cheap back to school amazon finds

hello everyone! i compiled a looong list of cute and aesthetic supplies to help you guys pick out things for your back to school shopping. most of this stuff is not neccisarry at all for having a studyblr, or a succesful school year, but is a lot of fun to have. this list is very long so feel free to do what im going to and pick out a few favorites!! at the end i will link the amazon wish list so you can see it all in one place. 

the “amazon finds” are sectioned into the categories, “writing, highlighting, and coloring”, “supplies” which includes everything from notebooks to stickers and washi tape to pencil cases, “backpacks”. “lunch and snack supplies” and “daily carry” which has cute stuff to have at your desk, stuff to make your life easier and cute self care goods. 

have a great year!!

writing, highlighting, and coloring:

pilot soft color highlighters $6.18

pastel mechanical pencil set $8.99

primacolor 48 pencil set (great deal i spent much more on these a few years back) $24.50

sakura stardust galaxy 6-piece gelly roll pens $7.88

zebra mildliners all colors set $14.25

pilot G2 metallic gel roller ball pen set $9.98

zebra eco zebrite double ended highlighter set $7.65

staedtlr textsurfer highlighter set $11.95

black pilot juice gel pen set of 10 $10.70

pilot juice pastel gel pen set of 6 $8.39

zebra sasura ball point pen set of 8 $8.48

sakura brush pen set  $13.33

tombow double sided brush tip markers $13.29


pusheen “take notes take naps” notebook $6.29

set of 5 muji a5 spiral bound notebooks $13.21

strawberry washi tape $4.33

floral, raspberry and cactus washi tape set $8.95

happy animals washi tape $1.59

woodland floral washi tape set $9.95

silver winter washi tape set $6.95

van gogh washi tape and sticker set $12.99

van gogh almond blossoms washi tape $2.98

woodland, books and newsprint washi tape set of 12 $12.99

washi tape set of 24 $13.99

cheap as heck washi tapes of the whole rainbow $1.38

bullet journal stencil set $9.98

a different bullet journal stencil set $8.99

retro aesthetic sticker set $8.99

pig and cat planner sticker 12 pack $6.59

6 pack planner sticker set $5.50

cute girl 6 pack planner sticker set $6.95

pusheen puffy sticker sheet $6.99

vintage style copper bent scissors $8.00

kikerland toucan scissors $12.13

clear acrylic and rose gold stapler $10.99

cute banner pendant sticky note set $9.95

ramen stickey notes with resealable pouch $8.00

star trek sticky notes set $8.95

geometry and watercolor sticky note set $9.36

cat paw sticky note set $12.99

cute animal page flags $1.59

mermaid zipper pouch $7.56

vintage style “art supplies” zipper pouch $6.57

jumbo “raw materials” zipper pouch $11.90

cute bear zipper pencil box $9.66


earthy canvas and leather hiking backpack $37.99

jansport hatchet hiking backpack (I have it, its wonderful)  $45.97

pusheen backpack $39.99

lunch and snack supplies:

bicycle print lunch bag $27.99

sriracha water bottle $8.95

pusheen print tumbler $13.85

“ocean sea and wave” print lunch bag $19.97

“ocean sea and wave” print reusable sandwich and snack bags $19.97

white reusable sandwich and snack bags $11.95

mermaid scale lunch bag $19.97

mermaid scale print sandwich and snack bags $19.97

daily carry:

baby pink foldable on ear headphones $16.95

mint and lavender on ear headphones $19.95

mint smart phone stick on wallet $9.95

mint external battery $14.95

mini iphone fan $7.59

nikon camera and lens usb flash drive $5.02

kikerland cat pomodoro timer $4.99

cafe latte candle $9.99

pusheen sleep mask $6.59

pusheen sock set $12.99

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions $10.53

thanks for reading my long post! here is the amazon wishlist link

i have it enabled so that people may send me something from the list if they really want to, but my no means should you feel like you have too! make sure when you put something in your cart you are sending it to yourself and not me by accident! 

The Cheat.~ Calum Hood AU ~ Part Three

~Four Months Later~
~Calum’s P.O.V~

“Y/N? Are you awake?” I asked, walking over to her and running my hand over her shoulder gently. She just groaned, pulling the covers up over her head attempting to block me out. I rolled my eyes, lying down on the bed beside her. “Mali told me to tell you if you don’t wake up then she’s going to get mama Joy up to get you”

“I’M UP! I’M UP” She called out, sitting bolt up right at the mention if my darling mother. “Jesus Calum, don’t threaten me with Joy, she’d kill me”

I smirked, moving closer to Y/N and settling my head in the crease between her neck and her shoulder. “Last night was amazing” I whispered, smiling and kissing at her neck.

“Calum no” She scolded me, all of a sudden extremely awake. “I told you, it was a one time thing and it won’t happen again, I can’t trust you anymore and you know it, not after what you done to me”

I sighed loudly, still keeping my head buried in her neck. “It must have been atleast nine months ago now Y/N, I’ve apologised, are you ever going to trust me again? what more do you want from me?” I asked, slowly but surly moving away from her neck.

“An apology isn’t enough Calum” Y/N told me, emphasising each word so as I got the point.

I frowned, standing up from the bed as quickly as possible and making my way out of the room. “You caused this” I heard someone say from behind me, only to turn around and find that it was Mali, standing in the kitchen making some breakfast.

“Fuck off” I groaned, grabbing my car keys and pulling on a zipper over my bear chest. “I’m going for a drive”


~Y/N P.O.V~

It had been atleast 9 hours since Calum left the house. No one knew where he was, what he was doing, or who he was with. To say I was worried was an understatement.

“Y/N!” Mali yelled, snapping me out of my dream like state as I paced around the living room. “You don’t need to worry, he’s a big boy, he’ll be fine”

“But what if he’s not?” I asked, sitting down on the edge of the sofa.

“Y/N stop” Mali scolded, looking at me with a look that said ‘if you say one more word, I won’t hesitate so slap you’. So, because I certainly don’t want slapped, I shut up. “He’s my brother, and I know for a fact that he’s big and strong enough to take care of himself, he’s not a stupid little boy”

I sighed, nodding slowly, and sitting back on the couch. Shorty after, Mali and I fell into a comfortable silence, with the only noise being a slight murmur coming from the large T.V that sat in front of us… but sadly, it didn’t last long. Mali’s obnoxiously loud ring-tone shattered the perfect silence. She rolled her eyes and answered the phone, holding it up to her ear quickly. “Hello?” She spoke, pausing while waiting for the person on the other end to reply. “Yes, I am Mali-Koa Hood, may I ask who I’m speaking to?”

“Who is it?” I whispered, but she shot me down quickly, holding one finger in front of my face.

“What did he do? Is he okay?” She asked the mysterious voice who sat at the other end holding the phone. Panic began to course threw my veins as the worst case scenario’s started to reply over and over in my head.

“Oh my god, okay, I’ll be there as soon as possible, thankyou” Mali said quickly, cutting off the phone and jumping up from her place on the couch.

“Who was it? Where are you going? What’s happened?” I questioned, jumping up and running behind my friend, out into the hall.

“Here put these on, we need to go to the police station” She informed me, throwing me a pair of slippers from her end of the hall.

“Wait, why? What happened Mali?” I continued to question, pulling the warm booties onto my feet as quick as possible.

“He got himself into trouble” I was informed as Mali grabbed her keys from the dish beside the front door.

“WHO?” I snapped, stopping us both dead in our tracks.

“It’s Calum Y/N, they won’t tell me what happened, we just need to go”