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67: “My clothes look really good on you.” Neil/Andrew? Pretty please? 🙏🏻

It’s sickly hot on the day they’re supposed to play their first match of the season, a late summer heat that peels the cold morning away and sweats people out of their layers.

Neil’s mostly used to discomfort, so he puts his head down and gets on the bus. The rest of the foxes complain dramatically and threaten to strip until Wymack blasts the air conditioning and cuffs a few heads.

Everyone zips their sweaters off and ties their hair up, starting the laborious process of nest-making for the duration of the 9 hour drive to Cleveland. Every time Neil looks Andrew is aloof and pristine, like the sun isn’t any better at getting under his armour than anyone else. 

If you’re looking properly, you can see sweat turning the ends of his hair up and darkening his temples. It’s a strange indignity that Andrew wears like a calculated choice.

Nicky presses his icy water bottle into the base of Neil’s neck, and he gasps, clutching for the source.

“He lives!” Nicky says. “I’ve been calling you for five minutes.”

“We’ve been on the bus for thirty seconds,” Neil snaps.

“Thirty seconds too long,” Nicky laughs, leaning over the back of his seat so his arms dangle over Neil’s lap. “You wanna come talk strategy with Kev?”

Neil meets Nicky’s bright eyes, overly conscious of Andrew at his back, mussed by the temperature. He feels buttery nostalgia for the three hours they spent talking on the way to Baltimore, teeth pulling his lip in the empty bus, opening doors and considering it a win when Andrew didn’t close them.

“We’ve been pouring over stats for two weeks,” Neil tells Nicky, purposefully looking out the window to avoid his gaze. “We’re walking in ready.”

“Ahh, you’d think that. But apparently we have ‘blind spots’ that need seeing to. So says her majesty.” Nicky smirks, nodding at Kevin over his shoulder.

“Is he vice captain?”

“No,” Nicky says, mouth already curling in satisfaction.

“Then tell him to fuck off.”

“With pleasure, Neil Josten,” Nicky says, overly dramatic, winking back at him as he wanders to Kevin’s seat.

“Are you finally sick of it?” Andrew asks, and Neil lets himself enjoy the thrum of satisfaction he gets whenever Andrew initiates things. He turns all the way around in his seat.

“Of exy? No. Of kevin, yes.”

Andrew’s cool eyes trip over the foxes and windows and coughing AC units, landing on Neil and settling. Neil feels a yank in his gut like someone caught him by the waist while he was running full speed.

“Give me your bag.”

The feeling ebbs in a distracted sort of way, and Neil frowns. “Why?”

Andrew looks away, eyelashes light and fine on his cheekbones when he blinks. Neil knows from experience that another five minutes of heat would have curled Andrew’s hair and flushed his cheeks and neck.

He wants to see that. Like if he could take Andrew off the bus and kiss him in the thick heat, it would fix the feeling in his stomach.

“I want something,” Andrew says simply.

Neil rolls his eyes, but stands anyway. “That’s new.” He sways with the bus as he wrestles his duffel bag from the overhead compartment, dropping it on the seat next to Andrew.

Andrew unzips the top halfway and peels back Neil’s meticulously packed layers. The bus nearly topples him, so he settles back in and watches Andrew work, charmed.

He seems to find what he’s looking for, and Neil sees a flash of black fabric and the blur of Andrew rising out of his seat and into the aisle.

“Where are you going?”

Andrew slides him an unimpressed look and walks to the bathroom installed in the back of the bus. Neil watches him go, wondering wildly if he’s supposed to follow him.

He glances back along the groove of the aisle and finds Kevin ignoring Aaron and Nicky to glare at him. Beyond him, Matt’s grinning at Dan as she talks one of the newcomers through a play, and Allison’s curled up with a sleep mask and Renee’s shoulder.

He sits back against the sun-hot window and lets the jerky motion of the road keep him alert. He looks back towards the closed bathroom door and forward again, curiosity shivering over him.

Andrew emerges a second later, and Neil’s mouth goes cottony dry.

He’s put on Neil’s shirt. It’s the one that goes high enough to cover the scars framing Neil’s collarbones when he’s wearing it, but it leaves his arms open. It was part of this layered ensemble that Andrew bought him over the summer, but he almost only wears it to sleep because it shows the thatched burns on his ribcage. It’s breezy and comfortable and it’s not the first time Andrew’s stolen it.

But he doesn’t usually wear it where people can see, with his sweaty hair pushed halfway back and his arms pink from the sun he caught on the roof yesterday.

He sweeps back into his seat and pulls one knee up to his chest, and Neil watches the orchestration of his muscles matching up and tensing.

Andrew’s finger enters his field of view, too close to focus on. “Get that look off your face.”

“Get my shirt off, then,” Neil says before he can clap a filter on it. Andrew splays his arm all over his lounging knee, and Neil can see a pale triangle of skin under his arm, which shouldn’t mean anything to him. It shouldn’t.

“I didn’t pack for 100 degrees,” Andrew says, voice mild.

“Good,” Neil blurts.“My clothes look really good on you.” He swallows, and Andrew blinks at him, a bored predator.

“That’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard, Neil!” Nicky hollers from four seats up. Neil’s mouth pinches with annoyance. “I’ve fucked guys, and that’s the gayest thing I’ve ever heard.”

“No one wants to hear that,” Aaron says, putting in earbuds and shoving over to the far end of his seat.

“I thought it was relevant context,” Nicky argues, and Kevin smacks him in the back of the head.

The front of the bus devolves into chaotic conversation, and Neil looks back at Andrew.

“I was serious.”

“I know you were.” This would be where he took a drag from his cigarette, if this was their rooftop. This would be where he kisses him. Neil watches him with that secret in his mouth, and when Andrew looks back, he can tell he’s thinking the same thing.

“It will not be a regular occurrence,” Andrew says. “Your wardrobe is barely fit for one person.”

“Right.” Neil smiles right behind his teeth, where it doesn’t show on his face. “I’m willing to take the hit.”

Andrew regards him over the seat back. “Aren’t you always?”

Neil leans in and drags his eyes deliberately over the column of Andrew’s neck on the way to his face. “I want to kiss you.”

Andrew tilts his head. “I can’t help you.”

Neil takes this without complaint, but he stays folded over the back of the seat. “This is enough,” he says, a foot between them, Andrew’s broad shoulders holding his shirt taut across them.

“Shouldn’t you be obsessing over the court by now?” Andrew asks, cleanly sidestepping Neil’s attention.

“It is a court,” Neil says, smiling. “It’ll still be there in nine hours.”

“And yet you drag us along three times a day to get your fix.”

“No one asks you to come.”

Andrew gives him a look and Neil huffs, looking at the ceiling like it’ll stop the thrill from showing on his face.

“But I’m glad you do.”

“You’re in a sharing mood today,” Andrew says, like he’s commenting on an unfortunate traffic jam.

Neil reaches out to finger the collar of his shirt, and he feels a hollow jerk go through Andrew when his knuckles brush his neck. “It must be the heat.”

Forgive Me, Father

Summary: You find an unusual customer at your workplace, and end up getting more than you bargained for when you offer to take him to a back room
Square Filled: Virginity
Sam x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: NSFW, smut, loss of virginity, Priest!Sam, Stripper!Reader
Words: 3,720 (now you know why it took so long
Written for @spnkinkbingo

Your name: submit What is this?

You spotted him as soon as you walked into the room; he looked so out of place, standing by the doorway, away from the dancers and other patrons.

You walked over to him, swaying your hips and flicking your hair over your shoulder to get his attention.

You loved your job, and days like this - people like this - made you love it even more.

“Good evening, father,” you smiled over the music, running your hands up his lapels, “What’s a man like you doing in a place like this?”

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okay yall so I got a new hoodie and don’t need this one anymore

it makes me too sad to throw it away 😢 so I wanted to see if one of you guys wanted it??

