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1st day in Wisła
  1. Schileri’s smile just before and just after his first official jump after the break – precious!
  2. Polish commentators keeping talking about “Japanese tired because of contests in European zone time”.
  3. Cene’s ski running away and Almighty Walter the Ski Saviour.
  4. Welli in his white suit looking like a cute snowman.
  5. What is with Tande’s suit zip?
  6. Ziobro so stressed in first serie. Chill out, man!
  7. Majority of ski jumpers having problems with proper ending his jump on this abrupt hill and Polish ski jumpers doing it like bosses. :D
  8. Zyla sending us kisses.
  9. Anders, ZETNIKJ KURWA WŁOSY, plizzz.
  10. Fettner being too self-confident in this hill.
  11. Polish commentator: Granerud – ski jumping artist.
  12. Domen pissed off as fuck after his first jump.
  13. Kraft feeling so comfortable in Wisła!
  14. Fucking creepy Haybock waiting for his final jump.
  15. Kamil Stoch jumping with 3 injuries (both arms and knee) but still slaying.
  16. I fucking love the cameras in Wisla – royal quality!
  17. Polish commentators after Stoch’s final jump: TKO!!!
  18. Andreas Widhoelz replacing Heinz Kutin. <3
  19. Horngaher as a master of games theory (and strategic changing gates).

Sartorial Choices: Hernan “Shades” Alvarez (The Karl Lagerfield of Crime ™)

  • Brands: Hugo Boss, Helmet Lang, Prada, Ferragamo
  • Shoes: dress sneakers- possibly high top, dress loafers
  • Pants: dark jeans or black slacks, gray slacks
  • Shirts: black button up dress shirts, black t-shirt, black dress vest that could be part of a 3 piece suit. gray zip up hoodie  
  • Outerwear: black peacoat with upturned collar, black blazers- one has a leather/satin trim on the collar, in latter episodes, he wears a jacket/blazer with  a full leather collar. Also a wears a gray suit in the last scene
  • Accessories: chain necklace with a pendant (shape looks like it could be a spider), Ferragamo belt, black leather gloves, gold watch, a gun, and classic black wayfarer Ray Bans.  
It's my job

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Warnings: Character death

Prompts: “I’m you husband. It’s my job” and “I’m pregnant ”

Sighing as you look at those two blue lines you tossed the stick into the trash can and covered it with some toilet paper. Zipping up your suit you headed to the hangar.

You had just discovered you were pregnant when the alarm had sounded. Not having Time to tell buck you figured you would tell him when you got back.

Meeting the team in the Hangar bay all suited up you could tell this was something big. While you felt the need to tell them, you knew they would make you stay home and they would need all the help they could get.

Climbing into the jet you smiled at Bucky who had taken the seat beside you. Grabbing his hand, you settled into his shoulder not being able to shake the feeling in your gut.
Stretching from the slumber you had woken from you found out the you were just 10 minutes out. Sitting up you began to make sure you had all your weapons and your suit was secured well. As you put your coms in you were aware that you were less than a minute from your target.

Smiling when Bucky pecked your cheek standing beside you, you admired his side profile.

“Do I have something on my face Doll?” he asked chuckling when a faint blush spread across your cheeks.

Smiling when you felt the jet descending you grabbed his hand and gave it a tight squeeze
Smiling you kissed his cheek similar to the way he had moments ago. “After this I have a surprise for you.” You said pulling away as you heard the doors opening.

Smiling at you he winked “I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO IT DOLL!” he shouted as the two of you split up going to your separate places.
We were set up. They knew we were coming. That’s all you heard on your coms as you fought the latest batch of HYRDA thugs to come out. You couldn’t decipher you was saying what. You were starting to feel light headed as you stabbed the man next to you making him crumble to the ground. Looking for an escape you spotted an opening between two men and sighed.

You were going to have to risk it. Kicking away the guy in front of you, you darted in between then men running. You couldn’t catch your breath. You felt the cuts and stab wounds mentally assessing the damage you stilled as you heard a gunshot ring out.

