Growth Drama CD 2 New Guest Unit: ZIX

ZIX is a two-man idol unit from the previous talent company Koki, Kensuke and Ryota belonged to, and I assume these two were the two talents said company chose to debut, instead of Koki, Kensuke, and Ryota (ALIVE Sono 1 Side.G).

Sugai Makoto (voiced by Hamano Daiki)
ZIX’s leader. A relative of the president of a certain entertainment company, he is a young man whose arrogance is as strong as his talents. He is the type of person who has many rivals, yet possesses a wildly enthusiastic fanbase. Has always seen Koki as a rival, and is highly conscious of it. (source)

Hishida Mitsuru (voiced by Watanabe Takumi)
The other half of ZIX. Known among fans as someone who gets into the mood very quickly, but is actually a rather calculating, ambitious person. Has a rather troublesome personality, where he tends to torment or bully anything he likes or is fond of; there are also instances where he provokes Makoto. Ryota’s natural enemy. (source)


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA79g4NPIpI)

Hey look. One of the busts I did awhile ago. All the coloring put together in one video would be about 20 minutes so Im uploading them separately.

But here’s Kha’Zix! 

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Kha'Zix :^)

stayoutofmyreivun Kha'zix >:^D

  • First impression - WHOA COOL BETTER THAN RENGAR
  • Impression now - I still love him but hes so weak in current meta it kills me.
  • Favorite moment - That adrenaline with the showdown between rengar and kha in game!!
  • Idea for a story - Anything where he keeps kog outta trouble tbh
  • Unpopular opinion - Hes weaker than kha by far and its really stupidly unfair.
  • Favorite relationship - He also sees Kog as a puppy. often groans and says “you idiot”
  • Favorite headcanon - Likes to travel. He often passes by nidalees territory because its pleasant and usually quiet. Until she notices.