Hey Tumblr it’s day three of voting!

I have a huge favour to ask! Mom’s Tattoo Shop is having a contest for the best tattoo idea and I’m a finalist! If you have a minute could you please go to and vote in their poll for ‘Zombie girl rising from her grave stone’ 

Voting goes on all week and the reset the polls every day around 11am EST so you can vote once a day if you want. I’m in second place right now and I can use all the support I can get. If I win they’ll do my tattoo for free! Even just reblogging this post would mean the world to me. There is a unicorn tattoo that is kicking my ass and I’d really like to beat it.


iwiazumi replied to your post: “iwiazumi replied to your post:i used to be so scared of zombies that i…”:

I KNOW OMG SAME ? ?? like th eeffects are so bad or its just like . really obvious that its not real but something about zmbies is rly unsettling to me

tHEY are tho,,, i got over it mostly,,, but i also remember them putting us in their room to watch thomas the tank engine bc my bro liked it a lot,,, and then for some reason i snuck out to the living room and there was a loud scream and ya,,, v v disturbing,,, i don’t handle gore v well ah!!!! i still dont know why i did that ripp,, that scarred me,, but not as much as the pee in pants thing i hated that