Zayn One Shot

Earlier that day

My friend Harry calls me asking me if I want to have lunch with him and I accept. I arrive at the restaurant and look through the window to see Harry speaking with a guy who looks handsome from the back.

“Hey” I say as I walk in

“Hey Y/N” says Harry and hugs me

“Hey Y/N” says a familiar voice

I look behind me and see my ex-boyfriend, Zayn

“Oh My God Zayn, how are you?” I ask

“I’m good” he says “I’m so happy to see you again”

Zayn and I were boyfriend and girlfriend during senior year of high school. Even though we were young and our relationship was short lived, we were madly in love. 

“I have to go” says Harry “See you guys later”

As Harry leaves, Zayn and I start talking and it feels like were picking up right where we left off.

“So what do you do for a living” he asks

“Interior Decorating” I tell him “What about you?”

“Music Producer” he tells me

As we continue to talk, I can’t help but stare at him. He was gorgeous and no longer looked like the boy I feel in love with in High School, he looked like a man.

“So how’s your love life” I ask him

“Not so good” he says “Most women only want me for money and prestige”

“I’m so sorry” I tell him

“What about you” he asks

“What about me” I reply 

“Do you have a man” he asks

“Y-Yes I do” I tell him and show him my ring “I’m engaged”

Later That Day - Zayn POV

“Why didn’t you tell me that she was getting married” I say angrily while pacing back and forth

“Because I don’t like him” says Harry “He’s an arsehole. He treats her like crap”

“WHAT!” I say angrily

“He’s lazy and does not genuinely love her and treats her like she’s nothing” says Harry “She’s just lonely”

As I sit on Harry’s couch, trying to calm myself down, I begin to think about the fight Y/N got into when we broke up. The screaming, the crying. Just thinking about builds up a pain in my chest. I have never been so in love with someone my whole life and to just let her go the way I did killed me.

“I can’t let this happen. I let her get away once, I’m not going to let it happen again” I say while getting up from the couch “Where does she live”

“She lives in Chelsea” he says and gives me her address

45 minutes later - Y/N’s POV

While I’m laying on a hammock in my living room, reading a book, I hear someone knocking on my door and open it to see Zayn

“Hey Zayn” I ask “What are you doing”

“We need to talk Y/N” he says 

“Ok” I say and let him inside

I look at him as he paces back and forth in my living room

“Is everything ok?” I ask “You seem a bit tense”

“Are you getting married?” he asks me

“Who told you?” I ask and automatically think of Harry “SHIT!”

“So you weren’t planning on telling me?” he says

“Why should I Zayn if we broke up along time ago” I tell him “Move on”

“NO!” he say angrily “When you love someone you will never let them go”

“What?!” I ask

“I still love you Y/N” he says stepping closer to me “I never stopped loving you”

“Zayn” I say tearing up “I’m sorry”

I look at Zayn as he steps aways from me and rubs his temple while pacing back and forth

“Are you happy?” he asks

“Of course I am” I tell him 

“Does he love you” he asks, sounding frustrated

“O-Of course h-he does” I respond

“That’s bullshit” he says angrily “No one can love you like I can and you know it.”

“You don’t know anything about him” I say

“Yes I do and apparently he’s an arsehole and treats you like shit” he says angrily

I automatically think of Harry again and gets mad

“You know what?” I say sounding irritated “You really need to go”

“Let me ask you something?” he asks sounding frustrated

“WHAT!” I yell

“Does he kiss you like I do?” he asks

“Excuse me?” I say sounding bothered

“You heard me. When he slips his tongue in your mouth, does he give you goosebumps? Does he keep you wanting more like I did” he says stepping closer to me, walking towards the wall “When he’s inside of you, does he make your eyes roll to the back of your head? Does he make you remember your worth like I did”

“Yeah actually, even better” I tell him

“That’s bullshit and you know it because I know when you’re in bed with him all you can think about is me” he tells me, sounding sinister “Face it Y/N after all these years, you still love me”

“SHUT THE FUCK UP” I yell and slap his across the face, hard

I smack him so hard across his face that he stumbles. He turns to look back at me as he fixes his jaw and grabs me, pushing me up against the wall. He presses his body against mine, preventing from moving. I try to break free from him but I can’t, he’s way too strong.