I’m gonna take the choking victim patch off the shoulder but it’ll come with the rest on it

it’s a size XS from the women’s section

message me if you’re interested and share this around if you know someone who might want it! 💖

Top Surgery Advice

Hey everyone! I’ve been waiting to make a post with some top surgery advice and now that I’m finally feeling a little better I thought I’d take a shot. I’ve already made a post about my personal experience, so feel free to read that and maybe get an idea of what your day might be like. I also dealt with a minor complication after surgery, which I’ve posted about here. It was nothing too serious, but feel free to read it if you want to learn about a not-so-common experience. Now, on to the good stuff!

Leading up to surgery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle–this will help during surgery and during recovery!
  • Make sure you have an after surgery buddy. I’m not sure I would’ve survived without @gaydogdad to hand me things I couldn’t reach (that were usually 6 inches away). 
  • If you feel anxious, call and talk to your surgeon/staff. It’s totally normal to worry and they will help you out any way they can. 

The day of surgery:

  • Wear loose clothes! Many surgeons will recommend wearing a button-up, but mine only allowed zip-up sweaters. I strongly recommend going with the sweater instead of button-up shirt! You might think that a shirt will be loose enough, but once the swelling and soreness sets in you’re going to want something loose and comfy. Basketball/workout shorts are also your best friend because pulling your pants down to pee is not a fun experience the first day or so. Also, flipflops/sandals. Comfort is the key on surgery day!
  • Your surgeon will likely give you instructions with what to bring to the facility on surgery day (prescriptions, clothes, inhalers, etc.). Be sure to review them and pack your bag the night before!
  • You are going to feel nervous/anxious/excited/scared/happy (basically every emotion ever) and that’s totally okay! This is a big day! You are also probably going to feel like you’re forgetting to do something or that you haven’t done everything your doctor said–at least, that’s how I felt the entire morning. Chances are, you’re fine. Your nerves will trick you into thinking you should be doing more, but your number one concern should be relaxing and mentally preparing yourself for the day!
  • Communicate with your doctor/staff! Don’t be shy to ask questions about what is going to happen or concerns you may have. That’s why they are there. 


  • Rest, rest, rest! ‘Nuff said. 
  • Figure out the most comfortable position/place for you. I stayed on the couch for a few days because it was really hard to sit up from laying flat on my back in bed. Sometimes I even slept sitting straight up. Just figure out what works best for you and get plenty of sleep/rest.
  • Listen to your doctor! Don’t overexert yourself just because you start feeling better. Don’t stop wearing your compression shirt because the swelling subsided. Don’t forget to take your medicine. Basically, be the ideal patient. 
  • Listen to your body! If you feel tired, sleep. If your muscles are sore, take a break from whatever  you’re doing. If you’re hungry, eat. Surgery is exhausting and it takes a lot out of you. Don’t think “well it’s been a week so I should be able to do _____” because that’s not always how it works. Everyone heals differently. 
  • That being said, I know guys who stopped taking pain pills after the first day and others (including myself) who needed them for a longer period of time. As long as you are using them the way they’re intended, don’t be ashamed that you are in pain. Take care of yourself the best way you can!
  • My doctor provided a post-op package as well with some helpful contents that I’ll list here just so you have an idea of some things you may need but didn’t think about:
    • Melatonin (sleep, sleep, sleep!)
    • Sleep mask and ear plugs (sleep, sleep, sleep during the day!)
    • Dulcolax (helps relieve constipation that most people experience from pain killers and anesthesia) 
    • Probiotic Pearls (helps your immune system and your tummy!)
    • Arnica Montana (an herb that helps with swelling and bruising)
    • Benadryl (in case you’re itchy; also helps sleep)
    • White Petroleum Jelly (for post-op massages)
    • Additional Gauze/Dressings (they gave me maternity pads and they worked wonders absorbing the fluid from my drains)

Well, that’s all I have for now! I hope this can help some folks in the future and I am always open to answering questions you may have about hormones or surgery or anything in general. 

minho in college
  • double major in primary education and history 
  • wants to teach elementary school!!!!
  • varsity soccer so he has the custom backpack that says CHOI and always wears something uni-related 
  • like seriously….. seeing him not in a some sort of three-quarter zip or sweater with the uni’s name emblazoned on it is shocking af (taemin: go away we haven’t gotten new shipment since the last time you were here which was yesterday you already own the ENTIRE store
  • he also owns uni socks which he unironically wears all the time and all the different types of shot glasses (onew’s broken at least three of them but minho just whips out extras, srsly they’re never ending) 
  • a literal walking, talking uni advertisement (key: pls let me take you shopping for something else / minho: i have other clothes / key: WHERE)
  • in theory he probably should work at the bookstore but he sees how much taemin hates his job and if he can just use his discount there’s no need~ 
  • was actually scouted to be a campus tour guide (literally someone came up to him and begged him to join bc he was perfect for the job) and he is ridiculously good at it 
  • also he could walk backwards well which is why onew did not make the cut
  • did so much extra research about the college so that he could be prepared for any questions and also to have fun facts on hand 
  • which also came in handy for boring his friends to submission with very dry versions of the history of each and every building and sometimes he just does it for shits and giggles 
  • once he came into the cafe during onew’s and jong’s shift and started reciting the history of the building they were in and the origin of the coffee bean and their faces were just pure panic bc they couldn’t even RUN AWAY and they can’t even fight their costumers even though they are being GIANT JERKS (jong: i will give you two coffees out of my own pocket for you to stop / minho: awww hyung you’re so sweet pls make them ventis) 
  • but he’s just SO enthusiastic about his school that many incoming students could attribute their decision to come here to choi minho, master tour guide 
  • he also volunteers at after-school programs in elementary schools and the students always scramble to him when they see him coming in 
  • helps them with their homework and reads to them and lets the lil ones tie tufts of his hair (minho: do i look pretty?? / kid: the prettiest!!) 
  • he’s so sweet with them and they always want to climb up on his shoulders and he lets them and holds their arms out like an airplane (and so that they won’t fall) and zooms around the room 
  • avid college sports fan 
  • no matter what the game, you can probably hear minho cheering loudly from the bleachers 
  • someone got this great snapshot of him with football stripes on his cheeks and yelling which was blown up to larger-than-life proportions and lives in the welcome center 
  • arguably his proudest achievement (”look mom i made it”)  
  • srsly the school should honestly give him free tuition for all the endorsement he does as the uni’s poster boy 
  • when studying he’s usually locked up with onew in the library but he’s also known to always keep his notes on him so he could study during breaks at soccer practice 
  • he always has bananas on him that he’ll totally just give to anyone who asks but it’s a lot of bananas 
  • also never skips breakfast no matter what so he’s seen a lot sprinting to class with a piece of toast in his mouth like an anime character 
Masterpost: Stimming

Stimming is an important part of most autistic people’s life, and as such, something you’ll probably want to include in your narrative to make your autistic character(s) more realistic. Which is why we’re now going to tell you all about it!

First of all, what is it? The word “stimming” is short for “self-stimulating”. Almost everyone uses it preferentially because it’s easier to use and sounds less… weird. It has a lot of derivations: the verb “to stim”, the noun “a stim”, the adjective “stimmy”… Isn’t the English language wonderful.

Self-stimulating, or stimming as I’ll call it for the rest of this masterpost (and of the blog), consists of doing something with the specific goal of stimulating one’s senses.

If you haven’t done it already, we advise you to read our masterpost about sensory differences, since we’ll refer to many concepts we have explained there in this post, and we won’t re-define them here.

