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Hogwarts Houses as Good Feeling Things


the crunch of a footstep in freshly fallen snow, putting together the prefect outfit and knowing you look your best, rooms with tall ceilings, perfect eyebrows, standing on balconies, pressed suits, zipping up tall boots


running out into a rainstorm just to get soaked, dancing to loud music with your best friend, running to clear your mind after a bad day, getting a haircut and feeling light and free, taking a breath of fresh air in the summer, skipping stones


setting up your bed as the perfect Netflix fort, the he loves me he loves me not game, perfect long nails with dark polish, crisp powdery pages, crackling fireplaces, writing until your hand cramps up, old castles 


getting a hug from that one person, p.j days at school, taking off make up at the end of the day, hiding in a hoodie, stacking up five blankets in the wintertime, telling someone you love them over and over, movies with friends

Bellamy: I’M DONE CLARKE *steps into his hazmat suit* YOU DIDN’T EVEN TELL ME ABOUT YOUR PLAN TO TAKE THE BUNKER *zips up the suit* YOU LEFT MY SISTER AND ALL THOSE PEOPLE OUT THERE TO DIE *puts on his boots* YOU LET THEM TAZE ME *pulls on his gloves*  YOU LET THEM LOCK ME UP *duct tapes gloves in place* YOU POINTED A GUN AT ME *pulls on helmet* AND NOW YOU THINK I’M JUST GONNA GO ALONG WITH ANOTHER ONE OF YOUR PLANS?? *grabs the keys to the rover* DO YOU WANNA DRIVE OR ARE YOU TAKING SHOTGUN?

a VOLTRON Paladin torso armor pattern

Hey dudes~ so someone asked if i was willing to share my armor patterns, and the answer is HELL YEAH.

So, here’s the dealio with these: 

1. I used a dress form sized to me to make these.

( that’s  5″5, ~150lbs, 39-40″ at the bust lv,32″ at the waist.and 16″ across the shoulders.)

they can resize, but that’s on you. ;D

know your measurements, know where things line up.

2. These are designed with EVA foam as the intended material. Stuffed fabric could also work. (maybe.)

3. I’m all for sharing creativity, but for frack or quiznak sake, don’t repost and say you made these. don’t remove the text. its irritating and ugly fine, but the notes on the armor are important. 

(it will confuse people and hurt my feelings okay? let’s be a cool fandom everyone.)

Let’s start!

I recommend using a ruler. since this is on pattern paper (a godsend, btw) the distance between the little blue marks is all a perfect square inch.

the EASIEST way to achieve symmetry is to do one half and fold and copy it to the other. 

*I haven’t done the V shape yet, but can add it later or just make a proper tutorial thing.

Note: registration marks! also, this is designated as the LEFT shape, and connecting to the BACK piece of the armor. not the front. (flip it over and you got the right side!)

Now, I realized after cutting the foam and making sure i can get my head through the hole, this could get interesting really quick when getting the chest piece on and off, especially since my suit zips up the back…


(or do, if you can fit. I can’t. broad shoulders.)

instead,on the back, I’m going to glue/staple/glue some black stretch fabric, and shape the gap to fit at an angle. it should sit flat when in place, and stretch when you need it to.

that way, you can get it on and off easily. 

**I will update on how this goes. 

this is where folding the pattern for symmetry is REALLY handy.

and a good example of how great this paper is.

the length of my guard is 20 lines up with the marks on the torso pieces.

the line going across as labeled is the light level. (EL tape goes there! diffuse your LED’s guys! be careful of your circuits!)

I still need to figure out the shoulder pieces, but this is what i got so far!


for anyone new to EVA foam:

Evil Ted Smith’s youtube channel is a friggn gold mine, guys.

if you do use EVA, please be careful. its difficult to cut, foam gives off fumes when heated or burned, and knives are sharp and most dangerous when slightly dull. use a dremel to fix an edge, not a knife. (it wont work.)

I’d also be happy to make a tutorial for using a dress form for this kind of thing!

feel free to message me personally if you have any questions, happy and safe cosplaying~!!


(its about damn time.)


Note, the leg piece i recommend getting the big roll of foam. and shrink the arms down an inch or so in length. 

this is my update for my leg armor, the hatching is velcro. also, ignore my measurements. sorry these took so long!!


