jacksonwang852g7: Troi rat nong nhung cac ban da den, toi rat dau long. 😔tôi yêu các bạn ❤️ Thank you so much Vietnam ! It was an honor to be invited to ( Zing Music Space Awards 2016) today. I really really hope we will have chance to be back again! We promise we will be back again. Lots of love.❤️❤️

 오늘 배트남 왔습니다!! 정말 ZMA 라는 큰 시상식 초대해주셔서 정말 영광스럽고 무대 도 쓰고 정말 좋은 추억 될거라고 생각해요ㅠ 오늘 이렇게 더운 날씨에도 많은 새들 와주셔서 너무 감동도 받았고 너무 행복했어요! 앞으로 도 다시 배트남 갈 기회 생겼으면 좋겠어요! ㅠ ❤️ 

今天來到了越南!非常荣幸可以参加到 ZMA 的 颁奖典礼!还有今天的天气其实非常非常热,但是还有很多很多的宝宝们来到现场!看到你们非常高兴!很感动!希望下次再有更多的机会来的越南!谢谢你们!爱你们!❤️😍

In the beloved’s eyes are my beautiful galaxies, take this world with You, I am not hungry for Your world.

سترګو د جانان کې زما ښکلي جهانونه دي
وادېخله دنيا زه وږی ستا د دنيا نه يم

Stergo de janaan ke zma khkule jahanuna di, wadekhla dunya, ze wegay sta de dunya neyem.

—  Ghani Khan Baba

I… Have kind of a weird question if anyone would be kind enough to listen and give input.

Is it normal for an adult, who can pass as “functioning” in the real world by having a full time job, paying the bills, and interacting with other adults to get so fixated on fictional characters to help them get through life? 

G*zma is such a comfort character for me. I have some pretty terrible things happening to me that I have zero control over, but I can get through it when I zone out and think of some story ideas for him.

He does what no one who I’ve been with IRL has been able to do for me.