Now that all of this is sorted, let’s get into the heart of the matter. First I’ll explain what stimming looks like, and then I’ll try to outline the main reasons why someone might stim.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of stims, sorted by the sense they stimulate. Every sense can be stimulated by stimming, except maybe the interoceptive ones. Your character stimming can look like:

  • Sight: moving their fingers in front of their eyes, pressing on their eyes until geometric patterns appear, watching a screensaver for hours, looking at things with pretty colors, looking at bright lights or blinking lights, looking at glittery or shimmery things, sorting objects by colors or shape, watching moving things such as a spinning top or a pendulum…

  • Hearing: Listening to music (for example listening to the same song on repeat for hours), rubbing fingers/hair/ cloth next to their ears, tapping on their ears, eating crunchy food, walking on dry autumn leaves, making noises, repeating a word or words with a fun sonority, humming, singing, clicking a button repeatedly, zipping and unzipping a sweater, listening to the sound of rain/waves, opening and closing scissors…

  • Smell: Sniffing things with a pleasant smell, wearing perfume, smelling flowers, smelling a favorite blanket/object/pet/person, making food, taking a walk after it’s rained, sniffing dirty clothing…

  • Taste: Eating things with a strong taste (spicy/very sweet/sour/salty…), chewing gum, chewing non-edible objects, kissing someone, licking stuff…

  • Touch: Rubbing soft fabric, rubbing things with pleasant textures, chewing on things, rubbing their fingers together, touching/playing with their hair, biting their nails, picking at their skin, sitting/lying under heavy things, pressing themselves in tiny confined spaces, pressing parts of their body, hitting themselves, playing with dough or baking, touching water, walking on tiptoes, walking on textured ground, clenching their jaw…

  • Thermoception: eating ice-cream, drinking hot drinks, touching snow, touching a radiator, staying under the AC, taking a very hot or very cold shower/bath, eating ice cubes…

  • Nociception : doing anything that inflicts pain, this includes all self-harming stims (hitting, biting, scratching themselves for instance)

  • Kinesthesic sense: Flapping their hands, twirling their fingers, playing with fidget toys, bouncing on their toes, playing sports, knitting, doodling, pacing, tapping their fingers, chewing, bouncing their leg, twisting their hands and fingers, playing an instrument…

  • Vestibular sense: rocking, spinning around, riding a roller coaster, sailing, horse riding, being upside down, doing cartwheels, shaking their head, playing on swings, slides or merry-go-rounds…

But really, the possibilities are endless! We recommend the #stimfreely tag for gifs of people stimming (it’s so cute tbh) and general stimming positivity!

Now that we’ve seen what stimming is, let’s get into some of the common reasons a character might stim, and the benefits they can get from it.

  • It helps regulate their sensory system. If one of their senses is under-stimulated (possibly because they are hyposensitive to it, possibly because there just isn’t enough stimulation), stimming can help put the level of stimulation back to a normal state, and thus alleviate feelings of restlessness, discomfort, craving or even pain.

  • It is soothing. When an autistic person is upset, anxious or overwhelmed, stimming, by its regularity and predictability, can help them calm down.

  • It is a coping method. When overstimulated or overwhelmed for another reason, focusing on another sense can help take the focus away from the pain and confusion. For example, someone might focus on the feel of rubbing cloth to avoid being overwhelmed by loud noises. It can also be easier to deal with a stimulation that comes from oneself than from the outside world, because it’s more predictable and less chaotic, and it is not illogical that sometimes, when confronted by for example loud noise, a person might start tapping their ears to cover the sound: it’s even louder, but easier to deal with.

  • It can help concentration.

  • It is a part of our natural body language and we use it to express emotions. If you know an autistic person well, you’ll often be able to tell how they feel by watching what stims they do. One common example is flapping one’s hands when happy!

  • It can be very pleasant and enjoyable. Overall, we’d say this is one of the most important reasons for stimming: having fun and feeling good!

As an additional note, I’d like to add that everybody stims, neurodivergent or not. Even if you’re allistic, you must have caught yourself bouncing your leg when anxious or humming absentmindedly. Especially in moments of extreme grief, sadness, or fear, allistic people often rock back and forth or hit themselves in exactly the same way autistic people do. Autistic people just need it more because they have different sensory systems, which are more demanding and need more regulation.

So please, have your autistic characters stim! Have them rock to calm themselves down and flap their hands when they’re happy and spend hours repeating the same word! Stimming is most often a very positive experience and one of the reasons many autistic people enjoy being autistic and wouldn’t change it for the world. This is who we are, and stimming is a really cool part of who we are, and we’d say it’s an essential part of positive representation of autistic people.

I think we covered the basics, but of course we’re here to answer any specific question about this topic or another. Happy writing!

A Way to You Again: Part 7

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Angst, Panic Attacks

Word Count:  1350

Catch Up Here

Summary: Bucky and Y/N have been fairly successful at keeping their relationship hidden from the rest of the Avengers. That is… until Nat walks into the kitchen one night and finds Bucky kissing Y/N. While Y/N is relieved that their relationship is out in the open it soon becomes more complicated than she could have ever imagined.

Author’s Notes: Thanks to the lovely @melconnor2007 for the request. 


I always love hearing from you guys <3.

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The next few minutes were a blur of me screaming expletives shrilly at Steve. “STEVEN FUCKING GRANT ROGERS – YOU LITTLE SHIT!” I yelled as I punched him in the arm.

“Hey! We could wreck! Maybe take it out on me later?” he asked as he rolled his eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked – trying to keep my voice level and failing miserably.

He shrugged somewhat apologetically. “Look – I’ve known Buck for a long time. He’s miserable without you, but he thinks you’re better off without him. He was driving himself crazy about it but refused to even listen to Tony when he said he knew where you were. He’s stubborn – there’s just no way around it,” he explained defensively – keeping an eye on me to make sure no further punches were in his immediate future.

“So… so he has no idea I’m coming?” I asked nervously as I chewed on my bottom lip.

“No,” Steve responded matter-of-factly. “But I can assure you he will be relieved when he sees you,” he added.

“Steve, pull over for a second,” I choked out as pure panic gripped me.

“Oh come on, Y/N! You can’t drive!” he whined.

“Pull over!” I yelled. The urgency in my voice finally prompted him to oblige. I jumped out of the car before it had fully stopped and ran into the nearby field where I promptly fell to my knees and vomited. I wiped my mouth with the back of my shaking hand as I rose unsteadily to my feet. So Bucky didn’t initiate this. He hadn’t even tried. His best friend was fighting for me and he wasn’t even trying. As I trudged back to the car I wished that I had never agreed to come back. I was better off alone.

“Are you okay?” Steve asked quietly as I climbed back into my seat and closed the door behind me.

“Why didn’t you tell me Steve?” I asked as tears pricked at the corners of my eyes.

He was quiet for a moment before he turned to me. “Because I knew you would never come back if I told you. What kind of friend would I be to either of you if I sat by idly and let you both ruin this?” When I looked into his eyes I knew that he meant it. He wanted so desperately for things to be fixed, but for some reason I doubted it would ever happen. I smiled at him weakly as he pulled the car back onto the interstate. The sudden feeling of panic had completely drained my energy. I resolved myself to finally lay my head back down on my makeshift pillow and close my eyes wearily. Within minutes I had fallen fast asleep.

“Y/N,” Steve whispered as he shook me softly. I grunted in reply. Why was he being so persistent in trying to wake me up? I just wanted to sleep a little longer.

“Go away,” I muttered grumpily as I tried to shoo his hands away from my arm.

“We’re here,” he finally said out of exasperation. This caused me to wake fully with a start.

“Oh,” I muttered nervously as I looked around the parking garage of Stark Tower. Bucky’s motorcycle was parked two spaces down – my heart almost jumped through my chest when I saw it.

“I’ll get your bags,” Steve responded as I exited the car.

The elevator ride was mostly quiet. Even after the nearly four-hour nap I had taken on the way to the tower I was exhausted. More than anything I wanted to escape to my room, take a long hot shower, and rest. The idea of seeing Bucky after the long drive was exhausting within itself. As the elevator doors opened we were greeted with laughter from the common room.