Note: hi, darlin! I’m glad you love my writing! thank you so much for the request! I really hope you like it! .c

Request: Hii can you do a Bucky imagine where the reader is part of the avengers but they all ignore her all the time and they kind of hate her and to actually talk to them she has to follow them around. She has always been like that and one night they are really rude to her and she kind of breaks down and yeah…. You can make up the ending. By the way love your writing :) - @mariamaymanessam

Becoming an Avenger was not what you expected. Instead of a warm welcome, you had no welcome at all. Instead of  making new friendships, you seem to have made…enemies? You weren’t exactly sure what they were. The team didn’t take a liking to you and you had no idea what you did to deserve such a rough time with them. You were on their team, you helped them during missions, and dare you say it: you picked up their slack and even saved their lives a few times.

So why do they hate you? Why do they ignore you?

You were getting ready for a mission, slipping your boots on. Your zipped up your suit afterwards and took a deep breath as you looked in the mirror. It was much like Natasha’s, just with more weapon holsters and secret pockets for knives. You sighed as you left your room, almost dreading having to leave.

You tried all morning to find out what the mission was about. Every time you asked someone, they’d brush you off or just completely ignore you. It was frustrating, but you knew they couldn’t let you go out there and not know what to do. Sure, kill enemies and protect your team members, but you didn’t know if there was something you had to do specifically.

The tower was pretty quiet as you searched for the team. Taking the elevator up to the common room, you didn’t find them there either. It was ten minutes till take off and you had no clue where they were.

“Friday, where’s the team?” You asked, tapping your fingers against your thigh nervously. “They are about to leave, Miss Y/L/N.” You gasped and the elevator doors slid open just as you were about to ask Friday to tell them to wait on you.

You opened the door to the roof and saw Steve walking onto the strip, securing his shield on his back. You ran as fast as you could, yelling for Steve to wait on you.

“I’m coming! Wait! Please!” Your combat boots hit the ground hard and fast as you watched the landing strip start to close. Your heart was beating fast and you swore he almost turned around to look at you but acted like he didn’t hear you.

Grunting, you pushed yourself to run faster and you just barely made it as the strip started to lift off the ground. You fell onto the strip and crawled up into the quinjet, your lungs burning.

The team was sitting around the table, going over the mission plans again, not seeming to care that you were gasping for air on the floor.

“You couldn’t have waited for me?” You asked breathlessly, standing to your feet. Nobody turned to look at you and you sighed heavily through your nose. “Guess not.” You muttered, walking over to the table. You stood near Sam and he cleared his throat, slightly turning his body away from you.

You peeked over the table to look at the manila file folder Steve was reading from. “It’s a HYDRA base. It holds information on a new experiment and we cannot leave without it. You know what to do.” His eyebrow quirked as he looked up from the file to glance around the team, skipping you.

“Who’s supposed to get the information?” You asked, looking around at the team. Their expressions were cold and they stayed silent, moving away to sit in their seats. You sighed and you reached for the file until a hand yanked it off the table. You looked over to see Clint whistling to himself, holding the file in front of his face, pretending to read it.

The team chuckled quietly and you frowned. “I wanted to read that.” You said, waiting for Clint to put the file down to respond to you. When he didn’t, you sighed. “Forget it.” You turned to sit in your rightful seat, only to see a large black duffel bag sitting in it.

Wanda was smirking as she hummed, keeping a hand on the bag so you couldn’t pull it away. Not bothering to say anything, you sat against the wall, a little ways away from the team.

You were used to them treating you like this, so it didn’t bother you too much to not have a seat or know what the mission was entirely about. You’d do what you always do. Go in, take down any enemy you see, and make sure the team was safe.

And that’s what you were doing. Your guns were firing bullet after bullet as you fought alongside Nat, Wanda, and Clint.

“On your left!” You shouted to Nat as she snapped a guards neck. Another one was charging at her and he pulled out a gun just as you hopped off the back of another guard.

Nat, of course, didn’t listen to you. So instead of letting her get shot, you ran into her and you both fell to the ground before either of you got shot. You quickly shot him down and Nat grunted, more so in annoyance than pain. “Get off of me!” She yelled, pushing you onto your back.

You scoffed and shook your head at her. “You’re welcome for saving your ass!” You yelled back, watching her kick open a door, leading into another room. Clint followed silently behind Nat, his bow aimed in front of him. You stomped after them and swallowed your anger. All you needed to do was get through this mission alive. Being angry would only make you lose focus.