“Don’t fight it babe” he whispers as he strokes my cheek with his thumb

“Zayn get off of m-” I say and he cuts me off by slipping his tongue my mouth

I try to fight it for as long as I can but the attempt was unsuccessful and end up giving in. Who was I kidding? I still love Zayn and kissing him again felt like being on a rocket to the moon. With Zayn, I feel magic, fireworks, sparks. I grab his face and kiss him passionately; our tongues fighting for dominance. 

“I still love you” I tell him

He smirks as I begin taking his shirt off aggressively. We both continue to kiss each other aggressively as we rip each others clothes and throw them, not caring where they land. My bedroom door slams open; hitting the wall and he throws me onto my bed. He quickly climbs on top of me and removes my underwear and his; throwing it across the room and not caring where it lands. He runs his strong hands ever so lightly down my body. He begins kissing his way down to my pussy and lightly kisses me clit. I let out a moan and feel my eyes roll to the back of my head as he picks up the pace and eats me out uncontrollably. I sit up and grab his face and neck and kiss him with everything I have. He lays me down gently, while still kissing me and rubs the tip of his manhood against my clit. He slides into me and we both groan in relief. I open my eyes as we continue to kiss and something sparked, his brown eyes staring into me, right into who I am and it gave me chills like never before.

“Look at me” he says as he rides me

I feel his manhood turn rock hard as he nailed me hard and deep. We both climax together and release onto each other while moaning at the top of our lungs and cuddle into each others arms and fall asleep. I wake up the following morning and see Zayn sleeping like an angel beside me. As I lay back in bed, I begin to reflect on yesterday. Zayn was right. No one could make love to me like he can. He makes me feel powerful. He makes me remember my worth. The feeling of him being inside of me, nailing me hard, felt like ecstasy racing through my veins. Just Wow!. I look at the ring on my finger and realize that I still love Zayn and I want to be with him. I don’t want to get married to man who doesn’t value who I am. I take off the ring and put it in my bedside drawer. I roll over to look at Zayn, who is wide awake. He wraps his arm around my waist and pulls me closer to him and buries his face in my neck.

“I want to spend my life with you” I say

“So do I” he says and kisses my lips

He gets on top of me and presses his body onto mine and kisses me passionately. He plants kisses down my body and begins eating me out uncontrollably

“Um Zayn” I moan and grip on his hair

As he continues to drive me wild with his tongue, I hear someone comes into the house

“Y/N baby” say my fiancee “I’m home”

Breaking Tables! -- Zayn Malik

“Just get the fuck in!” My boyfriend Zayn of 8 months moaned in my ear. Tonight we went out to a club and Zayn got veeeery horny because of my short tight black dress and black heels. Right now I’m fighting with my keys to find the right one. I could feel his huge erection on my ass while he kisses down my neck from behind.

I finally opened the door and we got in. When we got out of our shoes and coats he shoved me against the next wall and kissed me hard with tongue and teeth. I could taste the scotch on his lips. He pushed me several times at the wall just to get everytime a low moan into his mouth. The last push was harder than the others. He grinded his crotch into mine while kissing down my jawline and neck to my exposed collarbone. He came back up to my ear and growled sexy in my ear “I’m going to make you fucking scream, baby!” and grinded into me again. He grabbed my bum and this was my time to jump and wrap my legs around his waist, what I did. He carried my to our bedroom never breaking the kiss. “This gets old! Let’s go to kirchen, love” He winked at me and carried me over to the kitchen only to lie me down on the table. “No Zayn, we eat here.” I gave him a smirk. “Exactly. Everytime when we’re sitting here while we’re eating you remember when I fuck you senseless on this table! It doesn’t matter if we are alone or we’re eating here with the boys! I will remind you every fucking time!” He growled while I got wetter by the second. My wetness was dripping on the table since I had no thong on only to tease Zayn. He climbed on top of me, hands on both sides of my head. “Whats that on the table, love? Your wetness? Jesus, baby you made you this wet?” One hand flew down to my sex only to spread my lips and feel my wetness. “Shit Zayn!” I gasped at the sudden contact. He chuckled lightly shoving two of his long fingers in my dripping core. “OH ZAYN. YES DON’T STIP! UGH!” Finally I unbottened his shirt and unbuckelt his belt while he still worked on my pussy.

