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Imagine Steve gets taken and is not fed much at all, much less the amount a super soldier needs - so when his friends find him he is very weak.

“Guys!” Steve sits up, grinning. “You found me!”

“Yeah,” says Natasha. “Only took us three days.”

“When you get nabbed, you really know how to get nabbed,” Sam agrees.

Steve laughs and pulls on the top of his uniform, which he’d been using as a pillow. “What’s the plan?” he asks as he fiddles with the zipper. It’s oddly slippery in his shaking fingers. He stands, takes a step – and his knees collapse under him.

Nat rushes forward, catches him around the chest. She plants her feet while he struggles to take at least a little bit of his weight off her. “Jesus, how are you so heavy?” she grunts. “What have you been eating?”

“Oh,” he says, letting Sam duck under his arm and haul him upright, “a little of this, a little of that.” Between them, he takes a step, most of his weight on them. “They gave me some soup yesterday.”

“Is that the last time you ate?” Nat asks. He nods.

Sam sighs. “Let’s get out of here. Thor was busy fighting like sixteen agents at the same time, but if he’s done with that then he’ll be able to get you out of here.”

By the time they get to the exit, both Sam and Nat are panting. So is Steve, come to think of it. They lean him up against the side of the building and Sam radios for Thor.

When Thor arrives, Steve’s sitting on the ground. He grins up at him. “Hi,” he says. “Good to see you.”

“And you,” Thor replies, raising his eyebrows.

Still smiling, Steve reaches his hands up. Thor leans down, letting Steve kiss his cheek before getting his shoulder into Steve’s stomach and lifting him off his feet. “Oh,” Steve says. He’d sort of been expecting Thor just to support him to the jet. This is very caveman-ish. Thor’s cape is in his face.

“Nat, don’t take a picture of this,” Steve says, because he’s sure if he doesn’t head that off at the pass then he’ll never live it down. Still, he hears a camera sound. “Nat!”

“Wasn’t me,” Nat’s voice says from off to his left somewhere.


“Also not me,” Sam says from his right.

“It was me,” says Wanda. “I took the picture.”

If Steve had any strength whatsoever, he’d give her a lecture.

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Would each member appreciate a s/o who is always up for helping the band fix their clothes? Like Stu puts a hole in his pocket, Noodle pops a button off her pair of shorts, Mudz rips his sleeve, or Russel breaks a zipper and his s/o is right there sewing it back to almost brand new

2D: 2D really appreciates it because he can be rather clumsy; having an S/O around who can sew him up real quick is convenient! He tries to learn himself but he’s not too good, and he decides to just rely on you to fix his clothes for him so they don’t look like a Frankenstein mess. 

Murdoc Niccals: Murdoc definitely appreciates it because it seems as though his things are always breaking; mostly because he doesn’t pay attention to what he’s doing. He calls you his lifesaver when you can fix him up in a matter of minutes, especially before a show. 

Noodle: She knows a thing or two about fixing her clothes but you’re clearly more experienced than her, and she always patiently watches you as you fix her clothes. She feels bad for having to rely on you for it but always thanks you with a sweet kiss. 

Russel Hobbs: Russel’s glad you have such a useful skill, and compliments you every time you return a fixed item to him. He always seems happy when you fix something for him, and mentions that he’s willing to learn a little so he doesn’t always have to run to you. 

#7 Dream catcher + #15 Dread - Enzo Amore

WWE imagine
Prompts 7 & 15 from the list
Pairing: Enzo Amore x Reader
Requested by frediaasia on Wattpad
Word count: 1,115

[RAW, June 19, 2017]

The day Enzo had dreaded so much for the last few weeks had finally come. Tonight, he and Big Cass were going to cut a promo that would not only solve the case of the mysterious attacks on the two of them, but that would also mark the end of their tag team run and officially split them up. And although he was not about to admit it any time soon, Enzo was terrified. He knew, all storylines aside, that the split was just best for his friend – Cass was going to do great as a heel and in single’s competition. But a small part of the Smacktalker Skywalker could not help but worry about what was next.

You had just finished mending the zipper on Enzo’s jacket when he stormed into the Costume room, obviously very agitated.

