THE COOL UNDERTALE OC CLUB plus my piece of shit who is not at all cool

so many senpais with cool ocs and I wanted to draw them all… so I did…
from left to right:
Tobi/Metatron and Zircon: @toddnet
Ghosty chase: @paper-mario-wiki
The rice monster: @scotchtapeofficial
Impact: @stfuadachi
Taddit: that’s my stupid bitch


Tiny zircons suggest life on Earth started earlier than we thought, UCLA researchers say

By Deborah Netburn

Los Angeles may be a city obsessed with youth, but it is also home to the world’s largest collection of Hadean zircons — the oldest known material on Earth.

Hadean zircons are tiny — about the same width as a strand of hair — but they contain a huge amount of information about the earliest days of our planet.

The Hadean period began 4.5 billion years ago, when Earth was just 40 million or so years old. Scientists have long presumed it was a time of hell-like conditions, characterized by scorching temperatures and molten rock.

But the zircons reveal a different story. Chemical signatures embedded in the crystals suggest the planet had water, continents and even interconnected oceans.

This month, researchers studying these zircons made an even more unexpected discovery: the first evidence that life may have existed 4.1 billion years ago. That’s 300 million years earlier than was previously thought.

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I started on this comic of Prehnite vs Citrine months ago and never had the motivation to finish it after having to redo it at least 3 times. @the-g3stalt sent an ask a long time ago mentioning how Prehnite and Citrine’s fusion Andalusite came to be from a battle that turned into some form of dance. I loved the idea I wanted to draw it out!

The fight scene is super short I know, I’m just so rusty at fight scenes I wanted to concentrate more on how it turned out as some form of fusion dance.

Citrine belongs to @the-g3stalt

Zircon belongs to @sketchsartblog

Tourmaline belongs to @ladykamuii

Chrysocolla belongs to @rikitikitavi-tyan

Howlite belongs to @miss-sheepy 


Virgo Birthstone: Zircon

“Stone of Virtue”, Zircon may be clear, red, green, yellow, even grey, but usually it naturally forms in a deep burnt red.

This stone truly promotes qualities tied with Virgo: it strengthens unions of all forms (physical, mental, emotional, etc), increases perseverance in all endeavors, constancy, and purity.

Zircon will help Virgo recognize that it is alright to be imperfect, to see the beauty of it, and ease their nerves as well as remind them of the bigger picture, as they can become so caught up in the details. 

Zircon intensifies properties of the first, third, and fourth chakras.

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