I feel the knot in my stomach “Zayn, I’m close. OH Yeeees!!” I moaned. I was almost there when he pulled out. “ZAYN WHAT THE FUCK!??” He licked his fingers clean and just stand up again to take off his shirt and trousers along with his Calvin Klein’s. I just watched him and his muscles and his toned abs. I moaned lightly when his hard erection slapped against his stomach. He noticed how uncomfortable this dress must be and tore it off of me. “No bra and no panties? Maybe I have to punish you cause someone could notice you are nude under this fucking tight dress!” I just moaned in response. “Turn around.” He sat again on the table with my sex in his lap and my ass in the air. He raised his hand only to slap it on my ass cheeck. I screamed out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He stroked the place were he slapped me immediately. I grow wetter by the second and I could say it turned him on as well. He repeated that a few times and got up of the table again and turned me around. He climbed on top of me with his tip teasing me on my entrance. “Zayn, please don’t tease..” my voice cracking on the end of my sentence. “Beg, baby” - “Oh god please.” It was just a whisper. “That’s all?” - “JESUS! ZAYN MALIK PLEASE SHOVE YOUR FUCKING HUGE COCK INTO MY TIGHT LITTLE PUSSY AND FUCK ME ON THIS TABLE! I WANT TO BE REMEMBERED TO THIS MOMENT WHEN I CUM ON YOUR DICK EVERYTIME WHEN I’M WALKING IN AND SEE THIS FUCKING TABLE!” With that he thrusted into me, not letting me adjust but the pain turned slowly into pure pleasure. “Is that all you can?” I moaned out. “Excuse me whore!?? Shut the fuck up!” He thrusted a little bit harder and deeper. I felt the fimilar knot in my lower stomach again. “Ugh! Baby I’m close!!” I screamed out. “C’mon scream my name when you cum and look at me!” He moaned out thrusting harder and deeper. This was the hardest thing ever… Cuming without closing your eyes and throwing your head back just to enjoy this fucking moment. I looked in his nearly black eyes “Ugh yeeees ZAYN OH GOD ZAYN!!” I screamed in his face. I felt my walls tighten around him and released. He closed his eyes, threw his head back and moaned out my name with some profanities. He shoot his hot cum deep into me. He thrusted a few times only to ride out his big orgasm. When it happened…

*CRACK* The table broke down with a big slam. We fell down and his cock thrusted one last time so deep in to me, so I cum again on his big cock. “Babe? You came again?” He laughed while pulling out and got up to helping me. “Yes, you were so deep and it felt so fucking great!” He giggled when he heard my answer and looked at the broke down table. “Maybe we should break down more tables when you get sp amazing orgasm of that?” He winked at me and I just nodded and winked at him.

Bad Day! -- Louis Tomlinson

It was 5:30 a.m. and I had to get up to go to work. Great, good morning! Zayn, my boyfriend of about 1 year was snoring next to me. I changed into a simple white shirt and a black skinny jeans. I was to tired to do my make up. I made my way downstairs to breakfast a little and went straight to the driveway to my car. The day went by and my boss nearly fired me because of nothing! My mood wasn’t the best! When I was about to go home my car broka down. Hell, FUCKING GREAT! And of course it startet to rain. After two minutes of walking I was already soaking wet!

I finally opened the door to make myself comfortable on the couch since I had just a horrible day. “Zayn? Are you home?” No reply. That’s when I heard soft moans from our bedroom. Would he? I slowly get up and made my way to it. I slowly opened the door and saw it… Yes, he would. Zayn was lying on top of a blonde slut, moaning like crazy. I just stand there, watching him pound into that bitch. The headboard was hitting the wall. “ZAYN! OH YES! GOD HARDER BABY!!” the slut screamed at the top of her fucking lungs. They finally reached their climax and when Zayn collapsed next to her I gave a round of applause. Both of their heads shot up. “(Y/N) baby w- what are you d-doing here s-so early?” He stuttered while getting up and walking towards me. I just stand there while he tried to explain. The bitch was getting clothed and ran out of our house. “(Y/N) please I’m so sorry but you’re the hole day at work and I needed release!” “No Zayn just shut the fuck up.” I turned around and walked away, out of our house, just away. He was trying to catch me but I was to fast for him.

