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Quiet (M)

Jungkook needs to learn to control himself


A/N: I wrote this in like an hour sorry if it’s not the best

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1345

Content/Warning: Smut this is all smut nothing but smut, sub!jungkook, switch!jungkook, public foreplay

Jungkook places his hand on top of yours and leans in to whisper, “Babe, stop it.”

“Stop what?” You ask innocently, pressing your hand harder into his crotch.

Jungkook let’s out a squeak only you can hear.

“Y/N, has Jungkook told you about all the research he’s contributed to our company? Because of him, our brand is doing better than ever.” Jungkook’s CEO and coworkers look at you, awaiting your response.

“Oh yes, I’m very proud of him. When we first met, I had no idea how much of a genius he really is.” You let out a small laugh and give your husband’s hardening dick a squeeze.

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A/N: Alright, so I realized I never specified this, but I don’t actually feel that comfortable writing sex scenes (in any writing). It’s not because Peter is supposed to be 15, since Tom Holland is 20 years old, but just because I’ve never written smut, so I’m not quite at that level yet. Maybe one day, followers, maybe one day…

#84: “It’s like you want to ruin men/women for me.”

#87: “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly, this is getting dangerous.”

Summary: You and Peter have been dating for 6 months and Aunt May leaves the two of you alone.

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

“It’s like you want to ruin men for me,” you complained, laying on Peter’s bed. He turned to look at you, confused, though you could see the smallest hint of a smile on his face. He had been trying to reach up to the top shelf in his closet and his t-shirt kept riding up, exposing his torso to you. The short sleeves were rolled up, exposing more of his biceps, and you just couldn’t help your wandering eyes.

“Oh, hush,” he laughed, finally grabbing the clothes he’d wanted. Peter bounded over and sat beside you on the bed, fiddling with his phone. You watched him with a soft smile on your lips.

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A Broken Heart

Character: Jungkook (BTS)
Word count: 2497
Summary: Young Jungkook finds out one weekend what a broken heart really feels like | #fluff #babysitter!au

Related stories: You’re Like a ButterflySave Me, Save Me

a/n: omg these babysitter stories are so fun to write! baby bts are so cute I can’t ;;w;;

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Have You Ever Been with a Girl?

My memoir that won a Gold Medal from the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards:

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

Yes. The first time was when I was 15. She was 16 and she knew all about life in the ways that I didn’t. She showed me how to forgive myself for the parts of me I couldn’t change. She was calculated, but she had the power to destroy dormant in her veins, holding my broken edges in surgeon’s hands. Not fixing me, but teaching me how to fix myself. I’ll never be able to repay her for that.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

Yes, but it was fleeting. On rainy days we would go to the cafe on Main Street. She dropped hints to me like water to a desert but I didn’t want her water and I wasn’t her desert to tease. She had a bracelet that was pink and purple and blue and she showed it to me like I didn’t know what it meant. It reminded me of a bruise you know you shouldn’t touch but you do, even though you know it’ll hurt. Each ribald euphemism planted a landmine in my skin, just begging to detonate. I let her make my body into a battlefield because God knows I’ve always been destructive and I’ve always loved surprises. On the night of my 16th birthday, she got what she wanted and she left. She left me to cry in the bathroom during the Semi-Formal. She left and I watched her dance with the boy I’d never be.

“Have you ever been with a girl?”

It was the summer before senior year. She was like lightning: spectacular and thrilling, then gone just as quickly as she appeared. She made me feel like I was worth something. I couldn’t believe her because I knew it would end in fire and my apologizing like I always do but being afraid of the inevitable is no way to live.
Our midnight drives made me feel like those scenes from coming-of-age movies could actually be real life for once. And we could blast the radio and turn up the bass and forget about whatever it was that we needed to worry about.
To call someone gay is to call them weak but we’ve never known weakness–never had the privilege of being weak in a world that tries to capitalize on our differences. We were a force.
She tells me she feels a growing distance between us, that we’ve lost the mystery. Her tempest eyes have turned to drizzle but she’s not crying. She wants to get out of here and I don’t blame her. My bedroom is suddenly crushing our bones trying to close the palpable space between us; I see pot and pan orchestras seeping from her mouth. Zipper lips hold in the broken glass truth. Everyone leaves. Why does everyone leave?

He says: “have you ever been with a girl?”

And I say: “yes”

And he says: “that’s hot.”

Return To

A season five finale fix-it, told from Shaw’s POV, in honour of it being her day today. 

This is how it begins.


The payphone rings and you pause with Bear in the middle of the sidewalk. You debate whether answering it is a good idea. You almost walk away but something holds you back. Your hand stretches out to the warm black plastic and you pick it up, hold it to your ear.

           Times Square. 24.

           The phone is set back down and you turn around with a new spring in your step.

           You shoot the Machine a smile.


The apartment door is slightly ajar. You enter with caution, hand on the weapon tucked into the waistband of your jeans. Bear tugs on his leash. You let him go and the lights flicker on.

           She’s there, at her desk, like she never left.

           “Hello Sameen.”

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Chris&Eva #15

This was requested. "Am I allowed to eat pizza in this dress or do I need to take this off?“


Another party, another make out session in the darkest part of the room, another attempt at pretending that these kisses meant nothing, but this time they didn’t pull apart as soon as the party ended, this time their kisses continued in the backseat of the cab all the way to Eva’s house, Eva felt like she was floating, like she was there, but at the same time she was somewhere else. His lips full and soft, his hands warm on her back, in her hair, stroking her face and then she felt her stomach grumble, they pulled apart, Eva’s eyes wide, she felt her cheeks getting warmer. There was a moment of silence and then Chris laughed and Eva laughed with him.

