Really fast sketch for the amazing @zippi44 ♡ (*´꒳`*)

Happy belated (sorry :,D) Birthday! ♡
Hope you had a beautiful day! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ♡

Thank you so much for everything you do for FT fandom and everything one else! ♡ :3


This is official canon art of the Element Lords from the comic ‘All Our Sins Remembered’- and is probably the best image we get for some of the Element Lords- and it’s so, so good

Please excuse my lazy art. I wasn’t really bothered with doing any more detail and colouring than bad half-tracing and bucket tool

Also, the Element Lord of Ice getting cut off is an issue also present in the printed comic too, so it’s not just this image. A text box covers the Element Lord of Ice’s head and maybe the Element Lord of Fire’s as well, but I want to believe that he just manifested as a weird anime face instead

I’ve seen some other fandoms draw characters with really nice life advice and I’ve always wanted to have a go at that because they look so good

And then today I saw some jerks picking on an artist about their art, which many people (including me) have gone through, and it’s a real shame because it pretty much only serves to discourage people from trying to get better

There’s a real difference between constructive criticism and being a jerk. If someone tells you your art- whether drawn, written, or whatever else- is bad without any other comment, says you aren’t getting any better, or gives their feedback in an insult, they most definitely fall into the latter category. Don’t give up! People improve at different rates, and while taking heed of constructive criticism is always good and can help you improve, you don’t have to listen at all to people who are just flat out insulting you and what you made. They’re not helping you improve if they’re not giving constructive feedback

That said, if you’re drawing something that’s meant to hurt or bully someone else, that’s no Hafu Original. That’s gross and you should hand in your Hafu Fan Club Badge to the front desk right this instant

I commissioned wonderful @zippi44​ for this hehe. Inspired by Brock O’Hurn who I saw in the news and was like ‘imagine Freed doing that; tying his long ass hair into a bun while half-naked and whop he getting popular aha. So I went Brock O’Hurn ref pic hunting and… this pose was the result for the commi B) ENJOY and absolutely go commission ZIPPI, as you can see it’ absolutely worth it~