I walked around the city. Thinking and sometimes crying. I walked around London for hours and finally I found myself infront of Louis house. I rang the bell and he opened after what seemed like hours. “(Y/N)? Whats wrong? Why are you crying?” I collapsed in his big strong arms and cried. He led me to his couch and I finally found my voice to speak to him. “H-He chea-cheated on m-me!” I cried even harder. I heared a door burst open and thought it would be Zayn but it was just Harry, who was living with Louis. “Hey! Erm… whats wrond with her?” Harry asked surprised. “Zayn cheated on her…” He sat next to me and hugged me as well. Harry broke the silence “I’ll talk to him.” He was gone as fast as he came home only minutes ago. “Do you want to drink something (Y/N)?” “Yes please. The hardest drink you have!” He laughed lightly. He went to the kitchen and soon came back with a glass of I don’t know what and honestly I don’t care. I threw my head back with the glass he gave me. It tastes like scotch and something else but it was delicious. The alcohol was burning in my throat and after 7 more of it I was drunk. Louis was sober next to me. We talked for a while and soon I found myself between the couch and Louis for a heated make-out session.

He pinned my wrists above my head while he was hovering above me. He carried me to his big bedroom bridal style and never broke the kiss. Finally he let go of me and threw me on his bed while taking his shirt off. Jesus, his abs was perfect! “You know babe, I’ve waited so long for doing this. And Zayn is to stupid to let you go.” I shut him up by kissing him roughly again. While he unbuckelt his belt i took my shirt and pants of as well. We were both in our underwear when he climbed on top of me. He kissed me one last time before kissing down my jawline down my collarbone to my bra. I arched my back so he could unclasped my bra. He threw it across te room and sucked on my left breast while kneading the right. My nipples harden and a amall moan escaped my lips. He kissed down my stomach to the hem of my panties. He took them off as well and finally licked up and down my slit. “Oh baby, you’re so wet for me and only me!” I just moaned in response. He shoved his tongue into my while rubbing my clit with his thumb. He moaned into me and the vibrations soon brought me to the edge. I felt my stomach tighten soon. He rubbed figure-eights on my clit while moaning with me and mutters how sweet I taste. “Oh god lou, keep going. I’m about to cum. OH LOUIIIS!!!!” With that I came all over his face and his fingers. He licked his fingers clean. “I can’t wait to get into you. To feel you around me and how you cum all over my cock.” At the tought I got wet again. He hovers over me while sliding his length into my little entrance. We both moaned out in pleasure. “OH YES (Y/N)!! Zayn could be so happy right now!!” “Louis forgett about Zayn! I’m about to cum. OH GOD YES LOOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON!!” “I love it when you moan my name..” He soon released deep into me while I came all over his big cock.

He collapsed next to me, panting like never before. “This was amazing! I can’t understamd how Zayn could let you go!” Louis panted.
“WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!?” Both of our heads shot up to see an angry and sad Zayn in the door frame…


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Zayn’s P.O.V.

My mind was awake before my body was. Mind my was spinning in circles and asking questions that my body could help answer yet.

Where was I? What had happened? Where was she?

All questions that I need my body to be awake for me to realistically receive the answers. I couldn’t feel anything except a small amount of heat radiating from my left side. It was blinding, yet somehow I was clinging to it with the small amount of life I had. I would later find out she was the heat that I was clinging to.

10 hours before.
Y/N P.O.V.

“Zayn I saw you looking at her like you were interested!” I shouted across the room. He had his back turned to me, acting as oblivious as ever. I was infuriated, and it was radiating out of me.

Zayn walked toward me, standing in front of me. “I have no idea what you are talking about.” He stated calmly. He reached out grabbing my wrist, but i yanked it back.

“You have know idea what I’m talking about?” I was shocked. “You must be insane. I am not blind or stupid, I saw you.” I screamed in his face.

I tried to step around him, headed towards the door but he stepped with me. “You’re not leaving.” He stated firmly. I would not let him talk to me like he owned me. I shoved him to my right with more force than I’d expected and watched him crash into our glass coffee table with a bang.

My eyes widened and jaw dropped, I rushed over to him lying on the floor. “Oh My God, Zayn. I’m so sorry.” My hand went up to the already bleeding gash on the side of his face “What have I done?”

He struggled to try and pick himself up off the floor, but I made him stay on the ground. I was sure if he got up, he’d collapse. He was looking at me with hurt eyes, and I knew he was close to blacking out.