“Yo! Y/N!” Sam yelled from the couch – waving at me. “How was your vacation?” I smiled warmly at him and saw Tony turn to face me from one of the many chairs in the room. He offered me a small wink of hello. He had kept up the façade for me, god bless him, no one but those involved knew.

“It was great Sam, thanks,” I managed to respond back quietly.

“Who are you talking to?” Bucky called to Sam as he walked out of the kitchen – Natasha following closely behind. Sam didn’t have time to respond before Bucky’s eyes found me – the plate of food he had been carrying fell to the floor and shattered.

“Hi Buck,” I responded quietly, averting my eyes from him.

“Dude, what the fuck? You need help carrying your food around, grandpa?” Sam chastised as Bucky scrambled to the floor to carefully pick up the shards of glass and food that now littered it. It gave me an easy out.

“Well the drive was exhausting so I’m… erm… gonna head to my room to rest for awhile. I’ll be up in a few hours,” I muttered as I turned on my heel and fled towards the hallway that led to our rooms.

“Don’t forget – team dinner and meeting at seven!” Tony called casually behind me. I sighed as I neared my door— It wasn’t going to be easy to hideout in my room after all.

“Are you okay?” Steve whispered as he closed the door to my room behind him.

“Um.. yeah… I think so,” I responded lamely as I shifted uneasily. The sight of Nat being so close to Bucky made me want to scream.  “I think I’m just going to take a shower and sleep for a few more hours. I feel exhausted,” I muttered.

“Okay, let me know if you need anything. I’ll make sure you’re up for the meeting.” Steve smiled warmly at me as he opened the door.


“Yeah, Y/N?”

“Will you lock the door before you close it, please?” He smiled sadly before turning the lock and closing the door behind him.

I sighed shakily as I sat on the corner of my bed. The last night I had spent in this room had been with Bucky and things had been so perfect. Now everything was all twisted up, and I didn’t know if there was a way to fix it. I pushed off the bed and headed to the shower – determined that it was exactly what I needed.

“What the hell were you thinking, Buck?” I could hear Steve’s raised voice through the wall. Dinner was less than an hour away so I grudgingly opened my eyes and stared at the ceiling. Since Bucky’s room shared a wall with mine it was impossible to not hear the conversation that was unfolding on the other side.

“I don’t know, Steve,” Bucky responded gruffly.

“How about you try better than that?” Steve had hidden his anger pretty well for me, but he wasn’t holding back on his friend. It was the maddest I had ever heard him.

“Listen, I was lonely. You know what that’s like, right? She was there, and it was just a casual thing. It happened a few times… I know I shouldn’t have let it, but it did. I knew it was wrong so I ended it.”

“And then you did the same thing to Y/N?” Steve asked incredulously.

“It… No. I know it looks the same, but it isn’t. She’s different. It’s different with her. Well… it was different with her,” he added sadly.

“This is your mess, Buck. You better make it right with her,” Steve added before the slam of Bucky’s door rattled the wall.

There was a gentle knock at my door that caused me to shoot up out of the bed. “Who is it?” I asked nervously.

“It’s me,” Steve’s voice replied softly from the other side of the door. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” I called as I grabbed a zip up sweater and put it on absentmindedly. I opened the door and could immediately feel the tension rolling off of Steve.

“Are you okay?” I asked cautiously.

“Yeah, let’s get to dinner,” he responded as I followed him out of the room.


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“When You Love Someone”

Summary: (based on the song written by James TW.) Divorced parents imagine…

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You bent down to your knees and straightened out your ten-year-old son’s clothing. You tucked his white shirt inside his khakis and zipped up his sweater. You took his shoe laces and double knotted each of them. You looked at your boy; his eyes were just like yours but his facial features a younger replica of his father. “You be good in school today, alright?” you sounded hopeful. The effects of divorced parents were definitely taking a toll on him.

He nodded, “Yes, mum.”

You put the straps of his Spider-Man backpack over his shoulders. “You’re going to your dad’s house tonight, are you excited?”

He just shrugged. His eyes were avoidant. Your son was tapping his feet, his hands fidgeting. He was getting antsy as you got him ready for school. “Is your sleeping bag packed?” you asked him. He nodded. “Good,” you smiled, “Daddy will pick you up after school. Have you memorized Mummy’s number?” He nodded again. “I want you to ring me if you need anything, okay?” You son nodded. “Take care your sister, okay?” Another nod. “Say ‘yes, Mummy,’” you instructed.

“Yes, Mummy,” he said forcibly.

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Happy Birthday

A/N: It’s been forever since I’ve done this so why not one on my favorite Robin’s birthday?

Warning: Smut filled cause you know, I only have like 4 imagines and 3 of them are smutty so why not? XD

Word count: 1,130

It was late at night and Jason was sure you’d be asleep by the time he had gotten home from Red Hood duty but was surprised to find a light illuminating from your apartment window. His eyebrows furrowed and he quickly slipped in through the window, searching the room with curious eyes. A bowl of popcorn was on the coffee table between the couch and the tv, along with some of Jason’s favorite snacks. A movie left unplayed on the screen, Jason quietly searched the apartment. Did some bastard decide to kidnap her? Jason immediately thought, his fists clenching at his sides until he heard the sound of footsteps from the hallway behind him. He turned, ready to grab his guns when a figure jumped at him, causing him to use his hands to keep the figure from falling, giggles filling his ears.
“Y/n.” He groaned as he held your body up, your legs wrapped around his waist.
“You’re finally home!” you said as your hands wrapped around his shoulders, your lips pulling up in a smile. “Took you long enough.”
“Sorry, did we have something planned?” he asked and your eyebrows furrowed as you stared into his mask. “What?”
“Are you joking with me right now?” you asked, jumping down and his eyes widened as he frantically took off his mask, following you as you stalked off to your room.
“Y/n, babe! I’m sorry! Was it our anniversary? Your birthday?” you slammed the door in his face, locking it as his hands banged onto the wood. “Valentine’s day? Babe, I’m sorry! You know the gang’s been stressing me out and I haven’t been able to think straight! I’ll make it up to you, I pro…mise…” his words slowly faded as you opened the door, leaning your hand on the frame as you posed, your lips shaped into a mischievous smirk. His eyes stared at your bare legs before moving up to the only piece of clothing that covered your body:
A Red Hood sweater.
His symbol stared back at him as he took in your appearance, your h/c hair cascading in soft waves down your back and your face barely covered in makeup. His mouth stayed open as he tried to process words to say but the only things that came to mind was everything that he would do to you if he got his hands on you. Your smirk widened as you gently pulled him into your room, closing the door before turning to face him. Placing your hands on his chest, you pushed him until he sat on the edge of your bed, his face still showing his astonishment as you moved to straddle his lap. You threw his mask over your shoulder, knowing it wouldn’t break before working on the armor you have become accustomed to and pulling it away piece by piece, clearly feeling his bulge grown from beneath you.
“Y’n..” he groaned as his hands found your hips but you smacked them away, standing up after removing his shirt. You went down your knees, quickly undoing his belt and sliding his pants down, deciding not to tease him tonight. You placed a few kisses on his tip before taking him in your mouth, his groan making you look up at him as you continued your actions, bobbing your head up and down. He groaned more, his hand tangling in your hair as he gently pushed you a little further before letting you continue on your own.
You knew how to please him.
His head fell back in pleasure as you moved up, your tongue moving on the slip of his tip before going down again. Then to add a bit more, you moved up and wrapped your hand around his shaft, having it move with your mouth as he moaned out.
“Fuck, babe, that feels so good.” he groaned. “Just a bit more, baby. I’m almost there…fuck..” his juiced filled your mouth and you slowly pulled away, your eyes never leaving his as you licked at your lips.
“You good for more, Jay?” You cooed and he nodded, watching as you unzipped the sweater, discarding the rest of his clothes. With the sweater still on, you took your place on his lap and pushed him down, hovering over him as you looked at him with lust. With your tongue slightly poking out between your lips, you positioned yourself above him before meeting his eyes once more.
“Happy birthday, baby.” You whispered as you slowly moved down and he groaned, immediately grabbing at your hips.
“Fuck..” He groaned out as you began to move, slowly rocking your hips back and forth. You smirked at him, loving the effect you had on him as you moved up and down. “Shit, babe…y/n..” he moaned out as you kept going, soft pants leaving your lips as you slowly came closer and closer.
“Fuck..” You breathed and he wrapped his arms around your body, sitting up as he met your thrusts. “Jay…”
“I’m almost there, baby.” he breathed and his lips found yours, his arms clinging your bodies close. Both of you let out moans that got lost in kisses, your body beginning to shake as you nearly reached your high. With a few more bounces, you felt him bite down on your shoulder, adding to your pleasure as you both moaned out, reaching your high together. Panting, you looked into his green eyes, smiling as you cupped his face in your hands.
“I love you.” You whispered and his eyes seemed to glow as he smiled, making your heart swoon.
“I love you too.” he whispered back, his lips meeting yours once more. “So..about that movie?” he asked and you giggled, slowly moving off his body.
“We can watch a little while we give you a small break before we go again.” you smiled as he raised an eyebrow, a smirk forming on his lips.
“Oh, we’re going again?” you nodded as you zipped up the sweater, grabbing his hand to pull him off the bed. “How many more times are we going, y/n?”
“How old are you?” you smirked, letting out a giggle as he picked you up, your legs wrapping around his hips as he took you both to the living room.
“Best birthday ever.” he mumbled into your shoulder as he sat on the couch, you on his lap and you smiled, hugging him close.
“You have a kink for your brand shit, huh?” you joked, hearing his chuckles as he hit play on the movie.
“Only if you’re the only one wearing it.”
“Aw, Jay.”
“I’m totally fucking you on every piece of furniture you have in this apartment.”
“You’ve got plenty of years, babe.”


