Sungsook : I feel like no one loves me.
Jayoung : Hey. Your husband liked you more than me. He wasn’t like that at first, but he always compared me to you, saying it was better when he lived with you and that you were better. I wanted to tear his mouth out. […] When we got divorced, I almost grabbed a knife… because he said he regretted divorcing you.

The Current issue of Rebirth Wonder Woman #9 is eye rolling and I wanted to face palm when I read Diana’s pov regarding her relationship with Superman. Look I get new 52 Superman is dead and they might want to try to explore her and Trevor but this was not only awful characterization but how awkward, rushed and forced was the kiss between her and Trevor? So if  you haven’t seen an ex for years do you start to make out within minutes of seeing him after dissing a lover who was terminally ill and died while still trying to do his job as a hero? Not once did she say I loved him because he was a good man. What she said was appalling. Make sure and tell Lois Lane her man is only worth loving because he flies and is strong and Superman himself he wouldn’t want this woman for his friend.  What a cold hearted, horrible person this Wonder Woman is. New 52 Wonder Woman was never like this. What the hell is DC doing?

We share your confusion and annoyance. It’s one thing rebooting, it’s another using the new 52 as a springboard to write from. We know Diana of the last five years from Azzarello and Soule and yes, this is not sounding like her at all.

My concern is the way it paints Diana.

If they want to explore Steve Diana…okay. Fine. New 52 Superman is dead. People gravitate to old exes. And Steve is an ex. Now the thing is the way it was articulated by this Diana. Given this Diana suddenly now many thousands of years old, queer, with many relationships under her belt…seems she could be a bit of a player…not sure, one, why she would even get with Superman and, two, stay with him for the length of time she did. Her explanation is weak and not in character.

No Amazon would stay with any man because it was easy and not complicated. Just makes no sense. Just does not sound like the Diana we know. I tend to prefer honesty in my Diana. It wasn’t a one night stand, nor a fling she had with Superman. It was nearly 4 years of narrative and in the narrative she was in an exclusive relationship. It also had lots of challenges and ups and downs. Compared to what she’s had with Steve in the last 30 years, which is nothing much…it had more to it. And she never left Superman, he died.

Greg Rucka, the writer, simply has no good way to explain why she remained in a relationship with Clark because it’s too much for him to accept that Diana would stay because she could loved him. That could have made the character imo more sympathetic. Losing someone you love is a common experience. Plus it would have shown she was genuine in her love and not fooling the guy she was with. But nope. He has to sully it by unfortunately making her seem pretty shallow and stupid and making it seem as if it was not important to her. In trying to diminish the Superman relationship he throws Diana under the bus too. And for who? Steve? People can love and still move on and have other loving relationships. But can’t have Diana loving anyone but Steve the first man she sees. What a really outdated troupe that is. eye roll.

And she leaves Steve and gets with Clark because of strength? WTH does that mean? That she is okay with Superman getting hurt because he is not human? What kind of woman is this Diana? For all his strength and flight…he is dead. So I have no clue why she even says this nonsense. She comes across very self absorbed for a woman who should have a loving heart. Just sounds as if she gets in and out of relationships and really doesn’t care why she gets into them and stays. And if she wanted booty…well why would queer Wonder Woman have to go after Superman? She could have slept with anyone, man or woman,  if she wanted. Just makes little sense for the character even if Rucka has his bias. Worse if she wanted to say the relationship was dull, why would you stay in a dull relationship? What does that say about you?

And she has one conversation with Steve and is already sucking his face. Easy? Yeah. I guess Steve will teach her love and romance since the sisters she slept with and Superman were chopped liver.

All I can say once again is that is not new 52 Wonder Woman. This is a mish mash of past canon.  Rucka wrote Wonder Woman in the pre flashpoint verse and I loved his run ( save the Blackest Night nonsense) because his strength was getting the personality of her as a hero, amazon, princess, warrior, friend, daughter etc. Maybe not so much of a lover because she never had a relationship. New 52 Diana did and neither she or pre new 52 Diana would speak this indifferently about a friend or colleague she loved, much less a man she choose to be in a relationship with. And even back then Diana was known to be very close to pre new 52 Superman.

This feels like a case of not writing for the character but writing to appease anti-superman/wonder woman fans. And yes in an odd way it disses Lois Lane’s choice in the man she marries, and mocks Diana’s friendship with Superman. So all the talk of they prefer Superman and Wonder Woman as besties or whatever is empty words. They could have had the balls to reboot or even kill new 52 Diana but they choose not to. Instead they diminishing the work and history of writers like Azzarello and Soule by wiping her out with a lazy plot device to push their version but claim this is the same woman.

I hope when DC has its new 52 Wonder Woman statues and merch they label her as Mind Controlled Wonder Woman. Because that is apparently what she was.

Vote with your wallet is all I can say.

I came very close to buying Mighty No. 9 on Tuesday.
See, it was 15 dollars for a new copy at Gamestop. 13 for pre-owned. Now, I would’ve gone for the pre-owned copy, but if I wanted to put myself through the Ray DLC, that would be an extra 5 dollars, so in total I’d be spending 18 dollars, making the 15 dollar new copy the better deal since it has the Ray DLC at the get-go.

I held back, thinking that perhaps, maybe, the Black Friday sales and holiday sales in general will offer a better, dramatically cheaper opportunity.

I must taste and experience all the terrible things. I already put myself through the entirety of Sonic 06, this will feel right at home.

This…this is my relationship with Mighty No. 9.