zip it coffee!


“So since Scott and Stiles are off doing god knows what, did you want to go grab lunch?”, Lydia asked as the two of you exited the last class of the day.

Juggling the stack of books in your hands, trying to find a reasonable balance so they wouldn’t fall, you replied. “I wish I could, but I have tons of homework to get through. So it looks like I’ll be eating lunch in the library”.

Lydia politely grabbed the top three books and you thanked her for lightening the load. “Well how about I come and help?”.

“I can’t ask you to do that, besides don’t you have something more fun to do?”. Opening your locker combination, you pulled out your bag and begun shoving each book in.

Lydia looked down then back up. “No, not really….I’ll bring you coffee”.

Zipping up the bag, it was heavier then you liked. But that was the price you paid in order to pass your subjects. “Okay, deal. I can’t say no to coffee”, you laughed.

“Great, I’ll meet you in the library in an hour”. Lydia smiled sweetly and made her way down the hallway, while you prepared for a long afternoon of studying.


Who needs superheroes when you have a brother. A Kol Mikaelson Imagine.

You lighted a cigarette and took a zip of you coffee. Kol was entering the room with two other persons, ‘I went on a hunt and found two drunk teenagers, one for you and one for me’ he said. ‘You were gone for two freaking hours and you come home with two drunk teenagers? I expected you would bring the fucking president Kol’ you answered. Kol laughed ‘I’m sorry I’m not perfect, your expectations are way to high little sister’. You smiled, ‘didn’t you have to go somewhere this afternoon?’ you reminded him. ‘You are right I have to go now, enjoy your little meal’ he said while walking through the door again.

That was the last thing you remembered before everything went a blur and woke up in a room you didn’t recognize. You wrists were hurting because of the ropes that were around them. You felt the burning of vervain, and the pain of wooden splinters in your back.  ‘What the hell’ was the only thing that came out of your mouth, and even that sounded weak in this big dark room. You heard some mumbling from the corner. ‘Who is there? Please help me?’ you whispered softly.

No one responded, ‘Hello anyone?, please what did I do?’ you tried again. ‘You didn’t do anything sweetheart don’t worry, you didn’t make the mistake this time’ an unknown voice said. ‘But still you are going to die, when we figure out how. You are a vampire and that is reason enough, but putting a stake in your heart doesn’t seem to work’. You didn’t know the voice of the person who was speaking. It was a men that was all you got from it. ‘We will catch your brother soon enough and you will all die in peace’. The voice kept going on and on about how you would die and how Kol would die and how wrong you were and that you were a mistake from nature itself.

It seemed like you where there for ages, minutes seemed hours. Then there was a lot of noise, some people started getting up really fast, but you couldn’t see what who and where. You were too far gone for that. Then there was a lot of light, a lot of screaming and a lot of things you didn’t understand in that moment. Then there was Kol right in front of you. Blood all over him, ‘You need to go Kol, they will kill you, I don’t know who but they want to and..’ you scream cried. ‘They won’t sissy, I killed them first’ he answered. He started to unwrap the ropes, while hurting himself. When you were free he lifted you up and carried you home. ‘You are my only weakness you know’ he said. ‘Who were those people?’ you whispered.

‘I will tell you when you get older okay?’ he smirked. ‘Kol you really suck’ you said. ‘Hey I saved you, so you better shut that little mouth of yours’ He laughed. ‘Thanks Kol, I owe you forever and ever and ever and…’ ‘Shut it you’ he said. You smiled and hugged him, even though he didn’t like hugging at all he hugged you back.

i just got six hours of homework done in two and a half hours, i’ve had a gallon of coffee and approximately three ibuprofen, and i’m ready to fight

I groan and my lip ring finds it’s usual spot inbetween my teeth. I woke up late so now I have to rush and pack before rushing to the airport. My body’s been on autopilot for the past half hour while my brain gets some more sleep. I don’t normally function well at 4 in the morning. A yawn escapes from my mouth and I have to stop packing to strech my arms above my head. Jesus, that felt better than anything could at this moment.

There’s a knock on the door and I call a quick “come in” before sticking some Vans into my bag and zipping it shut. A coffee is shoved in my face and I almost grin but I don’t have enough time before I gulp down almost half of the drink. “You’re lucky I like you.” A very tired Michael mumbles and falls onto my bed. I shake my head and chuckle. He’s right. Only a real friend would drive me to the airport for a 6 am flight.

