My Beloved - Part 1

Summary: Dr. Lillian Zane has been with the Avengers for two years. Her life has been safe, and ordinary until a certain Asgardian God shows up unannounced making demands.

Pairing: Loki x OFC

A/N: This story just wouldn’t let me be. My OFC, and her chemistry with our favorite Asgardian God demanded to be written. Definitely going to be a multi-chapter. I’ve already plotted out history and future for this story. Enjoy! Your reviews are not only welcome but much, much appreciated!

Present Day.


Dr. Lillian Zane and Dr. Helen Cho made a remarkable team. Dr. Cho, the senior of the two was renown in her field of medical sciences and tissue generation. Dr. Zane on the other hand was relatively new to the scene but was the former’s quick to learn apprentice. Together, their work benefited the Avengers in not just advancing their research but in healing their agents after a particularly tough mission or two.

“It’s just a graze,” the redhead being examined by Dr. Zane insisted. “A cute little bandaid and I’ll be good to go, Lil.”

“I think not,” Lillian said stitching up the gash across Natasha’s arm. “Bandaids don’t fix bullet holes.”

There was a brief lull in the conversation that was punctured by Captain Steve Roger’s laughter. “Did you just quote Taylor Swift?” he asked, his blue eyes overtaken by mirth.

“Of all the people to get a pop cultural reference, it is the man out of time,” Lillian remarked, grinning back.

She stepped back to observe her work on Natasha’s wound while Steve was being ribbed for knowing Taylor Swift songs. It was pretty decent needlework if she said so herself. Still, she wished her friends didn’t need so much medical attention so often. For the past two years that she’d been at the Avengers Tower, she’d gotten pretty attached to the team. They were an awkward bunch with quite diverse personalities that often tickled each other the wrong way, but they were family. It was easy enough to see. She was glad that she was part of something for once that was of her own choosing. This was the family she chose, and a colorful bunch they were indeed.

Helen looked over, examining Lillian’s work. “Good job, Dr. Zane. Soon enough, we won’t even have to touch any of you to heal you. With our research, you’d be healed and ready to go in just a matter of seconds.”

“Well, I hope it doesn’t happen too soon,” Steve said smiling. “Or I’ll miss these nice little moments in MedCare.”

If his eyes lingered longer than necessary on Lillian, Natasha was the only one to notice. She couldn’t hide her smirk. Of all the people for Cap to finally fall for, he had to pick the most oblivious girl in the tower.

“Captain Rogers, Agent Romanoff, Dr. Zane, and Dr. Cho, please do not be alarmed,” Jarvis electronic but familiar voice interrupted, startling everyone in the room. “Mr. Stark requires your assistance downstairs. We have visitors.”

Natasha hopped off the chair she’d been sitting on. Steve reached for his shield, instantly alert. “Stay here,” he instructed the doctors, as he stepped out to investigate with Nat trailing right behind him.

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Ok so this is a stretch, and probably everyone will hate it but hear me out-

What if Lotor has a big redemption arc (like, zuko level redemption arc) in future seasons and ends up piloting the black lion?? Like that would be so cool and it would bring the whole voltron thing full circle. Like we know that Zirkon used to be a paladin of the black lion, so we’d have another galra paladin!

My Beloved - Part 4

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Summary: Princess Lyanna Avon of Planet Zirkon (OFC) had been hiding on Midguard for two peaceful years with the Avengers under the alias, Dr. Lillian Zane. That is until Loki showed up making demands and revealing the truth to everyone she cared about. 

 This chapter finds Frigga letting Loki know that she is not pleased with him and Lyanna finding out that Asgard can be very unfriendly to Zirkonian princesses.

Pairing: Loki x OFC

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

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The summons had come while he was reading in the library. He would have usually been annoyed by the interruption but he wasn’t. Not this time. This time he had been expecting it. This time, he thought in reluctant acceptance, he also deserved what was coming his way.

