zipper sweatpants

tagged by @fensi (thank you <3)

nickname:  i have no nickname haha

star sign: taurus

height: 159 cm

time right now: 13:30 pm

last thing i googled: soundcloud

favourite musical artist(s): tinashe,kendrick lamar,flume,mura masa,dean,frank ocean,krystal,Miso,jorja smith

song stuck in my head: i can’t remember cause i am listening to music right now haha

last movie watched: i can’t remember huhuhu TT

last tv show watched: the vampire diaries (slowly yelling) (i have to watch something yk)

what im wearing right now: crop top with a zipper and sweatpants

when i created my blog: this blog is about a year old, but i had another one since 2011

what kind of content i post: it’s all about the feeling i get from pictures

any other blogs: @mandarijnen the url makes me happy

do you get asks regularly: nope

why did you choose your url: i wanted a nice url so i googled stuff about gemstones ( somebody get my crystals). FineGem is basically the nice crystals you buy in a store (i think??)

gender: women

hogwarts house: i don’t know 

pokemon team: My mom hated pokemon so she told me and my sister that we couldn’t watch pokemon because it was too violent. So i have no clue 

favorite color: atm red

average hours of sleep: 8 or more. 8 feels like 6 hours btw 

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1

dream job: music artist

following: my heart ;^)

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