“Zayn, baby stay with me. Hold on. I promise you’ll be okay.” I announced. I got up and ran into the kitchen searching for the phone to call the doctor who lived in our building.

I ran back into the living room, frantically dialing the number. When I got there, Zayn had already passed out; I could only push myself to dial faster.

Present day

He was fast asleep in my arms, his head on my chest. I hadn’t let him out of my sight since I dialed the doctor’s number.

The doctor got down here pretty quickly and fixed him up even faster. He had a long cut on the back of his head and the doctor advised I stay with him until he woke up to monitor his sleeping to ensure that he didn’t undergo brain trauma.

I was so nervous and scared for what would happen when he woke up that I’d stayed, just to have a little more time with him.

He stirred in my arms heavily. I looked down at his face and silently sobbed, I was so confused as to how I could hurt this perfect man.

I closed my eyes, holding him closer and letting my tears run down my cheeks for the fourth time since last night. I was positive that when he woke up he would tell me to leave, I wasn’t sure if I was ready for that.

I didn’t notice he had seen me sobbing until I heard his raspy voice. “Don’t cry.” He whispered out.

My eyes flashed open and he stared into them, pleading with his own eyes. I hugged him hard and tight sobbing into his shoulder and ruining his shirt.

I held onto him for a few minutes before I shifted under him getting ready to get up. “You don’t have to say it Zayn. I’ve already packed my things, I just wanted to make sure you were okay before I left. I didn’t mean to push you that hard, I just….. get really jealous and I let that get to me.”

I mustered up a brave voice that I had no idea I had; I was surprised he didn’t see right through it.

“Y/N, I’m not mad at you. And even I was, I wouldn’t tell you to go. I never say it, but I truly love you.” His voice ended in a whisper and he looked up at me with those big eyes of his. I couldn’t even begin to leave.

I sat down on the bed lightly, being sure not to jostle him. “At least tell me something I can do to make this up to you. I could’ve sent you into a coma.”

He pulled me to the middle of the bed, holding me close to him. We fit like a puzzle piece. He thought a moment before he spoke into my hair.

“Love me, that’s what you can do for me. You can love me.” He sounded so vulnerable, so insecure about it and I hated it.

I pressed my lips against his collarbones, “I’ve already completed that task.” And was true, I had completed it. I’d loved him since day one, and I knew that now. Nothing else was important to me, and of course I’d realized it when it was almost too late.

Zayn smiled against my hair and let it sink in. I rested my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. It was slow, and steady; almost reassuring.

He suddenly rolled to the side, letting me rest completely on the bed, then suddenly was hovering over me letting our noses touch.

I stared into his crystal clear eyes and he leaned down and kissed me passionately. I kissed back at first, oblivious to what his intentions were until a hand slipped under his shirt that I was wearing.

I pulled back, letting my head hit the pillow again. “Zayn no. Any sudden movement could jeopardize your full recovery. I can’t risk that.”

He stared at me for a while, contemplating his response. “Babe, I’ll be fine. Don’t you want to make this up to me?” He questioned, holding my gaze.

I was guilt tripped into it, and there was no way out and he knew it.

I kissed him this time, wrapping my arms around his neck to close the space between us. He kissed back, hard. We were skin to skin as I turned us over, allowing me to straddle him and take dominance the way I knew he liked.

We roughly made out, and I could could feel his erection right under my heat. I grinded down onto him, earning a heavy moan from under me that only made me move my hips more.

I kissed down to his neck and collarbone, working on the sensitive skin there as my womanhood teased him through the fabric on my panties and his shorts.

“Mmmmmm. Y/N, Don’t be a tease.” He panted out. I smirked against his neck and stopped moving my hips, finished the love bite on his neck - feeling satisfied- and lifted off of him to take off his shorts.

I rolled them down to his ankles and he kicked them away. He cock sprung free and at attention. I licked my lips, being sure to draw attention to them as he waited.

“Babe!” He whined. I smirked, I love the power he gave me.

I straddle him once more. This time my face was near his cock. I stroked him lightly, making him buck into my hand for more friction, and ran my thumb over to collect the precum. I stuck my thumb in my mouth tasting him. He moaned again, he was enjoying the view.

I took him in my mouth, slowly bobbing my head to work up the intensity. I subtly went faster, taking more and more of him into my mouth and pumping what I hadn’t reached.

