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pooki-chu submitted:

Cabin on the Lake

My family owns a cabin on a lake in northern Wisconsin, where my grandmother grew up. It’s very old and very small. One summer my parents took me, my brother, and my boyfriend up for a holiday. My two great aunts were also there; one in the back bedroom, one on the daybed in the living room where my boyfriend and I were sleeping, on a cot and the couch, respectively. My parents and little brother were upstairs. The stairs are open, just along the wall in the living room, and the floors all creak terribly.

The second night we were there, it was rainy and quite windy. I woke up because the shutters were banging on the kitchen window. I didn’t mind, and I wasn’t frightened. I like the rain. I could hear my great aunt Diane snoring (my god, that woman could snore!) in the bedroom, and I could see my great aunt Jane on the daybed on the other side of the room. The kitchen was on the other side of the wall behind her bed.

The longer I stayed awake, the more I started to make out other sounds. The cupboards in the kitchen were opening and closing. I could hear dishes being taken out and glasses clinking together. Then I heard voices. They were happy and jovial. It just sounded like my family cooking together.

I woke my boyfriend up, and we sat together on the couch just listening for what must’ve been 30 minutes. We didn’t feel threatened, but we were petrified. I couldn’t make myself move to look into the kitchen. Finally, the shutters woke my great aunt Jane and she went to fasten them and lay back down immediately. Everything started to fade after she got back into bed, but we didn’t sleep any more that night.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Weeper answered: Jfc that’s terrifying 9/10 for scares and thanks for sharing.