Should I sell my Zipp wheels?

When I bought my Felt in early 2015, the seller included a pair of Zipp 404s with it. The extra wheels being included in the total price I bought the bike for was a big selling point for me. I had researched how much Zipps cost and these wheels were basically free.

Now, a friend of a family member learned that I have a pair of Zipps just sitting around and is interested in buying them. I’ve been flip-flopping over the past few days on whether or not I should sell them.

Why I feel I should sell them:
-I hate to admit it, but I’ve actually never used them.  
-Since they were included with the bike, I wouldn’t be losing any money.
-The extra money would be nice, particularly now with school and wedding expenses in the mix.

Why I feel I shouldn’t sell them:
-If I wanted to ever have Zipps again, buying a new pair would be more than what I paid for the bike + wheels.

I know what the logical answer is, but I think I just need to hear it from other people.