It is narrated that:

Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (a.s) said: “On Judgment Day, visitors of Imam Husain (a.s.) will be given an excellence over others.”

I ( narrator) asked, “What is it?”

Imam (a.s) replied, “They will enter Paradise forty years before others; whereas others have to wait in the accounting process.”

[ Kaamil Al-Ziyaraat ]

‘“If people knew the reward for performing the Ziyarat of Imam Husain (a.s), their souls would leave their bodies in remorse and they would die longing for it.”

One (Narrator) asked, “What is the reward for going to his Ziyarat?”

Imam (a.s) replied: Allah will record the reward of a thousand accepted Hajjs, a thousand accepted Umrahs, a thousand martyrs of Badr, fasting of a thousand people, a thousand accepted prostrations and the reward of freeing a thousand slaves in the way of Allah for one who goes to the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s) longing for him. He will be protected for a whole year from every calamity, the least of which is Shaitan. And Allah will appoint a noble angel to protect him from front, behind, right, left, above and below. If he dies that year, angels of divine mercy will be present with him, bathe and shroud him and seek forgiveness for him. They will also follow him till the grave and widen it as far as the eye can see and Allah will keep him safe from the squeeze of the grave and from fear of angels, Munkar and Nakir. A door will also be opened from his grave to Paradise. On Judgment Day, scroll of deeds will be given in his right hand and he will shine with a light, which illuminates from the east to west. And an announcer will call out, “He is one who performed the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s) with enthusiasm.” After that no one will remain on Judgment Day who will not wish that he had also performed the Ziyarat of Imam Hussain (a.s).”

— Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (ع), Kamiluz Ziyaraat, chapter 56, tradition 3

“One who thinks he is a Shia but does not perform the Ziyarat of Imam Hussein (a.s) before his death, is not our Shia and even if he is of those who enter Paradise, he will be treated as a visitor of the folks of Paradise.”

— Imam Jafar al-Sadiq (ع) Kaamil Al-Ziyaraat ,Ch.78, Traditiona #3

pronutella  asked:

Assalamu alaikum, With the endless grace of Allah SWT, I chose to follow the Islam set by the blessed Imams (AS) after years of learning about the faith. My first Muharram is approaching and I am nervous because I have not participated in Majlis with other Muslims before. Do you have any advice you could give me to prepare me for the approaching holy month? Jazakallah.

Wa aleikum asalaam! 

Alhamdulilah! This is so exciting. The first Muharram experience is both confirming of our Love for Ahlulbayt (as) and also humbling to being among the shia mourning for the loss of Hussain and his family (as) 

The experience itself will depend on whether the majlis (lecture) is in English or Arabic, the country(ies) the community is comprised of and the set up of the first ten nights, 

Most likely there will be a lecture, some kind of grieving period after the lecturer recites the musaib (the story of the night) and food, plus Quran recitation and supplications. 

Duas.org has all the ziyaraat and dua that can be said for each night, as well as different mourning practices. 

There will probably be matam, which is the hitting of the chest, head or face. The first night is a good night to observe, ask questions, and see how the next 9 nights will be arranged. 

My best advice is to go with an open mind, and partner up with someone or go with someone who can guide you through the nights. Let them know it’s your first Muharram with the community and I’m sure someone will help you through it. 

Read Ziyarat Ashura, Waritha, and Nudba, those are the most common things recited during these nights. If you have Miftah Al Jinan that can also help guide you through the nights. 

I personally remember crying for no reason during it, being kind of confused, and feeling somewhat lost at the end because the night just ends and I went home with a sense of loss and emptiness. This wasn’t because I felt let down from the center or anything, but because I had never felt such pain and emotional loss for someone like I did during my first Muharram. 

Inshallah we will be posting everyday talking about each of the first ten nights, as well as posting our experiences of being in the mosque during these nights. 

If you have specific questions about what happens, please feel free to ask us. 

Stay Blessed!