You walked into the room Nat and Clint were in and you listened to Nat and Steve talk to each other in your comms. “The room is empty. Do you see anything?” Steve asked, you could hear him grunting and fighting alongside Bucky and Sam. 

Wanda and Tony had been searching the far end of the base. A sense of familiarity set into your bones as you looked around the room. You knew exactly where they would keep such information. “I know where it is!” You exclaimed, listening to the team go quiet. “Great.” Clint said sarcastically. 

You looked at Clint and Nat let out a laugh. “Of course she does. She was one of them.” Nat laughed harder and soon the others joined her. Your heart sank in your chest and you gripped your gun in your hand, holding onto the last ounce of composure you had. 

Your past with Hydra wasn’t what they wanted to accept. They thought you were one of the bad guys, but you weren’t. You never were. You were kidnapped and experimented on but they didn’t care to look at it that way.

You sighed and left the room, making your way to the hidden vault on the left wing of the base. A few guards cut down the hallway, yelling in Russian. Before you could do anything , you had to take them out. And it was more than you expected. “Shit.” You muttered, readying your gun and a throwing knife.

You shot down any guard you could and even had to do hand-to-hand combat to get through some of them. 

You took down the last guard with a choke hold and pride filled your chest. You ran towards the end of the hallway and saw a door with a passcode button. If you remembered correctly, you’d be able to get in without tripping an alarm. You had to do this before and it was nothing new to you. You knew all of their codes, having been in a base for five years.

The team had gone quiet in your comm and you figured all the guards left were dead. You suddenly heard footsteps approaching behind you. “What is she doing?” You heard Sam ask behind you. You turned around and let out a breath as you saw who it was. “I’m getting what you all couldn’t find.” You shrugged, turning back to the door.

You punched in a code and heard it beep two times, then the metal door slid open to reveal a large vault. You pumped your fist and exclaimed happily. “Unbelievable.” Wanda groaned, shaking her head. The others were upset and angry, but you were happy to had found what was needed.

You typed in the same code into the vault and pulled the door open, a file folder and two tubes of red liquid were set on display. You took them all and walked over to Steve, holding them out for him with a smile. He stared down at you with an unreadable expression before turning and walking away.

The team followed behind him and you sighed, following after them. Nobody was grateful for you finding it. Though, after a successful mission, you were worn out and ready to clean yourself of the dirt and blood. 

So when you got back to the tower, you went straight to your bedroom to clean up. Thoughts filled your head, swirling around and nearly making you dizzy, as you slipped out of your boots and your suit. Your chest felt heavier the more you thought about everything. 

You stepped into your bathroom and turned on your shower, stepping in and letting the hot water loosen your tense muscles and wash away the sadness. Only by a little. It wasn’t enough to let you feel peaceful. The way the team treated you everyday, it hurt. It was confusing and you were tired of it.

Getting out, you quickly dried your hair and slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top, deciding to wear a thin cardigan. It gave you a sense of comfort. Your mind raced with questions and possible reasons as to why the team didn’t like you. You’d even say they hated you at this point.

Your stomach growling kept your thoughts at bay, you were more than ready to eat dinner. You’d rather avoid the team, but you had a right to eat just as much as they did. As the elevator to the kitchen opened, you could hear the team talking among themselves, the sound of their laughter echoing through the hallway.

You stopped before you reached the door, keeping out of sight as you heard your name.

“Come on, Nat! Y/N saved you.” You heard Wanda say, teasing the redhead. You could just picture the smirk on her face, you even heard the venom laced in her tone as she spoke. Nat scoffed and a few laughs covered up the beginning of her sentence.

“-but I had it under control. It’s not my fault the bitch won’t stick to her job.” You frowned and leaned against the wall, your stomach sinking as you listened to everyone agree. “I mean, she acts like she’s the best on the team!” The sound of a fork dropping onto a plate made you jump and you were suddenly aware of the tears falling down your cheeks.

You sniffled lightly and wiped at your nose with the sleeve of your cardigan. “I mean, we don’t even need her here.” Sam said just loud enough for you to hear. You felt sick to your stomach, feeling like a terrible burden to everyone.

Clint chuckled and you could hear him loudly chewing his food before he joined in. “She knew the passcode. Only a fucked up person would remember Hydra’s passcodes.” He mumbled the last part lowly. You heard Bucky clear his throat, his chair sliding against the floor. “Excuse me!?” He asked, shock evident in his voice.