“Woah, ‘Zo! Calm down, babe,” you said, handing him the jacket. “What’s going on?”

He slipped the jacket back on and collapsed onto the chair next to you, running a hand through his wild bleached blonde hair.

“I’m not sure myself,” he muttered. “I’m, like – I think I know what a volcano feels like before it erupts.”

You took his hand in yours and gently rubbed its back, in an attempt to comfort him.

“How so?”
“I mean, I almost don’t want to cut that promo. I know I have to, and I know Cass must go his own way – God knows he deserve the spotlight. But it kinda feels like everything is just crashing down around me. Me and Cass, y’know, we were an item, and now Creative has him betray me…”
“OK, stop right there, I know where this is going. For starters, you are not losing everything. You’ve still got me, remember?”

Enzo chuckled at that.

“And second, I love Bill as much as you do, but who do you think the fans are going to side with? You’ve never worked solo, that’s a fact, but I know you, you’ll work it out!”
“You’re right.”

You engulfed him into a big hug to help him calm down and destress a little.

“Enzo Amore to gorilla position!”

Enzo sighed.

“Seems I gotta go.”
“It’ll be alright. You know that.”

He nodded and pressed a quick kiss on your lips before leaving the room. You turned on the TV monitor and looked intently, your heart clenching a little as you watched the promo unfold. You even felt it break as one single tear rolled down your boyfriend’s cheek – that tear drop was definitely NOT scripted.

“Damn,” you mumbled, “Bill is SO going to feel bad about this…”

Me and you – we are through. You winced as you saw a big boot hit the side of Enzo’s face. The show closed on a scornful-looking Big Cass looking down at the ring from the top of the ramp. Once the two had come back behind the curtain, Enzo fell into Cass’ arms.

“You killed it, bro!”
“Thanks, man. Great selling, by the way!”
“Eh, y’know, gotta make you look good!”

You were watching them, standing in the door frame of the Costume room, your lips twisting into a coin smile. The two went back to their locker room, while Nia Jax came to you to have a small hole fixed on her ring gear – it had torn open during her match. Once you had sewed it close, you packed your stuff and joined Enzo so you could get back to your hotel. Enzo hardly spoke a word during the whole ride there, which you assumed was because he was tired and needed some rest. He had been so stressed out by the mere thought of cutting that promo, and you were hoping a good night’s sleep would do him good.

* * * *

Enzo tossed and turned in the bed, his mind full of images so vivid he wondered if he was still asleep. His eyes finally flew open, and he sat up, wide awake and short of breath. He ran a hand through his hair, which was sticking to his scalp with sweat. You stirred and woke up too, worry washing over you as you saw the state he was in.

“Zo? What’s going on?”
“Nothing… just a bad dream.”

He took a deep breath, trying to calm down his pounding heart. You scooted closer to him and started rubbing his back gently.

“Talk to me, babe. What was that dream about?
“Basically, I – I saw myself being thrown back down the card, back into the shadow. Like I never even existed.”

He looked down and sighed. You pulled him into a hug, and he held you tight, as if you were his life support and he needed you to survive.

“You have no reason to be scared, Zo,” you said softly.
“Who said I was scared?”
“It’s written all over your face! But like I told you earlier, the fans have your back, they’ll keep cheering for you. And if Creative does shove you back down the card – which I highly doubt – they’ll demand that you wrestle! You can be sure there’ll be We want Enzo! chants at some point!”

He pulled away to look at you, and frowned slightly.

“I wouldn’t be so sure. Just look at how they’re treating Bayley lately – and she is damn loved too!”
“Yeah, you’ve got a point,” you admitted, having almost forgotten about her. “But if they do shove you back down the card, their loss – and rates will keep dropping. But then again, I doubt they will.”

Enzo shrugged, still not convinced. You sighed.

“Come on, Zo, we all know the Universe loves you! Remember the pop you received when you debuted on the main roster last year? And all the support you keep receiving all around the world? You can’t be that blind!”

He managed to smile at that. You grabbed your phone from the nightstand and open the YouTube app. You found the WWE Channel, clicked the video of last night’s promo and scrolled to the comments section.

“Look for yourself,” you said, handing him the phone.