“Come on, we gotta go.” I hit his foot with the back of my hand and sling my backpack over my shoulder. “5 more minutes.” He sleepily grumbles into the pillow, his face all squished on one side. “Michael, we’re already late!” The ending comes out as a squeak and I hope to god he ignores that. I hear a chuckle from the lump on my bed and almost die inside.

“Luke, did you just squeak!?” Michael asks me, finally sitting up. I bite my lower lip and nod my head slowly. He laughs loudly and covers his mouth as soon as he remembers it’s 4 in the morning. My leg is shaking and I run my hand through my hair. “Can we go?” I ask and Michael stands.

“You can’t keep doing this.” Michael tells me, his face going from silly to serious in a matter of seconds. “You get to see her for like 12 hours, not even. It’s just a waste of time.” Is he really bringing this up right now? I know that flying back to Australia from New York is kind of ridiculous but I need to see her. “You just don’t understand.”

“You think I don’t miss people?” Michael asks, getting defensive. “That’s not what I meant.” I try to explain desperately. I hate upsetting Michael. He’s my best friend and of course we fight but he’s just so fragile. “No, it is what you meant. Because Luke Hemmings misses people more than anyone else on the entire planet.” Michael grabs my duffle bag and storms out the door. Even when he’s mad at me he can’t help but care.

We’ve been driving for about 10 minutes and Michael hasn’t even put on music. Awkward silence and tension just fill the space between us and it’s giving me anxiety. “Listen, I know you miss people too but somehow being away from her is different.” I gulp and fidget with my phone. “When I’m not with her I can’t breathe. I-I don’t feel like I’m supposed to. I feel numb and everything around me is gray and fuzzy. I can’t explain it but…it just hurts to be away from her. I need to do this.” I gulp hard and find my lip ring inbetween my teeth again. Michael’s going to think I’m such a girl.

“If it means that much to you, I’ll drop the whole thing.” He tells me, a famous Michael smile on his lips. He turns the music on and turns to look at me. “Just stop being so John Green you fucking dork.” I let out the breath I had been holding and smile. I look out the window and stare at the sun rising.

We’re staying in some small college town outside of the city. It’s a nice change from always staying in big cities with thousands of people around all the damn time. It gave me some time to think and write a little bit. I stare out the window and tap my  fingers against my knee. Michael turns into the parking lot of the airport and I take a deep breath. This is happening. Michael parks and opens his door before I can even unbuckle.

“What’s your rush?” I ask when I finally get out of the car. He shrugs and grabs my duffle again, leaving me with just my backpack again. Michael speedwalks inside and rushes me through everything.

I stop walking and he turns back around to stare at me. I put my hands on his shoulders. “Dude, what is going on with you?” Michael just shakes his head and I groan. “Nothing. I just don’t want you to miss your flight. The things you feel are special and I know shes special. I dunno, I want to make sure you see her.” Michael blushes and I chew on my lip. Many people don’t realize how  soft Michael really is on the inside. I grin and ruffle his hair.

“Who’s being John Green now, you fucker?” I hug him and he laughs loudly in my ear. Typical Michael. I chuckle and pull away. “Shut up. Go see your girl.” He pushes me towards the plane and I grin and nod my head, practically running to the gate. I  can’t believe this is happening.


I thank the cab driver and shut the door quietly. I move the strap on my shoulder to get more comfortable and look up at the familiar house. I smile at the memories. When we built the biggest blanket fort of my life in her bedroom and when her cat scratched my face so hard I bled and cried but didn’t care if I look like a baby because it really fucking hurt. That ended up beig a good day because she made me hot chocolate and we watched Disney movies all day.

Enough daydreaming, I only have a few hours here. I make my way up to the front door and knock on the front door. Holy shit, this bag is so heavy. I drop both bags next to me on the floor and the door opens. I stare at the beautiful girl in awe for what feels like forever before she breaks the silence. “Luke!” She wraps her arms around me and I feel at home. She lays her head against my chest and I can’t help but to grin. I love this girl. I can finally breath. She makes the air feel lighter and my lungs stop burning. I press my lips to the top of her head. “I missed you so much, Y/N.”