You covered your mouth as a sob threatened to escape and you turned on your heel, running down the hallway and back to the elevator.

You couldn’t listen to this anymore. All they did was ignore you when you needed them or even wanted to hang out, and they were always talking about you and how they don’t like you. If they didn’t want you here, all they had to do was say so.

You stepped into the elevator and took it up to your bedroom. You tried your best to hold it in and when you slammed your door shut, you let everything go.

Everything that you held in came crashing down on top of you. Your sobs echoed through your room and it felt like your heart was going to split in two. You couldn’t understand what you did wrong. 

A few minutes passed and a knock on your door startled you. Quickly scrambling to your feet, you took a few deep breaths before you opened your door, only to see Bucky standing there. His hair framed his face as he looked down at you, his eyes taking in your appearance.

You wiped at your cheeks and put on a fake smile, as if he couldn’t see that you were crying right in front of him. “H-hey, James.” Your voice came out shaky and you winced at the sound of it. Bucky stuffed his hands in his pockets, his head hanging low, guilt bubbling in his stomach.

He felt bad for how the team treated you. He would always take up for you, always tell the team to give you a break. He knew you were good for the team, whether they wanted you here or not. But he was too scared to approach you about it.

It was no excuse, but he was still new to opening up and talking about feelings. He hoped he was strong enough to finally put an end to how the team treated you.

“Did…Did you want to join us?” Bucky asked softly, kicking himself in his mind at what he just asked you. Why on earth would you want to join them after hearing what they said about you? After how they’ve treated you ever since you arrived? You were taken aback and you wanted to scoff at Bucky, but you held it in. He was making an effort.

You shook your head, “Sounds like you’re all having the time of your lives. I don’t want to intrude.” You walked away to sit on your bed and you sniffled, staring down at your knees.

Bucky walked into your room and sat down on your bed beside you. You held your head in your hands and let out another sob. “I need to leave.” You spoke through your sobs and Bucky felt his heart clench in his chest. “Please, don’t.” He whispered, and you almost missed it over your crying.

You let out a shaky laugh and you looked up at Bucky. “You guys hate me! I can’t do this anymore. A-all I’ve ever done, all I’ve e-ever tried to do was be apart of the team!” You inhaled deeply before another sob shook your body.

Bucky’s right hand rested on the small of your back, his metal hand moving to your cheek to wipe away your tears. “Y/N, when I first got here, they, aside from Steve, treated me nearly the same way.  And…what happened to you, they don’t understand it. But I do.” Bucky saw your lip tremble and that did it for him.

“Come with me.” He stood to his feet and held his hand out for you. You stared at it as if it were a foreign object, your eyebrows creasing. “What?” You asked, sniffling as you wiped at your cheeks.

He gently wiggled his fingers after a few seconds. “Come on.” Bucky quietly urged you to take his hand and you gently slid yours into his, letting him pull you along to wherever it was he was taking you.

Taking the elevator back down, Bucky brought you into the kitchen and you felt small beside him. But you felt even smaller when the team looked up at spotted you with him. He stood there, his chest rising and falling heavily as his anger tried to break through his ribcage.

“She’s apart of the team. I don’t care who doesn’t like it. She has saved you-,” He pointed to Nat with a hard stare and she slowly sank in her seat, casting her eyes down to her lap, “-and you, and you.” He pointed at Wanda and then Clint.

They all sat there, seemingly full of shock and surprisingly, guilt.

Bucky’s hand dropped from yours and he walked over to the table, moving his plate of food to an empty seat beside him so that you could eat it.

"Y/N, eat with us.” He said with a small smile. You stood there, unsure of what to do, just like the others as they watched. Bucky sighed and walked over to you again and pulled you to the seat, gently sitting you down.

“If anyone says anything about her again, I won’t be so nice.” Bucky threatened, taking the seat beside you. You kept your eyes on the plate and bit your lip nervously. Bucky gently nudged your arm and you looked up at him. He smiled at you and motioned towards the plate. 

You sighed and slid it back to him. “It’s yours.” You whispered, ignoring the stares from the team. “I want you to eat first. You worked hard today.” Bucky shrugged.

Nat took a deep breath and Bucky tensed in his seat. He shot her a warning glare and she held her hands up in defense. “I was just gonna tell her thank you.” She said softly, her eyes flickering to your face before looking at Bucky again.

