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treasure map (tony/ziva)

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“Flight ZJ374 to Paris is now boarding.”

The declaration came wedged in between its Hebrew and Arabic equivalents, echoing throughout the bustling airport terminal. Tony forced open his heavy-lidded eyes, still filled with sleep at this early hour, and rose from his seat in the boarding lounge by Gate 7, slinging the trusty go-bag over one shoulder and grasping for Tali’s tiny hand with the other. He gently swung her into the air off of her seat, and she squealed with delight at the motion.

Tony’s solemnity melted away at that wonderful sound. It made his heart full – there were very few things that could do that to him.

“Ready, Tali?” he asked her, bending down a little so she would know the words were meant just for her. “Got Kelev?”

The little girl nodded at both, Kelev tucked soundly under her arm. There was no going anywhere without Kelev; Tony had learned as much from a few near-misses over the past few days.

Tali nodded to both questions and squeezed Kelev tightly with her little fingers.

They joined the queue of chattering tourists and businesspeople, feeling entirely out of place. There were two young people reciting from their Hebrew-French dictionaries directly in front of him. Behind him, a man and a woman, both in suits, discussing something in even-toned, bored-sounding voices. Where the young people moved with jittery excitement and the suit-clad pair moved with something akin to stoic professionalism, Tony moved up the line with purpose. This was no vacation – this was a mission.

Different than any other mission he had gone on before, but a mission nonetheless. He had exchanged his SIG and badge for formula and diapers, and a partner for a toddler, but his brain was still in his head. And when it came to solving mysteries, his brain was all he ever really needed. He had always considered himself fairly good at finding people who were missing.

Especially if those people were Ziva.

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“The first question I always get is, “Are these people ever gonna kiss?” And I’m like, “I don’t know if you remember, but my first season, we did kiss.” They’re like, “No, no, no. We mean, like, a real kiss.” And I’m like, “I think that was pretty real.”

Michael and I talked about all of those scenes right before we did them. We had a totally different way of looking at it. In our minds, we thought the characters weren’t faking anything. They just got carried away. Then all of the sudden after that, they saw each other in a different light. That’s how Michael and I wanted to play it: If something really happened during that, it was okay. Tony was willing to go there, and Ziva certainly didn’t mind. She doesn’t care about that stuff. We’ll leave it to anyone’s interpretation….I think that was the beginning of something, and at a certain point, it will have to be addressed.” – Cote (x)


Ziva David Week ~ Day 5 || Flashback ||

Tali calls Ziva while she is away on a Mossad assignment.

A collaboration with  @hopeless-nostalgiac ♥