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etsyfindoftheday 3 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 5.5.17

metallic leather carry cases by anniebukhman

longtime EFOTD fave anniebukhman (fka giftshopbrooklyn) has my heart … and my leather goods wallet share ;) i absolutely love her clean aesthetic and high-quality craftswomanship, and i think i need to get my paws on more of these shining, supple ladies for my aviators and lip gloss and such.


Closer - The Chainsmokers

You and Dean haven’t seen each other in four years. Things escalate rather quickly in that hotel bar.

  • Dean Winchester x Reader
  • 1322 Words
  • No real warnings, just cursing (though I’m thinking I’ll do a smutty version soon)

Dean downed that fifth glass of whiskey like it was nothing and pushed the empty bottle further away from him. He knew damn well that he didn’t need any more, he was already losing it, growing a little wobbly as he sat on the stool. Yet somehow, Dean always kept his cool as he sat there, staring at any woman that came through those doors.

“More?” The bartender walks over, her long hair pulled back out of her face. Dean is watching her, but he’s aware that she’d never say yes. She wasn’t his type, and he wasn’t hers. She was too cutesy with her little bun on top of her head, her baby pink lips to match her baby pink top. He didn’t think she would be satisfying enough.

He placed two fingers on his empty glass and gave her a slight nod with a wink.

“Uh, excuse me? Stop flirting with your damn customers and give me my whiskey I ordered two minutes ago.” A familiar voice drifted around Dean like a song, like his favorite song in the middle of the night, during a long ass drive around the country, his partner at his side.

He looked over as the bartender quickly scurried off and filled the woman’s drink up, sliding it over with an apologetic smile appearing on her lips, though Dean knew she didn’t mean it. She didn’t seem to care for the girls in here, only the men.

Dean’s heart leaped out of his chest and he blinked several times just to make sure this wasn’t the whiskey messing with him—it wasn’t. It was really you, the one who got away. The one that stole his heart every time he saw you, that made his life complete. The day you left, that was the day part of Dean Winchester died. He was never the same again, not really.

Without much though behind his actions, Dean rose to his feet, steadying himself with the bar before he took off, weaving through the people before he finally caught sight of you again. You in that pretty, tight dress, it reminded him of the night you left. The night you two had a huge disagreement.

“Y/N…” Dean breathed.

You turn around, knowing exactly who that voice belonged to, though  not believing it at first. What were the chances that you would run into him in a hotel bar? A hotel that you couldn’t picture a Winchester in—let alone Dean Winchester.

He looks just as good, if not better, than that last day you say him. His scruff was a little bit scruffier and his hair was longer, like he forgot to cut it last month. Dean always insisted on cutting his own hair, shaving most of it off so he never had to worry about it. Sometimes you would help—sometimes.

“Dean?” Was all you managed to spill as Dean looked you over, almost inspecting you, making sure you were still….you. “What…”

“Case.” Dean replied before you could get the words out. “There’s a case and I followed it here.”

“What’s it been, Dean?” You shook your head, letting your hair flow behind you. “Four years…?” It was shocking to the both of you. The years flew by super quick and here you were, back in each other’s lives. Back then, you were both so young, so naive.

Dean pursed his lips and tilted his head back and forth, getting a little lost in the memory. “Exactly four years, Y/N.”

“Wow. You haven’t aged.” You teased and took a sip of that whiskey you had been craving all day. Life without the Winchester’s was hard and you slowly started to appreciate those years with Sam and Dean, cruising in the Impala, singing along to Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Chuckling, Dean lazily shrugged his shoulder and scanned your body once more with those gorgeous green eyes. You cursed yourself silently for leaving him. As a matter of fact, you could hardly remember the reason. “I’m too awesome to age.”

Your smile grew. He was still Dean. There was something off, that was for sure, but it wasn’t anything you couldn’t fix right up. All he needed was a little attention. “You are one of a kind, Dean.”