Steve straightened his back in his seat, “Y/N, I want to apologize. And I-I want to say thank you, as well.” Steve said, his cheeks tinted red. Your eyes widened and soon enough the whole team was apologizing. 

“We weren’t sure if we could trust you. Hydra has…Hydra has a way with weaving people in and destroying things.” Tony explained after a few minutes, setting down his drink. 

You nodded gently. Bucky let his arm rest on your chair, his thumb brushing against your shoulder. A warm feeling spread throughout your body at the small action. “I’m sorry if I haven’t proved myself.” You whispered softly, keeping your eyes on the food.

Sam cleared his throat and looked over at you. “You’ve proved that we could trust you many times and I’m sorry for everything. We need you on the team. I was too cocky to admit it.” Sam mumbled the last part bashfully. Bucky snorted and covered his mouth with his hand. Soon enough, you were laughing along with the team.

“Do you want to say something?” Bucky asked softly, watching as you took a bite of your food. You looked around at everyone and sighed.

It wasn’t entirely wrong to accept their apologies. They did have a good reason to resent you at first, with the whole new recruit with a Hydra backstory situation, but it would take you a little while to fully become their friend after everything.

You shook your head and looked up at Bucky. He simply nodded at you, completely understanding, and let you get back to eating. He kept his arm over your chair and scooted just a tad closer to you.

Not too long after, the team started talking again, only this time: they didn’t ignore you.

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looks best with high waisted bottoms if using the top. also looks cute af as a bathing suit .zip comes with both a top package and a full body package

12 neutral colours + one with the cute strawberry. custom thumbs and base game compatible


Vengeance  [Peter Parker]

Summary: You’re a well known hero around Queens with the ability to turn completely invisible and use telekinesis. You’ve never gotten along with Peter Parker but what happens when you overhear a small conversation between him and your father, Tony Stark? 

Words: 1085

Warnings: None
Tags: @pillow223

You’d never liked Peter Parker

Not when you two went to school together and definitely not when he began working for your dad. But life was unfair.

It was his childish personality that really did it for you, and probably the fact that he’d been your competition since kindergarten. No matter what you did, how hard you worked Peter Parker was always one step (and one grade) ahead of you.

So when you found out he was your dads new ‘project’ you were fuming, begging your dad to forget about the wall crawler and move on to the next teen that showed signs of supernatural power, but Tony Stark is one of the most stubborn people you will ever meet and changing his mind was near impossible.

When Peter and your dad begun working together more often it was only a matter of time before he found out you were Shadow, the Hero of Queens you would hear about but never see. You were able to move things with your mind, turn invisible (hence the ‘hear about but never see’) and your fighting skills were at Natasha’s level.

He tried to talk to you, key word tried.

You weren’t an ass hole, you’d just learnt a few important lessons over the years the harder way.

When Spider man became more well know around queens people wanted to know more and when Spider Man crashed one of your missions, the public started questioning the relationship between Shadow and Spiderman.

There were only a few pictures of you two together on that night, the night of the bank robbery that caused the destruction of Delmar’s Deli.

People automatically assumed that you two were friends, fighting together to bring peace to Queens but boy were they wrong.

You watched as one of the men practically beat Peter’s ass, rolling your eyes before turning completely invisible and kicking the robbers feet out from under him.

The other man’s eyes widened as he look around confused before reaching around thin air, attempting to find your figure. Idiots.

You stood behind the last man, leaning against the wall and tapping his shoulder. Before he could react you punched him square in the face knocking him right out.

“What were you thinking?! You could’ve got yourself seriously hurt” You say once the initial buzz has worn down.

You knew your dad hadn’t given him permission to go on these sorts of missions yet.

“I thought you might’ve needed help” he says “So, how about coffee? Not as Spiderman and Shadow of course… Maybe just Y/N and Peter?”

You snicker but you can’t help but wonder deep down if he was being serious, he can’t be. “In your dreams, Parker”

Before he can speak again you’re nothing more than a mere shadow, only to be seen if you really concentrated your eyes.

“Hey Y/N!” You turn towards the voice, noticing Peter, at your house? Great

“What’re you doing here?” You ask with a rather dull, bored tone.

After back and forth bickering and rudeness between you and Peter for the last few years you couldn’t exactly change straight away.