Looking down frowning when you saw no bullet holes you turned around dread settling in the pit of your stomach. Gasping at what you saw you felt an ager build up inside you making your way to Bucky, who was laying on the ground you dint stop. Not once hesitating to kill the guys in your path, you stopped when you heard the familiar sound of a whizzing arrow.

Looking to see Clint nod at you, you darted to Bucky kneeling down picking up his head. Tears pooling in your eyes you frowned as Bucky grabbed your hand.

“Why? Why did you stop that bullet?” you asked him tears now streaming down your face, mixing with the blood and sweat .

“I’m your husband. It’s my job” he coughed out blood starting to appear in the corner of his mouth “Hey doll, don’t cry” he got out each breath becoming harder and harder.

“You can’t leave Buck. You have been through so much. You can survive this.” You got out pulling him closer

“I’m pregnant. You can’t leave me. Us” you said shaking your head as you felt his body becoming colder

His eyes lighting up he gripped your hand “Well I want the two of you to behave. I want you to find someone who can take care of the baby when you can’t. Y/N I love you.” He said his breathing becoming shallower each sound he made till there were no more sounds.

Sobbing you gripped him close and held him “Bucky! I need you here! WITH ME!” you said looking at him.

Jumping when you felt a hand on your shoulder you looked up to see Clint with sadness across his face “IT’s over Y/N.”

And with that you broke down laying across his chest one last time not noticing the rest of the team sitting around him.

Unexpected Mutant (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Chapter 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13

Word Count (2,486)

AN: Sowwy but this concludes our celebration day! Thank you for you immense support and kind words, you’re all truly amazing human beings. I hope you enjoyed six chapters of this today.

You zipped your suit up and exited your room, a blue flash moving past you, blowing your hair back, “Oh wow, can’t believe the Captain’s gal is late.” Pietro commented before disappearing again down the hall to the training room. You mumbled to yourself, following, slower, behind. You pushed open the doors, and were met with the gaze of everyone there – Wanda, Pietro, Sam Wilson, and the Vision, along with Natasha and Steve. Natasha grinned, “Needed a shower, huh?” she commented, earning a stare from Steve.

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Kurt X Reader - Winter at Graymalkin Lane Pt6

Ch.06 – Danger Room

Reader P.O V

Your hands were shaking a little as you zipped up your training suit. It was the big day, your first session in the danger room with the X-Men. Regardless off all the re-assurance you had from both the instructors, the Professor and your friends, you were still nervous.
You had never been in a battle-situation before. Everyone else was a veteran in some way.

You? Nothing. No experience. You just knew you were going to screw up.

You struggle even more with the buckles on your boots, and there is a knock on the door. You can hear Kurt calling your name.
“J-just a second….” you stammer, failing again to tighten the buckle.
“Do you need help…?” Kurt asks, sounding a little worried. You give in with a groan.

Kurt enters once you finally ask for his help, already in his full X-men gear. Your cheeks go bright red. He looks so much more mature…. so powerful…..

He kneels and helps you with your boots, holding the pieces in place so you can do them up properly. He does the same with your arm guards before standing.
“You look fit for battle.” he says with a smile. You somehow still manage to feel more nervous, hugging yourself a little.
“What if I screw up….” you mumble, heading for the door. Kurt puts a hand on your shoulder and squeezes gently.

“It’s only a training session, you do not have to worry if you make mistakes.”
You try to think positive, but it gets increasingly difficult with each step closer to the Danger Room. Everyone else was waiting for you outside, smiling as you approached.
Jean led the way inside, Mystique and the Professor were watching from the observation room. You stand between Kurt and Peter in a line, clenching your hands to try and calm your nerves. Peter looks at you, a little puzzled.

“It’ll be fine, geez…. you’re making me feel nervous….” he said, smiling. You can feel the colour draining from your face as the simulation begins. Kurt’s tail pats your back gently and you look to him. He is braced for battle, and smiles in your direction.
You swallow your fear and brace yourself too as the simulated environment begins to take shape around you. A battlezone. There was fire and debris scattered about, and you could see the monstrous Sentinels in the distance. You could feel the heat, smell the fire.