"I guess it’s time for midnight snack?” Chris asked, his eyes were full of warmth, there wasn’t any trace of his usual flirtiness, small smile played on his lips.
“I think it’s way past midnight,"Eva replied, taking out phone of her coats pocket,"Yes, it’s 2AM. I don’t think there is anything edible in my fridge, since I am not much of a cook,” Eva felt embarrassed telling him that, she was 17 years old and she couldn’t even make herself with a decent omlet, she either burned it or put too much salt in it.
“Takeout it is then,” he said with a laugh, taking out his phone and dialing a number “ Hello, we would like to order two pizzas. Toppings?” He turned questioningly to Eva.
“Pepperoni, cheddar, mushrooms, paprika, ” she said, took off her boots, and went into the kitchen to make both of them two cups of hot cocoa. This all felt very new, strange and… exciting? This was the first time that he was in her house, if they left party together it , they always went to Chris’s apartment, that he lived in after William left for London, precisely to his bedroom, had sex, and Eva left before Chris had the chance to wake up.Last thing she wanted was awkwardness that would follow after they woke up. Now, however, he had ordered pizza and she had made two cups of hot steaming cocoa for them to drink. She came into living room and saw Chris watching and episode of Game of Thrones.

“I made us both hot cocoa,” she said, handing him the mug.
“What? No marshmallows?” Chris asked, with a raised eyebrow.
Eva lightly hit the back of his head and sat on the armchair placing her feet on the coffe table, “I don’t put marshmallows in my cocao,"Eva replied with a shrug.
"You’re kidding right? Hot cocoa without marshmellows, that’s just sacrilege !” He exclaimed, in mock horror, placing his hand over his heart. So dramatic. So adorable
Just as Eva was about to deliver a witty comeback,  when the doorbell rang and Chris jumped to his feet and said that he was going to get it. Eva tried to relax and think about it as two friends hanging out, but obviously that wasn’t the case, yes, they were friendly to each other in school, but after he graduated and they only met in random parties, it wasn’t just friendly interactions.  It started with few drunken kisses and few parties later Eva was sneaking out of Chris’s apartment at 4 AM.
Chris came into the living room carrying two boxes of pizza, Eva could smell the divine scent of melted cheese from accross the room and her stomach grumbled approvingly. As soon as Chris placed both pizza boxes on coffee table, Eva snatched her’s and opened it greedily. She heard Chris laugh, but she was so hungry, that she didn’t care.
From the corner of her eye, Eva noticed Chris placing box on his lap  and taking out a massive slice of pizza out, tomato sauce was dripping down on the box and Eva almost yelled when one of the drops almost landed on her mother’s expensive couch.

“If a one drop of sauce lands on this couch, you are going to be the one to clean it up, Schistad,” Eva warned him, there was no way she was going to clean up after him.
“Don’t worry, Mohn. I always clean up the messes I make,” he said, giving her a  cocky smirk. A memory of one of the nights they shared together flashed through Eva’s mind, her hands gripping his hair and guiding him lower, him spreading her legs apart, their heavy breaths, purple bruises on her hipbones and other… more intimate places as well. She felt a heat in her core, if that’s how he wanted to play it, so be it.
She stood and came over to where he was sitting, leaned in, so that he had a great view of her breast and softly whispered, “Am I allowed to eat pizza in this dress or do I need to take this off?” She felt him go stiff and his hands reach of her, but she pulled away before  they could reach her, “I will take that as a no, so I will go change,” and with that said, she walked out of the living room.
She was about to unzip the dress, when she felt one hand on her waist and other pulling down the zipper. His soft lips were gently kissing her neck and automaticaly her hand was in his hair , pulling him closer. Fuck, it felt so good.
“The pizza will get cold,” Eva muttered.

“Let it, it’s not the pizza I am craving at the moment,” he murmured, his hands pulling her dress down. It was early in the morning and Chris’s hot breath tickled Eva’s neck,  one of his hands wraped around her waist, this was usually the moment when she would leave, but this was her house, so she didn’t have to. She knew that she should probably wake Chris up and make him leave, but he looked so calm and somehow younger, more innocent, that she decided that one night  sharing the same bed wouldn’t change anything.  At least she hoped that  it wouldn’t.

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The third drunk Robron fic in my little series - thanks for the love @fracturedhopeandfaith I think you’re pretty wonderful too!

The extremely bad pick-up lines in this fic are sadly not mine, I pinched them from here. I apologise for the ‘Australian Kiss’ but being an Aussie I felt I had to stick it in there for jokes ;)

We Have to Take Our Clothes Off

“Stop that!” Robert said the third time Aaron tried to undo his jeans in the middle of the village. “I should have left you at Vic and Adam’s place to sleep it off.”

“I wanted to come home,” Aaron said, pouting at Robert zipping his pants back up.

“How have I never seen you this drunk?” Robert asked with a laugh, trying to get Aaron moving in the direction of their house.

“I’m not drunk, I’m horny,” Aaron said, trying to grab onto Robert and get into his pants again.

“Bad Aaron!” Robert said, which wasn’t very effective because he was laughing as he said it.

Still pouting and sporting his best totally crushed look Aaron bartered, “Just one kiss?”

Robert didn’t trust him for a second, but truth be told he never wanted to be the guy who turned down a kiss from his husband, especially because his husband was Aaron. “One kiss,” he agreed, knowing he’d probably regret it.

