[Tao weibo update] I really can't stand (people) at midnight calling us, sending us messages on kakao, no matter where we go, secretly following us, those people, is it really fun ? I really hate it when others intrude my lifestyle ! I like shopping, eating, meeting friends outside, but I don't like it when other people follow, I'm not a sinner ! I'm not going out to commit a crime ! I just want to have a peaceful rest after work in my own space ! Not like this !
Tao says that he and Xiumin would often act in the dorms together. Tao "When we act together, there's a really fun act we did, let's do it here now." Xiumin "What is there to show, it's just shooting and being shot dead." So the reason why Tao suddenly fell down when playing with Kai at Idol Sports was because he was pretending he was being shot dead.

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[Shanghai West Coast Music Festival 131001]

Tao: Uh uh I don’t know what to say

but before meeting everyone my mood was still a bit…uh

But after meeting everyone I am super happy

So all my troubles have been forgotten

Also I want to tell you guys that even though there’s been a bit of problems these 2 days

But I will again uh .. I will readjust my attitude and use a new Huang Zi Tao to stand in front of everyone

Wait for me, I love you all ! 

MC: No matter what kind of troubles you face, I believe that all the fans are your most powerful backup.

When it was time for the fans line up to get signatures, Tao was touching Suho's neck so I was smiling at this scene. The manager then came and nudged Tao to remind him to sign then Tao said to the fans "Manager Hyung is 'tormenting' me TT. The fan then told Tao to hit him, Tao then pointed at the manager and said "Noona, this is the person who is 'tormenting' me". The fan then replied "Do you want me to help you hit him ?" Then Tao said "Yes, noona TT"