The sentinels were relentless, working you and the team to your limits to take them down. You and Peter worked in unison to trip the machines where you could, utilizing your superior speed to out manoeuvre them. Kurt teleported large chunks of rock and dropped them on the machines to slow them, while Jean and Scott teamed up with Storm to tackle the remaining Sentinels.
You paused for a breather beside Kurt, wiping your face and counting the remaining robots. Only two left. You nod to Peter and race forward, Kurt teleporting ahead. There is an explosion behind you and you turn, watching in slow motion as debris flies towards you and the others. You race forward, pushing Jean and Scott behind a large chunk of concrete, and you see Peter get Storm out of harm’s way. You look around frantically for Kurt, he is stuck too close to the debris and will not be able to get away in time. You rush to his side, pushing his body out of the way with yours. You feel a sharp pain in your side but ignore it as you shield Kurt from the rest of the flying dirt.
The others quickly shut down the remaining sentinels, ending the training program. You cough a little, still lying on top of Kurt. You can hear him calling your name, but it sounds distant and muffled. He holds you against his body as he sits up, you can see worry and fear in his eyes. His voice turns frantic and rushed, it sounds like he’s speaking in rapid German.

You have no idea what’s happening, you feel very light headed, and everything is going dark. You mumble something incoherent moments before you black out.

Kurt P.O V

He could see it happening but was powerless to stop it. She launched herself between him and the debris, shielding him. And now a strip of metal was embedded in her side. She went limp in his arms and he felt his entire body go cold.
She couldn’t die. Not like this….. it was too sudden. He called to the professor for help, to anyone. They were at his side in moments, everyone trying to figure out how this happened. Beast was investigating the robots, as it looked like a part of one of their insides was the cause of her injury.
Mystique came in with a hospital bed and helped Kurt lift her limp frame onto it. She then pried him off so Jean and Scott could get her out. He was screaming for her, but too distraught to manage to teleport. Mystique held onto him tightly, clenching her teeth.
It took Kurt a long time to calm down, but she held him that whole time, even long after everyone else had left. She slowly pulled back.
“Kurt… you need to clear your head. You hear me? She’s going to live, they would have called Magneto to get that metal out safely. She’ll need you to be strong.”
Kurt looked down and nodded, hands clenched into fists. He got up and headed upstairs with Mystique, following her instruction to shower and change his attire.

Once he was done and wearing a plain shirt and pants he headed for the medical room. The door was sealed so he sat down outside, tail lashing with agitation. He could hear voices inside, one of them definitely being Magneto. They sounded very concerned, and it was hours before the doors opened again, Hank stepping out.
“Kurt? How long have you been sitting out here?” he asked, looking tired.
“ ………… a while….” Kurt replied, his voice cracking. “Is… she alright?”
Hank sighed running a hand through his hair and adjusting his glasses.
“She will live but…. it is going to take her some time to heal. She wont be able to train with the Xmen…. not for a very long time.”
Kurt felt his heart torn. She was going to live, which was truly blessed news. But her future with the team was now in question.
“May I see her?” he said in a small voice, looking back up to Hank. He nodded and held the door open as Kurt stood and shuffled inside.

She was lying on the bed, having been carefully moved off the operating table and covered with warm blankets. Kurt pulled a chair over and sat down beside her, taking her hand in his gently. He kept gloves on at Hank’s suggestion, not wanting to risk giving her his power in her weak state and having her vanish unexpectedly.

She looked so pale, lying on the hospital sheets. So tired and helpless, Kurt held her hand a little tighter. She had thrown herself in the line of fire to protect him. Without seeming to care about what would happen. She was a warrior at heart…. that much was certain.

He sat with her for the rest of the day, not moving even when the others came to check on them both. Jubilee brought food for him, though he didn’t have much of an appetite. He looked at the clock on the wall, it was well past sundown, everyone would be going back to their rooms about now, some even going to sleep.
His mind was still replaying what happened over and over, wishing there was some way to go back and prevent this from happening. Hank came back, a folder in his hands.
“Kurt? I figured out what caused the explosion. There was faults in the workings of that last Sentinel, it had been broken and rebuilt too many times. It just took one too many hits and exploded. We can’t tell who or what set it off, but it won’t be happening again. The professor is having Magneto destroy what’s left of them.”
Kurt nodded, understanding this was all just an accident. Still, one he wished he had taken the hit for, not her. She shifted in her sleep, her hand twitching and gripping Kurt’s a little.
He moved his chair closer, resting himself on the bed and closing his eyes.
He was determined to stay by her side until she woke, and for as long as she would allow him for every day that followed.
She saved his life and as far as he was concerned, she owned his life now.