Paused in front of the door leading into the solar, he inhaled a fortifying breath. Then he entered. The room was airy and sunny, filled with warmth that had nothing to do with the temperature and everything to do with the vibe of those that occupied it.

“Hello, mother,” he greeted, smiling, displaying a casualness he did not feel, trying to lighten the mood. It obviously did not work.

At his arrival, with a nod from Queen Frigga, the ladies in waiting made their polite exits. Loki was alone in the room with her. A clear indication that this was not going to be something he wanted to hear.

“I am very displeased with you.” She looked it. The usual loving smile, and easy camaraderie between them was absent. And he felt it deeply. She had every right to be displeased with him and he knew it. He simply looked at his feet unable to meet her stern gaze. “You were disrespectful to our guests. Specifically to your betrothed, who is just a child, mind you. With your insensitivity, you made her very first day at her new home an unpleasant one. I expected better of you, Loki.”

“I plead guilty to all those charges, mother,” he accepted. His eyes earnest, he tried to make her understand. “I never wanted this. You know that. But father, without even considering my opinion on my own life, betrothed me to someone – a Zirkonian! I spent twelve years hoping he would finally change his mind. That he wouldn’t make me go through with it. That he would finally see reason. And then all of a sudden, she was here. It was real. I admit I did not react well to any of that.”

She took in her son’s face, and the regret evident in his expression. “No you didn’t,” she agreed. “But she is no different from you, Loki. It is not like she had any choice in the matter either. You are both bound by duty to your respective realms. The least you could do is make it easier for each other.”

“I’ve come to those realizations all on my own,” Loki said. At her raised questioning brow, he added, “Fine. Thor helped.” It hurt him personally to admit that but Thor’s insight had sped up his process of understanding.

She laughed, the tension between them dissipating. “So you will make amends to set things right with her?”

“She is not awfully fond of me,” he said, thinking of the quiet disdain with which Princess Lyanna had dismissed him the day before. Then he sighed. “I suppose that is my own fault. Fine, mother. I will be civil to the Zirkonian princess.”

“Civil? Oh no, Loki,” his mother said staring him down. “You will be more than that.”

Once more, he sighed, a bit melodramatically this time. There went his plan to avoid his betrothed until it could be avoided no longer. “Fine, I’ll try to make amends. Since you insist.” The pleased smile that spread over Queen Frigga’s face was worth his impending hardship. “I’m five hundred years old, give or take a few, and yet you still treat me like I am your wayward child,” he observed, not quite happy about the fact.

“But you are my wayward child,” she said pointedly. Then she laughed at his obvious disgruntlement with that idea. “I am your mother, Loki. Five hundred years or thousand, you will always be my baby.” He scrunched up his face at her, making her laugh some more. “Now run along. It won’t be easy to redeem yourself in her eyes. You better get started.”

He rolled his eyes at him, kissed her offered cheek, and took his leave. Already the wheels in his mind were turning, thinking of ways to find himself back in the good graces of the princess. His mother had been right. It would not be easy. Princess Lyanna had spunk. He admired her for that, but at the same time, it did not bode well for his chances.

He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he didn’t see them until he almost interrupted them. Prudently he did not.

The scene was easy to read. Lyanna was surrounded by Vinayana and some of her friends. Their words were not too kind and though the little princess held up her head with an impassive face, he could see they were getting to her. The strain was clearly evident on her face warning of the threat of tears. Vinayana was not happy about Lyanna’s presence in Asgard and she had no qualms about making it known. Yet he could not interrupt. Not without making things worse.

Lyanna had been strolling through the castle that morning, trying to get used to her surroundings. After all it was going to be her home for what would possibly be thousands of years. There was no way around that. She might as well accept it and make the best of it. Fortunately, Prince Loki had not been around. Unfortunately, she had run into some other residents of the palace.

