ziva leaving ncis

That moment where everyone just assumes that Ziva knows Tony’s apartment intimately, because, obviously.


News - Michael Weatherly.

“Et Cote me manque beaucoup. (…) Déçu de son choix, non. Triste sur le moment, oui. Cote est une actrice remarquable et une de mes amies proches. Elle veut se consacrer au cinéma. D’un point de vue égoïste, j’aurais aimé qu’elle reste, car elle est très drôle et talentueuse.

La scène des adieux est la dernière que nous avons mise en boîte. Pas besoin de rajouter de fausses larmes sur mon visage. Pour Cote non plus. On est ensuite retournés aux loges, bras dessus, bras dessous, et je lui ai fait un gros bisou. (…) Ziva et DiNozzo ont partagé une vraie relation ! Vous savez, le sexe n’est pas forcément l’ingrédient principal d’une love story. Demandez à n’importe quel couple marié surtout avec des enfants en bas âge. Ziva et Tony ont eu une grande complicité, ils avaient le même sens du fun, mais savaient aussi garder une part de mystère l’un pour l’autre.”



“The producers coherently integrated Cote de Pablo’s decision to leave. American fans are demanding her return. And I miss Cote a lot. (…) Disappointed in her choice, no. Sad for now, yes. Cote is a remarkable actress and one of my best friends. She wants to do movies. From a selfish point of view, I would have liked her to stay, because she’s always funny and talented.

The goodbye scene is the last one we shot. No need to use fake tears on my face. No need for Cote either. Then we went back to our trailers arm in arm, and I gave her a big kiss. (…) Ziva and DiNozzo had a real relationship! you know, sex is not necessarily the main ingredient of a love story. Ask any married couple, especially one with little kids. Ziva and Tony had a deep bond, they had the same sense of fun, but they also know how to maintain a little mystery for each other.” 



Cote mi manca molto. (…) Deluso della sua scelta, no. Triste per il momento, si. Cote è un’attrice straordinaria ed è uno dei miei carissimi amici. Lei vuole dedicarsi al cinema. Da un punto egoistico, avrei desiderato tanto che lei restasse, perché è molto divertente e talentuosa.

La scena dell’addio è l’ultima che abbiamo girato insieme. Non c’è stato bisogno di aggiungere finte lacrime sul mio viso. Non per Cote. Poi siamo tornati ai nostri box, a braccetto, e le ho regalato un grosso bacio. (…) Ziva e DiNozzo hanno avuto una vera relazione. Sapete, il sesso non è necessariamente l’ingrediente principale di una storia d’amore. Chiedete a qualsiasi coppia sposata, soprattutto con figli a carico. Ziva e Tony avevano una grande complicità, lo stesso senso di divertimento, ma sapevano anche mantenere un pizzico di mistero l’uno con l’altra.”

Source: [http://series-tv.premiere.fr/News-Series/NCIS-Michael-Weatherly-Egoistement-j-aurais-aime-que-Cote-de-Pablo-reste-3956677]

Dinozzo’s last episode: Family first

“NCIS, FBI and MI6 continue an international manhunt for an escaped British spy who is targeting current and former agents”

I mean come on they say former agents, if it’s not Ziva it’s really really not cool to do that to us! You just can’t that’s not fair… So please be Ziva on of the former agents because I don’t care about other old agents…

And the tittle is family first and Ziva is Tony’s family so please!!!!!!!


NCIS writers: So how are we going to mess with Tiva fans this time??

I know, lets make Tony and Ziva have some emotional moments…

Some flashbacks…
Eli (Zivas father) : “One day you will dance with a man that deserves your love.”

A dance scene…


NCIS writers: Oh, and add to be continued.

I’m already crying with only that… I’m not gonna survive the episode like really 😭😭😭 And I’m sure I’m gonna be disappointed because he doesn’t leaves for Ziva (the only way I would be ok with him leaving) It will never be the same OMG I can’t