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I love all your stuff about yuri on ice its so spot on! Can I get your thoughts on the expression Victor did when he hugged Yuri? So many people are saying Victor is going to cast Yuri away and all that jazz ;_;

This scene I suppose? You know, I never paid much attention to it at first, not until I read all the speculations about it. Initially, I thought it was Victor taking Yuuri’s words seriously. I mean, Yuuri assumed Yurio and Victor thought his ‘katsudon as eros idea’ was childish / immature and this was Victor clearly accepting it and you can see how much that meant for Yuuri (look at his eyes after hearing those words).

I thought this was Victor as a coach. He’s accepting his mentee’s ideas and supporting it. Victor knows zit about being a coach but he sure as hell knows he’s supposed to motivate and give confidence to Yuuri. And this scene, to me, was Victor telling Yuuri that he’ll be there every step of the way. He’s not smiling or laughing because he’s taking Yuuri seriously. 

But watching this scene a gazillion times I realize why there would be so many thoughts about it. First thing’s first, it doesn’t seem as though Victor hugged Yuuri back. I know he had no reason to (given their professional relationship) but it is a little surprising when Victor has been really touchy. Secondly, when Yuuri told him to look at only him (according to Jp.ver’s actual wording), Victor had an unreadable look in his eyes. It’s like he’s reading Yuuri and wondering what he should say to that. And lastly, what irked almost everyone was the monotonous tone Victor used for his words. (Which to me, was Victor being professional but that’s only my opinion)

We don’t know so many things. Why did Victor choose Yuuri? What was it about Yuuri’s imitation of his program that inspired him to become Yuuri’s coach? 

Aside from this, we have to take into account that these two barely know each other + Victor is still new at being a coach + WE’RE ONLY 3 EPISODES IN WHY ARE WE EVEN MAKING IN-DEPTH SPECULATIONS

Anyway, we don’t have ANY source of characterization other than what was given in the past 3 episodes. Well, except maybe the ending credit. To be honest, I do believe Victor’s character development revolves around his ability to coach and also his relationship with Yuuri. 

Does Victor have an ulterior motive? Maybe. Is that motive toxic for Yuuri and could possibly compromise their trust and progress? Maybe. Will that motive stick around till the end of the show? 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  You tell me~

The Paste

Lucy’s brother had terrible acne
it was everywhere, on his face, on his hiney.
Zits the size of dimes or quarters graced
the skin where they were placed.
Sometimes, red oozed out of the lumps
when disturbed by even the slightest of bumps.

They itched in public and Jerry couldn’t help
but squeeze and examine them while classmates yelled.
Girls avoided him and boys teased him
due to his unsavory skin affliction.

Nothing could help with his acne, no matter
how hard he squeezed and popped, there would always be another.
Pills didn’t help either- the dermatologist’s advice were either prognosis or white lies.

Everyone was disgusted by his bleeding acne
everyone that is…. except Lucy.

You see, while other girls her age were put off
by Jerry’s acne, Lucy rather blushed.
Sometimes, the zits oozed out something that wasn’t blood
but, instead, was sticky and hot like Christmas fudge.
White slime came out at night, white as paste
and slid down to the ground in post haste.
They shared a bunk bed and Lucy waited every night
for the Paste to drop just right.

Just right.

Lucy always had her mouth wide
for when the Paste fell off of the side.
It hit her young tongue and her taste buds did moan
and the light in her eyes did shone.
The Paste had a taste so smooth and soft like butter
her heart raced and her body did shudder.

She would drink it up until she fell asleep
she never said a word about the Paste, not one peep.

Not one peep.

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