zipper style

Other kingdom hearts games- the checkerboard pattern represents light and darkness, the proportions in this outfit were meant to reflect classic disney style, the zippers and pouches are important for holding potions and whatnot,  the x’s formed by belts mean xehanort, the dream eater symbol on that jacket makes him a dream eater pretty much, everything is important to the plot.

kingdom hearts 3-he moves around a lot so his outfit is sporty, he needs to be comfortable.

did square enix have like a clothing intervention with nomura or…..?

Been thinking about clothes that Steve could wear. That sort of “apron top“ with an open back would work for the upper body, but him having different sized legs with clawed feet would probably limit pants to super baggy ones, loincloths or that sort of… diaper styled double zipper pants. And he’d hate them because he couldn’t work the zippers on his own.