She had introduced herself as Lady Vinayana. Lyanna assumed she was a daughter of one of the lords or ladies at court. The friends of the posse were negligible. It was Vinayana that held center stage. Everyone else was treated as simply an accessory to whatever Vinayana seemed to desire. The whole dynamic of it reminded Lyanna of a Queen Bee with her mindless hive of bees.

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t the little Zirkonian princess,” the greeting had come.

Lyanna couldn’t ignore the impudent tone but she responded with politeness nonetheless. “Good morning.”

“Loki’s betrothed. I didn’t know he was into waif-like children,” she sneered.

Prince Loki, you mean,” Lyanna automatically corrected, which snared her a glare from the tall willowy redhead.

In hindsight, that had been the wrong move on Lyanna’s part. The insults had come in many forms after that. Her short stature was mocked. So was her unruly wayward blonde hair forever escaping her braid. Well she could not help it, could she? She was twelve years old and she was as tall as a twelve year old could be. At least by Zirkonian standards. It wasn’t her fault that Asgardians were basically giants. Her hair couldn’t be helped either. The braid usually starts out neat enough but Lyanna was always in too much of a hurry wherever she was going to care when strands escaped the ties as she moved. Apparently she had lips fit for a jester, with them being too big to fit in her face. She was too blonde, too small, too plain and overall, too insignificant.

She heard it all. For the moment, she pretended that it did not reach her but she heard it all. Still she concentrated on blinking back the sting in her eyes. A princess did not cry in front of anyone. That would be improper and disgraceful. And she could not be either of those things. Not for any reason.

She tried to excuse herself away, to escape from the cruelty she could not yet comprehend. Vinayana was not agreeable to that either.

“Awww,” she cooed mockingly. “Does the little princess want to run away? Well not yet. I’m not done with you.”

“What do you want from me?” Lyanna asked warily.

“Nothing. Just the pleasure of your company for now,” Vinayana smiled, if the baring of teeth in such distaste could be even considered a smile. “He will never love you, you know,” she told her, as if revealing some big secret. Prince Loki’s lack of love for her and their betrothal was no secret however. Everyone who had eyes to see and ears to hear knew of how much he loathed the very idea of their union. There was no love lost there. “You and your childlike innocence won’t last a day with him. He’ll turn into a wolf and probably eat you alive. Then he’d be free to do as he liked.”

“A wolf?”

“Hadn’t you heard? He can turn into a wolf at will, among other things. And he eats little weak children like you for fun.”

Lyanna stared at the redhead in disbelief. This was a joke, wasn’t it?

“Did I scare you? Poor thing. Terrified of her own shadow, isn’t she?” Vinayana laughed at Lyanna’s shocked face, and the posse of ladies joined in.

The laughter halted abruptly as a shadow fell over them. A soldier in gold armour stood tall, waiting till he was noticed. “Queen Frigga requires your presence in her solar, Princess Lyanna,” he announced to the group at large. Lyanna could not follow him fast enough.

As the soldier led her through the maze of corridors, she thanked the Gods, both Zirkonian and Asgardian, for the timely reprieve. She mindlessly followed him, trusting him to lead the way and let her thoughts wander elsewhere.

Never before had she been exposed to such senseless unprovoked cruelty. Lady Vinayana had only just met her and she seemed to utterly loathe her. If loathing was the only emotion she was going to inspire here, she’d have to let go of all thoughts of Asgard ever being home. The servants tasked with catering to her had been nice enough. In fact, they had clucked around her trying to make her feel welcome until she had begged them to let her go and explore.

She had not thought of herself as awfully tiny before either. But Asgard, full of their overly tall and burly citizens had brought that fact to the spotlight. Was that such a terrible thing then, to be small? Perhaps it was. Asgard takes pride in the strength of her inhabitants and size was apparently the prime indication. In that regard, she still had some growing to do. Well, she didn’t hold much hope for that. Zirkonians were usually slight of build – far better suited for artful persuasions than ways of war.