“As are you.” He extended his hand for yours, though you hesitate to take it, he noticed and let his hand fall back at his side, limp and embarrassed. “Sorry…”

“No, I’m sorry. Risky business taking a guy’s hand, especially when he looks like… well.” You give Dean a cheeky smile before turning and taking a long drink of your whiskey.

A whistle escapes Dean’s lips. “Is that a tattoo?” He asked.

Your face flushed crimson and you tried to hide the little tattoo peeking out of your shirt. “I was high off adrenaline….”

“I wanna see.” He argued. “C’mon. All tattoos are sexy as hell. Lemme see.”

With a sigh, you turn your shoulder and let him see the design you had marked on you forever as a reminder of bad choices in your life. Although you found you actually enjoyed having it on your skin.

A light touch, that’s all Dean allowed himself. He drew the outline as gently as he could with the tip of his finger, feeling your soft skin against his. It was pure bliss.

“Why don’t we get out of here?” You encouraged and left a little bit of cash on the counter for the drink, hoping that was enough for a tip. You grabbed his hand and pulled him to the door with you, looking forward to seeing that old baby girl of Dean’s.

“Where’s yours?” Dean asked suddenly as he wrapped his long, muscle-clad arm around you.

You blushed, unable to tell the man you didn’t have a car of your own. It was a loan from a friend and you promised to give it back just the way it was taken. You just had to pay off your apartment and hint an actual job first. “Doesn’t matter. Yours is better.”

Baby sat in the middle of the parking lot, shinning brighter than any of the new Mustangs and Jaguars. The Impala was kept clean, always had been, always will be. Dean cherished that car more than anything else in the world and if anything happened to her, he fixed her right up. You always loved his relationship with his car, you felt slightly jealous.

It was a silent agreement between you and Dean. Before anything else was said, he had opened the back seat door for you and helped you lay down inside. He skilfully slipped inside, shutting the door behind him. Neither of you seemed to care that you were in the middle of a motel parking lot. It was close to three in the morning and it was almost doubtful that anyone would come out to their cars this early.

His hands felt amazing as they travelled down your arm, becoming familiar with your feel again after so many years. It was clear you missed each other.

Dean crashed his lips into yours and touched the back of your shoulder once again, rubbing exactly where it was placed with his thumb and pressing his body against yours, sending you into another time with a bed and a motel room.

“Is this….” Dean breathed when he pulled back and looked at you, a little worry flashing across his face as he slowly slid his tongue across his lips, leaving them nice and wet and plump.

“It is.” You answered and pulled his shirt off with a talent, all in one pull. Dean loved that about you, loved that you were able to swiftly undress him as he struggled against your dress zipper—in most cases it was the bra. He fumbled with the hooks for the longest, ever one looking completely different than the last. “Keep me close, Dean.” You purred.


Disclaimer: English is my second language, but I started learning it at age 5-6. My school is bilingual and I’ve taken math classes and science classes since age 6 in English. Later in life I took art, history, music and computer science in English. I read in English as much as I do in my native language (Spanish) and I was well prepared for this exams. This are tips to do better on it, but by no means my grades are based on only practicing these. 

  1. READ. It gives you vocabulary, sentence structure and grammar. Read on different topics to see the difference in languages, formal and informal.
  2. LISTEN TO DIFFERENT PEOPLE SPEAKING. It will help you pick up idioms and accents. That way, the listening section will be easy even if the speaker has a weird accent. 
  3. TRY SPEAKING WITH SOMEONE WHO’S A NATIVE SPEAKER. It helps, but if you can’t, watch videos and shows in English.
  4. MAKE VOICE NOTES. This helped me TONS for the speaking section. First, you get used to speaking to a machine (which is kinda weird for me) and second, you can listen to yourself. LISTEN TO YOURSELF. See which mistakes you make and correct yourself. If you realize your mistakes yourself, you will be more conscious to correct them.
  5. TRY THINKING IN ENGLISH. Sometimes I think in other languages and it’s really weird, but it helps you structure your thought in that specific language.