“Your uh, your dad asked me to come over to show me a new suit” He says shyly and it’s then that you notice the way his cheeks were suddenly flushed and the way he pulled his sweater over his hands. “Apparently he’s added more web shooters”

“Can you let him know i’m home?” You ask, completely uninterested and wait until he nods before heading into the kitchen for a snack.

Throughout your childhood your dad wasn’t around much, his work was demanding and he tried to be home as much as possible but sometimes being home as much as possible meant popping in once a week, or a few days a month.

You loved your dad, he’d given you everything you could’ve needed and more but sometimes it hurt to see him spending more time around Peter or the other Avengers than he did with you.

“I don’t know why she doesn’t like me, I-I don’t know what i’m doing wrong” You heard Peter say, right before you heard the sound of a suit being zipped up.

You didn’t meant to listen in on their conversation, it just so happened that you heard that line and couldn’t help but feel intrigued.

“She’s my daughter kid, she’s stubborn” You smiled at your dads voice. Ever since you were a kid people would tell you that you were just like your father, one day you hoped to be as successful as him and take over Stark Industries “But seriously Pete, do you know how many people have used her just for the fact that she’s my daughter? That poor girl doesn’t know who to let in. Heck i’d kill for her to have a friend like you”

“I don’t want to be friends with her simply for the fact that she’s your daughter Mr Stark, sometimes it can get a bit lonely being the only teen hero i just want someone that can relate with me on another level”

“Just hold out a bit longer, she’ll come around eventually”

You hear your dad walk out, probably to grab another piece of equipment or suit and you take that moment to step in. Peter doesn’t notice you at first as you lean against the door frame.

“So, that mission last week was pretty badass right?” You say, taking another bite from your apple.

Peter turns around, rather startled at first and his mouth hangs wide open at you starting a conversation with him first for once.

“I know right! You totally kicked their asses, they didn’t see it coming” Peter had a large grin on his face as he spoke, words of excitement dripping from his lips.

“I couldn’t have done it without you Spider boy” You remember when one of the men almost managed to get a hit in and Peter swung round, pushing him onto the floor instead.

“You should teach me some of those moves sometime” he then adds, “i could use some more fighting skills that don’t actually involve using my webs

“I’d love to” You think about it for a moment. “Maybe in return you could help me bump my chem grades up a bit?”

Peter nods excitedly and continues grinning like a child, that childlike grin and over excited personality you’d only once hated.

“I like the new suit by the way, my dad did a good job”

Treetop Confessions

Summary: An accident in training causes feelings to be confessed.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, implied sex.

A/N: I wanted to make a Loki or a Thor story in honor of the Ragnarok trailer, and I still may of y’all wanna see one, send me requests for either one of them! I just had this one in writing for so long and I FINALLY finished it. So Voila`!

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Ever since Bucky fucking Barnes came to the compound, I have NEVER been the same. The man showed up, and all of a sudden I lost all control of my emotions, hormones and body. Literally everything just fell apart. Also, I haven’t gotten laid in over 3 years. 3 YEARS. I’m not the type to take someone home and sleep with them once, or to be friends with benefits. It’s been my only promise to myself, to not have sex with a random stranger JUST because I’m feeling frisky, that’s what I have toys for. I only have sex with someone when I’m in a relationship with them. HOWEVER, James Buchanan Barnes may make me throw out every promise I’ve ever made to myself and not think twice about it. The sad part is I don’t really even know him very well, we only say a few words to one another. For the longest time I thought the guy just didn’t like me, and Steve had to reassure me that’s not the case, he just doesn’t know how to socialize anymore, and certainly doesn’t know how to talk to women. It’ll take some time, and I understand that. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating that I can’t get over this stupid school girl crush I have on the guy.

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James was walking home from work one day when a guy on a motorcycle in full leather stopped and approached him. 

“Hey, man. How’s it going?” said the biker

“Doing well and yourself?” James looked at the biker kind of confused, but also a bit curiously. He wasn’t able to make out a face behind the dark tint of the helmet, but the voice was that of a man. James was impressed with the motorcycle and the leather outfit the biker wore. The two began to converse about the bike and how the man had had it for a long time. James admired how pristine the biked looked. 

“Your bike looks awesome, man. I wish I could own a bike like that some day” James said with a gleam in his eyes. 

“If you want you can test ride it. We’ve only just met, but you seem like the type of guy that appreciates a good bike when he sees it.” 

James was in awe when he heard that. “Are you sure?”