“Fuck Y/N. Right there baby.” Zayn moaned out. His moans were motivating me to make him feel even better.

I closed my eyes and took all of him in. I was gagging on him and his hands were fisted into my hair as he kept me there. He face fucked me, hitting the back of my throat every time. He was close, I knew it. He took his finally last strokes and came right into my throat- I drank every last drop and licked my lips afterward.

He was panting, breathing heavy and worn out. I took this time to remove my clothing and slide a condom onto his impossibly hard cock.

I sat down on him, moaning at the new friction. I threw my head back, bouncing up and down. My hair was flying everywhere and he was moaning beneath me.

I slammed down onto his cock each time, loving it so much as it hit my g-spot. He grabbed my thighs roughly, they would be red in the morning.

“You like this tight pussy around your cock don’t you babe?” I purred out. He groaned out, it was the only sound he could make. He loved it when I talked dirty to him.

I slowed to a stop and started grinding on him, slowly and passionately. The friction was other-worldly, it was intense and super sexy. I clawed down his chest, sending a shiver through him.

I was nearing my orgasm, and so was Zayn. I just wanted him to finish me off, to remind me that I still belonged to him.

I bent down to his ear, lightly lick the lobe. “Fuck me Zayn, fuck me hard.” I demanded

He did as I said, gripping my hips to get the right position. He drilled into me, ruthlessly. I took it and craved more.

He was fucking up into me, hitting my g-spot at just the right speed. I couldn’t contain myself, I came hard on him- squeezing my eyes shut.

“Ugh, baby.” I yelled.He spasmed inside of me, his orgasm following with a grunt.

We were breathing heavy, bodies still entwined. I rolled off of him, laying more next to him then on top of him.

“I think I’ll get mad at you a lot more now that I know that we’ll make up like this.” I smirked, snuggling into his side. He laid there still for a moment.

It was when I went to speak that I noticed he was already slightly snoring. I smiled. “I love you too Zayn, I always have.” I said anyway, kissing his forehead before drifting off into my own sleep.

-Fuck Yeah. It’s Styles

Babe. ..I promise.