  1. Sleep early the night before.
  2. Make sure you wear something comfortable (I wore jeggings and a hoodie with a zipper in case the room was too hot)
  3. Take a pen and a pencil.
  4. Eat a breakfast that will be enough for 4 hours but not too much to make you full and sleepy.
  5. Take some tissues (because the place was really cold and I got a runny nose)
  6. Take a water bottle (some centers let you have it in your station, some others don’t, but if I’m not focused, I drink water to clear my mind, so it helped)
  7. You have a timer, don’t get stressed. You can turn it off if you want (I wouldn’t advice it but some people get too stressed by it)
  8. Make sure you answer every question.
  9. When listening, take notes. It helps you remember what to say when you’re speaking and it reminds of the lectures when you’re answering questions. 
  10. In question in which you have to chose 3 answers out of a 6 answer pack, start by crossing out the ones you are sure are not the right answer. Then make sure all the parts of the answer are true, not just half of it. 
  11. If you are given a break, use it to walk around and clear your mind. Make sure you go back at the right time, but staying in the classroom only makes it more stressful.



HOBEST wireless headphones are perfect for when I’m working out. These bluetooth headphones work great with my Android phone. I can easily place the curved headphones around my neck and place the adjustable earpieces exactly where needed. There’s a button on the side to retract the earbuds. There are 3 easily accessible buttons on one side and an on/off button on the other with an LED indicator light. The headphones provide a clear crisp sound, even in the gym! I love that they are foldable and can be stored easily in the hard zipper case. I absolutely love these headphones!


What’s in my pencilcase?
School still hasn’t started for me yet, and I’m kind of half dreading/half excited for it… the only definite good thing is that I can buy school supplies! After lugging around a really big, really full pencil case last year that made things difficult to find, I decided this year I’d just carry stuff that I would actually use. I also tried to pick things that weren’t super expensive. 

Lihit Lab Teffa Pen Case
I really like this case so far. It’s not a really large case, but I still managed to fit everything I needed in it. It seems pretty durable and it’s very lightweight. The price is really good as well. At first the mesh pockets seemed a little tight but now they’ve loosened up. Last year I had a problem with the zippers on my other case falling off, this one has two zippers and they both look pretty strong. 

InkJoy Ballpoints
I love these pens. So much. I’m not a big fan of gel ink ballpoints, but these are really smooth and write beautifully. I only have four in this picture but they come in a variety of nice bright colors. Seriously, the smoothest ballpoints you’ll find around. Don’t let them near your significant other. 

BIC Mechanical Pencils
Where would I be without these? Pencil sharpeners are my mortal enemy, so. Bought these in a bulk pack at Costco, so no link. I carry multiple as people always want to borrow them and they’re not easily refilled. Getting more of these is always better. Trust me.

Zebra Mildliner Highlighters
Yeah, they’re the new studyblr fad, but these highlighters live up to the hype! I have the pastel pack now. They don’t smudge the pen ink I write with after it’s dry, and the dual tips are really nice. Definitely recommend. 

Uni-Ball Deluxe Micro Ballpoints
I got a three-pack of these, I’m keeping two in my pencil case and the other with my journal. The tip is very thin, ink flow is smooth, and the ink itself is a really dark black, and very liquid. The only problem I have with these is that they need a soft writing surface (they write well on moleskine paper) in order to not skip. Sometimes I just stack several sheets to fix the problem. 

Fiskars Softgrip 5in Scissors 
These are probably the best small scissors ever. They’re tiny, wicked sharp, and can cut through anything– even fabric– amazingly. Seriously, get a pair even if you don’t keep them in your pencil case. I love these. 

Swingline Tot Stapler
This stapler was pretty cheap and I’ve never had any problems with it. It can’t staple a ton of sheets together, but it’s strong for it’s size. Comes with lots of extra staples as well. 