The man nodded and stepped off his bike signalling James to take a seat. 

 James put one foot over the leather seat, put his hands on the handles, and leaned forward imagining his ride even before he started. The motorcycle headlights suddenly blinked and in that instant, James eyes also blinked with a certain light. James’ body shot up. He rubbed his eyes. 

The man asked if James was alright. 

“Never felt better.” James said with a grin on his face toward the man. 

“Oh. Before you go, you’ll need a helmet.”

The man had removed his helmet to reveal a headless figure standing in front of James. James looked in shock at the freestanding motorcycle suit and helmet. The suit had removed it’s helmet and quickly placed it over James’ head. James was freaking out. He didn’t know what he just saw. He tried to remove the helmet from his head, but he could not. A voice….the voice of the man was in his head. 

“Don’t fight it, son. Give in to me. You know you want to feel the rush of being on a motorcycle; the warmth of my leather covering your body.” 

James felt massive amounts of adrenaline running through his veins. The helmet was sending feelings of excitement and power into James’ head. James was finally able to take off the helmet. He was breathing heavily from the rush he had just felt from putting on the helmet. He saw that the motorcycle suit was no longer standing alone, but was on the ground. James looked at the leather with lust in his eyes, He quickly grabbed up the one piece leather suit and began to breathe in heavily. The smell of the leather gave him a sense of ecstasy. 

He heard a faint voice in his head. “Yes. Put me on.”

He was beginning to be sexually aroused by the suit. He put the outfit in his backpack, put the helmet on, and quickly rode back to his house. As soon as he got home he stripped off his clothes. He wanted to feel the leather on his naked body. He put one foot through the legs of the suit. His cock growing from the excitement of the leather touching his skin. He then put his other foot in, pulled it up his body, and put each of his arms through the thick leather. His dick was hard as a rock and sticking out from the V the suit formed from it not being zipped. Jame tucked his dick in one of the legs of the suit. He zipped it suit up slowly and felt pleasure course through his body as he was enveloped by the leather suit. Finally, he had put each of the boots over his feet completing the outfit. 

“Well done.” The words had come from James’ mouth. James looked in confusion as he walked to a mirror. A devilish grin came over James’ face. 

“We are now one, James. You and I.” He rubbed his leather covered torso and took in a deep breath. “We are going to have so many adventures.”

James walked outside and hopped on his new bike. His new leather suit covering him for the ride. He smiled, put on his helmet, and rode off. 

The Villain

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Nightwing x Reader

Request: May I ask for a nightwing smut? If its not trouble with some kink about her being the villan?

Word Count: 748

Warnings: Smut and profanity

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Finish Line

(gif is mine)

Pairing: Racer!Steve Rogers x Reader (AU)

Summary: Two time Formula One champion Steve Rogers faced one of his worst fears during his race in Austin, TX.

A/N: I dont know what this is, okay, this had been stuck in my head for days ever since I found out that Sebastian Vettel is having a kid and ahhhhh I just really need to get it out of my system. Sorry for so many racing terms I chuck in there. 

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cancer crew- they come home early

these are meant to be funny, folks //


Ian had been gone out to get dinner, which was just a 12 Value Pack from Taco Bell and some beers. So you knew that he wasn’t going to be gone too awfully long. You changed into your pajamas, a pair of shorts and a spaghetti strap, and were now spread out on the couch reading an e-book. A specific book, however. Fifty Shades Of Grey to be exact. 

You were enjoying the fuck out of it, reading really fast as immersed yourself into it’s pages. You weren’t about the BDSM life, at least you never tried anything like it, but reading about folks who lived it, fake or not, it intrigued you. It wasn’t like you were getting off on it- just appreciating well written literature. 

You were way to into the book to hear the door open, in fact, you’d of just thought you imagined a whip cracking, vividly picturing the scenes in the book to make it come to life. Pun intended. As you bit your nails reading a heated scene, you felt breathing down your neck. You still thought that you were imagining things.  

“oh that’s fucking gay.” Ian said, scaring the living daylights out of you and causing you to throw your phone in the air. He laughed. 

“Not fucking funny, you cunt!” You said, putting your hand to your heart as you gained composure. 

“You’re the one reading about BDSM in your spare time. How bout Mr. Carter will see you now?” He winked jokingly. You rolled your eyes. “bastard. tell anyone and I’ll have your head.” 

“You’ll give me head?” He asked, knowing exactly what you said, but wanting to tease you a little more. 