He looked at the comments – broken hearts over the tear he shed, people wondering why Cass did it, and even a few saying it was Enzo’s mic work that brought them to the top. Your boyfriend’s eyes widened after reading every single one of them.

“See? It’s not just me telling it. WWE isn’t that dumb, they’ll take it into account!”

Enzo handed you your phone back and turned to look at you.

“Have I already told you how lucky I am to have you?”
“All the time,” you said and kissed his lips.

The Last Good Day

When I picked ‘Zipper’ for the ABC’s of Merle Dixon Challenge, I suppose I had the perfect prompt for something that would be more appropriate for my other blog, but I ended up going in a different, cleaner, angstier direction. I figure a guy like Merle would have several children by different mothers. The fact that he carried around antibiotics for STDs shows that he wasn’t the best at remembering to, um, wrap that rascal. 

Warnings: references to drug and alcohol use, mild swearing.


Dad, can you zip me up?

It just figured that it took a goddamned zombie apocalypse to get Merle Dixon to finally go sober. He’d been drinking and smoking and snorting and swallowing things since high school. At least he had never gone as far as shooting up.

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Kraglin trying to be sexy and do a strip tease for his s/o, but his s/o just losing it because all he has to do to undress is undo one zipper and then he's almost naked. Shortest strip tease ever, but Kraglin's s/o hoots and hollers and throws units around the room anyway. So Kraglin, in his little underwears flexes and dances all seductively and his s/o can't stop giggling and eventually just has to dance with him, so Kraglin and his s/o dance around in their underwear for a bit before sex. 👍


💙✨• trans lady 2D headcanons •✨💙

* totally the one that has ur back and tells u when there’s lipstick on ur teeth or pull ur skirt down or tuck in ur bra strap or pull fuzzies out of your hair or fix a zipper bc there’s so many times ppl have just let her walk around a mess

* her voice is actually really low like her singing voice. she’s been raising her pitch ever since the apex tapes, it’ll slip sometimes tho. she’s basically been talking in falsetto for 15 years. she’s still working on she wants to sound like, but she likes the way she sings just fine.

* she was feminine when she was younger as well. no one bothered her too much because they didn’t really think about it and thought it was a phase. she was into enough artists that ppl thought she was just tryna emulate them. there have been a couple of incidents but the most she would get was teasing from her friends. someone called her “honey-pot” as a joke but she liked it so it stuck throughout school.

* she has a middle name, “renee” that murdoc bestowed upon her bc he wanted to call/scold her using a full name and just filled in the blank on the spot. noodle’s middle name is “marie” for the same reason bonus fact

* she’s really into jewelry and makeup but not clothes as much she has a few pieces she likes but only really Dresses Up dresses up when she feels like it. she’s more into being decorated than dressed up, she can fidget with jewelry and trace tattoos and draw on her makeup.

* she’s gaining weight from hrt and happy cries on the scale since she’s been so thin all her life and she finally has a healthy appetite

* she feels like she finally has the say of her appearance bc now no one knows what to do with her. if she wanna paint her nails she does, if she wanted to dye her hair she could, she wants a fuller shape and she’s working on it. so many parts of her have been taken and changed and now she wants control. she feels like she could express herself before to an extent bc of the “pretty boy” shit but there were still limits and a certain look and expectations, a weight been lifted off her shoulders and she’s excited even tho she knows there will be new sets of expectations

* the first person she told was paula and she was scared to tell noodle the most

* sleeping powder is her “coming out” song in a way (now that the lyrics have been fucking decoded) she’s here y'all. she doesn’t wanna do a grand “traditional” coming out video or tweet or announcements or whatever she just wants to let her transition happen. so some of the lyrics are little hints to how she’s adjusting kinda probably (her old self is gone and finally resting, how her jeans have to fit now idk) and she’s showing off her figure dancing around

* smthing abt that jamie guy coming into my window and telling me that all of this is true

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hi snp, i'm looking to read a sexy cool and actual good summer romance and i'm having trouble finding one that doesn't make me feel suspicious/like someone's trying to trick me. i guess that could just be me but.. do you read love stories? can you recommend any that don't feel like a dumb lie? thank you. big fan!

