zipping up

Best boy makes for the best drawings.
I’m trying a new shading style, where I do two layers of shading instead of just one? I think it paid off.

I really love his outfit okay I just

His little scarf thing does things for me just please tie it into a bow i’ll be happy if u do that

or just draw the zip done up all the way.

Just draw Ryuji Sakamoto please

Anyways his eye is yellow instead of brown because it helps with the aesthetic.

anonymous asked:

it was like. 3 am on a subserver or smthng but it was. Wild™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™ an Emotional Swingset™™™™ if u will

Wait so… do u know all the secrets 👀👀👀 I need to zip up….

last night i walked in my bedroom and didn’t see petra, but then i heard a meow and looked down to see her climb out of the suitcase i had closed but not zipped up on the floor

11:57 PM - Peter Parker

request - alright i fuckin love tom holland so please like a smut where you catch peter sneaking in after dark and he tells you about his whole spider thing while you take care of wounds and such, and he’s like super scared your gonna leave him and so you reassure him and take care of him in another way if you catch my drift, this was real long but yeah thank you 

a/n - yes finally i post a smut fic on this blog and tbh it was kind of fun and interesting to write so i hope it isn’t a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you want and follow!

10:46 PM. Nearly 4 hours ever since Peter left me alone in his room. We were doing our Calculus homework with one another until he claimed he got an emergency phone call and ran out the door before I could say anything, taking his backpack with him.

The only thing that kept me company was my textbook and the sound of the falling rain from the outside. May was fast asleep in her room while I was far from that, my heart becoming a mix between anger and fear. I bounced my pencil against the pages of the math book, staring at my calculator as time went by.

I checked my phone again, 10:50 PM. Still no texts, no calls, nothing. I stared at my lockscreen for a few seconds before shutting off my phone and pushing it to the side, growing more frustrated by the minute.

“Dammit Peter.” I muttered, throwing my head back in a fit. I listened to the sound of the raindrops to try to calm me down, but nothing was working at this point.

I huffed and got up from the desk, beginning to pack my things up and call it a night, being more than prepared to give Peter the silent treatment for the next week. Just as I was about to zip my bag up, I heard the locks on the window become undone.

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I’m trying to get jack done so here’s finally settled on Gem Lance and Keith’s fusion design Charoite.

Even taller beanpole, got that zip up collar and ultimate mullet. Also their weapon is like a double headed spear but the zip up collar is the true focus here.

carry on, darling, we were built to last

“Help me zip up,” Yuuri said, not even asking shyly how he used to do at the beginning.

Victor was more than happy to help, though. In fact, as soon as Yuuri had turned around, he was already reaching towards the zipper that sat softly against the skin at Yuuri’s lower back. But Victor was also pouting, because what was this? Where was the flush on Yuuri’s cheeks, the fleeting look of embarrassment, the adorable stuttering? It was his job to help Yuuri find his Eros, but now that he had, Victor somehow felt left out a bit without the beautiful blush on his fiancé’s face.

Dutifully, he pulled the zipper all the way up, wrapping Yuuri’s back in tight, black fabric. He didn’t step away after he was done, however, no. He ran his palms over the gently protruding muscles, smoothing out any wrinkles in the fabric of the costume and rubbing his thumbs into any knots in Yuuri’s tensed up shoulders he’d encountered. When Yuuri sighed shakily, relaxing under the touch, Victor smiled.


He leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to Yuuri’s nape, feeling him shiver on his lips.

“Are you nervous?” he asked quietly, continuing to lightly massage his back.

“A little,” Yuuri admitted. “But you know me, I’m always nervous.”

Victor chuckled quietly. If Yuuri was joking, he was in a pretty good shape.

Victor let his hands travel down to settle on Yuuri’s hips, but Yuuri’s voice dissuaded him from what he intended to do.

“Don’t stop,” Yuuri pleaded, and how could Victor say no to that?

“If you win gold, I can give you a far better massage, you know,” he offered seductively, shifting his hands lower, right over the perfect mounds of Yuuri’s ass, and squeezing.

Yuuri yelped.

And blushed.

And turned around to look at Victor, embarrassment and yearning hidden deep beneath a scolding gaze.

“We’re in public,” he hissed, eyes flicking around the changing room, while Victor kept on grinning. No one was even looking at them. “I’m skating in less than an hour. Why are you like this?”

“Like what?” Victor asked innocently. “In love with my fiancé? Motivating you to do your best?”

Yuuri’s face reddened even more and he groaned something incomprehensible under his breath, only making Victor’s grin sharper. He stepped closer, taking Yuuri’s hands in his and bringing up both to press a kiss to each one equally.

Really, there were so many shades to Yuuri’s blushes. Victor loved seeing them all. Especially one after another after another…

“How about we make a deal?” he asked.

Yuuri cocked his head to the side, eyes narrowing at him. Victor loved it. The mistrust, the doubt, the suspicion. It was like Yuuri knew him deeply enough to not trust him at face value and it was incredible.

Victor’s heart thumped softly in his chest as he looked at his most beloved person in the entire world.

“What kind of deal are we talking about?” Yuuri asked carefully.

“How about this,” Victor proposed. “If you win gold, I’ll give you a massage and will do all the house chores for a day-”

“A week,” Yuuri cut in.