“You know what I said!” You yelled, huffing, a blush still on your face.


Joji was at the post office getting some packages he had ordered, and some he had.. recieved. After a couple minutes, you heard your phone go off, and a text could be read aloud. 

Joji: Traffic Jam. Gonna stab myself.

You smirked, you had been waiting for this moment. You walked into the bedroom the two of you shared, picking through the drawers and pulling out a certain article of clothing. The pink suit. Smirking to yourself as you took off your tanktop and leggings, you tried to get yourself not to do it- but you wanted too. You really wanted too. Slipping on the suit, zipping it up and covering your hair and chin with it’s pink material, you felt like a god. 

In the mirror, you saw your reflection and immediately started cackling, laughing until you coughed. “Imposter.” You whispered, before started to hum the tune of STFU, moving your pelvis front and back. When you heard the door open in your apartment, you started to freak out. Fuck, Fuck! Quickly you made for the zipper, but it was jammed. Just fucking perfect. The squeak of your bedroom door made you squeak back, not wanting to turn around to face your boyfriend. 

“Y/N?” He called out, before covering his mouth to restrain laughs. ‘What the fuck is going on?” He chuckled, you figured now you had to turn around. And when you did, the hysterical look on Joji’s face made you go as pink as the suit. “I can explain…” You began.  

You didn’t have too, Joji knew exactly what was going on here. He shook his head at you. “Well, at least you’re my favorite pink cunt. Not sure about the other folks.” He said sarcastically. Honestly- he enjoyed how tight the suit was on you. Not to mention- it was fucking hilarious.


You knew that your boyfriend was gone out for a day, he was going grocery shopping for the two of you. You would of went, however, last night, you had told him you wanted show off your awesome pasta cooking skills. Knowing Max would be sidetracked by toy sections and potential video props, you decided to take the cooking slow. You were wearing an oversized white t-shirt, and Max’s pokemon boxers.

You were now playing some music through the loud speakers in the living room, loud enough to be heard lyric by lyric from the kitchen, which was beginning to get steamy from pasta boiling. You had your music on shuffle, so anything that played you were bond to vibe out to it. Your hips twisted with the beats of drums, singing along with the words, when there were actual words. 

However, when ‘Still Into You?’ by Paramore began to play, you suddenly felt like you were a headline act in a concert festival. Grabbing a ladle, you put one foot on the counter as the chorus blasted. 

“I should be over all the butterflies~” You yelled, you didn’t care if you sang good or not, you were in the comfort of your own home, by yourself. “I’m into you, I’m into you!” You shouted, now at the top of your lungs. You were going to start headbanging- or some kind of form of edgy shit, but when you brought your head up the first time, standing in the archway of the kitchen, was your boyfriend- Max. You screamed. 

“Max!” You shouted, putting your foot down, leaning against the counter now. “I uh-” You noticed that the smirk on his face had been there for a while now, and there were tears from where he had been laughing. You knew he had seen too much. You blushed like mad. 

“Glad to see how much you” He chuckled, setting the grocery bags on the counter. He couldn’t say you were untruthful, the food was smelling great- but he didn’t think Hayley Williams was a part of the recipe. “Are those my boxers?” He questioned, that goofy smile growing wider. You nodded. 

“Mention this at any point in the future and I’ll hang myself from the ceiling fan.” You replied, watching as he walked over to your corner of the kitchen. He kissed your forehead with a chuckle. “Don’t worry, I’m ‘still into you’.” 

You wanted to smack him. 

Gravity (one shot)

Word Count: 6,867

Pairing: Female Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Zero Gravity Smut, Sci-Fi AU

Trigger Warning: Death, Explicit Sex

Theme Song

Author’s Note: Ummm, this is my first time writing something like this. >.>

Status: On Route

Location: Galaxy 23x-09, currently passing Planet Andromeda 9.

Mission: Transport Cargo

You leaned back on the seat and watched the hologram map on the dashboard. It showed three small ships heading in your direction very slowly. Your eyes darted back and forth from the readings of each of the ships and any sign of military drones entering space from the current planet that you were orbiting. You quickly reached out and pressed a button on the control boards to communicate with the only other passenger with you on the mission. Namjoon, the engineer on the ship had with you from the beginning of the journey, collecting the cargo. He was currently suited up and waiting at the large hanger for the ships to dock inside. This was a rescue mission.

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