Toonami Series in a Nutshell

Dragon Ball Z Kai - The same show with less episodes

Akame ga Kill - The show where everyone dies and nobody cares because it’s so on the edge it’s liable to fall off it

Parasyte - Philosophical debates, teenage wangst and a whole lot of body horror

Samurai Champloo - Two Guys, A Girl and a Hip Hop soundtrack

Naruto Shippuden - Half filler, a quarter flashbacks and and 10 percent magical ninja trying to save his boyfriend who doesn’t want to be saved

One Piece - The pirates who don’t do anything piratey but have long winded friendship speeches because of tragic childhoods

Michiko & Hatchin - A 22 episode road trip where all we really learn is most men are douche bags

Sword Art Online II - Kirito proves he can be OP in any game and Reki Kawahara demnds you feel bad about PTSD and Aids and plays the rapey guy card again

KILL la KILL - The show with kill in the title where pretty much nobody dies but pretty much everybody gets naked

Attack on Titan - One guy aspires to kill all the giant naked people and get back to his father’s basement but accomplishes neither

Gurren Lagann - The over the top giant robot bromance that is last good thing Gainax will ever do but still has an ending that will make you rage

Deadman Wonderland - Grimdark anime Superjail that is somehow still less violent than actual Super Jail that tells you to go read the manga if you want to see how it concludes

InuYasha: The Final Act - The rushed conclusion to the fantasy adventures that liked to take their sweet time meandering about

InuYasha - The adventures of a kinda annoying school girl, her dog boyfriend, and their colorful companions who all conveniently want to kill the same guy that goes wherever the plot demands because Naraku

Bleach - The long-winded bloated shounen epic that didn’t know when to quit so it got cancelled instead

Space Dandy - One man’s quest for boobs and bootie in which Watanabe tells his friends to do whatever the hell they want with mixed results

Cowboy Bebop - The show largely regarded a masterpiece which just about everyone on the ASMB is sick of

Ghost in the Shell: SAC - Philosophical cyber-punk cop show that’s can be about as dull as any other cop show

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - The reboot based on the manga that is sure you already saw the other anime or at least read the manga

Hellsing Ultimate - Nazi vampires try to start world War 3 and are stopped by a vampire who is so OP even a macguffin designed to end him isn’t enough to do the job

Beware the Batman - WB tries to reinvigorate Batman when nobody asked them to using fugly CGI and few of the iconic characters so naturally it had to finish at 2:30 in the morning far away from the intended demographic

Black Lagoon - The show about actual pirates that nobody watched

Blue Exorcist - The most kid friendly show about people who want to kill Satan

Sword Art Online - .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet with more incest, a ridiculous OP protagonist and just as much Bryce Papenbrook

ThunderCats 2011 - Dramatic re-imagining of the popular 80s franchise that started decently but quickly turned to Everybody Hates Lion-O

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Star Wars at it’s boring-est but it at least proves a CGI cartoon can look darn good with a decent budget

Samurai Jack - Witness robots bleed oil dramatically as a samurai wanders around for as long as the creator wills it

Sym-Bionic Titan - The show about giant robots and teenage romance that proved Genndy Tartakovsky is without a shadow of a doubt, an ass man

FLCL - An allegory for puberty done with a giant robot, a giant iron and giant eyebrows

IGPX - Mech battles with half the excitment of a Formula 1 Race

Eureka seveN - The coming of age story about an insufferable character who gets punched a lot and falls in love with a plant or something

Tenchi GXP - Not the Tenchi you were looking for and the reason we wont see another Tenchi series on Toonami ever again

Soul Eater - Mr. Death’s school for gifted monster hunters that ends badly but apparently not as badly as the manga does

Naruto - A boy graduates from magical ninja school and develops a mancrush on his rival while a pedophile plots from shadows

Samurai 7 - The upteenth retelling of the Seven Samurai but this time with giant robots and much less compelling characters

Casshern Sins - Gritty reboot of a vintage anime that bored the audience to sleep

Ben 10: Alien Force - When Ben Tennyson gets older and more serious he’s just as much of a brat without having the excuse that he’s still a child

Bakugan: Battle Brawlers - The Cartoon Network distributed Yu-Gi-Oh/Beyblade hybrid that was as bad as Wulin Warriors and holds the record for shortest run on Toonami with one episode period

Blue Dragon - That time Microsoft wanted a a multi-platform cross-over hit but ended up with another generic shounen adventure series that didn’t catch on

The Prince of Tennis - Tennis Ball Z

MAR - A total loser goes to another world where he gains super powers so he can save a kingdom because why the hell not?