What he wasn’t expecting was for Aaron to slap a chaste kiss on his cheek and saunter away. Laughter burst out of Robert, echoing down the country lane. The little minx was trying to get him to chase after and damn if he didn’t want to.

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Authors Note: This is a Jared Leto musically inspired one shot to the song Candles by Daughter. It’s a very beautiful song and I truly hope that I did it justice. Thanks so much for the request anon. XOXO

Trigger Warning: Angst, Fluff, Smut

“I’m going to a request a Jared Leto thingy based around the song Candles by Daughter.” -Anon

We spoke daily since we met years ago. Nothing out of the ordinary besides the usual hellos. Birthday cards with his scribbled name weren’t given but the texts and random phone calls at two in the morning were often. We were never too deep. But I wanted it to be. Not in the sense that he would be mine forever but I wanted him to value me. To actually see that I was more than just a number to text when he needed someone to speak to. I wanted an intimate friendship.

Walking home one night, I spotted a truck parked opposite of my house. Windows tinted but through the windshield, I saw him sitting there. Gucci logo in the center and the scruffy beard that was taking over his face. Hiding the jawline that easily brought the same amount attention.

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Brawling Love Part 4

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: swearing


It has been 4 days since Bucky’s outburst in the kitchen and you have yet to speak a word to him. You actually haven’t spoken to anyone on the team even though they have clarified that they love you very much.

Your insecurities were getting the best of you.

“Good morning, Y/N.” Tony greets when you drag yourself and Bucky into the kitchen. You don’t say a word as you rummage through the pantry, grabbing your favorite cereal before walking to get the milk.

“Lady Y/N! You’re awake and looking lovely this morning.” Thor was the next to speak, pulling you in a hug. They were like this everyday. Always showing you affection, just trying anything to show you that they truly did love you.

After the hug you serve yourself some cereal and sit down on the stool. Bucky pulled the other stool closer to yours and sat down in silence. He desperately wanted you to say some thing - anything. He didn’t care if you yelled at him, called him names or insulted him, he just wanted you to talk, to hear your voice.

You ate your cereal in silence while having Bucky glance at you frequently.

“Listen up,” Tony calls out, grabbing everyone’s attention. “To uplift everyone’s  mood,” he looks directly at you, “I’m throwing a party tonight. Everyone better be there.”

“Great. We’re gonna have to replace the window again.” Sam says, referring to Tony’s last party where Tony busted through the window, drunk as he showed off his upgraded Iron Man suit.

“That was one time and I was really excited to show everyone how badass my suit was.” Tony clarified but Sam just scoffed.

Everyone turned their attention to you and Steve approached you calmly. “Are you gonna be there Y/N?”

You don’t say a word, you just stare down into your bowel. Steve looks over at Bucky and shoots him a glare as if saying this was all his fault.

“I know.” Bucky says out loud, closing his eyes. Everyone was mad at him for the things he said and Bucky was mad at himself as well.

“You better fix this.” Steve tells him and you know they’re talking about this whole situation.

You finish your bowel and walk over to the sink, dumping it in there before walking back to the elevator. Once the doors close, Tony turns to Steve.

“I’m not even half way done with the key.” he confessed with a sigh as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“Well you better figure out something quick.” Steve said, placing his hand on his hip as he looked around the room.

“I’m so going to kick his ass once we uncuff him.” Nat mutters, shaking her head.

“I shall join you.” Thor speaks up with a smile.

“I don’t understand why Mr. Barnes would say such a thing in the first place, I like Miss Y/N very much.” Vision says and Wanda pats him on his shoulder.

“Because he’s an idiot, Vis.” she tells him.

“We don’t have to go to the party if you don’t want to. I’m fine staying in here, not talking and stuff.” Bucky shrugs, standing outside the shower curtains while you showered. He had showered before you. Bucky’s right arm was pulled wherever you pulled it and you made sure to not touch your body much with your left hand, not wanting Bucky to slightly graze your skin.

“Tony would make me go either way.” you mutter, washing your hair. He sighed, thankful for hearing your voice for the first time in 4 days.

“You’re right.” he nods. “hey maybe after a while we could ditch the party and go to the ice cream shop down the street. I know you-”

“Stop pushing your luck.” you cut him off. “Just because I talked to you once does not mean I’ll do it again.”

Bucky rubs his face with his metal hand. “Y/N I’m trying to fix things. Please let me.”

“No. You were right, I’m not and never will be as pretty as Nat and Wanda, I’ll never compare to their skills I’ll never live up to their achievements and I am a stuck up, annoying ass know-it-all bitch who no one likes.” you speak and the guilt eats Bucky alive. How could he say those things to you?

You turn off the water and stick your hand out of the shower. “Towel.”

Bucky reaches over and hands you your towel, not once looking at you because, hey, privacy. You manage to wrap the towel around your body then pull Bucky into your room.

You decided on a simple strapless black dress, making it easy for you to put on. You reach into your top drawer where you kept your undergarments and pull out a pair of underwear. Bucky kept his eyes away from you, not wanting you to hate him more for glancing at your naked body.

You dropped the towel and slipped on your panties before covering your boobs with your right hand. You pull Bucky over to your closet and take the dress out, putting it on quickly. The only downside being you couldn’t zip up the zipper in the back. by yourself.

With a sigh and not many options, you look back at Bucky who kept his eyes on your bed. “James.”

He turns his head almost immediately. “Yeah?”