Victor was about to pout, but then changed his mind.

“Fine, for a week,” he agreed.

“And what if I don’t win?” Yuuri asked.


Victor smirked to himself, stepping close enough for their noses to brush. Yuuri’s eyes widened a little, his startled breath fanning Victor’s lips, but Yuuri didn’t pull back. Neither did he look away. He was fiercely staring straight at him, seeing only him, and Victor’s heart swell with affection.

And then he smirked.

“If you don’t get gold,” Victor said, “I’ll tie you to our bed. For the whole week.”

The blush was back on Yuuri’s cheeks, full force. Deep crimson spread over his face and crawled down his neck, and Victor absently licked his lips since he was fairly certain it reached as far down as Yuuri’s chest. Yuuri’s eyes flicked down to Victor’s mouth, following the movement in breathless silence, before he caught himself and forced his gaze back up.

“So, what do you say, Yuuri?” Victor purred.

There was a brief flash of something on Yuuri’s face and then he pressed his cheek to Victor’s, mouth at his ear, whispering hotly:

“I’ll make you my slave for a week, just you wait, Nikiforov,” he promised.

Victor trembled, his skin crawling with desire that awakened with a blaze at the hard promise in Yuuri’s voice.

“I can’t wait,” he replied, star-struck.

And when Yuuri smirked at him from the centre of the rink, Victor knew he was going to serve this man for a week, a month, a year – his entire life, if only he’d ask.

56th Street - Peter Parker

request -  Hey, could you do a story where the reader (who doesn’t really know Peter but maybe they go to the same school?) finds one of Peter’s backpacks that he left behind and tries to find him to give it back to him? And maybe that happens more than one time and reader tries to solve this backpack mystery? Hope you can work with this messy idea, your blog’s name somehow gave me the idea.

a/n - this idea made me so happy!!!! (for obvious reasons LMAO) i tried to show his more dorky side in this fic and i’m sorry if it failed, but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

I was walking down 53rd street, headphones in and heading home straight from work. I decided to take the short way home through a small alleyway, but was stopped when I almost tripped over something.

What the hell-” I thought to myself, looking down to see a small backpack. It seemed as if it was left here since the sun was going down and everyone was starting to head home for the day. My eyes then caught onto the zipper was broken from the side down.

Parker.” I huffed in my mind, recognizing the faulty zipper. This had marked the third time that I’ve found his backpack within the last month. Peter and I had never spoken to one another outside of Chemistry, and I never understood why he would be rushing out of school so quickly. Every time I found his backpack it would also be in the same place too, which I found odd.

I zipped his backpack up and looked at the tag on one of its straps.

20 Ingram Street.” I typed into my phone, slinging the backpack around my shoulder and following the directions that radiated off of the screen, luckily not being longer than a 10 minute walk.

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Shakespeare (Part X)

(Banner made by the incredibly talented @tiostyles)

Harry X Reader (AU)

In which Harry is a poetic frat boy who just so happens to be the TA for your new English class.

Read previous parts here.

Author’s note: This is it. This is the final part. Thank you all so much for sticking around and supporting me and giving me your honest thoughts. I wouldn’t have come this far without you. All the love. Xx

It’s four-thirty in the morning.

You notice the time passively. It’s the least of your worries. You’ve been tossing and turning, in and out of sleep for the past couple hours. Harry is sprawled out across the mattress on his stomach. His legs are spread, arms outstretched. One hangs limply over your waist. He’s facing you and his cheek is pressed against his pillow, lips parted, hair disheveled. You’ve been staring at him for twenty minutes, thankful that he hasn’t woken up to your probing eyes.

He smells just as he always has when you finally shift into his body, settling your forehead against his shoulder and letting your eyes rest closed. His arm curls around you and you bask in the essence of him—the soft snores and rolling heat. You’re not sure when you’ll get to be this close again.

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some sweet, precious old lady noticed my crystal necklace and very worriedly asked if i knew how to take care of it. If i knew how to cleanse it because “a sweet girl like you shouldn’t carry around any negativity it could have picked up from others during the day”

and like

it was the cutest, kindest thing i was floored

“make sure you cleanse it every night, its beautiful and so are you. You need those positive vibrations!” 

i could have cried 


I got bored today and gave ann a new outfit that’s also based on her concept art that allows her to zip up her cleavage since she tries to cover it + seems uncomfortable having it out in the open.

And then I drew new christmas DLC costumes for ann and protag because I like Ann in suits and whenever I draw ann in a suit, there’s protag being extra^tm


Very smutty Shawn blurb with elements of Sub!Shawn

Requested by anon for a Fuck Buddy blurb. 

Em didn’t know if she’d been invited out of kindness—he was certainly the type—or out of a genuine desire for her to show up. If it was just a polite invite she was risking terribly embarrassing herself. If it was genuine then she was risking reading into it too much. Either way, it was a bad idea to go but she was already in the building, rolling her eyes at herself in the elevator.

Shawn had moved into his own place recently and was only in town very briefly but he wanted to throw a house-warming party as an excuse to see his friends more than to show off his new place that he hadn’t even fully furnished yet. When Em had received the invite via a mass e-mail she’d wondered if maybe he’d sent it to her as a mistake and had’t realized. Nevertheless, she couldn’t get herself to not take an opportunity to see him. It’d been too long.

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