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Beautiful Verses is a project done by International Award Winning Visual Artist Zohayma Montañer, Al-Haj. Incorporating hand drawn calligraphy with her intricate freehand designing and sketching, this project aims to send through and showcase the wisdom that there is in the verses of the Qur'an.

“He taught man that which he knew not.” 96:5

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Assalamu'ālãikūm wa rahmatullāhi wa barakatūhū, Update on my Ramadhan journal, Istafti Qalbak.

These are some of snaps of the sample pages of the journal! Alhamdulillah. The journal includes lots of gems as everything inside are taken from more than 15 Islamic books, indeed a treasure chest of gems it is. More than 50 stories of the sahabah, 100 Duas, 25 stories of the prophets, and many more are included.

To know more about it, kindly check the link from my official website: It’s still available for purchase, so just visit the link! Alhamdulillah :)

 I hope it becomes beneficial to everyone! Allahumma balighna Ramadhan! Zohayma


Assalamu’alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Alhamdulillah. We thank Allah Azza Wa Jall for everything that we are given and blessed with. 

Many of you might have notice my absence for the past week (and to those who have messaged me and I have not responded yet, please forgive me). This is only because I went to travel to a beautiful city in Philippines called Marawi to conduct my Arabic Calligraphy workshop.

Not all of you may know but I do teach Arabic Calligraphy to sisters who are interested to learn the basics of it. This time, I taught it to a wonderful and humble akhwaat (sisters) in Philippines.

The experience was so overwhelming that I ended up giving out tears during the two consecutive workshops, I loved seeing such sisters with such beautiful values and determined hearts to learn such a sacred art. Alhamdulillah.

One of the most amazing experiences was the travel from my hometown to the city itself, imagine, I did masajid counting with my niece, and we counted 165 masajid along the way. Ma sha Allah, it was very amazing. Along with the beautiful nature, all the time we were all, subhan’Allah. subhan’Allah. How great is Al Bari. 

The place was such a cold place, it’s like the only thing missing was snowflakes. During my stay, it was raining profusely, so that added to the coldness, so if you notice all of the participants were also using blazer and jackets.

This city I went to was known as the only Islamic city in the Philippines, and ma sha Allah, you would see niqaabis and hijabis everywhere (so you would definitely feel at home), and the men are all in thobes, you barely see those who are in casual wear, and most of these people you see are either heading to the masajid or madrasah. Allahu’akbar. 

But the most touching part of this travel was when the akhwaat gave me a beautiful handmade box with little notes inside it, it was one of the most heart warming gifts I have ever received. Alhamdulillah.

In sha Allah you can read my full experience on this

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Drafting calligraphy sketches of the names of the female companions included on my upcoming book “Love letters by the sand”

Asking for sincerest prayers that may Allāh Azza wa Jall help and guide me through it. Amīn

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Today is Ramadhan Journal day! in sha Allāh layout-ing everything today then in sha Allāh by next week we will be test printing the book! :’)

I’m very excited! Ma sha Allah!

My Ramadhan journal this year has taken another notch up! Lives of the Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum are included, the significance of Ramadhan, essence of Quran, excellence of Taraweeh & Tahajjud and all these things!

in sha Allāh it’s filled with inspirational ‘ilm that would make you cry, amazed, rejoice and even laugh in sha Allāh.

The best project I have, so far! in sha Allāh :) please make du'ā I get enough rizq to publish it! Amīn :’)

May it become a source of beneficial 'ilm to everyone! Amīn

30 Days - A Ramadhan Journal

This Ramadhan journal was written and designed with the aim of healing the hearts of people, spiritually and emotionally. The writer wants to give the reader/owner of the Journal that sense of companionship he or she needs this Ramadhan, and that is with Allah Azza Wa Jall, through reminding the person of the things that are often taken for granted.

It is indeed a journal made to make a person strengthen or reconnect with His Creator by making them realize and reflect from their deeds and the blessings and favors that Allah Azza Wa Jall has bestowed upon them.

Equipped with a lot of fun to do things it is also filled with inspirational stories of the best people that ever walked upon this dunya along with Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam, His Companions Radiyallahu Anhum.

Ramadhan is more than just a blessing but also an opportunity for us to be able to reconnect with our Creator, rejuvenate our soul, renew our intentions and reflect from our past deeds. Ramadhan is not in service to others, we have the rest of the year for that, Ramadhan is for you, a month for you to devote everything with sincerity and repentance back to Allah Azza Wa Jall.
If along these years you have been down and have stumbled and fell on your knees, maybe this is the month for you to able to realize your strengths within yourself, and this journal will help you. in sha Allah.

-Umm Umar Khaled

If you are interested and want to get your own copy, kindly visit or email us at


A Project Collaboration with

Back to basics.

I am remarking my memory cards. I used to have thousands of index cards during my hifdh course, wallah my colored pens make my life so lively. Alhamdulillah.

My Shaikha always told me I was the only student she had that makes everything colorful. She knows it’s my notes when she sees the colors! Alhamdulillah

May Allāh continue to bless our teachers for their amazing patience! Amīn

Totally recommend it to people who are venturing in hifdh course.

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