park

Last night the Nomsters participated in a charity event benefiting Livestrong and their push to find a cure for cancer.  The Zimmerman Livelong Organization in participation with Gulfstream Park event involved a passport with checkoff points at different restaurants and stores across Gulfstream Park sampling both food and drinks all for a $20 donation.  These destinations included Blu Sushi, Brio Tuscan Grille, William Sonoma, Texas de Brazil, and the Playwright Pub, just to name a few. Pictured above are Brio’s cheesy triangle chips with Spinach Dip, pasta dish and tasty Tiramisu.

The tempura specialty rolls from Blu known as their Find What Baby (Salmon, scallions, asparagus and cream cheese, all tempura dipped and deep fried then brushed with sweet eel sauce) were super tasty. We liked the fact that the menu had the usuals but also an above-average selection of specialty rolls all ranging from $10-$15 on average. Check out their menu here. The sake we sampled was up there some with the best we’ve had - very crisp and refreshing. Although we would have preferred a sake flight, we’ll settle for two rounds of it from Blu!

Texas de Brazil completely stole the show.  They’re mini caipirinha samplers along with the braised skirt steaks on a bed of homemade mashed potatoes drizzled with chimichurri sauce was delectable.

At the end of the night, at the charity raffle/afterparty held at the awesomely Irish-decorated Playwright Irish Pub, yours truly won a $100 gift card, had a belly full of yummy foods and hearty drinks and made new friends. In the end, The Nomsters lent a hand in the fight against cancer. We really hope they have one of these every month!

Stay tuned as we’ll be participating and talking about the Livelong Livestrong events and fundraisers as we’ll be running and cycling for a cure at the event on October 13th and 14th. Find out more about joining the race against cancer here

zMotion Ingural Ride | Januray 15, 2011

7:00AM The alarm starts a buzzing.  I spring out of my bed excited at the idea of cycling again.  The first time I ride for MS150 in about two years.  I wash my face, slap on my bike shorts and bike jersey, and suit up.

7:30AM I send a test message to my buddy who’s riding for the first time ever, to see if he’s still willing to go on this ride.

7:45AM My buddy comes down the stairs with a morning greeting of “I hate you."  This is when I knew the day was gonna be a good one.

8:10AM With the bick rack attached to the hitch and the bikes loaded up, we head out to John U. Lloyd Park.

8:20AM We arrive at the park and see many zMotion riders ready to hit the pavement and ride.  The weather couldn’t have been any  better.  The sun was up, the temperature was a cool 65ish degrees, and the winds aren’t as tumultuous as I thought it would be.

8:39AM After a short morning pep talk from our camp leaders and the groups breaking up into 3 separate rides (10mi, 15mi, 30mi), we leave the park and head out into Dania Beach and make our way south to Hollywood Beach.  The first half of the ride compromised of going 10-13 mph, using pedestrians as obstacles as we weaved our way down the boardwalk, sometimes avoiding head on collisions with other riders and near misses with retired elderly folks as they walked down the boardwalk.

At the halfway point we deiced to turn back and separate into two groups, those who were comfortable with current speed and those who wanted to go ahead.  Basically, weed out the slow pokes while the intermediates sped ahead at 15mph-20mph.  I decided to gun it with the others and it was awesome.  Single file drafting heading north on A1A with the winds blowing into our faces (which by the way sucked ass).  Towards the end I went on a full on sprint for mile with another buddy of mine.  Totally exhausted.

9:36AM Finally arrived back to park and dismounted.  Total stats: 12.44mi, average speed 12.7mph, 585 calories burned, and total time 58 minutes.

10:00AM We begin mingling with each other and talk about past rides, training tips as we constantly look over our shoulders peeping at the caterers and hoping the food will be served soon.

10:30AM Food is served.  All the zMotion riders begin to stuff their faces with cheese burgers, chicken burgers, potato salad, and pasta salad.

11:30AM With out bellies full and our hunger satiated, we begin to break camp and head to our homes.

All in all it was a successful ride, it was good seeing friends outside of the work environment taking up the cause and helping to find a cure for multiple sclerosis. Even though today I did 15mi I’m hoping by the time the MS150 rolls around in May, I can do, for the first time in 4 rides, all 150mi of the ride.

Stay tuned as I start creating dedicated entries simply for the MS150.  Ciao.

The crew was out in full force today at the CSP All Camp Ride. #cycleaddicts #cycling #roadbike #authentic_dude #ssg #smallstudiogroup #lifeunscripted #enjoylife #liveyourdream #enjoytheride #gearlife #gearlifeglobal #teamgearlife #csp #zmotion #allcampride #cspexpress (at CSP Express)

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Nice ride today at the zmotion camp cove all camp ride. Full video on Facebook #cycleaddicts #cycling #roadbike #authentic_dude #ssg #smallstudiogroup #lifeunscripted #enjoylife #gearlife #gearlifeglobal #teamgearlife #zmotion

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