Post-it Page Markers (Writeable)
I use these for bookmarking and journaling. I’m only carrying five with me, but the linked pack has 10 different colors. 

Not listed
A black Sharpie, an 03 (0.35mm) Sakura Micron waterproof inking pen, some refill nibs for my drawing tablet pen, hairbands, Burt’s Bees peppermint lip balm (It’s a lifesaver. Ask any of my friends. It is always with me.) the refill staples that came with my stapler, a pair of tweezers from CVS, a roll of plain clear scotch tape, and a DnD d20 (there’s a story behind this, but that’s for some other day), one pad of purple post-its (I carry the other colors in my backpack but I usually only use one at a time). 

So, I hope this post was helpful! I might get some more supplies to add in here before school starts including an eraser and an xacto knife. If you have questions about what I have, send me an ask! 

(1D Pref) Sugar Daddy

sugar daddy (as defined by wikipedia)– a rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors.


 harry: he was nipping at your neck as you looked at the shiny diamonds. you giggled. he stood behind you, wrapped his arms around your waist, and kissed your neck. you fingered the diamond necklace in front of you on the display. “haz, what do you think of this? is it too big, too gaudy?” you asked, turning around in his grip to show him the necklace. he removed his lips from your skin to peer at it. “i don’t think so. i think that that necklace will look lovely on you. especially with that cream sweater over there,” he said, gesturing to a cute sweater on display in the corner of the store. “mm, maybe you’ll have to get me both, babe,” you giggled. “your wish is my command, baby,” he mumbled. you kissed him sweetly, and then shot him a wink. “i think that you should go pay for this necklace and that sweater. then, i’ll try on the necklace when we get home. i’ll wear it all night…and only that necklace.” he raced off to pay, leaving you laughing.

louis: there was quite an age difference between the two of you. he was 23, and you were a mere 18. he spoiled you rotten, not that you had much of an issue with it. you loved him, you really did, and you knew he loved you. the nature of your relationship didn’t make much of a difference. he took you out every weekend to go shopping, and he surprised you with presents throughout the week. the two of you were browsing selfridges shopping center in london. you were admiring a beautiful, yet expensive, dress when you heard the women scoffing. louis heard them, too, and immediately took your hand. “would you like that dress, darling?” he asked, picking up the dress in your size. you nodded and checked the price. “thank you, lou,” you smiled, kissing his neck. “sugar daddy,” one woman declared. louis spun around, dress in hand, and marched past them (you in tow) to pay. as he passed them, he said, “let me buy you this dress, babe, so i can show you how much i love you. since i am your boyfriend,” he spat, “and your sugar daddy.”

liam: his hand was running up and down your back. he’d just returned from a business trip in america, and he came back with one more suitcase than before. you sat in his lap, and opened the zipper on the case. inside was designer clothing, jewelry, and an iphone 6 rested on the top. “liam, you didn’t!” you exclaimed, running your fingers along a cashmere scarf. “i did. it’s for you, sweetie. you know i like to buy you things, especially since you like to return the favor,” he grinned. his hand disappeared below the covers for a moment, making you moan in anticipation. you pushed him back on the bed and wrapped the scarf around your neck. “this fabric is so soft against my skin, babe. wanna feel?” you ran the fringe on the end along his toned stomach. 

zayn: he was always buying you expensive things. it bothered you a little. even though you knew he had money, and lots of it, it made you uncomfortable when he did buy you tons of fancy things. you came from a simple home life, so being loaded down with designer bags and clothing was a bit strange. you didn’t like having a sugar daddy all that much. one day, when zayn bought you a new car, you stopped him. “zayn, look. i love you and everything, but this is getting to be a bit much. i don’t know how much i like being given expensive things like this. you know?” you asked, instantly feeling guilty. he kissed your temple, and began to lift your shirt off. “i do this because i love you. nothing is too expensive for me, and nothing is good enough for you. you deserve to get all of this, boo.” off went your shirt, followed by your pants. “you deserve so much more than any material thing i can get you. so what, i spoil you? you’re my girl and i want to get you anything and everything you want.” next was your bra. “you’re sweet for telling me this, but please don’t feel selfish. i want to do all of this for you because you deserve it. your body is all the thanks i need.”

