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These are 15+ icons of the female counterparts, both regular and solid colour backgrounds. Icons can be found here. Serena’s icons are still being worked on so the icons page will be updated again in a few days! Once again, thank you all for sending in your suggestions!


anonymous asked:

sorry if its too much to ask but, could you make a zip file of everything in your mods folder?

That would go against many creators Terms of use. I will answer my wcif’s soon :)

anonymous asked:

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Hiya! Don’t worry, I’m fine with people asking me for those kind of things c:

Also to all that are reading this and aren’t this anon, this file contains big Ch1 spoil/ers. In case this anon has V3 spoil/ers blacklisted I’m not tagging this as spoilers as you all can’t look at the files anyway unless you purposefully download.

I uploaded it for you here as a downloadable zip file:

Microsoft's new tool helps you easily migrate your stuff from Mac to Surface
Microsoft appears to have quietly released a new piece of migration software that makes it easier to switch from Mac to Surface devices. The Mac to Surface Assistant, as it’s aptly called, is pretty straightforward: you download it from here, and the software walks you through transferring documents, photos, and media files into a zip file on your desktop that you can then transfer to another device. The company didn’t formally announce it, but Microsoft watchers and Windows sites have nonetheless discovered it. Read more

Elle (2016)
Directed by Paul Verhoeven
Zip File with 295 Screen Caps HERE

Isabelle Huppert as Michèle Leblanc
Christian Berkel as Robert
Anne Consigny as Anna
Laurent Lafitte as Patrick
Virginie Efira as Rebecca
Charles Berling as Richard Casamayou
Alice Isaaz as Josie
Judith Magre as Irène Leblanc
Vimala Pons as Hélène

Jonas Bloquet as Vincent
Lucas Prisor as Kurt
Arthur Mazet as Kevin
Raphaël Lenglet as Ralf
Olivia Gotanègre as the Nurse
Raphael Kahn as Lab Doctor
Loïc Legendre as the Gunsmith
Fleur Geffrier as the Waitress
Stéphane Bak as Omar
Jina Djemba as Maternity Nurse
Anne Loiret as ER Doctor
Hugues Martel as Deputy Director
Caroline Breton as Ralf’s Friend
Nicolas Ullmann as the Bartender
Zohar Wexler as Police Detective

Hello there, I don’t know how to computer.

Tried to play Btd2 (Oh my god it’s out, I’m freaking out too.) But it won’t play. I tried clicking the exe. file in the zip file, out of the zip file, but it will either show an error message or a list of programs to open it in, but none of them will work with it. (it shows Microsoft word and some browsers, so I’m pretty sure that’s not supposed to happen.)


Oblivion (2013)
Directed by Joseph Kosinski
Zip File with 277 Screen Caps HERE

Tom Cruise as Jack Harper
Morgan Freeman as Malcolm Beech
Olga Kurylenko as Julia Rusakova Harper
Andrea Riseborough as Victoria Olsen
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Sergeant Sykes
Melissa Leo as Sally
Zoë Bell as Kara
Isabelle & Abigail Lowe as Julia’s Child

Why you should avoid downloading Captive Prince for free!
Do you know where I can find the books for free?

I know I’m probably not the only person getting this question, and it makes me a little sad every time it happens. Why? Generally, I’m not at all against sharing things for free. Big companies like HBO for example, is so massive and make so much money that pirated episodes of Game of Thrones don’t make much of a difference.

But the Captive Prince reader base is (yet) relatively small. These books don’t sell in the millions. And as a result, every time someone downloads Captive Prince for free, it actually makes a dent. A small dent, sure. But a much, much larger dent than if someone was to pirate an episode of GoT. And if just 200 people pirate Captive Prince, that’s actually a very visible number of lost sales.

If you buy these books, either paperback or ebooks (and they’re honestly quite cheap), you will be doing lots of great things for the series and for the author! She’ll get profit, the purchase numbers for the books will go up, they will rise on the book lists. Just look how swiftly Kings Rising (book 3) made it to the New York Times Best Seller List!

And what does all this mean? More purchases means more success for the series which in turn means more content. Audio books! Maybe even a TV series? That can only happen if people buy the books instead of downloading them illegally!

So please, if you can afford it, help support this absolutely wonderful author who deserves every single legitimate book sale!! There’s nothing wrong with sharing your copy with your friends, but please don’t expect me to hand these incredible books out for free ♥