“I need you to - can you.. zip up the dress?” you find it hard to ask him.

Bucky gulps, eyes trailing down to the zipper. He bit his lip, seeing your exposed skin and nods. “Uh, yeah, sure.”

His metal arm finds the zipper and tugs it up ever so slowly. You physically shiver at the metal to skin contact. When he was done he drops his hand from your back and you turn around.

“Thanks.” you mumbled. With a sigh you continue to focus on your hair and makeup. You let your hair naturally dry as you worked on your eyeliner and when you were done you took out your curling iron.

“You look gorgeous.” Bucky comments, watching you plug it in.

“That’s because I have makeup caked on my face. Without it I’d be ugly.” you say, flicking the switch to turn the iron on.

Bucky can feel his heart clench again. It was his fault you though of yourself this way. “No, you look gorgeous everyday.”

You scoff. “Sure James. You don’t need to lie.”

Bucky decided not to argue with you. He let his eyes fall down to the floor in shame. He hated himself at this very moment. You grabbed a piece of your hair, getting ready to curl it when Bucky spoke again.

“I’ll do it.” he says and you look at him through the mirror. “I’ll curl your hair for you.”

You continue to stare at him before slowly handing the iron over. One less thing for you to do. “Don’t burn me.” you say.

Bucky couldn’t help but smile.

A/N: I’m sorry this part was shitty and short, I just wanted to post like I said I would, this is just a lil filler.


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Unfaithful : Part Nineteen

Summary :
In the Pre-apocalypse , you went to your aunt Lucille’s house in Virginia to spend the summer there, but you fell in love with her husband Negan .

**drama - romance - angst- smut - betrayal**

Pairing : Negan x Female Reader OC.

Dedicated to @negansmainwife











@ali-pennell @myheart4ever47



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Warnings : language - angst - mention of abortion -


This fic is about betrayal or adultery, call it what you want, please if you feel triggered about such thing don’t read. If not , you can be wether team y/n or team Lucille. LOL

Previous chapters :

¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤

You felt the air was sucked out of the room, you thought you’re gonna have a heart attack as your chest heaved in a quick rythme , you stared closely at the pregnancy test stick, it was the fourth one on a row , Lucille brought you other sticks when you chose to be in denial, you couldn’t believe the stick or your eyes.
Lucille peeked from behind your shoulder and cocked her brows as she glimpsed down at the positive sign.

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no turning back now;

i hope you regret it ‘cause i sure don’t
my time has better things to waste upon
i miss you, yeah, yeah, i miss you
but i don’t regret ever leaving you

on the front porch where we first kissed
how your parents peeked through the curtains
flowers melted from the heat
but we didn’t care [i still don’t care]

the looks we got from the neighbors
or the car horns echoing down the street
i loved you, that’s all that mattered
but you threw it away when you went inside

to face the wrath of god himself
in the form of your parents
you didn’t stand up for either of us
yet i still loved you through the tears

i wiped away with bloody tissues i kept
in the back pocket of hand-me-down jeans
you zippered your lips, silence filled the air
shame pierced your eyes as it did my heart

we took our troubles to the bar downtown
neon signs paled in comparison
as you glowed in between the crowd
i thought i could love you still through it all

but you took someone else’s hand
and tested my patience
as your skin tasted like theirs
i tried to love you through your recklessness

slurred words licked my ear
i could never love someone as pure as you
you’re an angel and i’m the devil
we clash, we burn, we were never in love

i shattered my fist, my glass against the wall
i left you and the crowd behind
i thought i couldn’t live with myself
but it was you i could live without


This was honestly the BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!! So I won a contest to meet and have dinner with Melanie Scrofano and Emily Andras, and tbh it was a dream come true. They are literally the most down to earth, REAL, genuine, kindhearted people in the world, and you don’t get that when you’re in the industry, BUT THEY ARE ALL OF THAT AND MORE. Melanie is truly such a cool person, she is Wynonna Earp LOL she’s so funny.

We’re both indecisive has hell, so I told her that she could order for me, and she was like okay, but he pressure was on LOL it was so cute. And she was so nice about it, she was like “if you don’t like what I ordered you, we can trade and you can have mine!!” 😭😭😭 but I wanted HER to have what she wanted, so I told her if she liked what I had more, we could trade. So we basically ended up SHARING 😭😍 she cut me pieces of hers for me and everything, like YES I SHARED DINNER WITH MELANIE SCROFANO HOW AM I EVEN ALIVE?!?! And we were in conversation that led to Shirley Temples (my name is Shirley) and I was like “I love Shirley Temples” and Mel said “Of course you do ;) why don’t we get some?!” And she proceeded to call the waitress over and order us Shirley Temples, which she was very excited about LOL ISNT SHE THE CUTEST?!

The conversation flowed SO easily. Emily is hilarious LOL we talked about Wynonna Earp, and I mentioned how amazing WayHaught was after the shit we went through with Lexa dying, and Emily was genuinely upset over the tropes and thought it was ridiculous; I can assure you that we are in safe hands, my WayHaught friends.

We honestly talked about everything and it was amazing. There was talks about behind the scenes stuff on Wynonna Earp and now I have to rewatch the entire season with all the info I know now LOL (which I will gladly do). And things they told me that I don’t think I can reveal LOL but damn. We also talked about Wynonna in the red dress, and I died LOL she said it was impossible to get into, but I told her she looked good af 😳😂 and also, that Mel got to keep the red dress, and she has it in her closet at home right now!!!