“Its you. And only you. I promise.” His fingers grazed the back of your neck soothingly, you nod in response and place your cool hand on his warm one. His eyes flickered to yours now as your removed his hands from you. He sighed, knowing you weren’t convinced. “I don’t know how else to prove this to you!” he said as calmly as he possibly could, it still came out a little loud, so you flinched and crossed your arms protectively over your chest.” “I don’t know either Zayn.” You spoke with attitude, and anger. You knew he was lying, and the fact that he promised after yet another lie brought an angry pinging sensation to your chest. He sat down on the bed and placed his head in his hands. After about 30 seconds of uncomfortable silence he spoke, “sit, please.” You hesitated, but sat next to him anyway not looking at him. You crossed your legs slowly and pulled yourself closer to the center of the bed, further from him. He followed your slow movement so he was right next to you again. You felt his eyes on you, not too soon after you felt his warm fingertips lingering over your skin, leaving goose bumps on your arm, then your bare thigh, your calves, then tracing circles on the bone on your ankle. You sighed accidentally from the comfort of his touch, you saw him smirk at the corner of your eye but still didn’t look directly at him. “Babe.” Was all he said before bringing his face to your neck. He didn’t kiss you, he traced his lips painfully slowly against your skin, all the way down to your shoulder, while one hand still traced those little comforting circles on your ankle. He left slow pecks along your shoulder then, causing your to whimper quietly. You heard him chuckle but ignored it. You closed your eyes, enjoying the gentle side of zayn for a while, as you weren’t used to it. “Babe.” He repeated again, letting his lips linger to your neck again, this time leaving a long kiss right on the side. The circles on your ankle stopped and turned into a loose grip, he pulled onto your ankle, uncrossing your leg and laying it down, causing it to hang off the side of the bed. He stood infront of it and pulled your other leg in the same position. You watched him as he treated you as if you were a fragile doll, controlling your every move so carefully. You found it strange that you let him, but you did and you couldn’t fathom why. He spread your legs gently and placed his knees on either side of you. He placed a hand under your back, pushing upwards, hinting for you to arch, you did so as his other hand tugged your shirt upward, not taking it off completely, but just enough for your bra to show. He didn’t take that off either though, he simply pulled each cup down slightly and pulled your breasts out. With his hand still placed under your back, he took his other and cupped your breast lightly, massaging it with a warm hand. Your back arched slightly and the hand it was resting on traced it lightly. He laid a soft kiss on your nipple before slowly going downwards, eventually removing his hand from your back. He pulled his shirt off and knelt infront of you. “Babe.” He repeated again, before pulling you toward him and kissing your inner thigh. He pulled your pajama shorts off slowly as well as your panties. He kissed your bare thigh then, in the exact same spot as before “I love you.” Was all he said before he dove into you, causing you to gasp and shiver. You felt his tongue on you as you tugged on the sheets, repeating his name without control. “Zayn, please.” You pleaded, unsure of what you were actually pleading for. “Please.” You whispered, Zayns tongue swirled in you and you let out a small yelp, he let out a chuckle sending vibrations through you. You twitched your body to the left, covering your face with your palm. “Zayn.” You said again, unable to control your body now. He held your thighs tightly as they began to shake. You moaned softly, grabbing onto his hair and tugging slightly. “oh..” you said then and he pressed his tongue hard against your most sensitive part. Your legs began to get violent, shaking and twitching with every flicker. He removed his tongue from you slowly before bringing his lips back up to your belly button. You sighed, from the relief being able to control your body again it felt good, but not as good as what he was doing before. He stood to his feet removing his shorts, then his boxers, his erection slapped his stomach before he crawled onto you. He pulled you up removing your shirt, then , unclipping your bra and tossing them in a pile with the rest of your disguarded clothing. Before you knew it was so deep inside you, you screamed from surprise and he smiled. Slowly and gently thrusting into you before getting rougher, and rougher wrapping your trembling legs around his body and grabbing your thighs. “Ahh.” He moaned, tossing his head back and biting his lips. You moaned in response, more at his pure beauty than what he was doing honestly. He sucked in air through his teeth and groaned. He gripped your thighs hard pulling you into him. He was no longer thrusting, but using your body as more of a pleasure outlet pulling you to him as if he couldn’t be bothered to move his hips any longer. He groaned your name and your back arched. You grabbed the sheets and begged for more. He let go of your thighs then and laid flat ontop of you. He began thrusting again quick deep thrusts, looking deep into your eyes, his mouth hung open, shaking the bed with every movement. He buried his head in the crook of your neck, sighing and panting. He let out a frustrated groan and sat up again, grabbing your hips and flipping you two over. He laid flat on his back, hands still on your hips, moving you back and forth on him. “Shit.” He said, closing his eyes as you began to move your hips in sync with his rhythm, rolling your hips along with it to add pleasure. He held your breasts as a response to your addition, grabbing them roughly. He let go of one and placed a hand back on your hips, urging you to go faster. You moaned at his touch and obeyed his silent demand. You could tell he was close, the way he chewed on his bottom lip the way he did, his chest heaved up and down, he let go of your breast and placed a thumb on your clit. You threw your head back, surprised but not unpleasantly, as he massaged it. You rode him more fiercely then, you could feel the sensation forming in your toes. You groaned loudly and moved as fast you could with his help. His thumb still rubbing your clit with in one hand, while his other held your waist. “Zayn.oh god zayn.” You repeated as you felt the sensation build to your thighs. “Cum..” he moaned out , “please.” And you did, holding onto his bare chest you rode him, he sighed as he felt you slow down, he held onto your waist with both hands now and urged you to continue, “Please, I am almost there babe.” He moaned, you continued to sluggishly move your waist, tired now from the orgasm you just had. He did the work then, pulling you forward and backward, bounching you up and down. He held you up and began to thrust into you, hitting you deep and making you scream. He moaned loudly every thrust, “yes.” He said, “yes.” He repeated again his finger digging into your hips. “Oh fuck. Yes. Yes.” He said before his last slow jerky thrust, his body fell to the mattress and he pulled you down to him, resting your head on his chest, still inside you. “Its you, and only you.” He panted, “I promise.”

You woke up the next morning, you stretched and yawned, rolling over to zayns side of the bed. You felt no body and sighed. You thought things would change, after what he said, after what he promised. But that wasn’t the first time he left you naked and alone with not a word, not a note, not a letter, not even a text or a kiss on the forehead. And it made you wonder, were you his girlfriend, or the other woman?