ziva get out of town get out of town and take your face with you

Old Memories - Chapter 1

Summary: He had it all, or at least he thought he did, until one girl burrowed into his heart.Fear made him run but nine years later he’s returned due to an injury and finds that all the while she’s been there all this time and he has son.

Ziva leaned on her locker as she watched the amazing Tony DiNozzo and his group of friends high five each other. Her throat was tight, her legs showed promise of weakness. She gripped her books tighter to her chest. If only they’d never been assigned to work on that history project together, he was failing and the basketball team was in danger of losing their star player so she offered her assistance. Ziva bit her lip this is the part that the romance novels and romantic comedies don’t tell you about. This is the other beauty and geek story that mothers keep hidden from their daughters.

Ziva took a step forward as Tony’s group began to disburse. Jeanne leaned over and kissed his lips and Ziva ducked into a classroom doorway.

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