Second in my series of fashionized fantasy classes. This one isn’t that fashionized, except for the Gucci-inspired zipped sweater, but I tried my best to add more fabric while keeping the look more or less practical. Hope you like it!

anonymous asked:

Hey love,I'm not sure if request are open, but if they are I have one. Something with Gabe or Genji x s\o, where they share a room. s\o's been gone on a mission for a while and they get back late at night when everyone else is still asleep. Not wanting to wake up Gabe (or genji) and knowing they will fi they try to sneak into the room, they take up a spot on the couch and sleep there for the night. But Gabe (or Genji) wake up early that morning and find them, curled up on the sofa.


You were carefully picked up and carried back to bed as Gabriel went about his morning routine, no different than if you were wounded, your cheek pressed to the flat of his chest until you were set down in the unmade nest of blankets. Satisfied that he had made you comfortable, head cradled by his pillow and comforter pulled up to your collar, the scent of him heavy on the sheets, he carried on washing and dressing.

You woke as he was pulling his sweater on, sleeve by sleeve, slipping the slate grey fleece of his uniform up his back and shoulders. Blind hypersensitivity told him to look over his shoulder, catching you peering at him from your sleepy-haze. He closed in on the bed as you continued to stir, metallic zip of the sweater fixed and pulled up his body as he moved. Crouching low on the floor, becoming eye-level with you on the mattress, he blinked slowly as tension settled over his shoulders in retroactive anxiety. Only after a brief appraisal of your expression, finding necessary evidence that you were unharmed while away, was he able to relax. Little by little. He took his time to find his voice, lost in the overwhelming relief of your hand skimming his neck and laying flat against the top of his spine. Under your fingers, you could recognize that he had just recently showered. His skin was damp, hot.

“Next time— come to bed.” He said, a thread of concern pulled at each word.

You wanted to dispute— to explain that you didn’t want to wake him, that it was late when you got back— but knew he could read it over you. He pressed a chaste kiss to your forehead and pulled away just enough to speak over the skin, his dark eyes cut by the first rays of the rising sun and lips warm, not without the faint bitter chocolate aroma of coffee.

“I sleep better when you’re with me.”


Genji had no intention of falling asleep the previous night in the first place under the expectation that you could have walked through the door at any moment. The first few moments of consciousness were unkind, the early morning air cold in his lungs through the carbon fiber mask. His disappointment to find an empty bed was short-lived as his pulse quickened, assured by his blood that while he did not see you, you were near. He felt this and knew better than to question his instincts.

Rising from the bed in a deliriously smooth movement, his feet met the floor with the quietest of sighs— the song of air rushing through his cybernetics. He crossed the floor, nerves alight, finding you curled into yourself along the low sofa.

And while he could gauge just how exhausted you were— how much the assignment took out of you, the immense physical and mental burden it could be— he was taken with how unbearably much he missed you. He acted immediately as if weakened, his own impulse control still dead asleep. Like a cat, he fitted himself around you leaving you to wake up in the process of the cyborg ninja not so stealthily taking up what little was left of the the narrow space.

Your forehead met the high curve of his face plates, your nose brushed against the bar of green luminescence that scored his helmet. Speaking though a sly half-smile, his voice was both low and electric.

“Good morning.”

Not yet ready to wake up, you made a noise of protest in response before nuzzling your face closer, the familiar scent and temperature of his body becoming the first thing your senses registered without strain. In voiceless agreement, he secured his arms around you, offering you all the comfort and closeness you had ached for while apart.

And while his armor was not the most comfortable surface you’ve ever slept against, it was by far your favorite.

Too Close for Comfort (Teen Wolf - Stiles x OC)

Request from anon : Could you do a stiles imagine where you are Scott’s sister and you are secretly dating stiles.

Word count : 7,4k (I feel like I’m making progress, they used to be twice as long!!)

Synopsis : Just the everyday struggles that come with being the twin sister of a true Alpha.

A/N: For the sake of the plot and nothing else, Allison is still alive, although she does not appear in the story (Allison, I’m so sorry for turning you into a plot device). I made Sasha (the OC) Scott’s twin, because it was easier and spared me the trouble of coming up with an age difference. This took me literally ages (read: months), I’m sorry for being such an unreliable writer, I  have little to no sense of priority and I keep postponing everything I’m asked to do. That’s how strong my contradictory spirit is. Here I am, dropping this imagine when everybody least expects it. Surprise!


You know what really sucks when your brother is a werewolf? Everything.

And that doesn’t even come close to reality, Sasha’s life has become so much more difficult since Scott was bitten by Peter. Having an asthmatic twin brother whose main concern in life was to pass his math class was boring, but it was safe and Sasha had the privilege of being the most extra of the two – ah good times ! But then of course Scott’s asthma became a thing of the past, added to his new found super strength and speed, his popularity went from zero to ten real quick, leaving Sasha in the dust, far behind him.

Not that he wanted to leave her behind. Scott was the absolute best brother one could possibly dream of in terms of loyalty and support, but it just happened. He couldn’t exactly fight against the natural course of the events while also learning to control his powers – and trying to win over Allison with his awkward charm. And then Peter happened, which only compelled him to push Sasha farther away for her own safety. At the time, she thought it was the worst thing that could happen, and once Peter was defeated, she thought everything was over and life would go back to normal.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! Do you know how to add baseball jackets to a fairy kei coord? I've seen some cute pastel ones, but I can't seem to find any good examples. Thank you!!

