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Zlog aka Zach Bossington

2nd friday of the month again means Future Tense. This month went by so fast its not even funny! I was out at a rehearsal dinner for a wedding tomorrow so I didn't meet up with the guys until Future Tense was completely over! I still made my way up to Capitol Hill and snapped some shots of Zach aka Zlog aka Zloggy aka Zloggy Bossington aka Zach Hoffner aka Zlog Zach. Haha after typing that many z’s they started to look really strange! 

But ya, Zach is a super chill dude who is the main man behind the fixed gear blog http://zlogblog.com He has been doing the fixed gear stuff for 3 years plus and its pretty awesome to see that zlogblog is one of the most popular fixed gear blogs in the world. Next month in August I wont be here for Future Tense but make sure you check it out and go buy something in the Zlog boutique! 


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heres a picture of Kozo’s backflip at the ride+style event.

look at who got front row to it @andrenuestro(backpack), @trinnnnnixd(next to me in the grey beenie, @bobaboybo(sharks hat)