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Almost is Never Enough | Zhang Yixing


Word Count1k

Summary - In which you can no longer bear not having the reassurance of an actual relationship with Yixing and you decide to take a big step which changes both of your lives drastically

(Prequel to ‘Half a Heart)

Lyrics Credit - Almost is Never Enough | Ariana Grande ft. Nathan Sykes

Part 1 Part 2 

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If I could change the world overnight

There’d be no such thing as goodbye

You’d be standing right where you were

And we’d get the chance we deserve



“Wait… Y/N! What are you doing?” His shaking voice continued to break my already shattered heart as I zipped up the suit case after putting all of my belongings in it. Leaving him wasn’t a choice I’d made on the spot; it came with months and months of contemplating where this thing was ever going to go. He never officiated anything between us in fear of me leaving him after seeing the consequences behind our forbidden feelings, but he didn’t seem to have any intention of claiming to be just friends in fear of me leaving him for someone else. As of that moment, my love life seemed to be depending on whether or not he was willing to give me the title of being his girlfriend, and my dignity and I were absolutely sick of it. It wasn’t the fact that I hadn’t given him time to think through the whole thing, or that I thought he didn’t care about me enough to give me the title I deserved; Yixing was good at heart but I couldn’t wait around for his indecisive trait to weigh out the pros and cons.

“I’ll come back in a few weeks to get my stuff from the other rooms.” I coldly pushed past him and made my way to the front door. His hand rigidly latched onto my arm causing me to look up at his watery eyes; my own tears being seconds away from falling and shattering the strength I had to leave him. “Yixing let go” I snapped through gritted teeth, instantly pulling my arm away from his and almost instantly missing the feeling of his skin against mine. But that was one of the things I’d have to learn to live through in order to keep what I fought myself for. I continued journey out of the prison he called an ‘Almost-relationship’, but I halted in my tracks as I heard the frustrated groan emit from his lips.

“Would you at least tell me why you’re leaving me? I’ve given you all the time I could, I’ve always treated you the way a respectful woman like you deserves to be treated and I’ve always assured you that we will be together one day! Y/N what else do you want from me?! Tell me what I did wrong so I can fix this!” He demanded, now fighting through the angry tears which were still flowing down his face. I couldn’t help but scoff at his assurance… Waiting around for that assurance to be filled was not something I was willing to do anymore and he had to accept that; even if it did hurt him more than it was killing me.

One day… Yixing do you have any idea how long I’ve waited for that damn day!? I have never ever asked you for anything, not wanting to be the girlfriend who feels like a burden because she can’t take care of herself. I’ve always given you all the love I’ve ever had in my heart and I trusted you blindly since the moment we met Yixing I gave you my all and the only thing I’d ever asked from you was the reassurance of the fact that this is actually a relationship that is going somewhere” I cried, now feeling somewhat relieved of the fact I wasn’t going to leave him in the dark but he wasn’t having any of it. He strode towards me and swiftly turned me around, giving me a pained stare.

“You have no idea what I am keeping you from. Y/N they will destroy you inside out without it making any difference to them! I don’t want you to go through the pain just for the satisfaction of having me in your life. I’m not worth the fight…” He brought back the point he’d been using for the past two years I’d known him. It broke my heart every time he thought of himself like that and I knew that leaving him would incorrectly stand him correct, but I had a reply to his excuse today.