I have a few cute pics featuring baseball jackets, but I’ll post some general cute jackets since they’re great coord references~

Think of them as another item for adding layers to your coord! You can leave it unzipped to reveal a cute tshirt or sweater, or zip it up and add cute badges and layers on top.

image source: Setsuki Haruna

image sources: _Milklim

image source: Mayumero7

image source: @pastelbat

image source: @tokyo-fashion

I hope that helps♪

imagine : take care (TOU)

imagine running to Buck’s to see your ex-boyfriend, Dallas, after your abusive boyfriend has his way with you and you need somewhere to stay — he cleans you up, and you force him to cuddle.

Warnings — blonde!dallas, mentions of abuse, alcohol, swearing, but pure

 f l u f f.


Keeping the secret was hard, but remaining cool and composed was even harder. It was easy to lie now, because I’d isolated myself so much.

I don’t think they believed my lies at first but, damn, we were telling them good towards the end.

It was raining real hard. That only made a mess of the blood caked on my skin. If I stayed in one place too long, I could create a blood puddle. Crimson blood from various wounds swirled with said water, looking sophisticated against the ebony, cracked cement of the lonely, dreary street. I sort of wanted to take a picture.

I tried to count the number of friends I had and came up blank. My new friends needed just as much shelter as I did. But when we’re all together, it’s a gas. Why’s it like that? Why’s it like that if none of us are truly happy?

Dallas Winston was bound to be at Buck Merril’s. I hoped to Hell he wasn’t at Tim Shepard’s, even if it was unlikely, because then I’d know pain a lot better than I did now.

It was Angela’s fault that I got tied up with that loser. A prey in his silk spider web. How was this my fault, all of a sudden? Tim couldn’t stand the sight of me now because he knew it was his sister who did it. Most of it, anyway. Destroyed a good, quiet kid.

“I need to see Dallas,” my voice was barely above a whisper. Not because it hurt to speak, I was just so goddamn ashamed. I was wearing Pony’s navy zip-up sweater. It was huge on me, now. It used to be my size. What happened to me?

He was right when he said it was my fault, wasn’t he? Not Tim, but Him.

I knew that tonight would mean nothing in the means of escaping, because once the prey is captured it’s already dead.

Doesn’t help that my brothers can’t stand me, either.

“Glory, girl, he’s upstairs — I’ll go ‘n get him.”

I waited by the door like the stupid girl I was. I had no where else to go, and coming to Dallas Winston had become a daydream and not a nightmare. I remembered how he used to scare me with his rings and cigarettes. Then I remembered how he used to hold me.  

He came down looking annoyed. His blonde hair was sticking to his forehead but I knew better than to assume. He was sleeping, of course. Wasn’t he?

He didn’t have a shirt on — not that the foolish teenage girl in me minded — he was wearing a pair of his favorite low-cut jeans. They had a rip in the knee.

“He hit me,” it spilled from my lips. Everything was spilling and I couldn’t keep it back. “He hit me and it hurt this time —”

“The fuck do you mean ‘it hurt this time’? What the fuck is wrong with you, you dumb broad?” He ran a hand through his long hair and grabbed my arm.

I hissed, but he didn’t notice.

“You were right, okay?” I yelled, ready to fight. Not even a second ago I was crying, now I was daring Dally to try and take a swing at me. I yanked my arm from his grasp as we headed up the stairs. “What’re you gonna do, huh? Call my brothers?”

“Maybe I will!” He snapped, whipping open the door to his bedroom. I expected to see some girl, but the bed was empty.

I didn’t know what I wanted. I just wanted somewhere to stay, not to be criticized. It was funny, because Dallas of all people would know what being hurt then insulted would feel like. Didn’t he know I couldn’t take this anymore?

I stood, leaning against the wall. There was a puddle forming on the ground, my hair was dripping. Dallas sat on the corner of his bed with his head in his hands. “What's your problem, man? You want me to leave and I will, okay? I just wanted somewhere to stay.”

“Stop fucking talking,” he demanded with a groan.

“Just call my brothers, then, Dallas. See if they care.” I started walking towards the bathroom attached to his room. It wasn’t anything fancy, but it worked. I opened a few drawers looking for the first aid kits Dally collected.  

“What’re you doing, kid?” He called, getting up and coming into the tiny bathroom behind me. It was small and beige-colored with tile floors and a cheap marmoleum countertop around the sink.

I didn’t bother turning on the light, so it was kind of eerie when I could feel his warm breath against my neck. For the first time in a long while, it didn’t reek of beer or cigarettes. Where was this Dally when I was still around? “I’m getting the first aid kit. Figured I should probably treat these things ‘fore they get infected.”

“No,” he says. “What are you doing here?”

I turned to face him with the first aid kit being the only thing between us. “I had nowhere else to go. Brothers hate me… I don’t have many reliable friends anymore, I guess.”

“You’re making a mess of the floors.”

“Stop fucking doing that! Stop asking me questions and ignoring me. If you don’t want me here I’ll go to Evie’s!”

“You hate Evie.”

I didn’t have anything to say to that, so I cracked my knuckles. I had to stop because I was reminded of the raw cuts on them. I hissed, and this time Dally heard me.

“What the fuck happened?” He breathed, tugging at his hair as leaned against the counter of the sink.

“I don’t wanna talk about it,” I said.

He shook his head, rolling his eyes. “I mean what happened to you. You were always such a wimp. Never did drugs, never drank. Now you’re coming to me with bruises 'n you don’t talk to your fucking brothers no more.” It was silent until he said real softly, “I never touched you like that.”

I shrug off the damp, heavy sweatshirt. It falls to the ground with a wet slosh that we both ignore. “Please help me,” I whimpered. I’m not sure if I’m talking about my wounds or my situation.

He gets the bandages out of the box and cuts some off the little roll. I hop onto the counter and use both hands to rid myself of my shirt. There was a cut along my collarbone. My stomach was red and purple and sore. There was a spider-like design of red somethings.

Dally puts both hands on my stomach. It’s strange because it hurts, but feels like safety. It feels good. But it doesn’t feel electric. Electric was ruined for me. “You’re so skinny, doll.”

I swallow hard as he starts cleaning my cuts and bruises, not just the ones on my stomach.

“He did this to you, didn’t he? I could fucking kill him…”

“I guess you were right. Remember when you told me that? When I first started going with him. You said he was a loser and I didn’t listen. Then I started doing all those bad things, remember? Well, I’m still doing them.”

His eyes are shielded black crystals.  “Yeah. You know your brothers miss you, right? They don’t where the fuck you’ve been, girl. I don’t either. I told 'em 'around’, 'cause they thought I knew. But I didn’t know, man.”

“What happened to us?” I knew I didn’t want the answer to that. “Where’s your little girls, Dal? You still running around with Sylvia and all the others girls too drunk to now what’s right and wrong?”

He wraps my wrist with a bandage and puts plasters on my middle. Every now and then he looks at me to see if it hurts when he dabs my cuts with alcohol, but it doesn’t.

“Man, I haven’t been with no one in forever. I keep thinking about you and that guy. How’d he do all this shit to you, baby?” He asks me, and then it hits me  that we’re both without shirts. He isn’t like how used to be. I like that we can be like this without anything being awkward or tense.

“With his fist and his legs,” I smile grimly. “Might of been a switch involved. I don’t know.”

He finished not long after that. He leaves the bathroom and I’m afraid he’ll go, but he comes back with a pair of pajama pants. I know they’re probably Darry’s, but they smell like Dallas and that’s enough for me.

I think he was waiting for me to go somewhere or something, but I shed my bottoms right then and there. I think Dally wanted to mention the bruises on my legs that I neglected to mention, but then he’d be telling me that he was watching me change.

“Thank you, Dally, for everything.” I sit on the side of his bed. “Hey, can I have a shirt?”

I laughed a little. He’d blush and tell me he forgot sometime soon. But he didn’t. “I don’t got any others,” he grinned. “Just the dirty one from earlier. Was gonna put on those pants, too, but you’re kinda wearing 'em, doll. Left my shit at your brother’s.”