It was just such an amazing experience, and it felt like just a group of friends hanging out getting dinner. We were there for like 3+ hours, and with Melanie sitting right in front of me the whole time I couldn’t help but stare LOL she’s more beautiful in person omg 😍 Emily was so sad that she won’t be attending San Diego Comic Con this year because she has a wedding to go to and Mel was being so cute trying to pursue Emily to choose SDCC over the wedding (and Emily wish she could)

It was such an amazing, once in a lifetime experience that I can’t even put everything into words or in this text post. They’re such good people, and UGH I can’t even explain it. And they’re both hilarious LOL like Melanie is SOOOO funny, we spent most of our night laughing and it was incredible.

They’re such a tight knit cast and they all genuinely love each other. They’re practically all best friends. We talked about Kat and Dom as well, and it’s just love all around. Also, Melanie refers to Dom as her sis, so kill me now. She also did a British accent and I died again LOL.

I am grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity, and I will remember it and cherish it for the rest of my life. ❤️

Ps. Melanie “took” a plate for me. 😂😂😂😂😂 hence Emily’s tweet saying “casual thievery” LOL


anonymous asked:

Additionally, I really like the designs of the dusk. They have visible ribs yet move like inflatable balloons, their fingers are bound together, and they have zippers for lips. The beartrap for teeth somehow manages to be both creepy and cartoonish. Also, while people like to imagine Dusks as animate fabric, I prefer to ask this. What if that's "normal" human skin?

> and they have zippers for lips. The beartrap for teeth somehow manages to be both creepy and cartoonish. 

You know, I never thought we were looking at lips and teeth. I thought we were looking at hood and head. Concept art:



My impression was that they have the same heads most Heartless do.

- Mod A.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Could I have weecest, but like teen sam and hasn't grown taller or anything. And they're at school and maybe trying to hide it from the pupils but someone finds out. Thanks x I love your blog!!

Thank you anon! Sorry this took such a long time, I’m a horrible person.

“Sam! Hurry your ass up before I leave you!” Dean yells into the motel room.

He sighs and walks over to the Impala, running his hands along her sleek, black hood.

“Second most beautiful thing in the world,” Dean smiles wide, green eyes sweeping over the nice car.

“Ready,” Sam comes jogging out to the car in the deserted motel parking lot.

And there’s the most important and beautiful thing in his life.

“You’re so lucky we didn’t have time for a quickie this morning,” Dean smirks as he pulls his little brother against him.

Sam blushes hard and smiles shyly, 14 and Sam is still small and lanky. It’s sexy and cute to Dean all at the same time.

“Maybe at lunch, Dean. We need to get to school!” Sam squeaks as his big brother kisses wetly at his neck and grabs his ass with both hands, almost lifting him onto his tippy toes.

Dean just groans and releases him, slapping him hard on his butt as Sam walks over to the passenger seat. Sam might bite his lip and blush, push at his brothers chest, but he loves the attention he gets.

Doesn’t even mind it when Dean lays his hand high up on his inner thigh as he drives them to school.


They’re in Bumfuck, Alabama and it doesn’t matter that they’re brothers with an incestuous relationship, its the whole gay part that would bother most of the red necks in this small town.

The girls ate Dean right up when they first got here two weeks ago. Dean only smiled nicely, no intent. He talked without flirting and didn’t upset Sam at all.

Today is no different as they get out the car and walk down the pathway to the school. Dean doesn’t carry his bag around anymore, he’s not looking to pass, just looking to be near Sam.

“God, Sam. I know you love getting deep dicked every other day, but girls, man. You have to try them at least once, baby,” Dean leans low to whisper to him as they step into the crowded school.

Sam just rolls his eyes and shrugs him off. Dean nods at a group of girls in short skirts and they lick their lips at him. The freshman girls trip over their own feet at the sight of Dean.

Sam sometimes wishes he could show everyone that Dean was his, show it off. Have Dean put his arm around his small waist like he’s Dean’s girl (he is in a sense if the panties he sometimes wears for his brother is any indication) and kiss Dean in public.

Dean walks him up the steps to the second floor, the older boys hand brushing the youngers arm.

Dean jokes with him and a couple of boys, nerdy boys, for a bit. It makes his friends feel better that the new and cool boy is talking to them, that their new friend’s big brother is popular and acknowledging them.

“You boys be good in class, keep Sammy in line too,” Dean winks, ruffling Sam’s hair as the bell rings.

“Of course, Dean,” a boy named Devin says.

He eyes Dean with too much gusto, his eyes shine too bright, and his blush too dark for Sam’s liking.

Dean doesn’t notice and just pats the boy hard on the shoulder and Devin smiles shyly from under pretty lashes as Dean swaggers away.

“Jeez, your brother is so cool, Sam,” Devin sighs as the other boys go inside the class.

Sam grunts and pushes past the boy and into class where people jumpn to make space for him at tables. He just sits in the back with rest of the nerdy kids.

And Devin.

Dean doesn’t like leaving Sam alone in class for that long. Makes his skin itch fiercely. He knows that people sometimes bully his younger brother and lover.

“Dean Winchester?” Mrs.Collins asks.

Dean snaps back to attention and gives her a charming smile. A girl next to him laughs softly and he looks over into warm brown eyes. They don’t pull him in and he doesn’t try to pull her in either, but it happens without him trying.

Amanda. The name could roll of his tongue easy and smooth, but he doesn’t let it. He just looks away.