Michel Houllebecq’s Platform 😎

OK, sorry… Laurie Weeks’s Zipper Mouth 💋

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How far down do the zippers go on the longer binders? Will I be able to pull down the zipper and release the binding without having to take it off if it's a longer binder?

Zippers are 20″ max! If the binder’s side seam exceeds this length (that is, if the binder is over 27″ in length measurement, generally), it will be sewn shut beyond the zipper point. This is still long enough for almost anyone to release all pressure on the chest by pulling down the zipper - the bit that’s sewn shut will be down around your hips.

Thanks for asking! It’s a rare case for us.



Author: @jkqueenly 

Part 5 of the In Plane Sight series. Hope has a ton of questions when Y/N returns home. Will Y/N make it through the interrogation?

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Next Chapter (Close Encounter) coming soon

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It was almost dinnertime before I made it back to my apartment. As I opened the door Hope’s cat, Zipper, chirped a greeting at me from the lime green couch Hope and I found at a yard sale a few months ago.

“Where the heck have you been?” Hope yelled from the kitchen.

I closed the door behind me, took a breath, and accepted my fate. “I uh… stayed at Hotch’s last night.”

“You what? Isn’t he your boss?” Hope came around the corner. Her spaghetti sauce spoon aimed at me like a sword in her hand. A mischievous grin filled her features. “Was it good?”

“Hope! Stop it,” I said, blushing. I tossed my go-bag onto the floor by the coat closet and walked over to the kitchen.

“So he is good, you naughty thing! Are you going to be in trouble for sleeping with the boss?” Hope turned back to stirring dinner.

“I didn’t sleep with him!” I defended. I sat down on my blue barstool at the counter, trying to be casual. “He just let me crash at his house.”

Hope turned so I could see her roll her eyes. “Sure.”

“Really! I literally slept. That’s all,” I said.

“But you had fun. Don’t lie, I can see you enjoyed it.” Her sharp blue eyes analyzed every inch of my face, making me wonder why she didn’t want to be a profiler, too.

“It was fun,” I agreed. A smile grew on my face as I remembered the circumstances. “I was totally zonked out when he picked me up. The plan was to bring me back here but he forgot our address. He tried and failed to wake me up so when I finally did open my eyes, at his house, I freaked out and thought I was going to be murdered or something. Then we had pancakes and played pirates with his son, Jack.”

“That sounds… eventful,” Hope said, a confused smile pulling at her lips. She winked. “More than just sleeping if you ask me.”

“Seriously? It was so embarrassing! Hotch is never going to let me forget it!”

“I’m not going to either,” Hope laughed. “That’s hilarious.”

“No it’s not!”

“Are you going to see him again?”

“Well yeah, I work with him.” I knew what she meant, but I couldn’t hope for that. “He’s the boss, I would probably get in trouble if it happened again.”

“Ok, ok,” Hope relented. “Come on, dinner’s nearly ready and I want to hear about your case.”

I hurried to my room to put some things away and set my phone on the charger. A breath I didn’t realize I was holding released from my lungs. I didn’t want to tell Hope. Not yet anyway.

Before Hotch left me at my car… well, I guess I had something to wonder about before work on Monday.

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LD Sans how do you take the costume off?

LD Sans: Oh, das ist leicht. Die Rückseite des Kostüms hat einen Reißverschluss. Nur leider komm ich nicht ran und klemmen tut der auch noch… Nun ja, gibt Schlimmeres.
(Oh, that’s simple. The backside of the costume has a zipper. Unfortunately I’m unable to reach it and it’s stuck, too…. Oh well, it could be worse.)

* There’s no zipper on his back.


Remember the other night on my super long post about my new fitness routine and how I mentioned “the dress”? Well, this is “the dress” also known as the “zipper dress” because all the white stitching is zippers and it’s hot af. I tried it on tonight for shits and giggles and I was surprised that I don’t have to get as small as I thought I would’ve. My legs fit comfortably-ish right now which is good but it’s my back and arms that I really want to focus on since that’s what shows most in this number. Also, I gotta get my ass phat and eat in a way that’ll make my abs pop. Let’s do this!