hello !! i’m making this post since i think a lot of people are confused on how the Met Gala actually works !

Designers buy a table inside the gala for 275,000$. They then invite whoever they want celeb wise to have a seat at their table. When they invite a celeb that celeb has to walk the carpet in that designer dress. Every designer and guest of the designer has to be approved by Anna Wintour. You can not get into the gala unless you have been invited by Anna or by a designer. Last year for example Gigi Hadid was invited by Tommy so she wore a Tommy dress. Zayn was her ‘date’ but he wasn’t invited to the gala. Zayn said he designed his own suit and we all know he left after photos were taken. Thats because he wasn’t actually invited to the Met Gala, he just showed up for photos with Gigi.

So sadly if Louis isn’t there publicly he’s 99.99% not actually there at all. Designers are very specific with who they invite since this is basically just for people to see their designs. Hope that helped everyone understand how the gala works !!