If Vinayana was right about that maybe she was right about the other things too. Were her lips truly too big? Was she so plain that she was practically invisible and blended in with her surroundings?

“You must not dwell on spiteful words too much, Princess. If you let her get to you, she wins,” the soldier said breaking her out of her own destructive thoughts.

She looked up to see him peering down at her with a kind smile, his green eyes crinkling at the corners. Green that was curiously familiar on a face she had never seen before. Strange.

“Yes, you’re right. Thank you,” she replied graciously, offering a tentative smile. “How much did you hear?”

“Enough to know she is wrong about all of it.”

“Thank you. I needed to hear that. Everyone seems to hate me here. I can’t quite understand why.”

“Not everyone,” the soldier responded pointedly, and she smiled back at him.

Perhaps not all of Asgard was bad. Perhaps there was kindness to be found. That gave her some hope at least.

They came to stop at a set of large wooden doors almost as high as the ceiling. She stepped in behind him to find herself in a huge library. The walls were lined from floor to ceiling with books, and she looked up in awe as the doors shut behind them with a thud.

She walked past him, breathing in the aroma of crisp parchment and print. “It’s beautiful,” she exhaled. She received no response from the soldier but she was too taken by the splendor of the library to take notice. There were probably thousands and thousands of books just waiting to be read! This library was even bigger than the one at her home. And that said something, considering Zirkonians were very fond of their literary indulgences.

Then out of the corner of her eye, she saw a golden glimmer. A strange occurrence in an otherwise dimly lit room. She whirled around to see what it was. Right before her incredulous eyes, the golden armour gave away to be replaced by an awfully tall man with slick long black hair, wearing a dark green leather tunic. The green eyes still twinkled at her and finally she knew why they were so familiar.

The one person in all of Asgard that she had hoped to avoid now stood before her, practically smirking at her impudently.


He couldn’t miss the accusation in her one simply uttered word. “Me,” Loki replied solemnly, but a small smile lurked on the corner of his mouth. His betrothed had eyes of pure violet fire. If he had been a lesser being, he probably would have been taken back by that much anger being directed at him. For someone half his size, she held her own. “I’m here to negotiate a truce.”

All he received in response was silence and a stony glare. His mother had been right. This was not going to be easy. Not at all.

But he felt something stir in him in anticipation. Whether he liked it or not, she was his. His to protect. His to cherish, if he even knew how to do that. His till the end of time. His.

He would win her over even if it was the last thing he ever did. It was a good thing he loved a good challenge. This slip of a girl just might be his most daunting one yet.

To be continued…

My Beloved - Part 2

Summary: Princess Lyanna Avon of Planet Zirkon (OFC) had been hiding on Midguard for two peaceful years with the Avengers under the alias, Dr. Lillian Zane. That is until Loki showed up making demands and revealing the truth to everyone she cared about.

This chapter leads back to the beginning of Loki and Lyanna’s story - how they were tied to each other in the first  place.

Pairing: Loki x OFC

Part 1

A/N: From this chapter on, the story would focus on Loki and Lyanna’s history that led up to their not so happy reunion in Chapter 1. You can find my aesthetic for Princess Lyanna at the end of the fic (which is just a bunch of pics off of Pinterest that represent what she is like in my head). Your feedback is welcome :)


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[Long long time ago…]


The planet of Zirkon was blessed with lands of beauty, crystal blue skies, and endless summer days. Their leader, King Azureth Avon was benevolent, just and merciful. Their harvest of boundless gems from abundant ores, mainly amethysts and sapphires, ensured a stable and prosperous economy.

Zirkonians were a peaceful race. Lovers of music, art, and literature, they were graceful and gentle in nature. Yet fate forced them to be anything but.

For centuries, they had been plagued with a war against the Frost Giants of Joutenheim. A war that ripped the land asunder. A war that had those beautiful summer days caught between cold and bitter jaws. A war that hardened gentle souls into reluctant warriors they did not know how to be.

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