“The fact that you don’t think I’m strong enough to deal with the fans’ disapproval is disappointing in itself, regardless of the amount of things you said they’d do to me. Yixing I said I loved you and I agreed to take on anything that decided to come between us” A tear finally rolled down my cheek as I reached up to wipe his with the sleeve of my sweater. He gave me his pleading eyes as I continued to run my fingers along his face and memorising all that I was going to dearly miss. Everything I had to let go of because I had to.  “I was prepared to fight for us Yixing, but you weren’t and I don’t think you ever will be” I accepted, placing a soft kiss on his damp cheek and looking back into his brown orbs

“Y/N please don’t leave me…” He whimpered, tenderly cupping my cheeks whilst I struggled to not give into his loving gestures. I took the moment to feel his lips against one more time and he responded to the kiss immediately; another tear rolling down his cheek as I soon pulled away. He knew how much that kiss would hurt us, but we decided to endure the pain in hopes that in the future, we’ll remember what happiness used to feel like.

“Goodbye Yixing…” I breathed before pulling away from the warmth and comfort of his arms and putting my set of keys down onto the coffee table; walking out of his life without giving into the voice which screamed at me to stay with him and give him another chance.

A/N: I am hoping to write a second part to end to this but it won’t be soon since I have multiple requests that I aim to complete (So please don’t request them, the idea is in my head <3) I hope the anon who requested liked this, thank you all so much for reading :)


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You were done fighting over God knows what. You were sick and tired of yelling and you had had enough. You walked to your bedroom and started packing your things.
“What are you doing?” You heard Thomas quietly ask behind you.
“What does it look like?” You zipped a suit case.
“Please don’t leave me,” he said through the tears.
You took your bags and walked down the stairs.
“Y/n,” he called out.
You reached for the door handle and felt a hand on your shoulder, “please stay.”
“No, I have to go Thomas.” Was all you could say through the tears, not even looking back, you had to remain strong. You opened the door and left.
You called your friend who let you stay with them for a little while until you could find your own place.
*a few weeks later*
Your phone brightened up on your desk. You looked at it, it was a text from Thomas:

Please go to the beach now.

You sighed and debated it for a few minutes.
In ten minutes you found yourself walking on the beach. There were rose petals leading down to a table set up for two with candle lights.
No, you thought to yourself, this can’t be happening, he’s trying to win me back.
“Hey,” Thomas walked over and pulled out a chair for you to sit. He pushed you in and sat down.
“Look y/n, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you for the past…” He began.
“Thomas,” you cut him off.
“Please let me finish. You’ve been the only thing on my mind. No matter what I did I couldn’t stop thinking of you. When I closed my eyes, you were the only thing I saw. I couldn’t go another day without you, and I don’t want to go on without you. Y/N, I’m so sorry, I don’t want to lose you again, I don’t want to go on without you. So on that note, will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and held out velvet box with a shining ring inside.
“Oh my gosh Thomas,” was all you could say.
“I don’t blame you for being upset, so it’s a no?” He said beat down.
“No,” you began causing him to lower the box and hang his head, “it’s a yes!” He jumped up and a smile spread across his face, he fumbled getting the ring on your finger and picked you up giving you a huge kiss.
“I don’t want to go another day without you either,” you said smiling into another kiss.

Carla Murray and Peter Allen, TechnoLust, 2000

“TechnoLust is a prototype for a zip-on suit with intregral electronic functions. Using 3d body scanning and vacuum forming processes, the suits would be manufactured on demand to fit individual needs, from body contours to technology preferences. Using such emerging technologies as nanochips, flexible printed circuitry, and soft screens, TechnoLust looks at the future of computing and communication technologies. The configuration of TechnoLust shown here–just one of many potential product variations–is a wireless, self-sufficient gaming suit, designed to allow the user to play virtual games from any location. The design is deliberately erotic, suggesting the replacement of erogenous zones with electronic ports.

TechnoLust seeks to merge the softness of skin with the hard lines of consumer electronics.

Watching Civil War for the millionth time & when Capt. Says, "Suit up." Tell me I'm not the only person who wants a clip of everyone putting on their suits.

I can totally see Scott asking Sam to help him zip up his suit or something.

Tell me I’m not the only one who wants to see this. TELL ME.

Kate Upton’s “Evening Standard Magazine” White Zip Up Swimsuit

Kate Upton Instagrammed THIS photo from Evening Standard Magazine.

She is wearing a Moncler jacket and Lisa Marie Fernandez Farrah Maillot bonded swimsuit.  Buy her swimsuit here:

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It is also available in these colors: 

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