niall: his blonde head nodded appreciatively at the black silk gown. you were accompanying niall to an award show, and he was paying for your dress and accessories. he was also paying to put you through college, so there was that. the next dress you selected was a royal blue gown with a plunging neckline from louis vuitton. with the help of deep plunging bra, your boobs looked great in it. you fell in love, so the stylist teased your hair slightly to give you an idea of what you could look like. she put in some diamond earrings and a diamond tennis bracelet. you gasped as they slipped on the silver heels. you stepped out to face niall, who gasped. “princess, you’re electrifying,” he complimented. “are you sure your boyfriend, what’s that fucker’s name again? anyway, are you sure your boyfriend is okay with you coming with me to the award show?” “yeah, he’ll be okay. after all, you’re funding me for school, this gown, beautiful designer gifts, and a plane ticket to see him. now, i want all of this on me so we can go.” “sex in the dressing room first?”

a/n: yes i realize this is bad

That Damn Smile 2

A continuation of this
Read it all together on FF here or AO3 here!

As usual, thanks to @yeoldehetalian for being my muse (re: begging me to write “the elevator scene”) and taking the time to read, re-read, and point out all my silly continuity errors! 

The plane ride had been bad enough.

He wasn’t particularly a fan of flying (or closed-in spaces in general), but flying and having your seat-mate be your co-worker and the object of a very significant secret affection was enough to drive Sindre to drink. In fact, he did. He reached across Matthias and passed his credit card to the stewardess and requested, “wine please, white,” the moment the plane was at cruising altitude.

“Gosh, Nor,” Matthias huffed a short laugh, “it’s not even 10 am!”

“I don’t like flying,” Sindre said simply, slumping into his seat and looking out the window. He also didn’t like sitting with Matthias’ elbows and knees dangerously close to brushing up against his own. He was also wearing that cologne that Sindre liked so much… Dammit. His wine arrived and he ignored Matthias as he ordered a second one.

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Phosgenevapors' Homestuck Sprite Tail Cosplay Tutorial!

Hey there! When I first debuted my Fefetasprite cosplay almost a year ago, I received a few asks (in person and on tumblr!) requesting a tutorial. I really wanted to provide one, but I didn’t keep that good of track of the steps I took. I told myself I’d make it when I redid the tail, one thing lead to another and I didn’t get around to it until now because I want to wear her to MAGFest.

I’m really sorry to everyone who requested this so long ago, and this probably doesn’t help any of you now, but I’m making it for anyone else who wants to do a sprite down the road.

See the readmore for full tutorial!

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Growing up in New York City, I learned that the key to thriving here is to get away often. My style is shorter, frequent trips beyond city bounds to the many surrounding areas that offer the sweet respite that only Mother Nature can. Of course, I love the tactical aspect of out-of-doors living. Seen here are some of my favorite camping essentials (though I seem to have misplaced my quick-drying MSR Original Packtowl…!), including the hatchet I picked up in a small wooded town in Northern Sweden.


Alexander Wang has partnered with Beats by Dre to create a custom line of products. The strictly limited, pale gold with matte black pieces include Wang’s signature embossed glossy stingray case with zipper and clip.

Included in the collection are the famous Beats headphones ($449). These are the latest – the Beats Studio. There’s also the Beats Pill wireless speakers ($299). The Pill is lightweight, portable, and wireless enabled. Finally, there’s the urbeats ear buds ($149) #FilthyLIFE

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Brass and leather came with me on a Sunday afternoon hike. Not shown is my iphone.