Yu-Gi-Oh GX - Mr. Kaiba’s school for gifted card players

Pokemon Chronicles - The side stories you probably didn’t ask to see but at least they didn’t have Ash

Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo - Fist of the North Star meets Johnny Bravo

Zatch Bell - Where Pokemon battles are fought with children instead of monsters kept in balls

Rave Master - Mashima’s prior attempt at a shounen epic that is at least somewhat more original than Fairy Tail but still suffers from feeling generic as all get out

Storm Hawks - Largely forgetable Canadian show intended to sell toys

Megas XLR - Giant robot show for anime loving gamers by anime loving gamers which was too busy making references to resolve it’s plot before it got cancelled

Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Heroes - The reason why we don’t let the French animate American super heroes, leave that shiz to the Koreans

The Batman - The first time WBA tried to re-invigorate Batman when nobody asked them to, during their “anime phase”

Justice League: Unlimited - WB’s valiant attempt to make use of their vast hero library when all anyone cared about was Batman

Teen Titans - WB’s answer to the popularity of Justice League and Dragon Ball Z

Wulin Warriors - Abridged version of a popular Taiwanese puppet show that was the worst thing Toonami ever played

Duel Masters - Sometimes a spoof on Yu-Gi-Oh, sometimes not, depending on dub

D.I.C.E. - Bandai decided Gundam wasn’t for America and tried to make something more tailor made for Americans and sucked at that too

SD Gundam - Bandai decided it would be easier to sell Gundam toys for a show that was actually appropriate for children to watch, at least it wasn’t Doozy Bots

Gundam SEED - Mobile Suit Gundam: bishounen edition, and nobody watched it either

G Gundam - Gundam meets pro-wrestling where people talk with the fists of giant robots

Mobile Suit Gundam - Trailblazing anime that no kids watched in 2001 because it was so dang old by the time it got here

Gundam Wing - 5 probably gay bishounen make war look cool with giant robots

Rurouni Kenshin - The story of a wandering swordsman who just wants to leave his past behind him but constantly has it come back to bite his ass

Yu Yu Hakusho - The bait and switch show that throws in a tournament whenever the writer can’t think of anything else to do and you love it anyway

Dragon Ball Z - Muscluar strangers get into fights and stare at eachother for longer than one might consider appropriate

Dragon Ball - The whimsical adventures of Goku and friends before they turned out to be aliens and got too serious for toilets

Dragon Ball GT - When TOEI tried to recreate the fun of Dragon Ball and the intensity of DBZ and failed at both

Cyborg 009 - Reboot of a classic anime that nobody watched because it still looked like classic anime

Astroboy Boy 2003 - See Cyborg 009 only this was way more Americanized

.hack//SIGN - That time Bandai wanted a a multi-platform cross-over hit and ended up with an interesting concept for a game/anime that was poorly executed by BeeTrain at their BeeTrainiest

Star Wars: Clone Wars Mini-Series - Probably the best Star Wars anything since the original trilogy but it was glorified filler for the pre-quel trilogy

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - The first good 80s cartoon reboot that died like all other 80s cartoons reboots would, poor toy sales

Transformers: Armada - Transformers meets Pokemon

Zoids Chaotic Century / Guardian Force - When toyetic shows succeed at having a compelling plot

Zoids ZERO - People fight with sentient zords to sell toys

Card Captors - Poor attempt at adapting a fun shoujo about a girl and her magical cards saving the world

Hamtaro - The cute show about hamsters that literally only the CN executives thought was a good idea for Toonami to show

Justice League - The show DC made to draw attention to other characters than Batman when Superman alone wouldn’t do the job

Batman Beyond - The 2nd best Spider-Man cartoon ever made

Superman: The Animated Series - The excellent Superman cartoon that was over-shadowed by the Dark Knight

Batman: The Animated Series - The show that started the golden age of American action animation that upon retrospect had a lot of dull episodes

Big O - Japanese Batman with giant robots and a really convoluted story

Outlaw Star - Two guys find an android girl in a suitcase and jack a ship and Joss Wedon swears he didn’t rip this off

Tenchi in Tokyo - The reason we didn’t see another Tenchi series for a long long time

Tenchi Universe - Alternate telling of Tenchi because why the hell not?

Tenchi Muyo - The pioneer of the harem genre that we still can’t believe aired on a children’s network

Ronin Warriors - 5 bishounen save the world using toyetic battle armors

Sailor Moon - A crybaby is given super powers to save the world but thankfully so are her much more tolerable friends

ReBoot - CGI on a TV budget in the 90s showing the adventures that go on inside of your computer, where you the user always ruin everything

The Superfriends - The popular superhero cartoon that is laughably bad but continues to be homaged to this day

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest - Re-imaging of vintage adventure series that was cutting edge at the time but looks like crap now

The Roulete - Roughly Turner’s last attempt at making use of their old action brands until they delved into more self-parody for Adult Swim

Voltron - The world’s first abridged anime

ThunderCats - The poorly acted and poorly animated fantasy adventure from the 80s about cat people who don’t wear enough clothes

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