I rolled my eyes. I don’t feel uncomfortable or anything. I mean, I’d grown more comfortable with my body than I was when we were going together. I don’t know how he can remain cocky like that, like he thinks I’m cute.

Covered in bruises and bandages, I was a beauty, wasn’t I? Wearing his/my older brother’s PJ pants and a pretty lacy bra. God, we were sick.

“Can you cuddle with me, Dallas?“ I sound timid. How’re you supposed to sound when you’re asking some tough gang member to cuddle with you? I could feel myself morphing back into the girl I used to be. Shy and all that shit.

"I don’t 'cuddle’, Y/N. You know that.”

“First off, that’s a lie. I remember a few occasions. Hope you know cuddling is the maximum of anything that could happen here.”

“Yeah, don’t fucking remind me, man.”

I slither under the covers and he follows suit, wrapping his around my middle. It’s not electrifying, but it’s love, I think. I scooted in towards his body so I could feel his bare chest against my back.

I try to match my breathing to his. “You’re taking me to my old house tomorrow, aren’t you?”

“It still is your house,” he mumbles into my hair. “After I do that, I’m gonna bop that fucking loser some, Y/N. Put him into the hospital or maybe worse, man. I’m not sure yet.”

I shift us and Dally groans. He stops when I lay my head on his chest and tangle our legs together. His rough hands stroke my head and my hair. “Say it.”

“Say what, doll?”

“Say what you’ve been wanting to ask me, Dallas.”

He moans when I reach up and run my hands through his hair. He’s always been so obsessed with that. “Be my girl again, baby. I missed you so fuckin’ much, Y/N. You won’t ever leave again, I'll make sure of it, babe.”

And suddenly, everything felt okay again.

What am i to you?

Jinyoung scenario | wanna one

Request are opened!!✨


Your day was going okay, it wasn’t one of your best days but it also wasn’t the worst. Your only friend in your calculus class had left early becauseof a doctors appointment. Something you didn’t really mind, until the teacher decided to give you guys a project. Making it worse you had to pick a partner to do it with. “Y/n you can’t work alone and Hyerin isn’t here and this is due on monday” you sighed as you looked around the classroom seing everyone paired up. Everyone except for jinyoung had a partner leaving you no choice. You were kind of timid not knowing how to ask him. Jinyoung? Sure you had talked to him before, but you never really had a full conversation. He was more of an acquaintance than a friend. You sighed as you walked towards him fidgeting with your fingers as you approached the desk.“Hey, Jinyoung. Do you want to.. perhaps work on the project together? You don’t have to if you dont want to” you said while stuttering a bit. He didn’t answer back making you assume he didn’t want to. “just forget i asked” you said as you turned around. “Wait, i’m sorry i wasn’t really paying attention. Sure, let’s do it” he said shyly. You smiled as you went to the teacher and told her you had someone to work with. “Great, class please exchange information with each other so you guys can work on this outside of class” he said while writing down the projects rubric. You searched through your bag for you phone, taking it out with the headphones tangled with a couple of pencils making you unplug them. Jinyoung was also looking for him through his bag. You opened up a new contact slot then handing over your phone to him. “I’ll text you when we can work on the project” you said while smiling. He grabbed your phone brushing his hand against yours making you stop breathing for a second. He put in his contact information, he looked up at you looking confused. “Uh, here” he said while handing over the phone. You broke from the trance as you grabbed the phone texting him. He smiled as he texted back immediately. “Don’t forget you have the weekend to do this. It’s due on Monday. You’re all dismissed”


You got home making sure to place your things in their proper place. “Y/n i’m going to work now! The dinner is in the fridge just heat it up” your mother said. “Alright” you flopped on your bed playing games on your phone. You quickly texted jinyoung to ask him about the project. “I’ll be over at your house @ 2 if that’s okay..” he texted. You smiled as you texted him an okay for approval. Your friemd hyerin texted you asking about what you did in class. “Nothing much, we were just assigned a project.” When you had told her you had paired up with Jinyoung she started messaging you like crazy.

You didn’t really see why she was making a huge deal out of it. “I really don’t understand, he’s just a boy from our class.” “the CUTEST boy in our class in what you mean” she texted back. “What?” It had hit you jinyoung was cute, but if he was the cutest wouldn’t he had been the first person people would have picked? “Yeah yeah. What ever i have to go now. Bye!♥️”


The next day jinyoung had told you he was coming earlier because he was really slow sometimes. So he ended up coming at 12. You has completely forgotten so when he ringed ding dong the door bell you were surprised. You being a fool answered. When you saw him he just looked at you as you slammed the door on his face. Omgogmoggmoggogmogkg

You started to panic as you fixed your self. You took a deep breath as you opened the door. “Oh sorry I panicked a bit hahahah” you said while laughing it off. He just smiled as you let him in. “Great going y/n you invited Jinyoung over, forgot, and now he has seen you in sweatpants and an oversized shirt” Your mom came into the living room introducing herself as she left to go grocery shopping. “I’m sorry you have to see me like this. I completely forgot you were coming earlier” you said while awkwardly laughing. He just laughed a bit as he opened up the book he had in his hand. “I tried to answer a few of the questions but i feel like they are wrong so that’s why I didn’t completely wrote them down” you scanned over his work as you told him it was all correct making him straighten and smile.


You and jinyoung worked on the project all day, it was currently 5:58 pm. Your mom had suggested he stayed for dinner, and he agreed. Your mom had ordered pizza. “Just make sure you go pick it up alright?” She said as she headed to work. Your mom worked the night shift at her office that day, so she couldn’t stay for dinner. You stood up as you and jinyoung walked out the door to the restaurant to pick it up. “So, we been talking about the project all day. How about we get to know each other?” You suggested as you walked down the street. “Alright, you go first” he said. “Well i like music.” You said while shivering from the sudden temperature drop. Jinyoung noticed your sudden shiver, he took off the hoodie he had on, as he stopped and faced you. He grabbed your arm as he put one of your arms in the sleeveson for you. His sudden action made you freeze, it was like your life had just flashed in front of your eyes. “thanks” you said while stuttering. You zipped up the sweater, still a bit tensed and shocked. “I like music too, it’s something that speaks to me.” He said as his eyes reflected the lights on the streets. You gave him a small smile. “Yeah.” The rest if the walk was silent, it wasn’t an awkward silent. It was a peaceful one. you guys entered the shop, asking for the order. You reached in into your pocket on your sweatpants for the money. “It’s okay i’ll pay.” He said as he handed the cashier the money. “Thanks” you guys walked back, but the view of the moon had your full attention.


At your house, it wasn’t as silent. Jinyoung would ask you a couple questions. He would try to lead the conversation, which worked well. He had to leave sadly. You unzipped his hoodie as you handed it over. “Here, thank you” he looked at you lost in your eyes and you were lost in his. Moment hit you when you realized you had kissed him. Why? What? How? He kissed back, you were surprised at how he wasn’t as timid as before.this was turning into a situation you hadn’t confronted yet. You had no idea on what to do. He pulled away, letting out a sigh. “Y/n..” “jinyou-“ “please met me finish. I know this is so sudden. But I really like you. All those times you spoke to me, I wished you had talked longer. This is crazy but I’m deeply in love with you. Sure we are young but please accept my feelings for you. Back then you didn’t see me as the “cute” guy in our class.” He said while quoting cute. “Please, say something back” he said while looking down. “Jinyoung, what am i to you?” You asked. “You’re an amazing individual that deserves everything” he said finally looking up. “Jinyoung,,, i like you too” you didn’t know if you were taking this too fast, even if you were. You and him would go trough this slowly together. You smiled at him as he let out another sigh as he hugged you. “Does this mean…” he looked at you the lights of the outside reflecting on his eyes again. “Yes.”