He doesn’t look to get close to nay on here. They’ll be here another week, tops. Dad is only hunting a werewolf.

He just looks forward to the night time where he can envelop himself in miles and miles of Sam. Can hear his lovely laugh, his adorable giggle. Where he can feel smaller hands run along his back and plump lips whisper against his ear.

Where he makes love to his boy and revels in the sweet sounds he pulls from that even sweeter mouth. Where he can fuck Sam in a number of different positions and his lover doesn’t complain, just begs and takes it in stride.

God, he loves his baby boy.


At lunch time, Sam goes looking for Dean in the gym. He’s usually there waiting if he isn’t out in the field or in the lunchroom.

The large area is seemingly empty and that’s when Sam starts to panic a bit.

“Dean?” He calls out, slipping his knife from his jeans, taking careful steps.


The voice makes him jump a little, he turns and sees Dean poking his head out from the boys locker room.

“What are you doing?” Sam asks, jogging over.

“Picking locks and taking a few things,” Dean smirks, pulling Sam inside.

Sam just shakes his head as Dean lifts him up and walks with him to the lockers. He likes kissing at his brothers neck and sucking dark bruises there. Likes the feel of Deans skittering pulse and he gets to grind his growing erection against Deans stomach.

“Mh, always wanted to do you up against the locker, baby,” Dean sighs against his neck.

Sam giggles a little, “Then fuck me against the lockers.”

Dean shudders out a breath and kisses Sam with plush lips and a strong, wet tongue. Sam will never stop feeling so lucky.

Sam puts a foot firmly against the locker and tugs at his loose jeans, pulls them under his ass and Dean growls, nipping at his neck.

Sam lets him, sinking back down and rubbing his ass against Deans bulging cock.

They stay like that for awhile, Dean rubbing Sam’s ass raw with his jeans and zipper, their lips smacking loudly as they kiss.

Sam knows no boy in his grade knows how to do what he does. Dean has taught him well and Sam has learned a few tricks of his own.

“You know,” Sam starts as Dean fumbles with the button in his jeans, “I think that boy, Devin has a little crush on you.”

Dean grunts before answering, “Your little friend?”

Sam nods, smiling when Dean takes his cock out, long and thick. Dean hasn’t bothered to trim the hair down there and Sam doesn’t mind.

“Is that so?” Dean chuckles as he kisses up Sam’s neck, thumb rubbing his nipples through his shirt.

“Yeah, but I figured it was no harm as long as he doesn’t find out you’re fucking your little brother almost every day,” Sam pants as Dean nudges up against his already slick hole from when Dean ate him out and fingered him this morning.

He came deliciously hard on those skilled fingers.

Dean groans as he finally gets inside, cock jumping happily. He stops when he’s buried deep inside Sam, Sam sighs in complete content against Deans neck.

“Yeah, that would blow over well, ” Dean murmurs, hips thrusting slow and deep.

Sam closes his eyes and feels his body slide up and down the locker with each pump, his ass greedy and his dick leaking.

Dean gets needy after a couple minutes, breathing erratic as he covers Sam’s mouth. Dean is about to get a little rough and he doesn’t want Sam to be too loud.

“Oh! God, Dean!” Sam’s voice is muffled as Dean pounds up into him.

He squirms and writhes in ecstasy while Dean’s harsh breathing and slapping of hips echo out into the locker room. Sam shakes with the effort to keep quiet. Sometimes they make it into a game, see who can be the quietest.

Sam reaches between them to fist his dick, slow and tight thrusts. Dean smiles and removes his hand to kiss hungrily at Sam’s lips. Dean is going to come soon, Sam can tell by the way Dean can’t control his fast pace and the sloppiness of their kiss.

“Oh God, I’m about to come,” Dean says it like a blessing.

Sam rubs his thumb quick and fast over the head of his cock, his hole tightening with the over stimulation.

“Yeah, fucking love it when you do that,” Dean growls, pinching at his nipple hard.

Sam cries out, rubbing himself rough and fast even though its making his wrist ache.

Sam can hear the loud sounds his body is making against the lockers, the clanging, he thinks they should maybe–

“Are you two fucking serious?” A voice says.

He and Dean freeze, his dick twitching hard inside Sam and he can feel it, feel him. Dean is coming inside him, shaking apart, but his eyes are wide.

Sam turns to the side and see who interrupted them.

“Devin, what the hell are you doing here?” Sam hisses, stuffing himself back into the front of his jeans as Dean shudders silently through the aftershocks.

“I came looking for…” Devins eyes trail over to Dean who’s busy sliding out, his come dripping noisily out to the floor.

Devin watches with wide eyes and Sam doesn’t even bat an eye, just kisses Dean softly, knowing his older brother is still trying to put himself back together.

“You two are brothers for fucks sake,” Devin snaps.

“Like you really care, you just want to him to fuck you, too,” Sam snorts as Dean lets him down, pulling his jeans up and fixing himself.

Devin blushes hard at the comment, his red hair a sweaty mess.

“I’m telling everyone about this. This is fucking disgusting,” Devin shakes his head and turns to leave.

But Dean strides to him fast, taking the kid by the arm and slamming him against the door.

“You tell anyone and I will come for your whole family, you little fucking slut,” Dean hisses.

“What, you think I haven’t heard about you from the other senior boys. You give that ass out for free, boy. It wouldn’t be nice if your sweet sister–Amanda is it? It wouldn’t be nice if Amanda knew about you and your little escapades right?” Dean says a little too nicely.

Devin shakes his head no and Sam fixes his hair and his jacket before going to pick up his book bag.

“So, be a good little boy and keep your mouth shut for about another week,” Dean growls, shoving him out the locker room.

Devin runs all the way out the gym and doesn’t look back.

Dean just turns around with brilliant green eyes and a smirk.

“Now, back to what I was doing,” his brother says, dropping to his knees in front of Sam.

“Y-you don’t have to, Dean,” Sam whispers as Dean reaches inside his pants to grab at his still aching dick.

“But I want to, baby boy. Suck your sweet, little cock till you come all over my tongue,” Deans voice is rough and he strokes Sam.

His hands are big, so big and Sam already feels his orgasm right there in his damn balls.

Dean leans forward and puts plump lips around Sam’s whole length, he isn’t that big and Dean can fit the whole thing in his mouth.

“Oh, Dean. I’m about to come,” Sam whimpers, grasping at his brothers short hair.

Dean suckles harder, bobbing his head slightly. Sam doesn’t expect him to fit a hand in his jeans and slip a finger up into his used hole, pressing against his prostate.

“Dean, Dean. Yes!” Sam whines loudly as he starts spurting across Deans come.

His older brother sucks him hard while swallowing down his whole load, releasing his dick with a wet pop.

“Holy shit,” Sam breathes.

Dean just smiles up at him.

Turns out Devin tells everyone the last day they’re there.

Dean tells the rest of the school, Amanda, and happens to get a hold of Devins parents to tell them about his being a hoe.

Dean just laughs as they walk out the school, people staring, mortified.

Dean opens the passenger door for Sam, Sam reaches up and kisses Dean sweetly.

Dean is for him and him only.

Sorry for any mistakes!

Give Myself To You || Brooklyn Beckham

So, this imagine on request was a bit awkward to write because it’s basicslly my first smut imagine 😅 Though, I hope you still like it 😘

Song to listen while reading: American Oxygen - Rihanna (the song theme has probably nothing to do with this imagine. But I kostende to it while I wrote this)


“You know,” began Brooklyn softly. I lifted my head up from his chest so I could look at him. “I’m very lucky to have you as my girl.”

A little blissful smile creeped on my face when I heard the words coming out of his mouth. “Ahw, baby. I’m lucky to have you as my boyfriend,” I smiled, all softened up.

Brooklyn leaned forward, placing his hand on my cheek and kissing me gently. I shove a bit up and kissed him back loving.

“Hmm, I love you, baby,” Brooklyn whispered in between two kisses.

I smiled through the kiss. “I love you too, Brook.”

Brooklyn changed his position so he laid on his back on the couch and pulled me with him so I laid on top of him. He placed his hands on my lower back and played with the hem of my t-shirt while I let my hands play with the roots in his neck. His hands slipped under my shirt and singlet, something what gave my pleasant shivers. I let my lips stray off to his jawline and kissed my way to his sweet spot right under his ear. I sucked lightly on the sensitive skin and a soft moan left Brooklyn’s mouth. I placed my legs on each side of his silks so I sat on his lower stomach. I moved a little and began to move my hips against him so moans left his mouth. My lips let go of the now purple skin under his ear and I kissed my way to his collar bone to suck at his skin again, leaving a huge hickey. Meanwhile, Brooklyn’s hands moved to my bum. He let his fingers slide a bit under the rim of my jeans and pierced his nails softly into my skin when I sucked a little harder on his collarbone.

“Let’s go upstairs,” I mumbled when I let go of his skin. I felt his swollen cock through his pants. I let my fingers slide softly over the hickey on his collarbone and Brooklyn shivered.

He picked me up in bridal style and carried me upstairs. Once we were in my room, Brooklyn carefully laid me down on my bed and came hanging above me. He copied my thing from a few minutes ago and let his lips slide down to my collar bone to leave a hickey.

“Everybody now knows that you’re mine, babe,” he whispered against my skin. His lips slide a bit further to the rim of my t-shirt. He began sucking at the skin of the scale of my breasts until there was a purple spot. Soft moans left my mouth and the desire to Brooklyn’s touches began to grow even more. My hands slid down to the hem of his t-shirt and I slightly tugged at it, somewhat impatient.

Brooklyn immediately understood my hint and took off his shirt and threw it on the ground. He leaned toward me again and pressed his lips on mine, a little rougher than before. He rolled us over so I laid on top of him. I took my chance, grabbed the hem of my shirt and took the think off so I sat there in only my top still on. Now that I sat straight on Brooklyn’s lower stomach, he let his fingers slide to my side and slipped them under my top.

“You don’t have to do this, babe,” he mumbled softly and pushed himself a bit up with his elbows. I slowly went off his stomach so he could sit straight against the headboard of my bed.

“I know,” I mumbled back and looked at my hands.

“We can stop and cuddle for now,” smiled Brooklyn. He leaned toward me and kissed me softly.

I began thinking. We were together for two and a half years now and seventeen years old. I let him wait too often because I wasn’t ready and he always stood behind me and my choices and didn’t mind to wait, ever.

I shook my head. “No, it’s okay. I’ve let you wait for so long and I’m ready now,” I said resolutely.

Brooklyn’s eyes widened a bit. “Babe, are you sure? We can stop now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop if we go any further, you know that.” A worried look, mixed with a little excitement, appeared in his eyes.

“I know,” I smiled while I kissed his lips softly, “and I’m ready.” By those words, I took off my top and crawled a little closer to him. Brooklyn wrapped his arms around my waist while I took place at his lap and placed my cold hands on his chest.  He shivered slightly and I chuckled. “Sorry.”