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2. “Hey, isn’t that my hoodie?!” (for shakarian)? :3c

FINALLY. AGES LATER I AM DOING THIS. I’ve been going in order of when I receive when (mostly)- (Also kiiiinda changed the wording from *Isn’t* to *is*) so here we are ;.;



It’s getting late, but sleep is the furthest thing from the crews mind. They had just defeated Saren, the geth and most importantly they had stopped that son of a bitch Sovereign from opening a door from dark space. The last few months had been a non stop search for the bastards, and goddamn it, they were going to get a night off. Or… maybe 2. Or 3. Or maybe she could just retire…

“Shepard… You seriously looked so cool. You’re all… pow, pew!” Tali spoke accentuating her words more than necessary with a voice clearly lined with dextro liquor. Her three fingered hands emoting air guns clumsily. “And he’s all… bleh! Erk! ” She leaned over grabbing her gut as if she’d been shot.

“Yeah… So you keep reminding me, Tali. Every five minutes.” Shepard laughed extending a hand to her small shoulder, patting it affectionately. 

“It’s… really? But, Shepard- you just looked so… Okay, maybe this is why I don’t drink… I just repeat myself over and over and over and…” Her voice trailing off as she move her head struggling to find the hole in her mask. 

Shepard watched with head tilted slightly in amusement and admiration as Tali poked around her voice box attempting to place the straw- er, the emergency induction port, into her mask. Raising her own glass to her mouth, she sipped her double whiskey with a smile. It sure was good to relax a bit… Okay, it would have been nice to relax if she could stop staring. Forcing herself again to be present at the table she sat with Tali, and Kaidan, she swirl the amber liquid in her glass restlessly. 

She really was trying her best not to look across the room. But, Garrus was just so tall, and cute… And so… flirting with Liara. 

What did she care if he was over there talking to her? Was she under the impression that the two of them had something going on? Yes. Yes, she was. Did she think that his invitation extended to Liara? No. No, she did not. 

They’re just talking. Relax. It’s nothing. You’re over here talking. See? People talk to each other, it’s what they do. Or… they talk to themselves like a crazy person. 

Having deciding their conversation was platonic she spent the rest of the night avoiding those crystal blue eyes, and distracting herself with conversation. But as she drink and talk she couldn’t help but wonder if she had read them wrong… One night stands were a common thing to take place amongst humans, so why wouldn’t the same thing be possible for turians? It’s not like they made a commitment to each other or anything. They just… Well, she wasn’t even sure how it happened honestly. 

A few days ago he just showed up at her door with that piercing look he always wore. One second they’re talking and laughing, then the next thing she knew she was moaning his name while he… well, you get the idea. 

Forcing herself to focus on the party and not their tryst, she decided to write it off as some harmless fun. If Garrus didn’t feel the same way, then what was the use of thinking about it? They were still friends, and she cared more about that than anything else. She told herself to think of it as a small blip on her life’s radar. It wouldn’t have been the first time she hooked up with a platonic friend… Only there was something about the way it felt when they were together that woke parts of her she didn’t know were sleeping. Something about the way he kissed her that night that made her think he wasn’t just a small blip on her radar. But that he was a whole fucking army storming the compound of her mind.

It was one night… Get it together, Jane. 

She downed the last of her glass, and once and for all decided she would enjoy her party. After several more rounds of drinks and celebrating with the crew, she felt that worry leave her. Focusing instead on the now and not on the possibilities. She focused on tonight instead of what huge battle was waiting for her tomorrow.

By the end of the evening she was sufficiently wasted, and it was time to get some sleep. The tickle of the whiskey played with her lower stomach and mind, erupting a childlike innocence. She really hated how giggly drinking made her, but she deserved a night off didn’t she? 

“Yes, she does. Or… I do… Let the giggling commence, Commander.” She said aloud to herself with a exaggerated nod as she clumsily approach her cabin.

Upon entering the messy space, she immediately pulled her foot up to struggle with her boots. As she jump and lean tipsily she pull at the bound shoe aggressively. Falling to the bed she leaned her hips up removing her pants in a few solid kicks. Slipping back to her feet she slid off her top to stand in her plain black bra and underwear. She pulled her arms into a long stretch as her eyes slid to the small sofa chair in the corner of her quarters. There lay a large black hoodie… one Garrus had left a few nights ago. She hadn’t moved it, or offered to return it before because well, it made her happy to see it laying there. 

But now, for some reason she desperately needed to wear it. Letting out a sigh she squinted her eyes at the hoodie as if it were taunting her. With a finger pointed at the sweater she licked her lips in thought. “Stop. You don’t need to put that thing on. That’s weird…” She spoke aloud as she turned in place facing the wall with hands on her hips. 

After a moment she slowly she turned around moving her head last, eyeing the sweater once more. Speaking innocently this time she continued. “Okay, I’ll just see what it looks like.” Tiptoeing towards the chair she itched her nose nervously. 

She really was pretty drunk if she was talking to a sweater. Or maybe not, because now that she thought about it she did find herself talking to inanimate objects on more than one occasion…

Reaching her arm down, she grabbed the hoodie lightly, stammering and almost placing it back more time than once. She immediately felt the weight, it was way heavier than any other sweater she’d owned before. It had a turian military insignia on it, and along the inside it said “G.Vakarian”. She could tell right away that this must of been a gift from a friend at C-Sec or something. She didn’t know much about turians but she was pretty sure that hoodies were a human thing.

Holding it out in font of her she inspected it closely, shifting her head side to side. The inside was lined with some kind of thick soft fur like material, and was softer than anything she’d felt before. Or maybe it wasn’t now that she thought about it, she was very drunk… 

In one quick motion she threw it around her back and slipped her hands through the enormous holes for arms. Saying that thing was large was beyond an understatement. That damn hoodie practically went down to her knees, and she wondered if it would fit her, Tali, Liara and maybe even Kaidan in it. She laughed to herself at the thought as she shoved the billowing arms into a pile at her elbow. Zipping the dress like sweater up, she nearly fell forward as she laugh uncontrollably. 

Shepard moved to the small mirror in her cabin to view how ridiculous she must look. Immediately she laughed again at the sight. “Jeez this thing is huuuuuuge.” 

She turned to the side and pulled the hood over her head, that too was enormous as it fell over her face hiding it almost completely. She leaned her face back far arching her back as she peek out of the bottom of the hood, unable to see anything. 

Knock, knock, knock.

“Fuck.” She said quietly as she jumped in fear reacting to the noise. In a buzzed stupor she stumbled backward over a pile of armor. “Ah, damnit…” Speaking quietly to herself before yelling from the ground rubbing her butt in pain. “Uh, just a minute!”

Moving to her feet as dexterously as possible she slipped on a pair of pants and  slid to the door. The mechanical buzz opened to reveal a very comely turian. Garrus stood with his arms crossed leaning against the wall outside her cabin door. Shepard didn’t know who she expected to see there, but it definitely wasn’t him. She watched as he straightened his posture and stepped forward with his version of a sweet smile. 

“Shepard. I just wanted to see if you were okay… I know that we… Is that my hoodie?” He stepped closer, his voice raising in question and amusement. 

“What?” She looked down quickly realizing she had still been wearing his sweater, in embarrassment she pulled the hood back off her head and shook her hair airily. Nodded while pulling her bottom lip into her mouth, she racked her brain for a believable reply. Slowly she opened her mouth to speak, but when nothing happened she just smiled and nodded letting noises only vaguely resembling words escape her lips. “Y-yeah. It’s your… ‘hoodie’.” 

Her words were awkward as she ended with playful air quotes, but she could see on his face that he found her endearing. She nodded again excessively as she took a deep breath in pulling her arms to her hips. “Do… you want it back?”

Garrus leaned in close to her, letting a small laugh slip before he slowly slid a hand to her chin. “You keep it. It looks much better on you.”