“It’s okay, baby,” he smiled against my lips. He kissed me again and I let my hands go down to the border of his pants. I unbuttoned them and unzipped the zipper. I pressed my lips in his neck again and his hands cupped my bum. He slowly pushed me on my back against the mattress, kissed my lips and kissed his way down to the scale of my breasts, toward my belly and the border of my skinny jeans. Brooklyn softly let his tongue slide over my lower stomach and a moan left my mouth while I began to move my hips. He gently unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and softly pulled them down so I now laid in only my bra and women boxers. He pressed soft kisses on my thighs and kissed his way back up. His tongue slid in my mouth and began pulling at his jeans until he finally took them off himself. I swallowed when I saw the huge bulge in his boxers.

“Hey, you okay?” Brooklyn looked at me worriedly. “We still can stop, right. Just say it if you’re not ready yet.”

“No, it’s okay,” I said resolutely, “we don’t have to stop. It’s just…” I closed my eyes for a moment and felt all the nerves flood through my veins. “I’m gonna lose my virginity on you, Brooklyn.”

“Hey, you don’t have to, okay.” Brooklyn placed his hand on my cheek and softly rubbed my cheek with his thumb.

“No, that’s not the real problem. I want you to be my first,” I smiled nervously.

“Then what’s the problem, you can tell me, baby. You know that.”

“I’m scared. What if it’s gonna hurt like crazy, or what if I’m doing something wrong and hurt you?” I didn’t even dare to look at him.

“You’re not gonna hurt me, babe. And you just have to stay calm, then it won’t hurt.” Brooklyn smiled a reassuring smile at me.

“I trust you,” I smiled back.

“And you know,” he began, “you’re my first one too.” I smiled again and softly pulled him on his neck toward me so I could kiss him. His hands slid to my back and clicked my bra open with some effort. He carefully let the straps slide off my shoulders and threw the thing next to the bed. He also pulled off my boxers. Every time Brooklyn looked at me, asking for permission. While he softly kissed me he let his hand slip between us.

“You okay with this?” he mumbled softly against my lips, even though he clearly knew the answer. I nodded smiling and he carefully rubbed his thumb over my clit. Soft moans let my mouth and I felt myself getting wetter with every second.

“Brooklyn,” I moaned. The moans began to be louder and louder, just like Brooklyn’s movements. He slowly let one finger slip in while he still kissed me. I moved my hips upwards toward his hand, begging him for more. Brooklyn let his lips go down to my breasts, closed his lips around my nipple and sucked lightly. His free hand cupped my other breast and began to softly massage it. His movements began to be rougher and the tense in my body began to mount. Loud moans left my mouth. I felt my body clench and short after that I released my juices on Brooklyn’s fingers while my orgasm raged through my body.

“You’re amazing,” I whispered and pressed a kiss on Brooklyn’s lips. A little smile appeared on his face and looked somewhat hopeful at me. “Ehm, Brook…”

“What’s wrong, babe?” Brooklyn immediatly fell back in his worried mode, what made me smile slightly.

“Nothing, it’s nothing,” I said, smiling. And before he could say anything, I wrapped my hands around his hardened cock and began to move them up and down. A moan left his mouth and he clearly didn’t see this one coming. I softly rubbed my thumb over the red tip until he declared that he was almost coming. I quickly let go of him and Brooklyn looked at me, disappointed.

“But I’ve let you come,” he mumbled while he grabbed a condom from my nightstand.

“I know, but guys can barely come a second time, though.” I winked at him and took the condom out of his hands. “Here, let me do it,” I smirked and carefully wrapped the condom around his dick. After, I pulled him on top of me and smiled again.

“Are you sure you still want this?” Brooklyn asked with a slight sparkle in his eyes.

I nodded. “I’m even more than sure. I want you to be my first, Brooklyn. I’m pretty serious about this. I love you and I want you to know that.”

“I love you too, baby. And I always will be loving you,” he whispered and carefully pushed himself in me.

A strong twinge went through me while Brooklyn kept pushing softly, not noticing anything. A painful moan left my mouth and tears burned in my eyes. Brooklyn immediately stopped moving.

“Babe, let’s stop. We’ll do it another time, I can wait,” he spoke, “I don’t want to hurt you. I cannot do this if it’ll hurt you.”

“Babe, it’ll hurt anyways. Just do it, it’ll get better. Just keep moving so I can get used to it,” I mumbled. It still burned down there because of the fact Brooklyn was still in me.


Brooklyn began to move again and I felt how the pain declined. Brooklyn seemed to notice too, he began to speed up the pace while hoarse moans left his mouth.

“God, babe. You feel so good around me,” he groaned in my ear. A layer of sweat got on his forehead and I softly let my fingers slide over his forehead, toward his lips. Softly he kissed my fingertips and brought his hand between us again. He softly began to rub my clit, something which only caused me to be wetter.

“I’m close,” I moaned softly in his ear.

“Me too, babe. Just hold on for a few seconds.” Brooklyn began to trust even faster and sloppier. “Okay, ready?” he groaned. I nodded. My whole body began to tense up and for the second time tonight, my orgasm raged through my body. Brooklyn trusted a bit faster and let himself release in the condom whereupon he slid out of me.

“You still okay?” he asked me, smiling while he rolled off me and threw the condom in the trash can. He crawled back in bed and pulled me close to him.

I nodded. “Yes. You’re amazing, baby.”

“I love you.”